Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 200

Chapter 200 - Black Seed (8)

A huge fortress blocked the narrow canyon.

The tall walls were equipped with all kinds of magical cannons. There was even a moat.

It was hard to believe it had been built in a short period of time due to its perfection.


If everything had followed the normal scenario, I would have attacked this fortress along with Asynis' advance.

But things got complicated.

<Heh, it's well fortified.>

A sparrow chirped at my feet.

<Frontal attack is difficult.>
"I know."

There were guards stationed all along the wall.

Forces meant solely to stop me. It was flattering, really.

'The mission objective is...'

I glanced to the side of my field of vision.

[Floor 44.]

[Mission Type - Siege]

[Objective - Break the siege of the fortress!]

The mission objective that had disappeared returned.

As the sparrow said, it hadn't completely deviated yet.

To some extent, it still followed the rules of the game.

The problem was the disappearance of reinforcements.

'Solo infiltration?'

The last key was hidden deep within the underground of the floating island.

I searched for a way to infiltrate from the cave we were in, but couldn't find one.

Well, if there was an entrance like that, there would be no need to build this fortress, nor for the detachment to prepare for war. The only real entrance to the underground temple was beyond the canyon blocked by the fortress.

I re-evaluated the current situation.

One hero, just me. And a useless sparrow.

I left Pria in the cave. I thought about bringing her, but it would be too inefficient to protect her while I fight. I plan to wreak havoc.

The enemy force consists of a boss-level individual and hundreds to thousands of lackeys.

They were holed up inside the fortress, wasting time.


Thinking about it again is stressful.

If only there were an item that would allow me to call companions like in previous missions.

It's likely non-existent, if the enemy has played tricks on the mission.

I'll probably have to proceed alone through this section.

'Well, strictly speaking, I'm not alone.'

There was a chatty sparrow by my side.

I snapped my fingers.

[Han (★★★★) requests Emergency Recovery Potion. Acquiring it will grant the hero Emergency Recovery Potion immediately. 500 gems will be consumed, and it can only be purchased once in this mission. Do you want to buy it?]

[Yes / No]

In Anything's operation window, a purchase message appeared along with a bottle of red potion. It was an emergency recovery potion sold in the battle store.

Of course, there's a penalty.

It can only be purchased once per battle, and despite its low efficiency, the price is quite high.

A total of 500 gems. The amount needed for a paid gacha roll.

[Yes (Select) / No]

[Emergency Recovery Potion has been granted to Han (★★★★)!]


A light shone over my head, and a red potion dropped.

I caught the potion and stored it in my belt pouch.

In the end, Anything bought the item no one buys, this expensive item.

After logging into the game and understanding the situation, Anything didn't report to the office or write a post on the forum.

He just sent me an email to my account.

I contacted Iselle through the sparrow and then sent a reply saying it would be good to observe the situation a bit more.

'If I die, then report it. This time, I'll manage on my own.'

One week.

That was the time that had passed since the detachment was annihilated until now.

I had been here quite a while. I was busy training.

Tricks don't work.

During that time, I consulted with Pria and the sparrow, and also ran several simulations.

I came to the conclusion that none of the methods, like infiltrating disguised as a soldier or hiding in a supply cart, would work.


Therefore, there was only one way.

<Are you going out?>

I nodded.

One week was enough time to postpone.

More time would be dangerous.

'It won't take long.'

Or I'll die.

Or the mission will end.

It's one or the other.

"Let's go."

I dashed out of the bushes.

Then, I walked towards the huge reinforced steel gate.

If infiltration is impossible, there's no need to hide.


Someone shouted from atop the wall.

I looked up. An officer in armor was looking down at me.

"Are you Han? I have a message from Lady Persephone."

I kicked a stone at my feet.

Then, I caught it with my right hand.

"Her Ladyship offers one last chance. Join us in the glorious liberation...!"


The stone I threw pierced the officer's helmet and shattered his skull.

Having surpassed human limits long ago, my stone throw was practically like a projectile.

"This bastard... prepare to attack!"

A man who seemed to be the sergeant drew his sword.

Dozens of archers lined up drew their bows. The mouths of the magical cannons turned towards me.

<They're coming.>

"You'll see."

In hindsight, it's infinitely stupid.

A shameful calling strategy.

But... what am I supposed to do without options?


Bang bang bang bang!

Hundreds of arrows flew towards me simultaneously.



The cannons fired.

"Let's begin."

<Hahaha, this is the first time I've felt like this since I was with the Emperor!>

At the same time, the sparrow spread its wings.

Crackle. A crimson lightning sprouted from the sparrow's beak and lodged into my left arm.

<Don't worry. I won't take it away from you this time.>

"I know."

I extended my left hand.

[Unique Skill, Black Dragon Scale, activated!]


Scales sprouted on my left arm.

Right after, arrows and cannon bullets rained down on me.

[This hero is immune to physical damage!]

[This hero is immune to physical damage!]

[This hero is immune to physical damage...]

"What's that?! Fire anyway! Reduce him to dust!"


[Han (★★★★) has entered Exceed state!]


The feeling of my bones shifting had become familiar.

I took a light step. The view of the castle gate, tens of meters away, rapidly expanded.

<Hehe, how does it feel? Don't you feel a sense of omnipotence merging with me?>



I neutralized all the magical bombardment coming towards me.

Even after a second, the scales didn't disappear.

