The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 241

Chapter 241

A fist as big as a house filled my vision.

I quickly flew back to dodge it.

It didn’t even graze me, let alone hit me. But I felt a sting on my skin from the force that flowed through the air.Caraculiambro’s fist was that huge and powerful.

And he had four arms that shot out fists at an incredible speed.

As I dodged one fist, I saw in my eyes a barrage of countless fists flying towards me, leaving behind trails of afterimages.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground where the fist landed shattered into pieces.

The earth shook and cracked, and spiderweb-like fissures spread in all directions, scattering debris everywhere. Clouds of dust rose up, and the shockwaves from the fists blew them away.

The process repeated itself.

Even if dozens of giants threw rocks at the same time, it wouldn’t be like this.

It was no different from a concentrated meteor shower in a narrow area.

Caraculiambro was a monster that could cause a natural disaster by himself.

“He survived that?”

The dust cleared and revealed the scene. I stood up with my shield in hand.

In the storm of force that should have pulverized any human’s body without leaving a trace, that human had only some slight tears in his clothes, but he was unscathed.

“Phew. That was close. I almost died.”

However, contrary to his appearance, my condition was not that good.

If it wasn’t for the enhanced defense of Baekryeon that rose with my Divine Spirit, and if I didn’t wrap myself with the story of the Untrained Knight and engrave its mark on my body.

I would have been the one to fall.

[Are you okay?]

‘Not at all.’

I answered Baekryeon and threw off the clothes I was wearing.

The travel clothes I wore as Sancho were nothing but rags now, so there was no need to keep wearing them.

“Not bad, human. To survive in that attack.”

I didn’t answer.

Instead, I turned Baekryeon back into a sword shape and held it in my left hand, and held Baekryeonk in my right hand.

Caraculiambro met my eyes that didn’t lose their will and smiled with his yellow teeth.

“Not bad indeed.”

Caraculiambro winked at the giants behind him.

The giants moved busily and surrounded me.

“I don’t intend to fight you fair and square.”

It was already a tough task to fight Caraculiambro alone. But with his subordinate giants added to the mix, the situation reached the brink of despair.

‘The knight is…’

My eyes looked over Caraculiambro’s shoulder, at the spire high above.

There, a fierce battle was taking place between Don Quixote on Rocinante and the Grand Mage Preston.

The knight’s eyes that dodged and broke the magic and charged towards the mage had no sign of giving up.

Seeing that, I pointed my left sword at Caraculiambro.

Sigh. Phew.

I took a breath and smiled provocatively.

“Bring it on.”


A vein popped up on Caraculiambro’s head.

“Fine. Then I’ll grant your wish. Hit him.”


At Caraculiambro’s command, the giants surrounding me roared and rushed at me.

The sight of giants over 10m tall running at me in a group was like a tidal wave of flesh.

I lowered my posture and steadied my breath as I pulled up my text.

Black letters floated above my body and completed a mask on my face.

A black devil-shaped mask with horns. Above it, a pair of red eyes glowed.

‘The giants are coming from all directions: front, back, left, and right. There is no space to escape.’

If I simply collided with them head-on, I would be pushed back. They had enough numbers to crush me flat.

‘So, before they surround me, I’ll strike first.’

I moved.

I kicked off the ground and ran towards the first giant that came at me.

The distance between us narrowed in an instant.

My left hand thrust forward.

The white blade of Baekryeon emitted light and left behind a faint afterimage as it disappeared.

When it returned to its original shape, the upper half of the giant facing me was sliced apart and scattered.

Through the falling giant’s corpse, I saw fear in the eyes of the giant following behind.

In his large pupil, there was a devil with black energy covering his whole body and red eyes shining.

‘Focus. Focus.’

I calmed my mind as I saw that.

The energy of Seven Demons Black Sky Divine Skill that I could now fully control was like a wild beast that ran rampant.

To handle it perfectly, I needed extreme concentration.

I poured the black energy into Baekryeon in my right hand.

I compressed the energy at the tip of the harpoon.

Until the limit, until the weapon trembled hard.

As the harpoon’s head that was white turned black and the second wave of giants approached.

‘I release it.’


A dark purple energy burst out along the blade of the Baekryeon Bone Spear.

Countless thin lines sprayed out in a fan shape.

The energy compressed to the limit easily pierced through the giant’s huge body, and even went through the giant behind it. After the energy passed, the giants in front of Yu-hyun were all scattered like pieces.


Yu-hyun laughed with joy.

The energy that had not been properly handled until now, showed its true power for the first time at this moment.

A giant from behind swung down a sword at Yu-hyun.

He dodged it slightly and stepped on the sword stuck on the ground, then stabbed a harpoon into its head.

Another giant sword flew towards Yu-hyun.

Yu-hyun jumped into the air.

He saw another giant cutting off the head of the giant he had just been standing on.

Yu-hyun, who rose into the air, swung the Baekryeon like a whip.

The Baekryeon, wriggling like a snake, turned into a four-sided sword and cut off the heads of all the giants within reach.

In an instant, about 10 giants lost their heads and fell to the ground.

He should have rested by now, but as soon as he landed, countless spears fell from the sky.

They were spears used by giants, no different from iron pillars.

They were more like blunt weapons than piercing ones.

Yu-hyun lowered his body and ran sideways.

Spears continued to fly after him and stuck to the ground.

As the energy of the Seven Demons Black Sky Divine Skills wrapped around his body reached its peak, Yu-hyun accelerated and flew like a meteor, hitting the rear of the giants who were throwing spears from afar.


“H-how did he?”

He’s already here?

He didn’t wait for them to finish and cut off their heads with the Baekryeon turned into a sword, then pierced their hearts with the Baekryeon Bone Spear.

