The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 218

Chapter 218

The Brat at the Edge of Greed.

Yu-hyun thought that if Satan showed such a blatant reaction, the spirit must not be an ordinary one. Did that mean that the spirit was also a first-generation one?

Yu-hyun was a bit puzzled.

It was a strange name to hear for someone who was said to be dangerous.

I dont know all the first-generation spirits. But I never forgot the name of a first-generation spirit that I heard before.

But he still didnt know. 

That meant that the spirit called the Brat at the Edge of Greed was a spirit who never showed his face on Earth in his previous life.

The only reason why such a being would suddenly take an interest in this side was one thing.

The incident caused by Paradise.

Is he that dangerous?

Well, it might sound funny for me, the lord of Pandemonium, to say this, but I can boast about this one thing. His personality is overwhelmingly annoying compared to ours, the lords of Pandemonium.

He was the one who smiled and shrugged off even when his archenemy Michael picked a fight several times. 

It was the first time Yu-hyun saw Satan show such dislike.

It was beyond surprising. 

It was shocking.

Yu-hyun did not take Satans warning lightly. 

He thought that there must be a reason why he said that.

Ill be careful as much as possible.

No. Hes not someone you can avoid by just being careful.

Is he that bad?

He doesnt move much usually, but once he does, he always brings a big trouble with him.

Satan, who didnt budge at anything, uttered the words big trouble.

Yu-hyun was confused at this point. 

He wondered if this was meant to scare him or reassure him.

Satan clapped his hands and said.

Anyway, lets stop talking about this topic. The important thing is the third one.

Youve been talking about it so much So whats the third one?

It might be a solution for the second one, depending on how you see it.

A solution for the second one?

Did that mean he would tell him how to stop that spirit?

Yu-hyun Teller. There is a spirit who wants to meet you.

Thats too random.

Actually, this was the biggest reason why I came here. I never thought that you would ask me for something separately. He was so stubborn even though I said no.

What do you mean

Youll see when you meet him.

Satan said that and got up from his seat.

Are you leaving?

Yes. Ive told you everything I wanted to tell you. Id like to talk more with you, but unfortunately, I dont have enough time. Theres another guest waiting for you, so I have to leave here with regret.

It wasnt just words. 

Satan was gradually disappearing from his feet. It looked like he was quickly unraveling the black threads that were tangled together.

Oh, by the way. You used the gift I sent you last time well.

Before his face disappeared, Satan smiled at Yu-hyun.

His countless eyes curved like crescents were proof of that.

I hope for the rest of the fragments as well.

With those words, Satan completely disappeared.


Yu-hyun had a look of regret on his face. 

He had a lot of questions he wanted to ask Satan.

Why did he give him the fragment of Laplace?

And, what was this black mask?

He had a pile of things to ask, but he was distracted by other things and forgot.

He just said what he wanted and left before I could ask.

It didnt seem like he would tell him anything even if he asked now.

Yu-hyun focused on the words that Satan left behind instead.

The rest of the fragments.

Does he mean the two stories that I havent obtained yet?

Having obtained the power of Laplaces Demon and Maxwells Demon, the only thing that came to mind when he said the rest of the fragments were two.

[TYPE:Descartes] and [TYPE:Darwin].

How powerful were the remaining two stories? And what would happen if he collected all four powers?

As Yu-hyun was about to fall into his thoughts, a faint light flowed from the front.

Excuse me.

A man in shabby clothes appeared, speaking in a polite tone.

At the same time, centered on him, the frozen landscape of the snowfield changed as if it melted.

Mountain peaks full of huge cliffs that were cut off. 

Yu-hyun was standing on top of the highest peak among them.

What stood tall at the summit was a bodhi tree.

The space here changed depending on the spirit that stayed.

The new spirits outfit was a shabby monks robe without any fancy decorations. 

He didnt even look clean, as if he hadnt washed well.

Yu-hyun realized that the author was the guest that Satan had mentioned, and at the same time, he felt subtly overwhelmed by the strange aura that emanated from him, even though he looked ordinary.

He felt like he was facing a dazzling illusion, even though he was looking at him with his own eyes.

Yu-hyun regained his senses and got up from his seat to greet him.

Nice to meet you. Im Yu-hyun Kang, a manager at Celestial Corporation. You wanted to see me, right?

Im Gautama Siddhartha.

He revealed his real name instead of his pen name out of nowhere.

Yu-hyun desperately tried not to be surprised.

Gautama Siddhartha.

Also known as, Sakyamuni Buddha.

Who in this mixed world would not know him?

I greet you, great sage.

Thank you for your kind evaluation of me.

The sage, Sakyamuni Buddha, bowed his head to Yu-hyun.

If someone else had seen this scene of a spirit bowing his head to a teller, they would have been shocked out of their minds.

Humans dont bow their heads sincerely to bugs, after all.

But Yu-hyun thought that if it was him, he could do it.

Please take a seat.

Yes. Thank you for your consideration.

The two of them sat facing each other with a barley tree in the middle.

Yu-hyun went straight to the point.

Why did you want to meet me? No, rather than that, as a sage, couldnt you have contacted me through someone else? Why did you have to

A wicked snake. Are you curious why I contacted you through a dark one?

No. Never mind. I guess there was no need to ask that.

Yu-hyun shook his head.

He was one of the four sages in the mixed world, who were said to treat everyone equally, even if they were great villains.

The sage spoke calmly with a subdued voice.

You seem to know me well.