After a week of training risking my life, I managed to reach level 2 of the Black Dragon Blood.

<Don't use it too forcefully! That power is too much for you!>

"Shut up already."

Dragon scales sprouted from my left arm to my shoulder and part of my chest.


[Advanced Engravings carry risks!]

[Excessive use may result in the hero's death!]

A warning message appeared on Anything's screen.

Anything closed the window immediately and enlarged the game screen.



I drew my sword.

The large steel gate was right in front of me.

So far, 5 seconds since activating Black Dragon Scale.

'Up to a maximum of 10 seconds.'

I adjusted the grip of my sword with my left hand and then took a step forward with all my strength.

[Combined skill, Supreme Dragon Slash, activated!]


As if it had been bombarded, a huge crack appeared in the front of the gate.

"What are they doing?!"

[Combined skill, Supreme Dragon Slash, activated!]

[Combined skill, Supreme Dragon Slash, activated!]


After the third Supreme Dragon Slash, the sword could no longer hold and disintegrated into dust.

I extended my left hand towards the officer on the wall.

[Unique skill, Suction, activated!]

A crimson lightning sprang from my left hand, and the sword the man held flew towards me.


A second skill obtained upon reaching level 2 of Black Dragon Blood.

A skill that can only be used while Black Dragon Scale is active. Although I couldn't use it on people yet, attracting objects wasn't difficult.

[Combined skill, Supreme Dragon Slash, activated!]

[Combined skill, Supreme Dragon Slash, activated!]


The fifth Supreme Dragon Slash.

A large hole opened in the front of the steel gate.

I threw the shredded sword away.

So far, 10 seconds.

At that moment, the scales that had sprouted up to my left chest disappeared.

[Skill awakening!]

[Han (★★★★) has acquired the special skill Supreme Dragon Slash in Chain!]

I didn't intend to climb the wall from the beginning.

The enemies probably expected me to climb the wall, as hundreds of them were crowded there.

I passed through the remains of the shattered gate and entered the fortress.

<It won't last long.>

"I know."

My heart rate intensified.

Despite all the training, maintaining the Exceed state was a great burden.

'As fast as possible.'

I launched a quick strike.

With a sound like fireworks bursting, the body of a soldier who stared at me open-mouthed disintegrated.

I picked up the sword that fell to the ground.

"This lunatic!"

"Did you come to find a place to die?"

[Order Soldier Level 25] X 153

[Order Knight Level 31] X 15

Inside the fortress, troops gathered like a swarm of ants.

This was also within the expected range.

'Where is it?'

Somewhere in here, there's an entrance to the underground.


[Do you want to summon tactical tools?]

[Usage in combat situations is time-limited, and increases according to the level of the tactical headquarters.]

[Yes (Select) / No]

A red arrow appeared in the sky.

The arrow pointed to the left corner of the fortress.


The target was clear.

I took a potion from my bag and drank it in one gulp, then threw the bottle away.

[Order Soldier Level 25] X 313

[Order Knight Level 31] X 21


The troops continued to flow endlessly.

More than double, no, more than triple the number shown in the status window.

Order troops kept appearing from all parts of the fortress.

'A suicidal act?'

That's right.

This was a special attack.

I would never have chosen it under normal circumstances.

Because the survival rate is extremely low.


I have no other choice.

I just have to fight with everything I have.

"Kill him!"

With a shout, they lunged at me.

I cut one down and then leaped from the ground, jumping several meters to land on the wall. Soldiers were approaching in a line along the narrow path of the wall.


I swung my sword in a complete circle.

And then, I channeled a bubbling force throughout my body.


With a single blow, two or three at once.

Both armor and swords shattered into pieces.

The sword dulled every ten seconds.

If the sword broke, I'd snatch another.

If that one broke too, I'd use a spear or an axe.

"W-What...? What monster is that?! Archers, get ready! Concentrated fire!"

"But, our allies..."

"It's an order!"


I shuddered.

An arrow had struck me in the back.


Well, dozens of archers kept shooting.

I broke the arrow and pressed on, using a corpse as a shield as I advanced along the narrow path of the wall.

Papapapak! In an instant, dozens of arrows pierced the soldier's corpse, turning it into a porcupine.

'That's the entrance.'

There seemed to be a passage leading to a cave inside the fortress.

Barricades and obstacles were installed, and catapults and knights formed rows.

I clicked my tongue.

We can't afford any more delays.

I'm already reaching my limit with Exceed.


I frowned.


[High-Rank Heretic Executor]

[Noble Laskandar Level 53]

A knight stepped out in front of the barricade.

"I acknowledge your strength. But it seems you can't advance further. Surrender."

I hurled the corpse filled with hundreds of arrows.

I pulled out a large steel halberd from the pile of corpses.

"You're boasting. If you want to die, I won't stop you."

I smiled faintly and gripped the halberd firmly with both hands.

Then, I flexed my knees and hips.


I pushed off and ran forward.


The knight shouted loudly and drew his sword.

"I am Laskandar Izeral! As a high-ranking paladin dedicated to justice all my life, I will subdue you! Let us fight with honor!"

The knight adopted an elegant combat stance and ran towards me.


Suddenly, a sparrow jumped in front of the knight's eyes.

<This is a beak attack!>



The knight grabbed his nose struck by the beak.

Then, my halberd cut through the knight, armor and all.

"You're kidding."

I laughed amidst the raining blood.

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