The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 238

Chapter 238

As soon as the sun rose the next day, the two of them woke up from their sleep and prepared to move again.

The Divine Spirits seemed to be amused by the fact that Yu-hyun was annoyed last night, and they giggled and laughed as soon as he woke up.

How often would this man be so miserable in the future?

By then, the Divine Spirits became more curious.

What would be the fate of that phantom who made even the kind Kang Yu-hyun Teller lose his temper?

Where was the end of the knight’s path that he wanted to follow, and the end of the story that this realm of ideas would face?

Before long, the Divine Spirits began to have some expectations for this hopeless knight.

‘It’s not a bad reaction.’

Why did he feel that he would be more tired by this? Was it just an illusion caused by worry?

“Come on! Rocinante, Sancho. Let’s move. Adventure awaits us!”

“Yes. I understand, so don’t rush me.”

He wondered what would happen next.

It was Yu-hyun’s first time to spend a day without any trouble.

The other collectors were bounced out of the realm of ideas without even lasting a day, so no one knew what would happen next.

Yu-hyun decided to enjoy the beautiful scenery around him as he walked slowly.


He suddenly asked as if he remembered something.

“Sir Knight.”

“What is it? Sancho.”

“What are you going to do when you finish this adventure?”

Yu-hyun was curious about that. Whether Princess Dulcinea existed or not, he doubted that Don Quixote would ever end his adventure.

For some reason, this gentleman seemed like someone who would wander around the realm until he died, and it didn’t seem strange to think so.

Don Quixote asked back as if it was a weird question.

“Sancho. You are talking nonsense. How can there be only one adventure in this vast realm?”

“Are you not going back to your hometown?”

Yu-hyun mentioned Don Quixote’s hometown ‘El Toboso’ village.

The village where he felt suffocated in the novel, dreamed of adventure, and escaped right away.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going back there.”

“Why not?”

“Because I still have many missions and duties to fulfill. Oh, of course I don’t mean to say that I hate my hometown. Rather, I can say that my hometown El Toboso is the most beautiful village.”

Don Quixote boasted about the scenery of El Toboso from atop Rocinante. From that alone, Yu-hyun realized that he didn’t hate his hometown.

“By now, the grass there must always be green and fresh. The trees that grew everywhere had deep roots in the ground and were more sturdy and beautiful than anything else. If you leaned against their shade leisurely, it felt like your mother was holding you in her arms.”

“It sounds very cozy.”

“The stream that flowed between the trees and rocks never dried up. Whenever you were thirsty, anyone could freely drink from its water. The villagers were so friendly too. They always waved at me when they saw me. The lovely maiden next door, the lady at the bakery, they all fell for my splendid appearance. Their laughter still sounds clear in my ears when I close my eyes.”

Don Quixote hastily added to his words.

“Sancho. Of course, I only have Miss Dulcinea in my heart. Don’t misunderstand.”

“Oh, of course.”

“Anyway, the wind always blew high and cool in my hometown El Toboso. Sometimes it blew low, but then it was so warm that it comforted even my tired mind. The animals sometimes ran around on the yard peacefully, and the birds always sang without stopping. The children chased after those birds and played hard.”

“I see.”

When he said that, Yu-hyun thought it was surprising.

Wasn’t his hometown a place that Don Quixote hated so much that he would rather die than go back?

But from his words, it seemed that he was more proud of his hometown than anything else.

Even just listening to him, the scenery unfolded vividly in front of his eyes, as he described it in such detail.

And above all, the look on Don Quixote’s face as he talked about his hometown.

It was as if he was facing something he had dreamed of, filled with such longing.

“Sir Knight. Don’t you really want to go back?”

Even though he had such a wistful expression?

Don Quixote answered firmly.

“Yes. Sancho.”

“What will you do if you complete all your missions?”

“You have a strange obsession with some things. Hmm. But if I really complete all my missions and duties, and save my beloved Dulcinea and finally fulfill the purpose of my life.”

Then. Maybe then.

He might return to his dear hometown.

Don Quixote said that.

Yu-hyun was about to say something as he looked at him, but Don Quixote cut him off.

“But for now, we have something to do, so don’t worry about that. The important thing now is to rescue the princess who is in danger from the evil wizard Freston.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Sancho. You are a farmer, but you know that someday you will become a knight after me. You will naturally understand what I mean as time goes by.”

The two of them focused on walking after that.

Thud thud thud thud!

Far away, beyond the hill, a cloud of dust rose up with countless cries.

Yu-hyun felt uneasy at the sight.

