Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 168

Chapter 168 – The Strategic Turnaround (2)

I calmed my burning head.

[The Exceed state (★★★) has been deactivated!]


The bones of my whole body cracked.

All this with just a light activation.

However, it's much better than the first time. I took an energy potion and looked around. The troops were gathering inside the fortress.



The fierce claws shredded the top of the goddess statue.

A bright blue light scattered and shot up into the sky.

[Object effect activated!]

[Master, it is now possible to deploy reinforcement troops.]

[Extend your saving hand to the heroes in danger!]

A good start.

Everything is going according to plan.

I threw away an empty bottle and climbed onto Kishasha's back.

[Selecting reinforcement troops.]

[Designated groups: Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5.]

An invocation message appeared.

By now, in the starting area of the field, the newly summoned heroes would be grouped together.

As Kishasha climbed the fortress walls to escape, I brought my hand to my ear.

"Edith, it's me. Do you hear me?"

<Yes, I hear you.>

"There's no time. Mobilize the members immediately. The Master will indicate where to go. You've been here before, so you'll know."

<Understood. I follow the arrows, right?>

"You give detailed orders. And as I said, if you see someone not working out, get rid of them quickly. We don't have time to worry. Make sure to bring the Twin Mages."

<I'll keep that in mind.>

"I leave it in your hands."

I ended the communication.

The role of Edith's group is clear.

If we are a special attack force moving all over the field to deal with major obstacles and named enemies, they are the infantry planting the flag directly in enemy territory.

<What's next?>

Kishasha, having escaped from the fortress, growled.

"Two left. Down."

Each fortress has a named monster stationed in it.

Each with their own distinctive characteristics. The one we just faced had brute strength. The others have speed and cunning, respectively.

All of them, if faced head-on, are quite problematic.

[Black Knight Lv.41] x 5

Meanwhile, the gates of the fortress behind us opened, and Black Knights mounted on black horses chased after us.

A pursuit squad to follow us. This too was within our expectations. In fact, if we manage to attract their attention, it will be easier for the attack squad to take the fortress.

"Let's go."

<Let me handle it.>
The attack squad will follow Anything's orders and take the fortress by turning right through the field.

I ran south with Kishasha. We had to eliminate the obstacles before they reached the first fortress.

'Up to here, 32 minutes and 33 seconds.'

The pocket watch's second hand was ticking away.

The remaining time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.


[Chief Inquisitor]

[Razelka the Swift Lv.46]

Facing the object of the second fortress.

The black knight swung his twin swords elegantly.

Moving at incredible speed, it was hard to keep up with sight.


With a sinister smile, he suddenly disappeared from my sight.

'This pattern is familiar to me.'

I smiled back in return.

I've fought opponents faster than me to exhaustion.

From Lidigyon to Kishasha.

I suddenly extended my left hand.


In my left hand, which gripped like a claw, was the enemy's neck.

As I raised my hand, the enemy's body hung weakly.

As I tightened the grip, I felt the enemy's neck give way under my strength, and his body collapsed, surrendering to the weight of death.

"Too weak."

After tossing the corpse aside, I looked ahead.

[Cult Soldier Lv.26] x 157

A crowd of soldiers were huddled in front of the goddess statue.

We could force a breakthrough and destroy the statue, but it's not time yet.

The annoying ones are already dealt with. The rest we leave to Edith's Group.

"One left."

I glanced briefly at the soldiers before leaving the fortress mounted on Kishasha.

The Black Knights continued to pursue us relentlessly.

"Katio, do you hear me?"


"I've taken care of the second one. Over."

"Wait a moment."

A few seconds later, light began to envelop my body.

Teleportation signal. I lightly stroked Kishasha's mane.

"I'm off. See you later."


With a flash.

Opening my eyes, I saw numerous bodies scattered across the plain.

The acrid smell of archers' blood trying to join the battle hit me. Belkist, who had been sitting on a rock, stood up.

