Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 182

Chapter 182 - Only Once (6)

The first day of the festival has ended.

The outcome was as expected. All participants in the three competitions made it through.

Since it's the preliminaries, it would be troublesome to fall so early.

"Niflheim seems a bit strong, but still manageable." Jenna raised her arm, rolling up her sleeve.

After finishing all the day's activities, we were in the room going over the results and having a strategic meeting.

"If we don't make any mistakes, I think we can win. Don't you think so?"

"I was nervous because they said they were heroes from other Lobbies, but it wasn't as difficult as I expected. Maybe we were lucky in the draw."

"Don't let your guard down. If we mess up once, we won't be able to win."

I looked at the paper on the center of the table.

On that paper were written the points that the Taonier team had earned on the first day.

'126 points.'

While the heroes competed in the preliminaries, mini-games for the Masters were held in the Dimensional City.

126 points were the result of Anything competing in about ten different events.

'It's not much.'

He scored 65 points in the airship race, the maximum in that game.

In the other games, he consistently finished last. A total of 126 points is one of the lowest. It's not much compared to the three main events, but if you don't accumulate points in the mini-games, it's a big blow.


Since it was proven that Anything's gaming skill is poor, we would have to win in the three main events to get the ticket.

"Bring out the match chart."

Jenna and Belkist took out a blue paper.

The paper had written on it the match chart for the final. The next day, the top 16 would be decided in the first round of the finals, and the day after, the top 16 and the final. Since there are many participants, the list of teams competing in the first round of the finals was densely filled on the paper.

I had already memorized the names of the teams with high-level Masters besides Niflheim.

I quickly examined the individual and team match charts, thinking about our strategy.

The first round of the finals has many participants, so there is some margin, but in the second round of the finals, there will be consecutive matches with almost no rest. It's not like the Lobby where you heal automatically, and Mobius doesn't provide doctors either, so if you suffer a serious injury, you're out.

'This is bad for Jenna.'

The group B that Jenna was assigned to is full of high-level users.

Also, according to the match chart, she would have to fight three consecutive matches with minimal rest between them. There's a high chance of injury. But, in the end, all we can do is provide her with emergency recovery potions.

Then I examined Belkist's match chart.

Fortunately, he won't encounter that guy known as the reincarnation of the Demonic Swordsman or Aaron until the final. It could be said that he's lucky in the draw. On the other hand, it means...

'Aaron will face that guy in the semifinals.'

They'll meet in that match.

I ended the meeting quickly.

Belkist and Jenna's team said they would train in the multi-floor private gym in the hotel basement to prepare for the finals. Leaving me alone again, I immersed myself in my thoughts in the living room.


Muden had become part of Niflheim's first team from the upper floors of the tower.

Aaron's return was too fast.

Why did he come?

I wanted to ask Yurnet right away.

But I barely managed to contain my curiosity. It doesn't make sense for him to do something unnecessary.

There must be another reason. I don't know what it is for now. For now, I should focus on my own event. If I were to be eliminated, it would be a disgrace to my teammates.

I was in the middle of planning our strategy for the finals.

Knock knock.

There was a knock on the front door.


This hotel doesn't have room service.

I opened the front door.

A familiar face. It was Aaron.

"Am I interrupting?"

"No, come in. It's just me."

Aaron, hesitating at the entrance, entered the living room.

I offered him water.

"Thank you."


We drank water in silence.

Aaron, sitting on the chair, lowered his head.

I've seen this expression before. After his first defeat against Belkist.

Exactly that expression.

Aaron looked at me as if he had something to say, but he didn't immediately open his mouth.

"How was it there?"

I decided to break the ice.

"It was a strange place." Aaron responded after a brief silence.

"I found out that one year there could be just one day here."


"I no longer remember my sister's face." Aaron's eyes clouded over.

"If I don't write down memories of the past every day in a notebook, I would forget them all. I even came to forget my own name."

That's to be expected.

Except for Muden, no one else could endure it.

There were many like Aaron in Niflheim. Heroes who tried to overcome their lack of talent with effort. But the result was equally miserable for all.

"Brother, you were also there during the preliminaries. What do you think of me?"

"You did quite well. It seems you've mastered the intermediate arts of the spear." I replied honestly.

He had grown to the point of being unrecognizable as the Aaron from before.

That would qualify him as a usable hero.

"That's good." Aaron smiled bitterly at my response.

"That was the result of 57 years for me."


"How many years would it take me to reach a place like yours?"

Aaron brought the empty cup to his lips.

"I'm sorry. I'm lamenting."

"No, I was the one who sent you there. I should listen to you at least."

"Thank you..."

"But why did you come back so soon? Shouldn't you have rolled a bit further?"

Aaron shook his head.

"My master said I lacked something."

"Talent... I suppose not..."

Talent, what a stupid answer.

I laughed.

"Did you come to search for what you lack?"

"Rather, I was kicked out."

Aaron briefly explained his situation.

After being scolded by Muden for not being up to par to follow in his footsteps, Aaron was expelled from the special dimension and joined Niflheim's training center. That was two weeks ago. And now, he was participating in this event as part of the same group of new recruits.


Although Aaron spoke calmly, I could more or less imagine how he felt.

The reincarnation of the Demonic Swordsman, was it? This guy surpassed decades in a special dimension in just a few days, a genius who did that.

