The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 62

Chapter 62

“What, what kind of nonsense is that? Huh? Did I hear you wrong?”

“No. You heard me right. Agael Manager. I told you not to talk nonsense.”

“Heh. This is really. Reeeally interesting. What a funny thing to say, junior.”

Agael seemed quite flustered, as if she didn’t expect to be confronted in front of him.

But I had no intention of retracting or apologizing for what I said.

After all, Agael deserved to be cursed even if she was full.

“Are you aware that this is a delusion?”

“Who is the one who disposed of someone else’s property as they pleased? Is that how the Pentagram department works?”


When I mentioned the name of the department, Agael’s smiling expression disappeared in an instant.


Now she’s thinking of revealing his true nature. 

How much I wanted to see what was behind that disgusting mask.

“Are you saying that your words now… are an insult to our department?”

“A legitimate objection. Jinpung is dead. Do you think I’m stupid? He can’t die unless I allow it. But he’s gone, which means someone intervened and took care of him beforehand. And I don’t need to tell you who that someone is.”

A slight wrinkle appeared on Agael’s forehead. 

She didn’t expect me to know this much.


She must have looked down on me so much that she sent Jinpung, who was nothing more than that.

“…Even so, I am your superior. Show some respect.”

“Oh, how much respect can I show you? But you know, a superior is a superior, and a mistake is a mistake, right?”

I said with a smiling face.

“How do you plan to compensate for disposing of Jinpung in my hands without permission? This is clearly an abuse of power, you know?”

Jinpung, who was already dead, was being treated like an object. Well, it was his own fault anyway.

At my words, Agael managed to smile again as if she had just met me.

“Oh dear. I’m sorry. I guess I made a big mistake. Well, I can’t just say it can’t be helped… so I’ll give you some compensation.”

Agael said that and handed me a small amount of points.

[You have acquired 800TP.]

It’s less than a thousand points. 

In the end, this was the price of Jinpung’s life.

Of course, if you consider the value of the information he had, this price was an outrageous rip-off.

“How about that? Isn’t that enough?”

She smiled at me as if to say ‘take this and get lost’.

But I didn’t argue or complain to him.

‘The real value of Jinpung was only this much.’

More than anything, I already knew that the situation would turn out like this.

‘He must have thought I wouldn’t know.’

I knew what Agael was aiming for. 

She wouldn’t leave Jinpung alone after failing the mission.

[What are you doing? Why did you come looking for him?]

‘Thanks to him, I got some points.’

It was much better to get some points by formally arguing than doing nothing at all. 

800TP is not a dog’s name.

And there was another reason.

Agael herself. 

It was to meet her in person.


Her rank is manager. 

She belongs to the Pentagram department of the Story room.

A cute fairy-shaped teller.

But don’t be fooled by her appearance. 

Inside her small body, there is a huge evil that cannot be ignored.

‘Sure enough, she belonged to the Pentagram.’

I know him. 

I don’t know how much pain she caused me in the future after the end.

She laughed like crazy as people died, and tortured us every day. 

She even killed people who didn’t listen to her by blowing their heads off with her own hands.

Her infamy was well-known.

I still remember.

She gathered people who refused the ordeal in one place and made a bloodbath while laughing madly. 

She looked down at the corpses of the dying people and threw them a look that was less than a bug.

I couldn’t forget it.


As I recalled the scene from then, nausea rose from my stomach.

I’ve seen enough of everything in my life, but there was nothing I could do about the trauma that was engraved in the past.

That’s why I hated that teller named Agael.

Not just her. 

I hated all the tellers in the Pentagram department.

They are my enemies, and they are trying to destroy this earth.

That’s why I came to see him. 

To sharpen my dulled resolve.

‘This time, it will be different.’

Now, this world will not go as you wish. I won’t let that happen.

I trimmed and sharpened the emotion of revenge that was wriggling in my chest.

To make it sharp enough to pierce their hearts.

My revenge blade will cut off their breath perfectly.

But not now.

“I appreciate the points you gave me.”

I calmed my emotions and said with a smiling face.

“Hmm. Well, I’m glad you’re okay with it.”

“Jinpung’s value was only this much from the beginning. Wow. You must have had a hard time, Agael. I didn’t expect him to be your direct subordinate. You must have been frustrated.”

“…Hehe. You’re very considerate of your senior, Hyun. But you don’t have to worry about me. I’m a generous senior. I’m sorry for Jinpung’s death, but I think he did a good job until now.”

Agael didn’t respond easily to my provocation.

As expected, she was different from Jinpung.

“Is that so? Well, I was worried that there would be a vacancy in the Pentagram department. It was a false alarm.”

“The Pentagram department is very large, you know? Nothing will happen just because one regular employee is missing.”

“Well, maybe you’re right. Oh, by the way. Have you heard about that?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Recently, there’s a department that’s in contact with Exodus.”


For a moment.

Just for a moment, Agael’s expression twisted into something so scary that it would be no exaggeration to call her a demon.