"You've arrived. We were about to leave."

Katio took a magic potion, catching his breath.

There were no signs of Jenna. She must be handling the third named monster with Kishasha. In terms of compatibility, that guy is much more suitable for her than me.

"The state of the battlefield is…"

I glanced around.

The cult forces were devouring the Lion Army in an encirclement.

An intense blaze erupted on the Lion Army's right side. So far, about 73 minutes.

Half the time remains before the Lion Army is annihilated.


Katio, already prepared, stood up.

He seemed tired from the excessive use of teleportation magic.

"A little more effort. Not much left."

I patted Katio on the shoulder.

Katio smiled bitterly and mounted his horse.

"The end is near."

North of the archer squad, a river crosses the plain.

This area, like the cliff, is strangely uncomfortable terrain.

Beyond that…


[Muddy Waters Mage Lv.?]

The mage who frustrated me on my third attempt was waiting for me.

The mage, wrapped like a mummy, moved his lips.

<The Witch Sewum.>

The sound of thunder followed, and the river waters churned violently.

The water quickly grew, forming whirlpools and turbulent currents.

It was some kind of barrier. "Thou shalt not pass through here," it said.

'It's quite problematic.'

I couldn't relive the experience of floor 35.

The current was too strong. Even with water-walking magic, I couldn't pass.


"Open up!"

Katio drew a large circle with his hand.

A blue egg-shaped portal appeared. Then, as Katio made a complicated hand signal, the portal lit up, and two figures emerged.

"Here we are!"

"The Twin Mages of Wind and Cold have arrived!"

Rain and Main.

They were the elemental mages of Group 2.

Both, as if agreed upon, looked at me with the same expression and smiled faintly. They were probably busy fighting to take the fortress.

"I know you've been busy, but please take care of this."

"Of course! We'll finish this quickly and be back!"

The twins clasped hands and began reciting magical incantations as if singing a song.

<Ra Siodio Cru.>
<Ra Undien Ne.>
The wind that surged from Rain's right hand rose into the sky, and the cold that came from Main's left hand merged with the wind. Both smiled faintly and looked at Katio.

"Phew, really."

Katio sighed deeply and extended his hand toward the sky.

Threads of magic mingled with the cold and the wind, intertwining both magics into one.


[Combined spell, Howling Storm (★★★★) activates!]

[Summoners – Rain (★★★), Main (★★★), Katio (★★★★)]


"It's truly spectacular," said Belkist.

Indeed. In the sky, a whirlwind dozens of meters in diameter spun.

Combined spell. Mages with compatible magic can intertwine their magical power and spells to cast more powerful magic.


Katio pointed to the sorcerer on the other side of the river.

At the same time, the gigantic storm, like a wall, began to advance slowly.

"Good job! We'll go first!"

"See you later!"

After completing their task, the twins smiled and disappeared through the portal.

Belkist and I exchanged glances and immediately began to run. I followed closely behind. The storm advanced over the river, clearing the waters in its path. It was a kind of defensive barrier.

'This guy is immune to magical attacks.'

Long-range magic doesn't work against him.

Therefore, we had to directly cross the blocked river.

We crossed the river led by the storm. Although the mage cast several interference spells, they became useless with Katio's support.

Finally, Belkist decapitated the mage with his sword.

'Time elapsed.'

103 minutes and 22 seconds.

80 minutes left.

I glanced at the clock.

Anyway, whether it works or not, this is the end.

There's no need to keep track of time anymore.

"I can't go on anymore...!"

Katio collapsed behind me.

His face was pale.

"Good job. We'll take it from here."

"I'll leave it to you..."

Katio lay down with his arms and legs outstretched.

He's out. He did his part well.

'The last point.'

Crossing the river, a desolate plain stretches out.

This place, unlike the last base, has neither supply units nor archers.

Just a vast wasteland.


I stood on a hill and looked down.

In the midst of the bloody battle between two forces, the cult forces were exposed in the rear.

