Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 177

Episode 177

"Wow, what's all that?"

"How many wagons are there, exactly?"

"Huh? That's the flag of the Maclaine family; what are they doing?"

"Something about a trade delegation?"


"Ah, there's the young duke."

As Logan made his appearance amidst the murmuring crowd, the people gathered at the entrance of the town parted ways, naturally forming a path.

Dressed in silk clothing more splendid than usual, Philip turned his body awkwardly, hurrying to greet Logan.

"My lord, there was no need for you to come out..."

"No. This is the task I commanded. I must at least make an appearance to welcome them. And I have something to give."

"What? No, what you have already offered us is more than sufficient..."

"Did you forget this, Philip?"


The moment Philip saw the paper that Logan was waving, he couldn't hide his bewilderment.

A contract enveloped in an eerie blue mana, anything but ordinary.

The words written on it felt eerily familiar - and it was no illusion.

"My contract... but why do you have it?"

Is he showing he still doesn't trust me?

Philip's expression stiffened, but then...


Logan tore the magical contract right in front of him.

"My lord?!"

As Philip's eyes widened in disbelief, a faint blue light seeped from their bodies, scattering into thin air.

Philip looked at Logan dumbfounded as the mana within the contract dispersed, and Logan, smirking, handed the torn contract to Philip.

"I'm late, but here's your reward. You've done well behind the scenes while I was preoccupied with the war. Dwayne too."

Looking back, the burly steward made a thumbs-up gesture towards Philip, although his expression soured when he met Baron's gaze.

Philip, overwhelmed with mixed emotions, couldn't continue speaking.

"My offer for the performance bonus stands, so make sure you do a good job, Philip, manager of our trade delegation. Got it?"

"Yes. Yes, my lord. Of course! I will do my utmost best!"

His voice resonated loud enough for those around to hear.

Subtly falling from below Philip's bowed head were tiny droplets of water.

* * *

"Finally, we shall visit our new territory."

With the urgent matters settled, Logan started to contemplate other matters that had been on his mind.

"You plan to go visit the Calia region in person?"

"No. Taren."


Although the Calia region, obtained through their military services, was unknown, the Taren region was not highly regarded even among the retainers.

Most held back their criticism, thinking, 'The young duke must have his own plans,' but there were also loyal subjects who did not hesitate to voice their concerns, like Dwayne.

"Do you have a hobby of touring wastelands and abandoned mines?"

"…the Maclaine Plains used to be a wasteland, too. Have you forgotten that?"

"Ah... so for the Taren region as well... but the water..."

"That's obvious, but I have something else to check."

"Um, okay?"

"Anyway, organize some time with Hamar and Master Clayton on the way. Is the forge less busy now?"

Dwayne nodded in response.

"Yes. The Earl should be easy to schedule, but Master Clayton has locked himself in his laboratory. It seems due to the experiments he's discussing with you..."

"Hmm, that's important... but this comes first. Tell Master Clayton to postpone the experiments for now."

"He might not listen to me. How am I supposed to drag out a wizard holed up in his laboratory?"


"I'll go myself then."

Logan's steps were lighter than ever, now that all his duties requiring immediate attention were handled. But then...

Knock. Knock.

"Brother. It's Ronian."

After a long absence, his brother's voice reached Logan's ears.

"Oh, Ronian. Come in..."

Logan was about to warmly welcome him, but the sight of Ronian as he opened the office door startled him.

"Hey! What happened to you?! What's with that face?"

Half of his face battered, Ronian nonetheless seemed to possess a resolve stronger than ever before, with an aura even more impressive than previous.

The state of an advanced force user.

Noticing this, Logan's expression shifted dramatically.

"What kind of training did you undergo to end up like that?! No matter the achievements, if you harm your body during training..."

"It's not because of training, brother."


"Just a change in mindset made me see a clear path, like you always said."


Logan was confused, but Ronian continued.

"And I have something I want to discuss with you because of that."

What followed left Logan speechless.

"A knight's errantry? Why suddenly undertake such an antiquated custom?"