"That hero is amazing. I couldn't understand dozens of complex principles even after hearing them hundreds of times, but he understood them in a day and the next day he was already applying them. Just watching him train left me amazed. Truly... as if he had been chosen by a god. Just like you."

Aaron smiled, scratching under his nose.

"If I were to say here: 'I, on the other hand,' the atmosphere would be depressing. I won't say that."

"Do you think you can win?"

"I'll do my best. For now."


If what I saw from Aaron in the preliminaries is all his talent, the chances aren't high.

Not just against that guy from Niflheim, but also against a Belkist who has leveled up. Even if that kid is a genius, Belkist has a different kind of talent that he doesn't possess. I'm sure he'll win against Niflheim's top ranker. That's why I sent Belkist to the individual competition.

Aaron and I chatted for about 30 minutes before he left.

The conversation included stories about Belkist. He said he had become unrecognizably strong. Even while praising another, Aaron maintained a cheerful expression the whole time.


It left a bitter taste.

Muden was a special case.

I know very well that in reality, just like in Pick Me Up, effort and achievement aren't necessarily correlated.

Despite knowing that Aaron's growth chances are low,

It was me who sent him to Muden.

'After this tournament, I should contact Yurnet.'

If he really hasn't achieved anything, I don't want him to keep suffering.

Even if by force, I must make him return.

There's still a vacant spot for an instructor for Aaron.

The day after the first round of the finals arrived.

["Who said this was boring! Speak now!"]

A fairy with a red face jumped furiously.

["How dare you call this Battle Royale that I've created with so much effort boring! I'll make you eat your words! Was it you? A jealous temporary slave of mine, a regular employee? I'll bash your head in!"]

The fairy grabbed an employee by the neck and shook him frantically.

It would be boring. The BJ broadcasters who were transmitting the Battle Royale that only takes place in 4-star cities also ended their broadcasts towards the end of the preliminaries.

The reason is simple.

In a survival game, there's no need to fight until the end.

Just find a good spot and camp. Even if you encounter another hero, just ignore them and go on your way. If you fight and die, you only harm yourself.

Because everyone thought the same, there were almost no battles throughout the day.

Of course, there were exceptions.

"He's crazy!"

A woman who made eye contact with me got scared and backed away.

"That's the crazy one..."

"The one who goes crazy at the sight of blood, the psychopathic killer? Completely..."

"They say he went to hunt down and kill every person who fled..."

The heroes murmured around me.

Some get cool nicknames like the reincarnation of the Demonic Swordsman, and me, the crazy one?

'I've memorized all their faces.'

["Today we'll add a special rule! Sparkling fairy power!"]

The fairy waved a small star-shaped wand.

["4. The speed at which the field shrinks will accelerate. Outside the field, a magnetic field will be generated, and if you touch it, you'll be eliminated immediately."]

["5. The quality and quantity of supplies in the field will increase. Also, if you kill opponents consecutively, you'll receive bonus points. Kill as much as you can!"]

The rules were added to the description on the right side of my vision.

["The first round of the finals will have 10 participants. As you can see, we've added trendy rules. You'll feel the speed, it'll end quickly. Everyone, start!"]


The fairy whipped the whip in her left hand and began the preparations for the finals.

The first round of the finals has 10 participants. Since the field has shrunk, a quick conclusion is expected.


['Bonus points, you said?']

Killing the participants will give me points.

Doing the math, achieving a total kill would be equivalent to winning two minigames in terms of points.

"Group 2! Is everyone here?"

An employee looked over at the participants.

As she returned the items to the display shelf, it happened.

"Ah, in the same group as the crazy one... uh!"

A man who made eye contact with me covered his mouth.

"The crazy one?"

"Ah, it's nothing!"

The man hurriedly backed away.

There were the 9 participants from group 2.

They started whispering as they looked at me.

"Is that guy really that strong?"

"We should join forces first..."

Everything is audible.

This is getting annoying.

It seems it'll be 9 against 1.

How did it come to this?

The next day, all Battle Royale participants had heard rumors about me.

Sure, I stood out, but this was excessive.

It doesn't seem natural.

As if someone did it on purpose.

'I was planning to take it easy today.'

I planned to ignore the individual competition and focus on the Battle Royale.

Since the quality of participating heroes had increased, I planned to proceed slowly.

But my plans got twisted unintentionally.


I turned around.

Beyond the crowd, a woman with blonde hair and a dazzling presence was smiling.

She was the same one who had called other heroes trash the day before.

Had she detected me on her radar? Well, it doesn't matter.

I smiled and turned away.

["Hey, you!"]

While waiting to participate, the fairy from the platform flew towards me.

["I've heard the rumors! They say that game you won was very exciting and everyone's praising it! I'm looking forward to it. I hope you do well in this game too! I'm aiming for a permanent position!"]

The fairy laughed and patted my shoulder.

I stood still and then spoke.

"If I kill everyone."


"If I alone kill the 9 participants, is there any bonus?"

The fairy, blinking perplexed, burst into laughter.

["Ohoho! That's great! If you alone kill the 9, I'll double the bonus points!"]


Leaving the other participants who were busy planning how to eliminate me, I entered the dimensional portal first.

The crazy one, huh.

Then, it wouldn't be bad to live up to those rumors.

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