Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 203

Chapter 203 - Don't Strike Even with Flowers (1)

Upon returning to the Lobby, I had to spend nearly two days bedridden.

If it had only been wounds from swords or arrows, it wouldn't have been a problem, but the side effects of Exceed couldn't be healed just by resting.

From the bed, I explained to Jenna, who was impatiently asking what had happened, about the recent events.

Suddenly, the mission changed, and I found myself alone, advancing to the 45th floor.

For more details, they could see through the Regeneration Stone. The conversation with the sparrow, including the empire's secrets, can be left as is. Only I could hear that voice.

Anyway, what happened on the 45th floor is not important.

As difficult as it may have been, the mission is already past.

What matters is the future.

"The mission on the 50th floor is almost decided."

There will be a great battle against the monsters.

To prepare for that, we need to increase the power of the Lobby.

Not only in quantity but also in quality. The members of Group 1, including myself, are not accustomed to combat techniques with engravings. We need to improve in this aspect to effectively face the bosses in future missions.

"Anything will have no choice but to intervene in that."

After returning from the 45th floor, a red warning icon with a notification appeared on the menu.


[The next main mission has a time limit.]

[If it is not completed within the specified period, the difficulty will increase significantly.]

The specified period refers to before the egg hatches.

Anything probably has a rough idea. If we don't hurry to conquer the 50th floor, it will be a headache. I couldn't help but worry when that warning window appeared every time he logged in.

Therefore, a state of emergency was declared throughout the Lobby.

"This is the current situation of the Lobby."

A few days later, in the mansion's office.

I took the paper that Nerissa handed me.

The progress of the 'Taonier Power Strengthening Plan' was detailed on the white paper.

"We have selected 100 low-rank heroes, and 5 high-rank heroes have joined. They are all receiving training from instructors at the Training Center. In the equipment factory..."

Nerissa narrated the report's contents calmly.

There wasn't much. Simply that they had summoned many heroes and produced a huge amount of equipment.

"It seems we will be able to deploy them on the front lines within a month at the latest."

"A month, huh."

The grace period will be longer than that.

I had estimated a two-month deadline as a red line.

"With this, we will have around 200 direct fighters, considering that the groups are more or less prepared."


"What do you think, do you think it will be possible?"

Nerissa frowned.

She had also seen the recordings of the 45th floor through the Regeneration Stone.

The recordings included the view of me and Priacis looking down at an army of thousands of monsters camped near the egg.

"If we had reinforcements or special items, maybe."

"There will be no reinforcements. Nor items."

"Then..." Nerissa didn't respond.

That meant it would be difficult.

"Do you think we should recruit more?"

"It will be difficult." Nerissa shook her head.

"With only the materials collected from the Daily Dungeons, there is a limit."

"I thought so." I tapped the desk with my index finger.

The total number of main and secondary combat personnel in the Lobby was about 100.

We had just recruited 100 more, making it a total of 200. But recruiting alone wasn't enough.

We had to feed them, equip them, train them, and maintain their morale.

"We can't do more."

The master's level was 45.

Only the Medium Daily Dungeons were available.

Since the amount that could be collected each day was limited, there was a limit only with the Daily Dungeons.

"We can't live on potatoes alone."

Anything was aware of the situation.

It's not just about blindly recruiting to become stronger.

Without proper support, it would be an futile effort.

"If we can't increase the quantity, how about improving the quality?"

"That's what we're doing."

Belkist had stepped down to be the daily instructor at the Training Center.

That morning, I dragged him almost forcefully from the personal training room where he was lounging.

He resisted stubbornly.

In the afternoon, Jenna would go, and in the evening, Edith.

To compensate for the rookies' lack of mission experience, we also prepared a large number of Regeneration Stones.

They would experience the recordings from floors 5 to 45.

And they would start leveling up from the first floor.

"One unusual thing is..."

Challenges from floors 41 to 44 cannot be repeated.

Even being sub-levels, they were locked.

Therefore, it was difficult for the rookies to level up beyond level 40.

That was also a problem.

"How's the progress on the aircraft?"

"At dawn yesterday, 'Lucette' was completed."

Nerissa unfolded the report on the table.

Capitalism Ho had been upgraded for combat, and the second airship, Lucette, was also finished. And at the bottom, there was a request from the mage in charge asking for a week off because he had worked overtime for more than ten days and was so sick that he felt he would die.

"Have them prepare the third airship."

I tore the report in two and threw it into the bin.

Nerissa coughed a couple of times and then said, "I'll communicate it."

"If that guy escapes..."

Nerissa took out a rope and handcuffs from her bag.

Good. She's well-prepared. I nodded satisfied.

"That's all I need to report to Anything."

I took a white paper from the drawer and dipped the pen in blue ink.

And I started writing a report to show Anything.

'The heroes are receiving training at the training center... Another airship has been completed... It would be best to start building the third airship right away...'

The report I wrote would appear on the game screen when Anything logged in.

As Siris did.

"I'm overwhelmed."

Normally, a break was granted after completing the boss stage, but this time there was no such thing.

