The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 154

Chapter 154 - The 10th Round Begins

[Breaking news! EI leader Al-Baghdadi uploads a suicide video on YouTube......]

[EI leader's suicide? Global shock over the shocking video.]

[The video claiming to be from the EI leader spread quickly but was taken down in just 15 minutes......]

Although sensational headlines grabbed everyone's attention, Ryu Min already knew.

It was a fact without a hint of falsehood.

"Min! Is this really true? Is the EI leader dead?"


"What about that suicide video?"

"I'm looking into it, but I can't find anything."

The video, commissioned by Al-Baghdadi and uploaded to YouTube, had already been deleted and no longer existed.

However, it was exposed for 15 minutes, and in that short time, 10,000 people clicked on it, so the existence of the video couldn't be denied.

"Oh, look at this. There's a blog summarizing the situation."

Indeed, someone had captured the video and succinctly summarized the situation in a blog just half an hour after it was uploaded. The blog already had over 100 comments.

└ Is this real? Did the EI leader really commit suicide?

└ How can we believe it's the EI leader in the first place? Isn't it just fake news?

└ Haha, did journalists collectively take drugs? Did they organize fake news like this?

└ I live in the United States, and this is true. It was also reported on CNM news and caused chaos.

└ It doesn't seem like fake news. You can easily search for foreign news even on Google.

└ So, is it true? Did the EI leader commit suicide?

└ I can't even tell by looking at screenshots of the video.

└Guys, I investigated here and there and got the video. It's real. After revealing that he was the EI leader and had no face before God because all his followers were killed by Black Scythe, what else did he say? Then, he cut his throat and committed suicide. It's really shocking.

└Is the above true?

└Where can I watch the video? Please send it to [email protected]

└Me too. My email is [email protected]

└ Me too. My email is [email protected]!

└ He sat down to write a novel! Did the EI leader go crazy and commit suicide? Damn.

└Seriously, haha. It seems like this blog is just trying to increase views by claiming to have seen the video, and the one above seems like a fanatic who really believes it.

└There are two idiots above. 10,000 people saw the video, and the news is appearing in real-time worldwide. This is not fake shit.

└Haha, true. If the scale is so large, you should believe a bit.

└But is it true that the EI leader mentioned Black Scythe before dying?

└According to the news, Black Scythe killed all his followers and the organization, making him feel guilty, and he committed suicide.

└Haha, how many did he have to kill to feel guilty?

└Who is Black Scythe? Am I the only one who doesn't know?

└He's the new leader of the Players unit. He's so strong that among players, he's called a monster.

└Is he really a serial killer? Didn't he kill tens or hundreds of people?

└Killing terrorists who kill people for justice shouldn't be considered murder in South Korea's class, haha.

└Anyway, they're scum, and since there are laws for the Big Players, he probably won't be considered a killer.

└In the first place, he committed crimes in Nigeria, so he should follow their laws.

In Nigeria, they must be happy. After all, they eliminated the pests themselves, haha.

They're funny guys. There's no evidence that Black Scythe did that, but people believe it and sit around waiting, haha.

If you check if Black Scythe left for Nigeria that day, you'll know.

"Black Scythe...?"

Min Juri, while reading the comments, thought she should ask immediately if she encounters Black Scythe in another world.

Whether this news of defeating EI is true or not.

"Yes, it is. So, even those who didn't believe immediately, in time, will know completely.

"You can know just by looking at the entry and exit records, and there is plenty of evidence in Nigeria."

Only the people Ryu Min rescued that day surpass a hundred.

Even if one or two of them prove it to the media, Black Scythe's reputation will strengthen.

"They'll definitely receive interview requests."

Although he hadn't confirmed it yet, it was obvious that Lost Yak's phone would be ringing like crazy.

It didn't fail.

While Min Juri went to the bathroom, she glanced at the phone and saw dozens of missed calls and messages.

As expected, they were interview requests from the media.

"Fortunately, I put it on silent mode beforehand. Otherwise, I would have been exposed in front of Min Juri."

It was a good decision not to kill Al-Baghdadi directly but to make him record a suicide video.

"Even the FBI and Interpol must know Al-Baghdadi's face. And if they verify the evidence he left, it will be easy to confirm that he was the second caliph of EI."

Finally, the governments of the United States and Nigeria would make official announcements and articles.

Soon, the whole world would learn that Black Scythe had collapsed the EI organization.

"Anyway, even if you verify it, it will be difficult to find the power of EI. Al-Baghdadi ordered him to gather and kill all remaining forces, so there shouldn't be any insects left."

Of course, there could be followers, but at this point, Ryu Min did everything possible for world peace.

Actually, his goal was to build Black Scythe's reputation more than achieving peace.

"Black Scythe is really amazing... When did you go abroad and get into this?"

"That's right."

"Min, didn't you know? You can see the future."

"I didn't know. I can't see the future as I want."

"Ah, I see."

That was all Min Juri asked.

Certainly, being a prophet is a good excuse to evade questions.


