The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 230

Chapter 230

Agael was not in a good mood.

The reason was simple. 

She had to watch with her own eyes as new Tellers descended to Earth.

Normally, she should have ruled the area of Korea, but other Tellers from different departments had taken over, and even China, which was the largest area of the Pentagram department, had been divided into dozens of parts.

It was unfair, but she had no choice. 

It was a lucky thing that she was not dragged down to the rank of associate right away because of what Shamath had done.

But how can I just watch those bastards take over my land!

Agael tore a handkerchief with her teeth in the managers room and suppressed her anger inwardly.

She felt that her dream was slowly fading away.

If this goes on, my grand dream will!

Agael had a small but one goal.

It was to become the fairy of the tutorial that appeared first in the end sequence, which started when the Earth was ruined, and led people to despair.

If anyone dares to talk back to me, I have prepared to blow their heads off and even have lines ready!

How could it be so sad that there would be no such thing now?

Agael gritted her teeth and blamed it all on Kang Yu-hyun.

Her new subordinate, Ramaro, who had been watching her from the side, cautiously opened his mouth.

Miss Agael.


If you hate Kang Yu-hyun Teller so much, why dont you plant fractals in his library?

Are you stupid?

Agael glared at the Teller who had been Shamaths subordinate, but came under her after his expulsion.

That method has been blocked for a long time! You still dont know that?

Uh, really?

Sigh. How did Shamath train his subordinates? Hmph. Fine. Ill kindly explain it to you, our Ramaro.

She was about to get annoyed, but as soon as she got a chance to teach something, her tone changed in an instant. 

She was like that. 

She had malice hidden in her small and cute appearance, but more than that, she had an excessive desire to show off her knowledge by explaining too much.

A fairy Teller who was obsessed with intellectual vanity.

That was Agael.

Listen carefully. Originally, the Tellers library was quite open. Not only spirits, but also other Tellers could enter freely. There was virtually no distinction between them. But there was a big problem with that. Do you know what it is?

Uh, the fractals you just mentioned?

Thats right! Not only planting fractals, but also some Tellers who failed to make good stories in their libraries would sabotage other libraries that were doing well. This happened more than once or twice, and it caused a lot of problems.

Oh, so thats why its like this now?

Yes. They made a clear distinction between the Tellers and the spirits who entered the library, and Tellers were restricted from participating in the chat itself. And the replay function that existed before also received a lot of restrictions.

Agael stretched out her tiny fingers and said.

Originally, the replay function was given equally to everyone, but because of that incident, the replay function became a privilege only for the spirits. That means we Tellers have little chance to see other Tellers paintings again unless we watch them live.

But there must be some way, right?

There is a way. When we Tellers stories, books pile up, right? And a copy of the story in the book goes to headquarters. You know that, right?

Yes. I heard about it in basic training.

Thats easy then. Do you know where the copy goes?

Uh, that

The archive.

Oh, there. The place where no one goes anymore?

Yes, thats right. If you want to see other Tellers past paintings again, you have to check them in the archive. But you cant just see them if you go there. You need a complicated procedure to access the records. You can only see them if you satisfy all of that. But which Teller would do that? No Teller would go through such a complex process just to see another Tellers painting.

The only way to sabotage another library was to use low-ranking fourth-generation spirits and step on them in the early stages.

But Yu-hyun had become a large-scale library Teller with an average viewership of over 12,000.

He even rose to the same rank as her in an instant, so Agael had to look up at him rather than down at him.

That was why she hated him so much. 

If Yu-hyun decided to challenge her to a painting battle, Agael would have no reason to refuse, and she knew she would surely lose if she fought.

So she was stuck in the managers room, venting her stress with annoyance.

Ugh! Shamath, you damn snake head!

Agael kicked her cute legs and exploded with anger again.

It seemed unlikely that she would ever achieve her dream in the future.


After the second Phantasm Shock, there were more groups that made a big noise in the world.

Among them, the largest proportion was occupied by religious groups.

They shouted that this second Phantasm Shock was a trial and a punishment from God to humanity. 

Those who died by the phantasms were punished and those who did not believe in God deserved to pay the price. 

They did not hesitate to spout nonsense.

Even before the existence of God was unclear, the power of religion was strong enough to influence the world. And when the existence of God was proven to them, it was not strange that they went crazy.

Even though they knew that those gods only watched and did not intervene in anything.

They ignored that fact and claimed that they were chosen by God, and that following them was the true way of martyrdom. They took an oppressive stance.


Kwon Jia, who returned to Korea from Greece, sighed softly as she saw the peoples reactions, which were louder than usual. She knew this would happen someday.

Their outbursts were always part of her repeated life, but this time it was especially excessive.

She did not know that it was because of the second phantasm shock.

Originally, they were the ones who died first when the end began.

Of course, there were some who survived terribly among them. But even those people did not last more than two or three years at most. It was the same for Kwon Jia.

She hated getting involved in unnecessary things and headed straight to the office.

What she had to worry about right now was not that.

What should I do with this?