Blood and flesh splashed along with the screams of the giants.

Leaving behind the corpses of the fallen giants, Yu-hyun moved without stopping.

His movements became sharper and more precise than before. He cut off all the branches and removed all the excesses, revealing the most optimal movements between his actions.


The moment he reached the extreme situation, his body began to remember on its own.

How many lines of death he had crossed in the past, and how strong he had become in them.

He had done it before in Moby Dick, but Yu-hyun was able to recall it again at this moment.

‘This is it.’

The countless crises that choked his breath.

The blazing danger that did not allow a moment of carelessness.

The relentless attacks of the giants.

‘This hell is what makes me truly strong.’

A giant’s club bounced him off from his left. He barely blocked it with the Baekryeon, but he couldn’t release his power properly and his insides shook slightly.

Still, Yu-hyun got up from his spot.

He didn’t fall. He couldn’t fall.

‘Don’t stop.’

Every minute and second of living and breathing in hell.

Every step he took.

The trajectory of his swinging weapon.

They melted into his body and made him stronger.

‘More. More. More.’

More crises.

More battles.

The moment he overcame them and moved on, his level would rise higher than before.

“Ugh, ugh!”

“He’s a monster!”

They fought and fought, but those who died were still their fellow giants.

At some point, the giants couldn’t approach Yu-hyun and only glared at him from a distance.

They were overwhelmed by Yu-hyun’s momentum. They even felt fear at his sight of slaughtering their kin without getting tired.

It felt like their muscles would be cut and their bones would break if they just got close to him.

The giants, who could be called creatures of nightmare, were ironically backing away from Yu-hyun, who was several times smaller than them.

“You stupid bastards! What are you doing! He’s alone! Push him with numbers!”

Caraculiambro shouted at that frustrating sight.

He didn’t just talk, but pushed away the giants himself and ran towards Yu-hyun as if he would finish him off himself.

Seeing their king take the lead, the giants regained their courage.

The giants who followed Caraculiambro roared again.

“Kill him!”

Caraculiambro threw a punch.

At the same time, Yu-hyun’s thrust unfolded.

As soon as their fist and harpoon collided, a dazzling flash burst out and a huge shock engulfed everything around them.

The air was pushed out in a dome shape by the shock wave, and then wind rushed back into the vacuumed space, forming a whirlwind for a moment.

Caraculiambro frowned at the stinging pain he felt in his fist.

There was a scar on his fist.

Surely, his power wasn’t this much until a while ago.

Could it be, he became stronger during the fight?

“How dare you!”

Caraculiambros clenched his fists with his two arms and slammed them down.


The ground within a radius of 100m from Caraculiambros cracked like a spider web, and the unstable terrain sank or erupted.

A cloud of dust soared high.

In the scene that looked like a large bomb had dropped, Yu-hyun was no longer there.

Caraculiambros’s pupils chased after Yu-hyun’s traces. A red line drawn in the air. It was clear that it was the trajectory of Yu-hyun’s movement.

‘Where is he? Where is he!’

If he only followed the traces, finding Yu-hyun would not be a problem.

However, as he rolled his eyes quickly and chased after the red afterimage, Caraculiambros felt something strange.

Caraculiambros realized too late that his surroundings were full of red lines.

‘When did he do this?’

He couldn’t see the end of the traces.

He became stronger after putting on the mask. No, he was getting faster and faster since then.

Now he couldn’t even see Yu-hyun’s traces, but Caraculiambros could feel it.

He was roaming around at a tremendous speed, looking for his gaps.


Caraculiambros frowned at the wound engraved on his cheek. If he hadn’t seen it and reflexively turned his head, a huge wound would have crossed his entire face.

“Lord Prieston!”

It would be disadvantageous to fight like this.

Caraculiambros, who made that judgment, pulled back his body and shouted the name of the mage Prieston. At that moment, lightning fell from the sky and swept through the surrounding area.

‘This is bad.’

Yu-hyun realized that the power of the lightning was extraordinary and retreated. Caraculiambros shouted with a flushed face.

“Lord Prieston! You came to help!”

“Shut up. Caraculiambros.”

Prieston, who slowly descended from the air, looked fine even though he had fought fiercely with Don Quixote.

‘No, he’s not fine.’

Prieston was also quite exhausted. His robe was stained with traces of being cut, and even blood was flowing from his shoulder.

‘What about the knight?’

As Yu-hyun hurriedly looked for Don Quixote, a white flash followed Prieston’s back and flew into the air and stood next to Yu-hyun.

It was Don Quixote riding Rocinante. His condition was not very good either. His armor was so damaged that it was hard to find a clean spot, and his breathing was quite fast.

“Sancho. Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m still bearable, but how about you, sir?”

“Huh. This is nothing to me, the great knight Don Quixote. I am also the one who will defeat those wicked mage and giant. And to save my beautiful and mysterious woman, Dulcinea, who is suffering in that spire…”

“Can’t you just say it short?”

“Are you talking nonsense because it’s almost over?”

“If I wanted to talk nonsense, I would have done it sooner. You know that, right?”

“I’m sorry.”

Rocinante, who heard their pointless conversation, rolled his eyes and snorted softly.

“I see. Rocinante also tells us to focus on the enemy in front of us.”

“We don’t have much left. We just have to knock down those two monsters.”

“That’s right.”

“So let’s go. To end this adventure.”

Although it was an adventure they didn’t want to end.

At least at this moment, fighting with this man was an undeniable truth.

Even if in the distant future this memory becomes one of the memories,

I won’t forget it.

Don Quixote wrapped in a white light and Yu-hyun surrounded by black energy ran toward the giant and the mage.


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