The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 175

Chapter 175 - Clairvoyance

The anticipated start of round 11, but Christine was feeling depressed.

Perhaps this round would be her last.

"No need to worry. I've got it under control," she said.

As a priest, she possessed absolute control power.

In any case, she could use it to block anyone attempting to catch her off guard.

But how did a woman not so strong in combat manage to become the representative of the zone?

The reason was the people who had gathered around her.

"Have they arrived? Mr. Berber."

"Hello, Christine."

"Mr. Lupin, hello."

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss Christine."

Players approaching with tracking skill while greeting.

They were comrades and companions from the second round until now.

It was also a faction following the Priest, the only professional military.

"With them, there's nothing to worry about."

The rune that Christine obtained in commemoration of her job change as the priest was the "Rune of Life."

Whether helping to heal people or saving lives, she could only help others gain experience and stats.

"But thanks to that, so many people have gathered around me."

Voluntarily helping people bought her the trust of others.

Who could complain about receiving free healing? It wasn't like stealing experience from monsters.

"But they don't need to know that I'm using healing to gain experience and stats."

Regardless of the internal details, to others, it seemed like she was doing volunteer work for free, like a charity maiden.

Her ability to become the representative of the area was also due to being the only healer.

"Even those who doubted me at first now trust me. I've heard that I chose well as a representative."

Thanks to that, from the second round until now, she was able to maintain her position as representative and gain many followers, along with the title of "Saint."

They were able to overcome many challenges by supporting each other.

"I'll also resolve this this time, no matter what difficulties arise."

Unbeknownst, the number of people gathered around Christine had already reached a hundred.

Strong human shields surrounded Christine.

"As long as they're here, there's no need to worry about surprises."

Though she could feel at ease, she couldn't relax.

She didn't know who might attack, so she watched her surroundings like a hawk.

"Are you okay, Christine? You seem more tense today."

"I'm fine. Thank you for caring, Douglas."

"If anything happens, please let me know. Aren't you the right hand of the saint? As a paladin, I'll surely protect you."

"Hehe, that puts me at ease."

Christine smiled, but she didn't neglect her vigilance of the surroundings.

She even learned the skill of presence detection, so there would be no problems even if someone stealthily approached while invisible.

Suddenly, thinking about assassins, she remembered Jeffrey, who was in another area.

"Even if he does it for me, threatening to kill a powerless prophet... disappointing."

Now that the areas had unified, they could meet, but she decided to forget about that.

She knows the nickname, but she hasn't personalized his appearance.

She didn't want to actively search for him.

"Oh, by the way, now that the country is unified, I might encounter the prophet and also Ma Gyeong-rok."

She wasn't close to the prophet, so she didn't know him well, but could she trust Ma Gyeong-rok, her fiancé?

"At least he seems better than Jeffrey.

He was also a player who competed for places 2 and 3 in the area ranking, so...

'Maybe he's the prince riding on a white horse who will save me...'

I shouldn't have expectations, but I'm actually intrigued to know who will be the one to save me.

[Now that the explanation is over, I'll take you all to the fantasy world.]

Hearing the angel's words, it seems like it will now start for real.

"I will definitely survive."

I already know the strategies for Round 11, even before the prophet reveals them.

Though at this moment, survival is more important than any strategy.

'I'm confident. With these people...'

Christine smiled confidently.

Until the angel smiles mockingly and speaks.

"Oh, by the way, the starting place is randomly assigned for each one. So, I wish you all good luck."

"What? Random?"

Before she could be surprised, a bright light burst like a flash and disappeared.

Instead of the meadow, a dense forest appeared in Christine's blinking view.

"Uh, where am I?"

She was not only curious about where she was but mostly felt bewildered.

Since all the people around her had disappeared.


The confidence she had just moments ago paled in her mind, but she quickly regained composure and used her exploration skills to look around.

"Eh? Someone's nearby."

She saw a red dot nearby and approached without hesitation.

Although she didn't know if it was an enemy or an ally, being a class that couldn't do anything alone.

"Oh? Mr. Douglas?"

"Miss Chris!"

Fortunately, the person nearby turned out to be a paladin she had parted ways with not long ago.

"I was a little confused because everyone scattered, but meeting Miss Chris here is fate!"

"Haha, it seems so."

Christine let out a relieved laugh.

'Although I was worried about what I would do if it was someone unknown.'

She could trust Douglas, an original member since Round 2.

"Nearby is also Mr. Berber."

"Ah, really?"

"He went a bit further to search for Miss Chris. He'll surely come soon."

After using her exploration skills, she moved on securely.

Shortly after, Berber returned and looked at Christine reflexively.

"Oh, Miss Chris is here too?"

"Yes. Pleasure to see you, Mr. Berber."

"What a coincidence! It's lucky to meet Miss Chris here. Now we don't have to worry about dying."

"Haha, yes..."

He didn't ask permission to join. It was natural for Douglas and Berber to be with Christine.

