Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 184

Chapter 184 - Only Once (8)

Being objective, in the final of this Battle Royale, the class with the greatest advantages was the Rogue.

With fewer participants and a smaller map in the final rounds, other classes could also shine to some extent. However, the story changes in a massive game with around 100 participants.

[Survivor count: 21]

I looked up at the top of the screen.

There were 21 survivors left. The less skilled fighters had already been eliminated in the confusion.

Now, it was unlikely that the remaining survivors would engage in a massive frontal conflict. They would all be looking to take advantage of the situation without risking too much.

In the absence of direct confrontation, the scenario was perfect for the Rogues, capable of hiding, attacking by surprise, and excellent at locating enemies.

"Don't you think we're lucky to have joined our team?" Sadeine said it with a soft voice.

"Imagine if you were alone. You wouldn't even be able to farm items, and you'd probably be an easy target for other teams. Having a Rogue, do you see how much easier it is? We're ahead by exploring and finding the enemy's position."


This woman.

As I thought yesterday, she talks too much.

Especially after we fought for possession of this building, where I ended up with three enemies on my own.

"Han, your performance in that fight was impressive. I don't know how a Level 40 Master got a talent like you, but please consider the offer. If it were you and me..."

I checked the holographic map.

The safe zone marked by a white circle. We were in the center, in a small commercial village full of valuable items, with simple traps installed at all exits to detect enemy intrusion.

Good quality leather armor and a decent longsword.

Even throwing knives and a crossbow. All with magical enchantments.

The same with consumables. It seems we've farmed enough for now.

"Our Lobby, Laqueria, has 7 floors high with all kinds of luxurious facilities..."

'Four teams?'

Out of the 21, 17 were in teams.

The other 4 were solo players.

After a thorough search by the 4-star Rogues on my team, we had practically determined the composition and area of activity of the enemy.

'They're definitely useful. I wouldn't have been able to get this information alone.'

"How about the drink I gave you yesterday? It was delicious, wasn't it? I'm quite picky with my tastes, but that was worthy of nobility..."

I wonder how Jenna's team is doing.

By now, they're probably in the middle of the team tournament finals.

The individual preliminaries are still on hold.

'It would be interesting to know.'

But I decided to focus on my own thing.

After counting the points we collected yesterday, to secure a safe place in the top overall, we needed to win in all 3 main events. The score obtained in Anything's minigames was disastrous.

I leaned against the wall.

There's still some time until the next zone closure.

No need to fight, so, quietly...

<Brother, can you hear me?>

I opened my eyes.

<It's me, Jenna.>

The magical stone in my pocket emitted a faint light.

Katio's communication stone. An item I had saved for emergencies, hidden in the hem of my clothes.

"I'm going out for a moment."

"Where are you going? We're in the middle of planning the strategy..."

"To the bathroom." I replied briefly and went up the stairs.

Once I was far enough away, I held the communication stone in my hand.

And moved my lips discreetly so as not to be discovered by the spectators.

"What's up?"

<Ah, it seems you can hear me. I thought it was broken.>

"I'm busy now, in the middle of a game."

<I'm sorry. I have something to inform you of.> Jenna continued.

<In the game a moment ago, sister Edith was poisoned.>


<Healing potions don't work. It seems to be a special paralyzing poison. Even if we ask for the antidote, they won't give it to us. What should we do? The next game starts soon.>


<Well, sister Kishasha and I can try it on our own.>

"You won't win with just the two of you. Niflheim is there too."

If we don't win at least a runner-up, we'll lose the ticket.

This is problematic.

<I'm sorry, brother. After I told you I was confident...>

"How much time is left until the next game?"

<Like 10 minutes.>

"That's enough. Get Belkist out of the individual competition field. There will be no restrictions for him to participate."

<Eh? What do you mean...?>

"Didn't you read the booklet? If they're from the same team, there are no restrictions to replace a player."

<But that would mean sacrificing the individual battle! If we leave brother Belkist and the two of us stand firm while we look for a way to cure sister Edith...>

"The effect will last at least 3 hours, by then the tournament will be over. Stop complaining and do as I say. Take Belkist and put Edith as a substitute. Win at all costs. Do you want to see the Master regretting?"

<And the individual battle...?>

"I'll participate."

I cut off the communication.

The holographic map showed a clock.

It was 10:57 a.m. The individual preliminaries start at 12.

"Why did you take so long? Also, about my proposal..."


I unsheathed my sword.

We had identified the positions of all enemies, as well as those of our allies.

To the two troublesome Rogues on my team, I had previously applied the magical item 'Tracking Perfume'. I stood by the window, ready to jump.

"Wait, what are you doing?! Our strategy is to wait as long as possible..."

"The circumstances have changed. Don't worry. I won't betray them until there are 4 left."


"And don't take that mint chocolate rubbish."


I jumped from several meters high and landed on the ground.

At the same time, an arrow aimed at my forehead. I moved my left hand. The arrow got caught in my fingers. A team was hidden in the building in front of me.

I quickly calculated.

Including the movement distance...

Are there 10 minutes left?


I'd rather not use it.

I activated the switch in my mind.

[Han (★★★★) has activated his Exceed ability!]

"Come out, you damn bastards!"

And then...


[Incredible! I never imagined this. Was that Lu Bu's strategy? Definitely the madman of the Battle Royale! We hope he participates in the next event. Here is your prize and the champion trophy, a golden frying pan...]

I grabbed the Advent Stone from the trembling fairy's hands.

The side effect of Exceeding made me feel dizzy. Ignoring the stupid fairy, I pushed my way through the crowd.