Of course, the source of his uneasiness was not the dust cloud in front of him, but the unpredictable knight next to him.

His anxiety became reality.

“Sancho! Look there! There are soldiers and knights with shields from the enemy country trying to stop us!”

“I don’t see anything. It’s just a dust cloud.”

“That’s why they are sure to be enemies. They dare to interfere with me. They are not to be underestimated. But don’t worry. I, the great Don Quixote, can defeat anyone no matter who they are!”


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“Sir Knight. Let’s at least check who they are first.”

Yu-hyun and Don Quixote were able to see the scenery beyond the hill only after they climbed up.

The cause of the dust cloud was none other than a countless flock of sheep.

The cries of the sheep were so far away that they sounded like soldiers’ shouts.

Yu-hyun looked at Don Quixote as if to say look at this, but this old knight did not budge from his stubbornness even after seeing the sheep.

“Sancho! Look there! Those countless soldiers and knights with shields!”


“They might try to deceive me with their illusions, but they have no chance! They cannot fool my eyes with their dust clouds, or stop me with their woolen disguises! Come on, Rocinante!”

“Sir? Sir!”

Yu-hyun was at a loss as he watched Don Quixote suddenly jump up and run out.

But his moment of hesitation was brief.

He had decided to follow Don Quixote no matter what he did.

‘I’ve come this far, I might as well go all the way.’

Yu-hyun quickly chased after Don Quixote.

Don Quixote had already mounted Rocinante and was approaching the flock of sheep, thrusting his lance at them.

“Servants of the wicked sorcerer! Soldiers of the evil empire! Receive the judgment of Don Quixote!”


Sheep were bleeding and dying one by one.

To anyone who saw it, it looked like nothing but a senile old man abusing animals.

“Oh, no, what are you doing!”

“Someone stop that crazy old man! You there! You’re his companion, right? Our sheep will all die at this rate!”

The shepherds who were leading the flock shouted at Yu-hyun.

From their perspective, Don Quixote was nothing more than a bully who tormented the weak.

Yu-hyun desperately tried to ignore the absurdity of the situation and made his choice.


He transformed Baekryeon into a sword and charged into the flock of sheep.

“Kneel before the knight!”

He had no hesitation since he had already chosen to follow him.

Yu-hyun swiftly cut off the neck of a sheep in front of him.

The Divine Spirits were also surprised by his actions, as if they didn’t expect him to go this far.

How many sheep did the two men kill in a while?

Suddenly, something strange happened.

Baaah. Eeeeh. Aaaah!!

The cries of the sheep gradually turned into human screams.

And the corpses of the sheep that fell before Yu-hyun’s eyes were actually people wearing woolen coats.

Was it because their true identities were exposed? The soldiers in sheep’s clothing got up one by one and drew their weapons.

[The Divine Spirits are shocked to find out that the sheep were really soldiers.]

[Most of the Divine Spirits start to see Don Quixote differently.]

“Look! Sancho! These are the evil minions who oppress the weak! Do not spare any of them and strike them all down!”

Don Quixote shouted and Yu-hyun nodded, swinging his sword. The soldiers were strong, but not enough to stop these two men who had gained momentum.

Don Quixote on Rocinante was like a raging storm, piercing several enemies at once with his lance.

He was almost like a natural disaster.

Yu-hyun was not inferior to him either.

His weapon that changed freely confused the enemy soldiers and his physical abilities were far beyond theirs.

More than a hundred soldiers fell to their swords in an instant.

“Oh, no! Let’s run away!”

“Save meee!!”

The terrified soldiers threw away their weapons and woolen coats and ran away in panic.

The commanders who had led the flock were already cold corpses.

The fallen illusions turned into text and scattered.

The Divine Spirits looked at Don Quixote with awe in their eyes.

It all came true as he said.

Everything that everyone had dismissed as delusions became reality.

‘As I expected.’

Yu-hyun smiled inwardly.

Not going against Don Quixote’s will, and believing his words.

This was the key to clearing this realmview.

It was a strange feeling, as if he was under a spell.

“Sancho. You fought well.”

Don Quixote approached Yu-hyun, riding his horse Rocinante, and asked.

“Are you tired?”

“Of course not.”

Yu-hyun shook his head with a smile.

Don Quixote, who noticed that he was not bluffing, also laughed heartily.

“Good! Then, let’s move on. A noble knight does not get weary here.”

“I’m a squire, though.”

“A fine squire, indeed. And also one who has the potential to become a noble knight. Don’t underestimate yourself, Sancho.