'Well, it'll be fine. It's also hard to be alone.'

With two trusted individuals, she felt relieved.

It's fewer than when there were 100 people, but...

"Since we have plenty of time, why don't we put missions aside and wait here? Maybe others will come looking for Miss Chris."

"Yes, that sounds good. Let's wait here for a while. Surely those who scattered will come looking for Miss Chris."

"Uh, well, shall we wait then?"

Though simply waiting seemed pointless, Christine preferred moving with a group rather than alone.

She didn't know that the moment she decided to wait, someone behind her was smiling malevolently.


Quiet alleyway.

A man with a scythe silently appeared there.

"Where am I?"

Ryu Min, stepping out of the alley, could resolve his doubt by seeing the peaceful landscape of a village in Sweden.

"It's the Kingdom of Alvitz."

Unlike the pristine Sacred Empire, it was a rougher city but somehow felt tranquil.

"Why does the starting location always change?"

Having experienced 11 rounds out of 67 repetitions, duplicate locations were rare.

Is it natural because it's random?

"Then why do I always get the same random rune I received at the beginning?"

If it's random, some are different every time, while others are always the same.

In that sense, he couldn't understand the system.

"No matter, I guess. It's not bad if it's the Kingdom of Alvitz. In fact, it's good."

The place Ryu Min chose as the target for his first mission was the Labyrinth Forest.

Fortunately, it wasn't far from the Kingdom of Alvitz.

"How about checking people's locations with Clairvoyance first?"

In Ryu Min's skill window, there was a skill received as a special reward in previous rounds.

[Temporal Skill - Clairvoyance]

-Effect: By closing your eyes and memorizing the incantation, you can activate it, generating virtual eyes to see from a third-person perspective.

In that state, if you think of the nickname and face of the player you want to see, you can immediately switch the perspective to them.


By closing his eyes and using the skill, he could see his own appearance.

Ryu Min, entering third-person mode, thought of a person.

"Min Juri."

The perspective changed, and he saw Min Juri's appearance.

"It seems Min Juri has fallen into the Sacred Empire."

It was quite far away.

It seemed difficult to meet.


By thinking of the nickname and face, the perspective instantly moved over Yamti's head.

"He's also in the Sacred Empire. Well, it doesn't matter in this round."

He thought of approaching if they were nearby, but it seems they are too far away.

Then, one by one, he confirmed the locations of Seo Arin, Heo Taeseok, Ma Gyeong-rok, An Sang-cheol, etc.

Not just out of simple curiosity about where they were.

It was to read their locations and actions, and understand if they would become variables in this round.

Perhaps, because of them, he might be troubled upon entering the Labyrinth Forest.

"Seo Arin and Heo Taeseok are far away, so there are no worries, but Ma Gyeong-rok and An Sang-cheol are close."

They were close and moreover, they were tracking Black Scythe.

How did he know?

Because he could read their thoughts through Clairvoyance.

"Clairvoyance is like another self. Through Clairvoyance perspective, the spell of internal thoughts also applies."

It wasn't in vain to choose Clairvoyance instead of giving up the impulse points.

It was easy to read others' thoughts from a distance and prepare in advance.

"Ma Gyeong-rok and An Sang-cheol are planning something. Moreover, they're close to me. It's better to prepare."

Then, he checked the location dominated by Yamti and Jeffrey.

They were far away too, so they weren't useful.

"Does Joo Sung-taek come in handy?"

Due to the duel, Joo Sung-taek, turned into a slave, received a single instruction.

Go wherever you fall and find Black Scythe.

He already knew Black Scythe's face before becoming a slave, so there was no problem tracking him.

It seems he has been watching from afar.

"Fortunately, he comes in handy."

Ryu Min smiled seeing Joo Sung-taek running towards him.

To get items in the labyrinth forest, Joo Sung-taek's help is absolutely necessary.

Finally, Ryu Min turned his attention to Christine.

Her nickname was already known, and her custom face presented no difficulties as he had seen her in the past.

"They're already in contact with two people."

Christine was with two people who seemed to be her followers.

It seems the starting point was nearby by chance.

But he shouldn't be relaxed.

"The reason Christine is in danger is precisely because of those guys."

Now, revealing, the enemies threatening Christine are members of a sectarian group called the 'Church of Despair'.

The leader of the Church of Despair is the only leading necromancer in the United States, John Delgado.

Under his leadership, the Church of Despair attempts to kill Christine.

"It seems one is from the Church of Despair and the other is a traitor conspiring with him."

The most trusted types turn out to be spies and traitors.

In round 11, Christine will die for these reasons.

"But if I intervene, the story will change."

Although he knows who the enemies are, it's not necessary to intervene immediately.

The order to kill hasn't been given yet, and the progress of events will occur after the influence of the Church of Despair has accumulated.

"There's still time."

During that time, Ryu Min will carry out the mission along with Joo Sung-taek.

Since there's a crucial item that must be obtained in the labyrinth forest.

It's an item that deceives the nickname.


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