[Wait! What about the golden frying pan?]

As I drank a healing potion, I exited the stadium.

It was 11:41 a.m. Shuttle buses don't operate at this time.


You must be watching.

You also know the gravity of the situation.

Edith has been injured. We are at risk of losing the 5-star summoning ticket.

[Master, Han (★★★★) requests your assistance!]

Anything immediately deployed tactical tools.

Whizz. A red arrow streaked across the sky.

I sprinted down the four-lane road, following the direction indicated by the arrow.

A red sports car was slowly advancing down the road.

I leaped over the lanes and launched myself towards the sports car. The man in the driver's seat and I locked eyes.

"Wait, you..."


With all my strength, I kicked the front door, sending the panel flying.

I dragged the bewildered man out of the driver's seat and threw him to the ground.

"Hey, what the hell! Are you crazy!? I'm a Mobius employee...!"

I sat in the driver's seat.

I grabbed the steering wheel and pressed the accelerator.

"You're crazy, what are you doing?"


The powerful sound of the engine resonated as the sports car began to move swiftly.

I continued to accelerate, plowing through obstacles in my path.

I didn't care about the wrecked state of the luxurious sports car's front.

I retrieved the communication stone with my left hand.

"I'm Han. How's everything going?"

<Brother Belkist says he will remember this.>
"That's scary."

<Anyway, now there are 3 of us. But do you think it's possible? Battle Royales can last a long time...>

"Focus on your game. After all this spectacle, if you don't win, you know what will happen, right? It'll be a disaster."

<Uh... I'll focus.>

"Good, I'll leave you to it."


I spat out the blood that had accumulated in my mouth.

My body was full of wounds. A combination of small injuries and the side effects of Exceeding.


The car's dashboard showed a speed of 200 km/h.

Curve. I turned the wheel and hit the brakes. Skreeek! The smell of burning rubber mingled with skid marks on the road.

11:53 a.m.

7 minutes left.

I could see the stadium in the distance.

<Have you seen this stupid thief? If caught, he's out!>

Helicopter blades sound.

Looking up, I saw a helicopter following me.

I extended my left hand toward the helicopter, raising the middle finger.

Then, without hesitation, I stepped on the accelerator.

The sports car plowed through three consecutive iron fences.

<Oh my god! My limited edition Lamborghini...!>

11:57 a.m.

I arrived at the stadium parking lot.

Skreeek! I dodged the buses blocking the way and drove to the stadium entrance.

The entrance was crowded with spectators.

"What's that?"

"It looks like it's heading this way..."


I honked the horn and pressed forward.


"What, what! Why is it coming this way?"

"Aaah! Move!"


The sports car, after breaking through the glass doors of the entrance, came to a stop inside the stadium.

Flames and smoke began to rise from the front of the car.

‘Ah, this is the end.’

There was no part of my body that didn't hurt.

Clunk. I opened the door on the other side, which was in ruins, and got out.


An employee with a badge looked at me.

"I'm a participant in the individual tournament. I came for the final."

"That way, please."


The crashed sports car against the wall exploded. [N/T: What kind of GTA is this... 🏎️🚓💥]

I pointed backward and said:

"Please take care of that."

"Ah, yes... I'll call the firefighters..."

I continued down the hallway indicated by the employee.

Limping on one foot, I took out a second potion from my bag and drank it.

"Player Belkist from Taonier! Is Player Belkist from Taonier here? If he doesn’t show up, he’ll be disqualified."

The referee on the stage called the next participant.

Belkist, is he in the first fight?

‘I feel bad for letting them down.’

I smiled ironically as I approached the stage.

There was already an opponent on the stage.

"Did he escape? I'm tired of waiting. Proceed with the disqualification."

"Understood. We'll proceed with the victory by default."

"Don't talk nonsense."

I climbed the stairs to the stage.

The audience's attention focused on me. Among them was Aaron, whose eyes widened at the sight of me. He seemed quite pleased to see me.

"Excuse me, who are you? You seem to be severely injured."

"A Stand-in."

"A Stand-in? We don't have such a rule."

An employee rushed to the stage and whispered in the referee's ear.

The referee's expression changed dramatically.


The referee looked at me with a pale look.

"Are you Han Israt from Taonier, the winner of the Battle Royale?"

I nodded.

"……Your participation will be accepted."

"What? Double participation! That's ridiculous! Where's that rule?"

My opponent, the giant with an axe, turned red with anger.

"The top 3 competitions are held almost simultaneously, so we thought this situation wouldn't occur. In the future, we will change the rules to prevent double participation."

"You're crazy... Well, I'll split your head!"

The giant spat on his hand and slammed the ground with his huge axe.

"You're covered in blood. Do you think you can win in that state?"

Covered in blood.

It's not wrong.

Even I, after facing several 4-star enemies, couldn't come out unscathed.

Combined with the side effects of Exceeding.


The blood running down my forehead fell to the stadium floor.

"Where did you leave your weapon? Are you going to fight barehanded?"

I forgot to bring my sword.

The staff was looking for the keys and such.

"Whether you're a stand-in or whatever, you've come to die! I haven't tasted blood in a long time! Hahaha!"

My opponent let out a sinister laugh.

I calmed down.

There's no time to rest, it seems.

I have to go all the way to the final.


An appropriate penalty.

"I guess I'll have to fight with fists..."

I reached my right hand back.


The Bifröst, which pierced through the roof, crashed onto the stage floor.

I grabbed the hilt and unsheathed the sword.



The referee blew his whistle.

Aaron, from the audience, stood up and shouted:

"Brother! You got this!"

I smiled faintly and spun the blade of the sword.

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