The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 172

Chapter 172 - Dining

"Aren't you Yamti?"

Seo Arin's question surprised Yamti quite a bit.

'How did she know I changed my face?'

Although she thought that by customizing it, they wouldn't recognize her, it turns out there was someone who did.

Probably, only made some small changes.

"Yes, right? I'm Yamti."


Yamti just looked at Ryu Min without affirming or denying anything.

But Ryu Min, as if he didn't need confirmation, intervened.

"Oh, huh? Do you both know each other?"

"We met in another world. At that time, I was introduced as Black Scythe's acquaintance..."

"Yes, Yamti and Black Scythe know each other and get along well in real life too."

"Really, Ryu Min too...?"

"No, I haven't met him. In fact, I've never seen him. He's quite reserved..."

"Then, are you really Yamti?"

At that question, Yamti could relax and answer.

Because the master had recognized him.

"Haha, yes. It's true. I'm Yamti."

"Ah, that's why you look familiar. Nice to meet you."

"It's also a pleasure for me. But anyway, meeting Seo Arin in real life is surprising."

"Is it more surprising than being known by Black Scythe?"

Laughing, Seo Arin lowered her voice and revealed her desires.

"Hey, Yamti. If it's not too much trouble, could you give me Black Scythe's contact...?"

"Sorry. Of course, but my disrespect is towards Black Scythe, not towards me. He doesn't like to reveal his identity to anyone."


Seo Arin felt uncomfortable when Yamti said that.

"Then, could you at least allow me to make a quick call? There's something I want to say..."

"I'm sorry. Even though I'm known in real life, I don't even know his contact. Calls from there usually come with restricted numbers. He's very cautious. Even in the God Players Brigade, he covered his face, you know?"


Seo Arin felt relieved hearing Yamti's words.

-If only I could see him again in real life...

Ryu Min read her thoughts and cleared her worries.

'It's not that she wants to know about my identity, she just wants to meet me.'

He had been worried that Seo Arin would insist on asking about his identity, but there was no need to worry.

'Well, even if she does, there's no chance of my true identity being revealed.'

From the beginning, he had taught Yamti how to handle that situation.

How to respond if someone asked about Black Scythe in real life.

'Fortunately, she doesn't suspect Yamti.'

Reading Seo Arin's thoughts, it seemed she didn't suspect Yamti at all.

She just envied the ability to communicate with Black Scythe in real life.

"But why are you both in front of our house...?"

"Oh, Ryu Min has something he wants to ask me personally."

"Really? Then, come in. Since you're here, share a meal with us."

"A meal?"

"Haven't you had dinner?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"Then, come in."

Ryu Min opened the door with a smile, and Ryu Won looked at her brother.

"Is it okay if we increase the number of guests?"

"Yes, why not...?"

Ryu Won was excited about the opportunity to treat Seo Arin, whom she liked, to a dinner.

Although it was good, she also felt an additional pressure.



When the kimchi was done boiling, Ryu Won placed it in the center of the table.

"Sir, I don't have many things prepared, but please enjoy."

"You don't have many things prepared. Is this a luxurious feast?"

Seo Arin's words were followed by a table full of side dishes.

Egg scramble, vegetable stir-fry with sausages, japchae, odeng stir-fry, even kimchi stew.

Although it was a large amount to prepare alone, Ryu Won managed it.

However, it took an hour and a half to prepare the meal.

Even with Ryu Min's help, without it, it would have taken at least three hours.

"I'll enjoy this."

"Where should we eat?"

After tasting the kimchi stew, Seo Arin's eyes sparkled.

"Did you make this following a tutorial on YouTube?"

"Yes... Is it not good?"

"It's not good, right? Is it really delicious?"

"Phew, at least it's good. I was worried about what would happen if it wasn't."

It was then that Ryu Won finally felt relieved seeing Seo Arin's bright smile.

"I didn't know my younger brother had this skill."

"Haha, is it because I don't do it that you think so?"

"Take this opportunity to study for the Korean cooking certification. Stop playing games and stuff like that."

"Yes... Okay."

Ryu Min, Ryu Won, Seo Arin, An Sang-cheol, and Yamti finished the meal in a warm atmosphere.

"Good meal, Ryu Won."

"Thank you, sister."

Ryu Min, surprised to see Yamti and Ryu Won, asked amazed.

"What's going on? When did you start talking like this?"

"When Ryu Won went to the bathroom. Hehe."

"Isn't there a big age difference between you two? You shouldn't talk like this all the time, brother."

"Ryu Won, are you insulting me for being older than you?"

"Ah, no, sister."

Ryu Won, laughing, got up to wash the dishes, and Yamti also discreetly got up from the table.

"Are you going to wash the dishes? I'll help. I'll support you."

"I'll help too."

Seo Arin stopped Ryu Min from getting up as Ryu Won and Yamti headed towards the kitchen.

"Let these two handle the cleaning. We have something to talk about, right?"

"Ah, yes."

Ryu Min and Seo Arin, seated on the sofa, began their conversation.