Despite the world's shock over the eradication of EI, time continued its course.

Midnight on October 1st.

Around 2,700 players gathered in one place.

They were the last players remaining in South Korea.

"After today, only 25% of them will survive."

It was a desperate situation, but Ryu Min couldn't change the rules of the system either.

"If I can't save everyone, I'll have to save the people who are most useful to me."

Useful people approached Ryu Min.

Min Juri, Ma Gyeong-rok, An Sang-cheol, Seo Arin, Heo Taeseok, Jo Yong-ho, and Yamti.

"Black Scythe, uh...?"

When they met, those who came to seek Black Scythe looked at each other with cautious glances.

-Why are there so many people here?

-Did everyone come to talk to Black Scythe?

-Why did they join Black Scythe? Did they come to get some reward?

Despite having negative feelings towards each other, no one showed signs of it.

An unpleasant appearance in front of the absolute called Black Scythe could not be allowed.

"Hello, Black Scythe."



Although they greeted each other, Ryu Min did not respond to any.

Everyone had unavoidable matters with Ryu Min.

Therefore, they all asked him.

"Why did everyone come to see me?"

"Oh. Who should speak first?"

"Well, we heard that you defeated EI."

The question was first posed by Min Juri.

"We wanted to confirm if it's true."

"It's true."

Without saying anything more, he admitted it cleanly, and everyone looked at him in surprise.

"Really, Black Scythe... you're the vice-leader of CPF."

"You even went so far as to strive to purify the world by going to another country. We're grateful!"

Heo Taeseok, who used to be shy, suddenly spoke enthusiastically.

Reading his thoughts, it seemed to be a deliberate action to draw attention.

It looks like he has something to say.

"Loyal follower, do you have something to tell me?"

"Oh, yes, Black Scythe. You understood my intention."

"Answer the question they ask you."

"Oh, actually, this time, I've created a religion."

"A religion?"

"It's a religion that worships someone..."

Heo Taeseok slowly extended his arms and forcefully raised them towards a particular person.

None other than towards Ryu Min.

"It's a religion that venerates Black Scythe as a God!"

"I'm not a God."

"That depends on how people see it. In our religion, Black Scythe is a God!"

"Follower's Religion?"

Although the name sounded a bit cheesy, Heo Taeseok was quite proud, putting aside his cheekiness.

"Yes, isn't it cool? Follower's Religion! We've already gathered six followers. Of course, I am the leader. Here is Eom Jun-seok, our vice-leader."


Next to Heo Taeseok was Eom Jun-seok, who had arrived at some point.

The vice-leader position seemed a bit embarrassing, as he couldn't lift his head.

"If any of you are interested, please join our Follower's Religion. Anyone who loves Black Scythe will be welcomed with open arms."

Ryu Min was about to say something inappropriate in response to this untimely promotion.

Some players were looking on with interest.

"Min Juri, Seo Arin, Yamti... even Jo Yong-ho?"

Although they didn't express it openly, everyone seemed interested in joining the Follower's Religion.

It was at that moment.

"Oh, there you are!"

There was another group that came to seek Black Scythe.


They were CPF members he had seen in reality.

Of course, their customized faces were different, but knowing their nicknames, it wasn't difficult to recognize them.

"You guys."

"Leader, we're disappointed. You went to Nigeria alone."

"If you were going to hunt down the EI bugs, you should have taken us with you."

Although they spoke in a playful tone, Ryu Min took it seriously.

"You should protect Korea. Where else could you go?"

"We also deserve some credit for defeating EI."

"Hey, aren't they easy to handle? There are only a few players suspected to be EI."

"Yes, they're annoying. Unless you're at Black Scythe's level."

"He's talking nonsense. This guy has skills even lower than mine."

"Hey, but don't I have a higher number of cases treating criminals than you?"

"Those two things are completely different."

"Everyone, stop. None of us has the skills to face hundreds of EI. Unless it's the unit leader, it's impossible."

"That's true."

While listening to the team members' conversation nodding as if acknowledging the truth, Ryu Min sighed silently.

"How did I end up being part of this suddenly?"

In the previous chapter, Ryu Min used to act alone for his own benefit, surviving and acting solo.

But somehow, the people around him had increased considerably.

"There won't be extinction situations like before, as we have enough members."

Of course, as long as they assume they will overcome difficulties and challenges until Round 20.

It was then that a presence unfolded its shining wings in the sky.

"Hello, humans. I am the angel Nell, in charge of guiding Round 10. Please pay attention to the explanation of this round I will give you. Unless you want your heads to explode, of course."

The angel, who previously spoke in a creepy manner, smiled widely and addressed everyone.

"Congratulations on reaching Round 10. It's already halfway, how touching. Amazing people! But today, it would be good for you to set aside your arrogance. This is a difficult round; only a quarter of you will survive."

"What? A quarter?"


Nell teased as she saw the frightened players.

"You're getting scared. How about we review the information for the next round?"

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