I had to go straight into war mode. There was no time to breathe, not even to rest. Even while lying in bed with the side effects of Exceed, I was still attending to the Lobby's affairs.

In the morning, I received reports; in the afternoon, I wrote reports; in the evening, I relayed Anything's orders; and in the early morning, I trained.

My daily sleep time was about 3 hours.

It was a killer schedule.

"How much is left in the warehouse? We should have brought a ton of stuff as rewards from the last event."

Nerissa immediately handed over the details of the warehouse items.

I couldn't help but sigh.

There was almost nothing left. It seems that almost everything was used in the construction of the new airship.

"Building the third airship will be..."

"Difficult, isn't it?"

Not only were wood and metal lacking, but also key materials such as floating stones and blueprints.

These items were not obtained in the Daily Dungeons. They were rarely found in Exploration Dungeons or had to be acquired somewhere other than the Lobby.

'We'll need five of those.'

The airship was a useful combat tool and also a means of transportation for the heroes.

It was essential for mobilizing a large force.

"Should we cancel the construction order?"

"No, tell them to prepare. We'll get the materials somehow."

Nerissa looked at me doubtfully.

It wasn't surprising. There was no longer anywhere to get the materials from.

With Taonier's financial resources alone, we couldn't increase our forces any further.

'If this is all there is...'

Anything had studied quite a bit about Pick Me Up.

Even without my forced advice, he would find a solution himself.

I decided to wait until the night when he logged in.

At night...

[Welcome to Pick Me Up!]

[Load complete.]

[TOUCH! (Select)]

As if it were natural, Anything connected.

[Master, there is an unverified report. Do you wish to review it?]

[Sender - Han (★★★★)]

[Yes (Select) / No]

The report appeared on the control screen.

The night before, Anything had summoned a large number of heroes who were undergoing training, and the construction of the second airship had been successfully completed.


[Submaster Han (★★★★) has a recommendation.]

[It is recommended to build a new airship.]

Anything immediately entered the warehouse to check the items.

Of course, there were hardly any materials left. Anything closed the warehouse and stayed for a while on the main screen, seeming undecided about what to do.

"The old times were better."

I looked beside me.

Belkist, shirtless, was wielding a sword against a steel dummy.

"The old times?"

"I didn't know taking care of others would be so annoying. Back then, I only had to worry about myself."

"Don't you want to teach?"

"That's just talk."

Belkist pulled out a blue dagger and cut his forearm.

It was a special dagger coated with a paralyzing poison made by Nerissa.

Even paralyzed, Belkist continued wielding his sword.


An ability that turns altered states into strength.

This guy had also learned a combat style as brutal as mine.

"I don't really like fighting alongside others. I also hate pretending to be nice and getting attached to them."


The upper torso of the steel dummy was shattered.

It was superhuman strength.

"Whether hero or not, I hate complications. Either kill or be killed, there are only two options."

"You're a terrifying guy."

"Not something a Major should say."

Belkist threw the toothless steel sword.

Then he put on a robe and walked towards me.

"So, what's the deal? Even if I said let's fight, you're too busy to even pay attention to me. Have you changed your mind?"

I sat on a metal chair and crossed my legs.

We were in Belkist's personal training hall on the fourth floor.


I remained silent, and Belkist frowned.

"You won't tell me you came to play."

"And what if I did come to play?"

"What a joke."

Belkist snorted and drank water.

I looked up. It seemed like Anything had made a decision.

He was checking the help section in the menu.

At that moment, the door to the training room opened and someone entered.

"You called for me, big brother?"

"Eh?" Belkist widened his eyes.

Everyone was here.

I stood up from the chair and closed the door to the training room.

Jenna tilted her head curiously.

"Bel is here too. Are we gathering to reminisce about the old times?"

"It's not the time for that."

I chuckled.

"You guys know the situation, right?"

"If we're talking about the current situation... are you referring to the preparations for war?"

"That's right. The Master is summoning heroes, manufacturing weapons, and airships."

Even heroes who were unaware of the situation could tell that the atmosphere in the Lobby had changed.

"It has been mentioned that there will be a major battle on the 50th floor. That's why I'm perfecting my skills! Bel seems to be doing the same."

"But the thing is, we're short on resources."

"I thought we had increased them enough. Are you saying we need more?"

"Of course. We need to double them. Only then will it be worthwhile."

"Materials aren't plentiful in the Daily Dungeons. I don't understand what you mean..."

Jenna seemed deeply pensive and suddenly tensed up.

"Brother, you're not suggesting we raid other Lobbies' warehouses, are you?"

"If necessary, we'll have to do it."

"That's a bit..."

"That's the worst option to consider. Anyway, looting isn't that efficient."

I've never pretended to be a polite player.

I've eliminated all players who interfered with my game.


It's not wrong.

If you don't have enough, you have to take it from others.

But it's not the only method.

There are ruins.

A special place that generates in sectors where Masters of similar levels reside.

It's simple.

If you take control of that place, you can gather resources.

And, of course, there...

Many Masters are fighting each other.

"A war for the war?"

After finishing my explanation, Belkist smiled and tossed the empty bottle.

"I'm in agreement."

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