Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 166

Chapter 166 - Reasons Not to Give Up (2)

[Date X of month X]

The document began with a specific date.

I proceeded with reading the words that followed.

[I received an unusual file from someone who calls themselves Loki.]

[It was filled with complex terms. Although I didn't fully understand their meaning, I read it to the end. Judging by the way they organized and analyzed the information, they seem to be a remarkable person.]

[Wouldn't it be more profitable to use this skill for something beyond games?]

[Anyway, I decided to draw inspiration from their action and started documenting my own gaming history. It seems to be an entertaining activity.]

"This is…"

[Apparently, they left their gaming history recorded in a diary.]

I couldn't help but laugh.

There are still people who jot down these things, even in these times.

And they do it on their phones, too.

"So, they received an unusual file."

The 'diary' seems to have started right after they sent the strategy document.

[Date X of month X]

[I managed to surpass level 15. Han was on the verge of death.]

[It was Aron's fault. The situation became complicated because he tried to save him.]

[That boy tries hard, but his skills don't seem to improve.]



I expressed my support for Aaron in Niflheim.

[Date X of month X]

[I reached level 20. Han defeated a dragon on his own.]

[It was said that 1-star born heroes were weak, was the guide wrong?]

[Anyway, he seemed to do quite well, so I gifted him a Horse Statue. Han also seemed pleased.]


[Date X of month X]

[Han was sent to Niflheim.]

[I did some research on Loki and he turned out to be an even more impressive player than I imagined.]

[However, no matter how much I think about it, I can't understand his interest in me. Why? I appreciate the help. I was about to give up, but now I'm starting to enjoy it.]

The diary was written with a surprising level of detail.

The expansion of facilities, the summoning of heroes, etc., all matched my memories. It means that they didn't omit any detail. It was unexpected.

[Date X of month X]

[My mother scolded me for spending too much time on video games.]

[Date X of month X]

[I managed to surpass level 25.]

[Kishasha has also proven to be very useful. It was wise to invest in her, even if it means I'll have to settle for ramen for a while.]

Although much of the diary's content could be considered trivial, Anything's comments on Pick Me Up could be of invaluable use.

This will make it easier to understand their gaming trends in the future.

I continued reading the diary until a particular section caught my attention.

From level 35 onwards, the tone of the narrative experienced a slight variation.

[Date X of month X]

[At level 35, a team member, Yvolka, dies.]

[I thought Han would be the one to perish in the last mission.]

[He's lucky he survived. However, he seems to be distressed by the loss of his companion. I gifted him a horse statue to provide comfort.]


[Despite being an AI, their behavior is peculiar.]

[Could there be an artificial intelligence of such sophistication?]

[It seems to possess a life of its own.]

[A colleague scolded me for discussing this topic, calling me insane. They even suggested I quit the game because they think I'm addicted. I'm not very willing to quit.]

[Am I going crazy?]

[Somehow, I feel like the heroes are closer to me than I thought.]

I looked towards Iselle.

She seemed to be focused on the same section as me, with a complex expression and letting out a deep sigh.

"Is she questioning this?"

I would have never imagined that from someone who, after all, is just another player.

I stared into space for a moment and then shook my head.

Despite how impressive reality may seem, I don't believe it's true.

It seems more like a flicker of emotion. After that moment, the diary's content returned to normal.

[Date X of month X]

[I shouldn't do this.]

[Date X of month X]

[I lost in a battle simulation against Han.]


[Analysis of floor 5 strategy video]

[05:35 - Han gathers the members for a meeting. Subsequently, the group formation is decided. They begin to defend against the Goblins from three fronts, building barricades.]

[06:43 - The battle begins.]

[08:29 - Why split the members into three fronts? Jenna is at the point where the paths cross...]

I squinted.

It seems these analyses were written relatively recently.

Anything was reviewing the floor 5 strategy video, trying to understand why the personnel was distributed in that specific way, how the battle unfolded, and how the final victory was achieved.

And not just for floor 5.

The strategy reviews were meticulously documented up to floor 35.

Of course, the analysis wasn't perfect and leaned more towards conjecture…

[I don't want to do this halfway.]

[Because Han might die this time.]

This didn't seem like the attitude of an average player.

"Who could this user known as Loki be?"

"The more I observe, the more impressive it gets. The answers to the doubts I had while managing the Lobby are detailed here. It's admirable how much passion someone can invest in a game."

"If Loki had been the Master of this place… Han wouldn't have had to face everything alone."

How ironic.

To others, I'm just another gaming addict.

"Could I also become like that someday?"

"You're in the final stage of addiction."

I couldn't help but laugh.

The diary also recounted aspects of Anything's daily life as they immersed themselves in Pick Me Up.

Situations like being caught using the phone during work and being severely scolded. Or bumping into a lamppost while walking and playing. It seems like their parents scold them every day.

"But still, they keep going."

"I don't want to give it up."

I closed the folder.

Glancing beside me, I noticed Anything completely absorbed in a battle simulation against artificial intelligence.

It was time to disconnect, but there they were, still playing. On second thought, the time spent on the game seems to have doubled since that day.

After completing the basic operation process, they plunged into various battle simulations.

And they kept at it until they finally left the game.

"You're not talented."

They continued to face difficulties even in the easiest levels.

Whether managing the Lobby, forming groups, or training heroes, Anything barely stood out in anything. At most, they were competent in racing games. In other areas, their performance was mediocre or clearly insufficient.

"But still…"

So you don't want to give it up, right?

It's not just because it's entertaining…

Is there any other reason you want to keep playing?