Kwon Jia felt the touch of the silver coin in her right hand and sank into thought. 

She originally went to faraway Greece to get this, but Yu-hyun said she shouldnt do that.

Yu-hyun was not someone who would say that without a reason. 

Kwon Jia trusted him already, so she guessed that there must be some reason.

But who could have imagined that she would get this coin by accident?

[Ancient Drachma Silver Coin]

This coin, which looked ordinary and had no use other than displaying it somewhere for ornamental purposes, was the most essential item to restore Kwon Jias memory.

I was going to give up on it, but I suddenly got it. What kind of joke is this fate?

Speaking of fates joke, she remembered the time when she had a drinking contest with Yu-hyun.

She said then. 

For a few special people, the flow of the world itself revolves around them. Kwon Jia thought this was also an extension of that.

She thought. Then is fate now forcing her to regain her memory?

Kwon Jia put the drachma silver coin in her pocket. 

She had already gotten it anyway, so it was too much to throw it away like this.

It would be a lie if she said she had no hesitation.

She decided to keep it for now and use it later or consult with Yu-hyun. 

It wouldnt be bad.

Im back.

Normally, Yu-hyun would greet her here with a smile and say Welcome back. But there was no answer to Kwon Jias words.

What? Are they all out somewhere?

Seo Su-min was a student at the academy, so he might have gone to school, but it was unexpected that Yu-hyun and Kang Hye-rim were also gone.

Then, belatedly hearing her voice from the stairs, there was a thumping sound and someone came down hastily.

Representative Baek Seo-ryeon?

Oh, Ms. Jia. Youre here! Im sorry. I couldnt come out to greet you because I had something to do.

No, thats not important right now. Whats going on? Its quiet today. Where are Yu-hyun and Hye-rim?

Well, thats

Kwon Jia couldnt help but open her eyes wide when she heard Baek Seo-ryeons answer.

Are you saying theyre in the hospital right now?



The fact that Kang Yu-hyun and Kang Hye-rim were in the hospital did not mean that they were injured and taken away.

When Kwon Jia arrived at the hospital room in a hurry, what she saw was Kang Yu-hyun and Kang Hye-rim sitting quietly around the bed in the ward.

And Kang Yu-ra, who was sleeping as if dead.

What is this

Oh, Ms. Jia. Youre here? Im sorry. I couldnt come out because I had something to do.

No, thats not important right now. Whats going on here?

She also had a sense of the situation, so her voice was more careful than usual. Yu-hyun did not answer. 

Instead, Baek Seo-ryeon, who had guided Kwon Jia here, explained.

There was a protest at the academy.

A protest?

Yes. A religious group that has been on the rise lately held a picket against the students at the academy. Their words were obvious. Collectors are heretics who oppose Gods will, and the academy that trains collectors is a demons den, so they should close it down as soon as possible.

The protesters broke through the front gate and pushed into the academy grounds. 

The security guards came out late, but it was not easy to stop the people who were madly inflamed.

But then, it happened to overlap with the time when the students were going to school. As soon as the protesters saw the students, they spat out saliva and poured out abusive criticism, and the kids also got angry and fought back.

They shouted at each other with sticks, creating a situation that was like a ticking time bomb that could explode at any time.

Then, eventually, the dreaded thing happened.

The protesters moved first.

No. It wasnt the protesters.

Yu-hyun corrected Baek Seo-ryeons explanation.

It was terrorists.

Wait a minute. So they got hurt? Even so, the students are prospective collectors, so they shouldnt get hurt by ordinary people.

Kwon Jia did not understand what he said. No matter how young the students were, they were ultimately people who had been chosen by the system and awakened.

They could move in impossible ways with their bare bodies, and their sturdy physique did not get injured by ordinary things.

Unless they were collectors themselves, they could not hurt the collectors.

Unless they were collectors themselves, that is.

Could it be?

Yes. Thats exactly it, Jia.

Kwon Jia wished that this was just her uneasy thought. But this cruel reality was not so easy.

Are you saying that among the protesters, there were awakened ones mixed in?

Thats what they say. They caught a suspect at the scene, and they suspect hes an awakened one. Yura got hurt because of him.

Yu-hyun looked down at Yura, who had fallen asleep, with a calm and settled gaze.

The original target of the violence committed by the suspect was not Yura, but another classmate. But when they were in danger, Yura stepped in to save them.

She said she wanted to protect her friends and got hurt instead.

Kang Yura was another Yu-hyun who had not experienced the end of the world. 

She was still tender and weak in her heart. 

Even if the opponent attacked her, she focused more on protecting people than on taking them down.

And this was the result.

Yu-hyun did not blame Kang Yura. 

She had made the right choice. 

That fact did not change.

Yura did nothing wrong. The ones who did wrong are clearly others. The ugly and twisted humans.

The people in the hospital room felt a chill down their spine at the bleakness in his voice.

Kwon Jia, Kang Hyerim, and Baek Seoryeon.

They saw it for the first time that day.

What Yu-hyun looked like when he was truly angry.


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