Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 175

Chapter 175 – The End of the World (4)

The girl walked slowly towards where everyone was gathering. With each small and barefoot step of her white feet, the huge shadow behind the girl trembled. The shadow absorbed the surrounding light and swirled in a dark, black glow.

"You are all foolish believers," the girl smiled ironically. "Heroes, aren't you? I give you the chance to redeem yourselves and you refuse it. Isn't it nothing but foolishness? Or are you afraid? Whatever it is, it's pitiful."

"Who do you think you are?! Rude!"

A knight drew his sword and approached.

The girl chuckled and reached out her hand towards the knight.


As if being grabbed by an invisible hand, the knight was lifted into the air.

The girl clenched her hand and the knight, trapped in an invisible grip, crumbled into pieces of broken armor, blood, and flesh, scattering everywhere. The girl shook her hand and smiled.

"We don't need dogs that don't recognize their master. Understand?"

The Saint spoke softly.

"Oh goddess."

"Yes, I am your mistress."

The church members kneeled simultaneously.

The girl looked at the Saint with a palpable expression of disgust.

"I have clearly entrusted you. Why do you act on your own?"

"It's just that we..."

"No need for excuses. Are you my followers only when it suits you and disobey me when I wish?"

The girl observed the motionless heroes.

"I, Tel, clearly offered you the opportunity to start anew. How dare you refuse it? Have you no shame?"

"We appreciate the oracle granted by the goddess. However, we desire the end we seek. Please, allow it!"

The Saint knocked her head on the ground.

At the same time, the priests and paladins beside her also bowed their heads.


Tel grabbed her forehead and let out a sinister laugh.

A peculiar laughter that scratched at human nature.

"Since when has a dog defied its master's orders?"

"We are not dogs..."

"Your words, the air you breathe, the bread and meat you eat, the ground you stand on, even every hair and your soul, everything is mine. They are all my toys. To die with dignity? It's not something you can decide."

Tel stomped on the Saint's head.

The Saint showed no reaction.

"This shouldn't end here, right?"

Tel chuckled maliciously and looked at Priacis.

Priacis shivered silently.


The smile on Tel's mouth vanished.

A youth with a golden cloak approached.

"We acknowledge the grace granted by the goddess, but the right to decide our fate belongs to us."

"You're taking things too far."

"Leave. Let us face our fate fairly."

Tel glared at the youth.


"I am a descendant of the golden bloodline that descends from the beginning of the empire. I believe I have the right to speak such things before the goddess."

"A hybrid of monster and human, that's what you are."

As soon as the word 'hybrid' came out of Tel's mouth, weapons were raised from all directions.

Tel laughed malevolently.

"Are you trying to kill the one you worship?"

"The goddess has changed completely. I don't know what happened, but I will no longer tolerate any more abuses."

I sat in the chair with crossed legs.

I had already foreseen that the one who brought me here would be the director of Moebius and the goddess. It wasn't difficult to deduce with the clues they left behind. However, this situation was quite unusual.

'Were they enemies?'

Seeing their actions, the goddess didn't seem omnipotent.

If she were an infinite being, she could simply reverse the world with her own abilities. She wouldn't need to withdraw her trust and seek approval.

'Miracles come with a price.'

Just like in Moebius, Earth was used to distort space and time.

So, what would be the price of this advent?

'There's only one.'

I looked at Priacis.

At one time, they were heroes.

And now, they had become 'ghosts', cursing and resentful towards Priacis.


I sighed.

"What won't they tolerate?"

"That's right. Go back."

Tel smiled coldly.

"I'm sorry. The contract has already ended."


"Aren't you wondering how that little girl knew about the oracle?"

Tel pointed at Priacis.

Priacis trembled and exclaimed, "What are you talking about? I haven't made any contract with you..."

"That little one said she would be willing to sacrifice everything to save Taonier."

Priacis's expression became troubled.

Everyone's gaze turned towards Priacis.

"No, I haven't said anything like that! This is the first time I've seen this woman!"

"You told me you wanted to do it again, even if it meant risking yourself and everything around you."

A cold smile formed on Tel's lips.

"I, the Goddess Tel of purity, declare with my soul. This is an undeniable truth."

"Don't lie!"

"Can't you believe it? Challenging this statement could even lead to my disappearance. Don't you know that better than anyone?"

"Wait... wait..."

Priacis staggered backward.

"Is that true?"

"Yes, you have been sold."

Tel sneered mockingly and raised her left hand.

From her left hand, a viscous shadow began to ooze.

"For those who have given up the challenge, you have no right to be heroes. Be sacrifices for the true heroes."

"What... what are you saying?"

"In the game, you need enemies. You need experience."

Tel extended her left hand.

The shadow instantly swelled and began to engulf the people inside the hall one after another.

There were no screams of agony. The transparent shadow devoured everything, both human and non-human, leaving no trace.

Except for Priacis.

"You have been chosen as the protagonist of Taonier. You can be proud."

"No, I..."

"There aren't many decent candidates for heroes. This world is ruined too. I'm so tired I could die."

"Cough, cough, cough!"

The people swallowed by the shadow vomited blood profusely.

Black blood like tar. Red veins protruded from their flesh.

'Are they in a contaminated state?'


The shadow, spreading like jelly, also approached me.

The shadow began to rise from under my feet.


[Han (★★★) starts to become contaminated!]