"Do you want to know what I want to talk to you about?"

"Prophet. Actually, today I met a guy named Hwang Yong-min..."

Ryu Min listened to Seo Arin's story calmly.

"So, Hwang Yong-min doesn't show up in searches."

"Yeah. Rather, it seems like he doesn't exist. Do you have any idea about it?"

"It's probably literal. He doesn't exist in this world."

"What? He, he's a ghost then...?"


Though their reactions differed, both were surprised, simply because they were startled that the undead existed.

"If there's a profession among players that can revive corpses, Hwang Yong-min has come back as undead. The reason I told you not to mess with Hwang Yong-min was because of this... it seems someone tampered with him."

"Resurrecting as undead. Who the hell would do such a thing...?"

"I don't know. Though I saw it through prophecy, I only saw his back."

Though it was a lie, Ryu Min's words also contained truth.

Indeed, there exists the profession of a wizard who handles undead.

Dark wizards also handle undead, but it's more of a summoning concept; it's different from a wizard who resurrects corpses.

Shamans, on the other hand, tend to blow up corpses.

"Only wizards can make a corpse move like a normal person. But they can't speak like Hwang Yong-min."

Though Ryu Min differed in that aspect from Hwang Yong-min, it didn't matter.

What mattered now was convincing Seo Arin.

Fortunately, Seo Arin believed Ryu Min's lie without questioning.

"S-So, did I encounter some kind of zombie?"

"That's right, you can see it that way."

"Oh, it gives me chills."

As Seo Arin shuddered, An Sang-cheol asked curiously.

"Prophet, is that wizard a player from our country? What level is he?"

"I don't have exact details."

"Could he pose a threat to us in the future?"

"Well, perhaps if we consider him as an enemy?"

Though he spoke as if he didn't know, Ryu Min knew.

The existence of the wizard would become an obstacle in the future.

"Exactly, he could become a hindrance to the Church of the Four Gods."

Though Ryu Min knew this fact beforehand, he didn't eliminate the guy.

He even planned to use that obstacle.

"Sometimes, darkness stands out even more than light."

No one saw the subtle smile at the corner of Ryu Min's lips.


After Seo Arin and her group left, Ryu Min approached his brother and patted him on the shoulder.

"Well done."

"Haha, what have I done?"

"Your cooking skill is quite good, you know?"

"I'll take this opportunity to get a certification, as my brother suggests. Doing it is fun, and surprisingly, I have talent, who would have thought?"

Though Ryu Min smiled seeing his brother laugh, it wasn't because he was happy.

It was a laugh to conceal melancholy.

"A certification... that's a luxury for me right now."

As impressive as players may be, in the end, their lives are at stake.

Studying to get a certification while planning for his future?

That's a luxury for a player.

"Yeah, whatever we do in my life, it's okay. My last mission in this last round is to create a world where even my brother, only my brother, can live normally."

To do that, it's necessary to eliminate as many variables as possible and follow the plan carefully.


After returning to his room, Ryu Min lay down on the bed and thought carefully.

He reviewed his future plans and looked for possible variables that could interfere.

"Could Seo Arin's presence be a variable? No. She got too involved at this moment. Removing her would be more of a variable."

Though he knew Yamti and Ryu Min were friends, that wouldn't change anything.

As long as he kept his distance and couldn't contact Black Scythe as now, she probably wouldn't ask or suspect.

Reading his thoughts, Ryu Min also thought about it.

"So, what about An Sang-cheol and Jeffrey?"

An Sang-cheol was always close to Ma Gyeong-rok or Seo Arin, so it was easy to read his thoughts.

That is, it would be easy to deal with him if any problem arose.

"However, it's not Jeffrey."

He's a figure who knows not where he will go, just like last time.

He's also someone who doesn't move emotionally when it comes to matters related to Christine.

"Hmm, I can't stand annoying mosquitoes."

At that moment, as he reviewed one by one those who could pose a threat or interference, he received a call from Ma Gyeong-rok.

-Prophet. It's Ma Gyeong-rok.

"Yes, how can I help you?"

-Are you free tomorrow afternoon? Jeffrey, whom I saw earlier, and the person who will become my father-in-law are coming to Korea to meet the Prophet. It seems he wants to apologize for what Jeffrey threatened him with before.

"Jeffrey and Nathan are coming?"

It seems they've understood the seriousness of the matter by coming personally instead of just apologizing over the phone.

"Understood. What time is their arrival expected tomorrow?"

-We'll arrive at Incheon Airport at 3 p.m.

"Then, shall we meet at a café nearby around 4? I'll give you the location."

-Yes, we'll do that.

After the call, Ryu Min immediately called Yamti.

"Yamti, how many places that we can control are left?"

-The president of Pseva and the police chief are already controlled, so there are three places left.

"Alright. Using one place will be acceptable."

-What's going on?

"Tomorrow, I plan to meet with Jeffrey and Nathan."

-Are you going to apologize?

"We'll know when we meet. So..."

Ryu Min raised a corner of his mouth.

"Get ready just in case you're also present."


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