The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 85

Chapter 85

In fact, this was not the first or second time I received such an offer. 

I knew very well why the other tellers were bothering me.

Normally, I would have rejected her proposal right away. 

But this time, I couldn’t give that answer so easily.

There was a slight hesitation in my heart.

‘Celestial Being Department…’

The biggest feature of this place was its minority status. 

And judging by the personality of Celestina, the head of the department, it was not as hierarchical and oppressive as other departments. 

The atmosphere was quite free and easy.

If I had to describe it, it was more like a comedy troupe than a Celestial Corporation.

It was the most suitable department for someone like me who liked to run wild.

‘Logically speaking, it’s a great benefit to join a department like that.’

If I went to another department, I would have to deal with the seniors’ leftovers and checks, but this place was different. 

It was a department full of weirdos like me, so worrying about me being unique was like frowning in front of a cocoon.

‘Besides, I’m getting a lot of attention and checks as I get promoted to deputy.’

It was hard enough to deal with the Pentagram Department, but if all kinds of things got involved, it would be quite annoying. 

In such cases, the existence of a department could be a solid breakwater that protected me from external threats.

In other words, this place had a lot more to offer me than any other department.

I couldn’t reject the offer right away.

“Hmm. You seem to be hesitating.”

“Yes, well. It would be strange if I didn’t.”

“Didn’t the others reject it right away? But our department is pretty awesome, right?”

It didn’t sound like bragging, but rather confidently shining. 

Was it because of her unique vibe?

“I have a question. If I join the Celestial Being Department, do I have to move my storytelling location from Earth to somewhere else?”

“Huh? No. You don’t have to do that. You can keep doing it there if you want. We don’t touch that at all.”


Hearing that from her mouth made me want to go even more.

Plus, if I joined the department, I would get a special support policy from the Celestial Corporation that would exempt me from paying commissions on the points I earned through storytelling.

Logically speaking, it was right to go.


“I’m sorry.”

I ended up saying that.

“I see you’re having a hard time deciding. Is there a reason?”

“There’s no real reason. Joining the Celestial Being Department is a really good offer, and I was actually tempted by it. But I rejected it because of my stubbornness.”


There was no need to attach a lame reason to my rejection.

I rejected the offer because of my stubbornness.

At my answer, Celestina smiled with interest. 

A certain part of her body stood out more than usual on her arm.

“Stubbornness? What kind of stubbornness?”

“I just thought that if I compromised even once at this moment, I wouldn’t be able to maintain my determination as before.”

I decided from the beginning not to belong anywhere and do it on my own.

It was true that I needed someone else’s help and sometimes felt the presence of a department. 

But even so, I endured and pushed through because that’s what I wanted.

“Even though I wavered at this moment, and logically speaking, it would be right to accept the offer. But I can’t do that. Stubbornness is something that once broken, it breaks too easily afterwards.”

“So you rejected the offer because of your stubbornness?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

I didn’t avoid her gaze.

What I said was sincere. 

There’s nothing more stupid than showing sincerity to someone else, but that depends on who they are.

I judged Celestina as someone who would never lie or act arrogantly.

Honest and upright.

That was the attitude I had to show her.


Celestina smiled brightly and said that.

“Totally pass. Wow. Honestly, when I first offered you, I did it out of curiosity, but I didn’t expect you to reject me. And you’re different from other tellers these days, you have a rare passion. And now that you say it again, you’re perfect for our department.”

“Oh, thank you.”

I didn’t know what to do with the sudden storm of compliments. 

She wasn’t just saying flattering words for no reason, they were all sincere.

“In fact, if you had said yes right away, I might have been disappointed. But now I see. What kind of person you are. And why you’re close with master.”

“Is that so?”

“If I offer you again, will the result be the same?”

“Yes, well. I don’t intend to change what I said.”

“Not yet, anyway.”

She even said what I wanted to say next. 

As expected, she was a head of a department. 

She was not someone to be taken lightly.

“But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to get along with the Celestial Being Department.”


She didn’t expect me to say that, and for the first time, a look of disbelief crossed her face.

I smiled slyly and continued.

“I mean, you can use me as a kind of freelancer, or an external mercenary, and work together when you have a chance.”

“Ha. Look at this cheeky guy. Are you saying that you’re trying to match up with a whole department by yourself?”

“Do you dislike it?”

When I asked that, Celestina shook her head.

“If it was an ordinary guy who said that, I would have thrown a harpoon at him right away.”


Uh, did I hear that wrong? 

What did she say? 

A harpoon?

She had a fiery personality like her hair color.

“But when you say it, it sounds very convincing and interesting.”

“…Haha. Is that so? That’s good.”

“Yeah. Well, it’s not a big deal to help each other out later. And you’ll probably get promoted again soon. It’s not bad to make a connection like this now. Hmm, yes.”

She unfolded her arms and pointed her finger at me.

“Most of all, you’re a really fun guy who’s hard to find these days! I’d be sorry to let you go like this!”

“Ha, haha.”

“Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll help you unconditionally. There has to be some give and take. You agree with that, right?”

“Yes. I don’t like giving or receiving help for nothing either.”