Everyone has greatness within them.

Those who haven’t yet are just ones who haven’t discovered their greatness.”

Don Quixote said that and reached out his hand to Yu-hyun.

“I think you have already awakened your potential perfectly.”

Yu-hyun took his hand.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“Good. Well, there’s no time to dawdle. Let’s go.”


His steed Rocinante also seemed to look forward to the adventure ahead and neighed vigorously.

As he watched Don Quixote’s back as he went ahead, he suddenly remembered the old days and felt something hot rise up from somewhere in his chest.

He also dreamed of having such an exciting and cool adventure someday when he became a collector when he was young.

Adventure and fight.

The crisis that came at him and the hot passion that overcame it.

He thought that all those things were just fleeting dreams that had scattered and were no longer left.

But now, at this moment, he didn’t expect his heart to beat again like this.

Don Quixote turned his head and looked back at Yu-hyun.

“Sancho. What are you doing? Come on.”



“Rocinante says he’s ready too.”

The two men and one beast resumed their adventure.


A frozen planet.

The huge realm that named itself Cocytuswas coiled by a snake that twisted its tail.

The symbol of corruption, deception, and anger.

The existence of the black snake with three heads was the incarnation of evil that was shunned even in the far universe.

Satan, or Lucifer, the snake sat quietly and watched a teller’s painting.

Sometimes he laughed as if it was fun, sometimes he empathized with his emotions, and sometimes he cheered for his adventure.

This tiny being was always hopeful and made his own by overcoming the crisis.

And as his level became refined and higher, Satan began to feel confident in his faint hypothesis.

“You’re watching something interesting.”

At that moment, a voice came from the space above his head.

The three heads looked up at the same time. Rumble.

His body moved slightly, but the frozen ground cracked and the sky tore.

The frozen atmosphere shattered and dropped countless fragments.

They were huge chunks of ice, some as big as several kilometers.

The three pairs of eyes of Satan narrowed as he recognized his opponent.

[Why are you here? I’m busy right now, so if you’re going to be annoying, I’d rather you just leave.]

“Come on. Don’t you think that’s a bit too much for fellow lords? How many people would bother to visit you, the universal loner? Practically just me. So you should be grateful.”

[Then tell me why you came. Mephisto.]


His real name was Mephistopheles, a demon who once made a bet with Eden to corrupt a human named Faust.

He was one of the seven lords of the Great Legion Pandemonium, and the successor of Satan’s seat of pride, who had held two seats of wrath and pride.

His alias as a Divine Spirit was [The Demon Who Praises Love and Philosophy].

However, even though he belonged to the same Pandemonium, he was not someone that Satan liked very much. Satan had never gotten along with anyone in the same Great Legion.

Mephisto was the only one who approached Satan as he pleased.

“I’m curious about something. I heard that you have an interest in a certain teller lately.”

[It’s common for Divine Spirits to have fun with someone they’re interested in.]

“But it’s strange that it’s a teller. Especially when that teller fights like the humans of other lower realms.”

Mephisto descended slowly from the sky in the form of an avatar, not his true self.

He wore a costume that suited a medieval nobleman, and had a stylish beard on his middle-aged face.

He smiled slyly at the giant snake that filled his sight.

“But what’s surprising is that you’ve been watching the teller recruitment ceremony of Celestial Corporation without fail. As if you were looking for something.”

And Mephistopheles was also the only one who knew about Satan’s past deeds.

“And then suddenly you stopped going there. And at the same time, something strange happened. A teller from a lower realm called Earth started to gain fame. The very teller that you’re watching.”

[So, what are you trying to say? Mephisto.]

“What did you see there? What did you see in that teller? Was that teller the one you’ve been looking for?”

[I don’t know what you’re talking about.]

“Oh, come on Satan. Or should I say Lucifer. My old comrade. You can’t fool my eyes. I can tell that you’re seeing something from that teller named Kang Yu-hyun that others don’t know.”

Satan did not answer.

Instead, he glared at Mephisto with killing intent in his eyes.

It was a warning not to babble any more.

The other Divine Spirits of Pandemonium who were secretly watching from nearby scattered in fear at the pressure of his disregard.

Mephisto shrugged his shoulders, not expecting an answer anyway.

“Don’t forget, comrade. We don’t have the right to refuse our given roles.”

With those words, Mephisto left Cocytus.

Satan lay down on the frozen planet again, pondering over Mephisto’s words.

[I’ll find out soon enough.]

He muttered that to himself, not to anyone else.


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