'The optimal attack point.'

The best position to ambush the enemy.

Directly behind a unit with no defensive forces.

If we attack with a proper formation, we can achieve maximum effect.

<Brother, I got it!>

Jenna's excited voice echoed in my ears.

"Good job. Come back immediately."

<I'm on my way!>

What's left...

'Is your part.'

Anything's screen was busy moving.

Well, actually, it's not a big deal. Simply issuing attack orders in the right position is enough. I designed the strategy to minimize the burden on Anything as much as possible.

'Attack, occupy, and move again.'

Anything's role here is to guide the troops on the right path.

Just like here, there will be several obstacles east of the fort. However, I have some shortcuts marked. We just need to guide the heroes to those positions. Edith will take care of the tactical direction of the battle.

That's all it takes.

[Object effect activated!]

[The dimensional barrier begins to weaken!]


A crack formed in the transparent wall separating us from the battlefield.

Like a crack in a crystal.

'One left.'

I brushed off the dust and stood up.

To the north of the hill, Kishasha and Jenna ran across the plain.

Behind them, dozens of Black Knights chased them fiercely.

'Is this our end too?'

The last role of Group 1 on this field.

Deal with those guys. If left alone, they'll enter the battlefield and wreak havoc on Priacis' side. I put my hand on the hilt of my sword and opened communication.

"Edith, once you destroy the third statue of the goddess, the path to the battlefield will open. Join them and hold the defensive line. Just make sure the minimum formation doesn't break."

<I'll try. Anyway, if we fail, we'll die. We have a Mage with us, so somehow it'll work out. And you guys?>

"We're going to cause chaos from behind."

Edith ended the communication with a light laugh.

We'll only see each other after the mission is over.

"They're coming. Shouldn't we meet them?" Belkist drew his sword.

"It's time. Let's go."

We slowly descended the hill.

The horses ridden by Black Knights kicked up dust as they passed.

Directly in front of them. If we collide head-on with the cavalry, we'll be crushed.


I firmly gripped my sword.

I had always been curious. Before, I couldn't cut steel. That's why I used various tricks to deal with those wearing plate armor. What will it be like now?


The horses ahead snorted heavily through their nostrils.

Their bloodshot eyes lacked focus.

"One strike."

I loosened my grip.

I swung the sword with Bifröst hanging.

Click. A mechanical sound followed by the extension of the sword blade. Longsword form.

The heavy weight slid over my shoulder.


From atop Kishasha, Jenna waved at me.

I nodded, and Jenna drew her longbow taut.

The earth-shaking sound began to assault my ears.

Directly ahead.

The leading knight brandished his lance.

"Though I don't have Exceed."

I can't rely solely on special abilities.

I shouted with all my might and swung my sword.

The muscles all over my body tensed to the limit, and the longsword, which cut through a horse's head like butter, shattered the Black Knight's lance before cleaving across the armor-clad torso. The Black Knight, unable to overcome the momentum, flew several meters before scattering blood and flesh.

"Kill them all!"

I gritted my teeth and yelled.

At that moment, Kishasha turned her head and bit a knight's face, and Jenna's arrow pierced another's neck. Belkist, riding a horse, stabbed a knight in the back with his sword.

[Object effect activated!]

And thus, the third statue of the goddess was destroyed.

[The barrier has been destroyed!]


With a sound like shattering glass, the wall blocking the battlefield disintegrated into light.

[The mission has changed!]

[Mission type – Conquest.]

[Objective – Change the course of the war!]

The Black Knight's blood splattered on my face.

It was the first time we had come this far.

"Are we supposed to win this?"

It's an absurd condition.

Despite several schemes, the situation is ridiculously unfavorable.

The situation can't be changed with just a few people.

The difference was overwhelming.

"But still..."

I thought of the members of Niflheim.

The reason they're called heroes.

'Because they made the impossible possible.'

Now it was my turn.

In the sticky stench of blood, I smiled.

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