It quickly smoothed out, but she must have been very panicked inside.

“Hmm? Where did you hear that news?”

“Well, I have some connections that help me out. I know more than most people do.”

“Oh, really? That’s impressive. Um. Yes. You are a very capable junior.”

“Anyway, you should be careful. You don’t want to get involved with those Exodus guys, do you? It won’t end well for you.”

“Huh? Why are you saying that to me? If someone hears you, they might think we have some relation with Exodus.”

“Ahaha. Did it sound like that? I was just warning you in case they approach you. Oh dear. I’m sorry if it sounded wrong.”

I scraped Agael’s insides with every word.

Her smiling cheeks twitched and spasmed.

She was clearly trying to control her expression desperately. 

I felt a refreshing sensation as my ten-year-old grudge was relieved.

I wanted to do more, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time.

“Anyway, I have to go now. I need to transfer the ownership of Jinpung’s library. Take care.”

“Bye~. You too, Yoo Hyun junior.”

We parted ways with smiling faces.

But I knew. The moment I turned my back, she was glaring at my back with a piercing gaze.

‘Agael. She’s definitely not as easy as Jinpung.’

She knows how to hide her emotions and tries to conceal the information of the Pentagon department.

The fact that she is related to Exodus, one of the three major forces, means that the Pentagon department has a formidable power. 

Just look at how they raised someone like Kim Han Jung behind the spirits’ backs.

Surely, I can’t easily deal with her alone.


‘Things are different now.’

In my right hand, as I walked out of the waiting room and through the colosseum corridor.

I held Agael’s book.


[You receive the reward for the Story Battle.]

[You gain 5,000TP as a reward.]

[The spirits were very satisfied with your fight.]

[You gain an additional 3,000TP as a reward.]

[Your story begins to spread a little in the Mixed World.]

[You acquire the ownership of your opponent’s library.]

[Your existing library is merged with the new one.]

[The maximum capacity of your library increases.]

As soon as I returned to the waiting room, the settlement was over and a notification window popped up.

“Wow, wow. The rewards are not bad either.”

Kang Hyerim also received a lot of points because she was contractually bound to me for now, even though she didn’t participate in the fight directly. Of course, it was nothing compared to me who fought and received all the attention.

“But more importantly, Yoo Hyun! You were amazing! I can’t believe you can fight so well!”

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m stronger than you think.”

“Hehe. I believed in you!”

“You were so anxious before I left, like a hungry puppy.”

“No, no! That never happened!”

Kang Hyerim blushed and squeaked as she realized her slip of tongue. But she was so happy that I came back safely that she giggled.

[I’m sorry for making you worry.]

‘But now you know. You don’t have to.’

[Wow. You proved your worth with your actions. And that too against Teller. I think I really met an incredible master.]

‘Do you hate it?’

[No! I love it! It’s no fun to be with an ordinary guy. It’s much more fun to be with someone like you who is witty and has a strong conviction.]

‘What do you mean by witty?’

[Why? Isn’t it true?]

This kid.

I sighed softly. I felt a light weight on my left shoulder and turned my head to see Baekhyo who had returned from scouting sitting on my shoulder.


“Good job. Baekhyo.”


He rubbed his head against my cheek as if he liked my praise. He was still a chick and so cute even when he was still, let alone when he showed his affection.

“Aww. Our Baekhyo.”

I lifted him up on my wrist and gently stroked his head. Baekhyo closed his eyes and shivered with pleasure at my warm touch.

Kang Hyerim looked at us enviously from the side.

“Why? Do you want to stroke Baekhyo too?”

“No. I want Yoo Hyun to stroke me… Ahhhhh! No, no! Nothing!”

Kang Hyerim jumped up and down in her place, blushing and babbling. I didn’t care what she was doing and focused on stroking Baekhyo.

[The colosseum disappears.]

When all the guests left, the colosseum that was created for the Story Battle also disappeared.

I, Kang Hyerim, and Baekhyo, who were in the colosseum waiting room, naturally returned to the original world.

“Is it over now?”

“Yes. It’s over for now.”

I couldn’t open my library any more today anyway, since I had finished the Story Battle properly. Well, if I did, the spirits would flock to me. But I was too tired to do that.

I had already gotten enough of what I wanted, so it was better to stop here for today.

‘And more importantly…’

I glanced at the letters that sparkled in one corner of the message window, as if to appeal their existence.

[Long-term Mission]

When I clicked on it, a sparkling letter popped up in front of me with a bang.

[Congratulations! You have completed the long-term mission.]

[Long-term Mission-Promotion to Assistant]

-Required Merit 3,000(Complete)

-Required Points(TP) 10,000(Complete)

[You can be promoted with a small amount of points as a reward.]


At that word, I clenched my fist and said, ‘Finally.’

Come to think of it, I had already achieved the points, but I couldn’t satisfy the condition because I lacked merit.

But thanks to winning the Story Battle against Jinpung, I filled up all the missing merit over 200 and met all the conditions to be promoted to assistant.


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