Are you not a famous person? You are the one who never stopped practicing even after reaching the seat of the sage, and who travels the world to save the sentient beings. I respect you sincerely, not just with empty words.

No. I am just ashamed that I cannot live up to your expectations.

So, why did you want to see me?

Even if the other party was a sage, it was different if he belonged to the Pure Land.

Moreover, Chulapantaka, who tried to kill Seosumin and Yu-hyun, was a disciple of the sage in front of him.

By not driving him away with sarcasm at this place, Yu-hyun was already showing great consideration for him.

I will apologize on behalf of my disciples misdeeds.

Sakyamuni bowed his head again. 

It was a sincere apology without a trace of ulterior motive or calculation.

I also know how dangerous you were, Teller Kang Yu-hyun. Even my own faction used something that was almost my relic, so what can I say to defend myself?

Still, I came here shamelessly because I wanted to apologize for the wrongs and also because I thought I could help you a little bit, Teller Kang Yu-hyun.

Do you mean something related to another sage?

Yu-hyun recalled the brat that Satan had mentioned.

The sage nodded.

You must have heard it from Satan already. The brat at the edge of greed has started to take interest in you.

Yes. Satan also warned me about it. So who is this brat at the edge of greed?

He is a demon who has been clashing with our Pure Land for a long time. He is so fierce and dangerous that even the Great Sage Army gave him one of the thirty-six heavens without daring to touch him.

There was someone else that even the Great Sage Army couldnt touch?

The only person that came to Yu-hyuns mind was Jecheon Daeseong.

Or are you saying that the thirty-six heavens are also related to this matter?

No. Have you ever heard of Tahwajaecheon (the Heaven of Freely Enjoying Things Conjured by Others)?

Yu-hyun felt a shock as if he had been struck by lightning when he heard that.

That, dont tell me

Tahwajaecheon was the highest level of the Desire Realm, which was one of the three realms of the Six Paths.

And that place was also called Machun (the Demon Heaven), where a huge being ruled over it.

Yu-hyun cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

Dont tell me, the one who took interest in me is the owner of that Demon Heaven?

Thats right.

Oh my god.

Yu-hyun had thought that the brat at the edge of greed was not an ordinary sage, but he never imagined that he would be this much.

[Who? Who is that?]

Baekryeon, who had been quiet, couldnt contain her curiosity at Yu-hyuns intense reaction.

Hes a very dangerous monster that even the first-generation spirits avoid.

He had more than one name to refer to him in the mixed world.

Sometimes he was called the primordial demon.

Sometimes he was called the King of Self-Transformation.

And sometimes he was called the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven.

Now he had the name of Demon King, which was often used by people, and Heavenly Demon, the absolute ruler of the Central Martial World.

Would they believe it if they were told that all these titles were derived from a single being?

The first Demon King who tried to corrupt the sage in front of him, and who still tried to corrupt those who piqued his interest in the lowest realm with delusion.

Mara Papayas.

A very dangerous guy, who took an interest in this side.

Yu-hyun felt like he had a glimpse of why Paradise tried to kill Seo Sumin, who was Heavenly Demon, desperately. 

The more he realized that, the more his reason became cold as if frost had settled on it.

His cold eyes turned to the sage.

So thats why we were suddenly attacked. Did Paradise see Sumin as a manifestation of Mara?

I cant completely deny that. Even if she wasnt, there was no way that Mara wouldnt be interested in Heavenly Demon, who became a transcendent. There was nothing more dangerous than them joining hands.

Paradise feared that Mara would gain a stronger force.

He had corrupted two second-generation spirits in Eden in an instant, and he himself had fallen from light to darkness, becoming a symbol of corruption. 

Even Satan, who was feared by everyone, licked his tongue at Mara Papayas.

To have an interest in someone meant to corrupt their existence.

Their soul, their body, and their origin.

Mara Papayas was a spirit who could make it possible.

Hes gone mad.

Yu-hyun realized the reason and the weight of Satans warning, who came to meet him personally.

Yu-hyun had seen with his own eyes the miserable end of humans corrupted by evil spirits.

The ones who led the corruption were barely second-generation spirits, but even so, the fate of those who were involved was so horrible that it would evoke fear even in the end.

If a second-generation is like that, what about the infamous incarnation of evil.

This was not a trivial matter.

The sage sensed Yu-hyuns anxiety and opened his mouth.

You dont have to worry. Thats why I came here.

The sage said so and reached out his hand to Yu-hyun.

Please take this.

What is that?

What the sage handed over was a small lotus bud.

The petals were not fully bloomed, and there was no fragrance. 

It seemed like it would easily break if he squeezed it with his palm.

This is my small goodwill. There will be a time when you will need it urgently.

A gift from the only one who had received Mara Papayas intense temptation and yet shook it off. 

This could not be an ordinary lotus.

Yu-hyun took the lotus bud with careful fingers.

Thank you.

I didnt do it for thanks. Honestly, I hope you dont have to use this. Using this means that someone has already suffered pain.

But you still helped me, didnt you?

Its all because of my mistake. Im sorry that I can only do this much.

The sage blamed himself for his disciples death and Seo Sumins near-death experience.

How many people in the world would feel sorry for someone elses pain as if it were their own?

The sage was different from other spirits.

The spirits in Yu-hyuns memory did not have compassion for beings beyond their limits.

And please take this too.

Huh? Is there more?

This is my personal favor.

The sage handed over a story to Yu-hyun.

It was a story that Yu-hyun had never seen before

A faint golden story.


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