How curious.

I couldn't help but laugh.

It's like I'm seeing myself reflected in my youth.

"Except for the lack of talent."

I left behind a promising career.

Everyone thought I was crazy for doing it.

"All for a game? Are you sane? Selling your life for a game, giving up on reality."

"It's not just because it's fun."

Something else caught my attention on the screen.

I couldn't quite pinpoint it.

"It wasn't specifically for Niflheim."

That's the difference between Anything and me.

For me, Niflheim and its heroes were a tool to challenge my own limits.

It could be comparable to the feeling of climbing a high mountain. Niflheim's challenging missions drove me to surpass myself time and time again. Up until just before reaching this point, I played Pick Me Up keeping in mind that it was just a game.

"This kid is…"

Similar to me, but different.

Different, but similar.

"It's intriguing."

They have overcome countless astronomical odds.

The possibility of me being summoned by Anything. The possibility of Anything's hand slipping and me surviving in the synthesis. And the possibility of Anything not disconnecting. Even the possibility of them deciding to continue.



[What should we do? Should we accept the director's proposal?]

"Would you do it? You have to be betrayed at least once or twice to learn. Block those messages from now on. I don't even want to see them."


"Regardless of what you think, if you don't want to quit, you have to persist until the end. Is there anything else?"

After saying this, I closed Tel's proposal window.

With that, the conversation concluded. The topic of changing Masters would not be mentioned again.

'I don't know whether to consider it luck or not.'

If Taonier's difficulty had been lower, would this young man have contemplated these reflections?

Like many other Masters, if he had grown bored of the game, he probably wouldn't have hesitated to quit.

I chose to take it as a positive.

'He has determination.'

Facing this mission alone is complicated.

The power of a Master is indispensable.

[Tactical Center.]

If the facility is built, it is meant to be used.

While my hero's perspective may be two-dimensional, a Master's is almost three-dimensional. They can observe from a high position and visualize different areas of the battlefield simultaneously.

'I don't expect great things from the start.'

I will devise the basic plan.

You just need to execute the orders at the right time.

Anything still doesn't have the ability to develop strategies on his own.

Perhaps someday he will, if he continues to strive.

Based on my experience, that process is often more painful than rewarding.

It's no longer just a game to enjoy.

"Iselle. If you told me not to quit on the Master, you must have a plan, right? Can you interfere with the battle simulation system? I want to change the map."

I directed my gaze towards the desk.

The plains map was nearly complete.

"When the battle simulation starts, print the map as it is. Leave the center empty, with three fortresses in the east and two strategic points in the west."

I put on my coat and left the room.

Anything was reviewing the replay after narrowly losing to a low-level bot.

Iselle followed me with a serious expression.

If this girl is from Mobius, what she's doing now is directly opposed to the company. She's overturned the company's CEO's plan.

'Have you made up your mind?'

If not, she wouldn't have shown me that document.

I took the sword sheath strap and handed it to Iselle.

They said the sword itself is a conglomerate of interference forces, so it should be useful.

[Let's give it a try!]

"If it doesn't work, it's okay. There are other ways, so don't push yourself too hard."

Iselle disappeared with a light.

I went down the dark stairs to the first floor. The tactical center was next to the Space-Time Rift. Opening the door, I saw the familiar table and chairs.

The difference from before is that the map on the table is changing.

A map that doesn't exist is being created. As the field formed, I glanced at Anything's operation window. He seemed to be looking at me, surprised by my sudden entry into the tactical center.

'It's been a while.'

I murmured, looking at the sky.

First, give and take. Even if I understand your thoughts, the basics don't change.

[Master, Han (★★★) proposes a battle simulation. Do you accept?]

[Condition - 1 Horse Statue (5,000G) per game]

[Yes (Select) / No]

[5,000G will be deducted automatically!]

Anything accepted immediately, as if he had been waiting, and the Horse Statue was placed on the table.

I pushed the statue to an appropriate place and dusted off my hands.

The map was complete. I will organize the formation of the heroes. Anything will handle the monster side.

'I need to guide the strategy.'

Even a fool, if he repeats, can understand the meaning.

Of course, the battle simulation will continue after the third round. Until a perfect strategy is found.

I can't complete it alone.

It was the same when I was a Master. Although I couldn't speak directly, I used to plan missions with Siris and Yurnet. The means of communication was also the battle simulation.


[The battle simulation begins!]

[Type - 1 VS 1: Battle against artificial intelligence]

Thanks to Iselle's intervention, the monster formation is overwhelmingly in my favor.

If I defend and bide my time, I win the game. On the other hand, I have to divide my scarce forces to simultaneously attack strategic points and fortresses.

'Understand it.'

What this battle simulation means.

What you need to do to be useful to us.

If you don't understand, Loki will have to appear. If you have doubts, you can send an email to ask. There are endless ways.

Of course, among those options, excluding the Master is not one for me.

'I wonder.'

What will become of this boy in the future.

After boasting, will he betray and quit the game?

It's not completely impossible. In that case, he would be like a dog chasing chickens.

Or maybe...

'A new top ranker will appear in Pick Me Up.'

Ascending vertically up the tower at a frightening speed.

Having the account's difficulty high not only has disadvantages.

The harder the ascent, the steeper the slope, the heroes grow to overcome their limits. Otherwise, they can't survive.

Again, I don't expect much from you.

Just stay there, without giving up.

If you can do that.

'I'll take care of the rest.'

Of course, it's not free.

At least, you have to pay the ticket price.

I laughed and waited for the battle simulation to begin.

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