Laughing, I struck the shadow with my sword sheath.

Kwasik. Black blood burst out and the shadow receded on its own.

'They're in a contaminated state.'

The heroes who have seen the truth seem to handle them this way.

This was the cause of the advancement failure. I feel dirty. With a tense expression, I looked ahead. Two people were having a continuous conversation.

"Every hero should be willing to sacrifice everything for their goal. Isn't that right, Priacis?"

"No... no! Don't lie!"

Priacis shouted as she shook her head.

Her once clean and orderly face was now a mess from tears.

"Admit it. You've betrayed them."

"You lie! You lie!"

"I'm not lying."

Tel innocently chuckled and leaned in close to Priacis, whispering in her ear.

"That's how it was in the dream."

"Wait, that, that's..."


Priacis slumped down with a defeated expression.

'Did she make a contract in a dream with Tel?'


I crushed the slowly creeping shadow.

This place seems to be collapsing too. On the other side, an oval portal flickered.

"Let's go see."

Tel took out a ledger book as she sat next to Priacis.

"Taonier. There's only one 5-star candidate and three 4-star ones for high-ranking heroes. That's pretty bad. The hybrid bastard has brought troublesome winds to the place. Just by looking at this place, it's ruined."

With an expressionless face, Tel flipped through the pages of the book and recorded something, when her gaze shifted somewhere.

A youth consumed by the shadow was staring fixedly at Tel while half kneeling.

"You should have accepted it. If you had made a contract with me, the chances would have been much greater than with her."

Tel lifted up Priacis, who had fallen.

Though the youth opened his mouth, no sound came out.

Tel laughed mockingly.

"Do you hold a grudge against me?"


"Then, become stronger. Face the heroes. Become the most powerful enemy and devour the world. Who knows, there might be chances."

It seems I've reached my limit.

The shadows were gathering quickly.

I moved towards the dimensional portal.


The palace was crumbling.

Debris from broken columns blocked my path.

I lightly jumped over them and walked towards the dimensional portal.

"….I don't know."

There are still many unknowns.

What I saw here is only a part of the truth.


'This is disgusting.'

I almost vomited.

I continued walking towards the dimensional portal.

The landscape around me was becoming blurry and starting to sway. Both Tel and Priacis, as well as those who were consumed by the shadows, disappeared one by one. This was the end of this world.


A gust of crimson sand brushed against my cheek.

I opened my eyes narrowly. The surroundings had transformed into a desert without me realizing.

A dark desert. Red mist hung in the air.

[Level 80.]

On the horizon of the desert.

Someone was standing there.

They wore a black cloak as dark as charcoal, staring at me.

Within their face hidden by the mist, a crimson red eye blinked.

[Black Prince]

[Pryos to Ragnar]

The shining blond mane was covered with a faint black hue.

The barely visible skin beneath the cloak was tightly wrapped in red bandages, like a mirage.

The golden pupils had long lost their luster. A dark energy emanated from this individual's sunken gaze.

"Are you the final boss?"

Floor 80 of Taonier.

It won't be long before we meet.

The level slowly appeared beneath their name.


An ironic laugh escaped my lips.

A level estimated to be halfway through the 300s.

A level that could rival 7-star heroes.

Floor 80.

The section where true hell begins.

If the difficulty is similar to Niflheim, I already expected something like this.

I advanced through the crimson mist without concern.

"...Sorry, but..."

I don't care about your circumstances.

If you cross my path, I'll simply kill you.

"Wait... wait..."

An ethereal voice slipped from the bandage-wrapped lips.

I turned towards him.

"Yes, wait. I'll release you soon."

A dimensional portal flickered before my eyes.

After casting a glance at the individual, I directed my steps towards the other side of the portal.

A cold sensation ran through my entire body.


[Congratulations, Master.]

[The forgotten memories of the hero awaken.]

[Han's promotion (★★★★) complete! Now 4 stars.]

[The illustration is updated.]

[Level and skill limits increase.]

[The hero's first engraving is now available.]

[Tips/What is an engraving?]

[It's a special ability of the hero that can be obtained through the Advent Dungeon.]

[An essential condition to becoming a standout hero! A well-made engraving is second to none in comparison to ten skills. Don't forget to give the hero an engraving.]

When I opened my eyes.

The magical red circle in the ascension hall entered my field of vision.

A slight headache resonated in my mind.

I grabbed my forehead and stepped out into the courtyard.

"Oh, brother. Congratulations!"

Jenna ran towards me.

It seems she's been waiting for me since I entered the ascension hall.

"With this, you're a 4-star hero, brother. You won't be overlooked. Anyway, if anyone dares to oppose the big brother, they won't come out unscathed."



Jenna blinked and looked at me.

"What's wrong? Your expression is scary. You look like you're about to devour someone."

"Devouring, that sounds exaggerated. Why would you say that?"

I smiled ironically and ascended the stairs.

Jenna followed me briskly.

"You'll be next. Get ready."

"Speaking like someone with experience! Is there anything I should prepare for the 4-star promotion? You said it might fail."

"Well, that's..."


I hit the wall with my fist.

Jenna was startled and stepped back.


"There was a bug."

I ascended the rest of the stairs.

Where I hit with my fist, a holographic window was glowing.

[※Warning – GM exclusive line]

[There are unverified chat messages.]

'There's nothing to negotiate with you.'

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