“We have the same mind! That’s good! Let’s sit down and talk more later when we have a chance. I have to go see the muse now.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

As I was about to part ways with her, Celestina stopped me as if she remembered something.

“Oh, by the way, you said you’re working on Earth right now, right?”


“Then be careful. There must be some guys from the Pentagram department there. They won’t leave a teller like you alone, I’m sure.”

I didn’t expect to get such advice from her, but I smiled and assured her that I was fine.

She probably didn’t know, but I had already completely severed ties with Pentagram and entered a hostile relationship with them. 

There was nothing I could do even if I heard her warning now.

More importantly.

‘I’m going to smash them to pieces with my own hands.’

But since she was kind enough to worry about me and give me some advice, I thanked her with a smile.


It took less than a day to leave and return to the office on Earth. 

I left early in the morning and was able to come back only when the sun was setting.

However, I didn’t announce exactly when I would be back, but as soon as I entered the office, fireworks went off and three people congratulated me.

“Mr. Yu-Hyun! Congratulations on your promotion to deputy!”

“Congratulations, congratulations!”


“Uh, thank you.”

I was surprised by the sudden surprise party, but I thanked them anyway.

But there was one unexpected person among them.

“What are you doing here, Ms. Shin Ga Ryeong?”

“Oh, my. Am I not welcome here?”

“That’s not what I meant, but…”

“And you don’t have to call me by my full name. We’re not strangers anymore, right? You can just call me Ga Ryeong. I’ll call you casually too.”

When I looked at Baek Seo Ryeon for an explanation, she reluctantly answered.

“I ran into her when I went out to prepare for the party. I told her she didn’t have to come, but she insisted…”

I see. 

That’s why Kang Hye-rim was in a bad mood since earlier.

She could at least be herself in the office, but an unwanted guest showed up and ruined that too. 

She must be feeling frustrated inside.

But I couldn’t kick Shin Ga Ryeong out. 

It would be rude to treat someone who came to congratulate me on my promotion harshly. 

Kang Hye-rim had to endure it even if it was unfair.

“Hehe. But I’m surprised. I didn’t know you were a regular employee until now.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. You looked like at least a assistant manager by your aura.”

“Ah. I thought so too.”

Baek Seoryeon chimed in from the side. 

Kang Hye-rim kept her mouth shut and hugged Baek Hyo, stroking him. 

Baek Hyo wanted to climb up to my shoulder, but he had no choice. 

Baek Hyo, you have to endure a little.


He read my eyes and whimpered weakly.

“It’s still amazing, though. I’ve never heard of a teller who got promoted so fast. See, I told you I have a good eye for people?”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

“I came here to congratulate you, but I also have another reason to thank you.”

“Thank you?”

“You know the upcoming collecting magazine, right? Thanks to you advertising it, the anticipation is no joke. The reserved quantity has jumped three times more than usual, can you believe it? We’ve never had this happen before, and we were able to crush our rival magazines thanks to you.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“So I brought a gift for you. Ta-da. It would be a shame to miss out on alcohol on a day like this, right?”

What Shin Ga Ryeong brought was a wine that looked expensive at a glance. 

Kang Hye-rim and I gasped slightly, and Baek Seoryeon, who recognized its true value, shivered.

“A wine that costs more than a million won per bottle… With that money, you could buy how many cups of coffee… “


Ignoring Baek Seoryeon’s mumbling like a madman, Shin Ga Ryeong popped the cork right away. 

As the expensive liquor flowed into the glass, Baek Seoryeon panicked completely.

“Come on. Seoryeon. When else are we going to drink this? Just drink up!”


Shin Ga Ryeong forced Baek Seoryeon to drink. 

I could see her determination to deal with the most annoying enemy first in her eyes. Kang Hye-rim and I awkwardly watched the scene and our eyes met by chance.


Kang Hye-rim glanced at Baek Seoryeon and Shin Ga Ryeong, who were having a tug-of-war, and smiled brightly at me.

“Thank you.”

“It’s all thanks to you. You did well. I didn’t do anything. If anything, I was the one who got help from you.”

“You helped me too. You may not have confidence in yourself yet, but I was able to get here thanks to you too.”

She widened her eyes as if she didn’t expect me to say that, and then her eyes curved like crescents.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Hey, you two! What are you doing? You have to drink on a day like this!”

Shin Ga Ryeong called us over and Kang Hye-rim and I quickly looked away and joined the drinking party.

After knocking down Seoryeon and having a drink herself, Shin Ga Ryeong’s face had a faint flush. 

She smiled seductively and handed me a glass of wine.

“Here. It would be a pity if the protagonist didn’t drink. Drink up.”

“I’m not good at drinking.”

“Come on. Don’t be shy. Just drink it.”

“Well, just a little.”

Actually, I didn’t know if I was good or bad at drinking. 

The apocalypse happened when I just became an adult and I never had a chance to drink. 

So I said that, but it seemed to make the other women more eager to make me drink.

[Drink up. Drink!]

Even Baekryeon joined the scene and cheered loudly.

‘Well. I guess I can enjoy this atmosphere at least.’

I relaxed my shoulders and took the drink that Shin Ga Ryeong handed me.

It wouldn’t hurt to get really drunk for one day.

That’s how the night of celebration slowly deepened.


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