Knight's errantry is when a noble's offspring leaves their family to wander the world, honing their martial skills and gaining experience to grow both personally and as a warrior. Though it sounds noble, the custom has faded due to the frequent deaths that occur, and now Ronian was contemplating it.

"I've thought about it for a long time, but I see no role for myself in the current territory."

"What? What nonsense is that? There's the knight order training, and you're doing well managing the guardians."

"That's just me doing what you could easily do in your stead."

"If we go by that logic, I could handle all of our family's business alone. That's why we have retainers, you, and fa... *cough*. Other people, right?"

If this was the old Ronian, he would have simply nodded in agreement, but the Ronian of today was unwavering.

"It's different this time. No matter how much I consider it, I believe the family and you, my brother, will benefit more if I concentrate on what I can do best."

"You're saying you want to focus on your swordsmanship..."

"That’s right. You said it yourself. I have the talent to surpass you."

"Sure, that's obvious. Everyone who knows you would think the same."

Logan truly believed that, but Ronian just tilted his head with a wry smile.

"Maybe. But I see now you’re definitely convinced of that. So I trust you, brother. That's why I'm choosing the path of a knight errant."

Logan felt annoyed.

"Where did you get the idea? Who put these thoughts into your head?!"

His companion's response was both surprising and frustrating.

"You did."

Logan clenched his jaw.

"Me? To you? When?"

"Watching you, it seemed impossible to catch up to you with regular training."


"The experience in battle and real combat made me feel my skills improving. So, I decided the best way to surpass you would be to take that route."


He was at a loss for words.

The incredible thought that his own example had prompted his brother to leave home and embark on a dangerous errand.

"No! Absolutely not!"

Whether out of affection for his brother or strategic considerations for the future, Logan couldn’t allow it.

But then, Ronian stood his ground more firmly than ever.

"You have always been a pillar of support since we were children. Of course, there were bumps... Haha. Even before you became the pillar of the family, you were always my pillar."

Logan looked at his brother with complex emotions.

"During times of crisis for the family, I was always behind you. With just the belief that you would handle everything, I endured the difficult battles, and that belief became reality. But!"

Ronian's voice grew louder.

"I feel as though my growth has stagnated at some point. As if it's enough to just follow in your footsteps because you'll take care of everything. I've been unconsciously living with that mindset."

His clenched fist trembled with earnest will.

"You claimed I have the talent to surpass you, right? Perhaps it might be true, and for the first time, I've resolved to surpass you. With that decision, a way over the wall appeared to me."

Taking a moment to catch his breath, Ronian looked up, meeting Logan's gaze.

"Brother. Remain as the family's pillar. I will become the family's sword. I won't disappoint you, I'll truly become a superhuman. This is why I’ve chosen my path. Please allow me."

Ronian's lengthy speech took root in Logan's heart, each word penetrating deeply.

Especially the thought -

'Was I inhibiting his growth?'

That was the greatest shock.

"Hah... What are you saying..."

He held his head, scratching and trying to convince himself it wasn't true.

But, inevitably, the questions began unraveling in his mind.

'Did Ronian Maclaine, the youngest aura user in my previous life, go through the same stages of growth? Or was his path different because he had to revive a broken family? Is the Maclaine family, now the kingdom's greatest nobles, providing the same environment as back then?'

The reasoning naturally followed Ronian's argument, suggesting there might be some truth to his words.

Ronian had awakened his force earlier than in the previous life, and significantly, he was mastering the divine sword secret technique.

Would he really grow stronger and faster than before?

'That can't be right.'

One thing he knew for certain.

Those without desperate ambition struggle to achieve great outcomes.

How much will Ronian, now the second son of the kingdom's greatest noble family, maintain his drive to excel?

Moreover -

'Do I have the right to obstruct my brother's wish to grow?'

Why? On what grounds?

Was he trying to confine his brother under the guise of caring? Thinking of him only as a weapon to overcome future crises?

'Didn’t I ultimately view Ronian merely as a tool in my field of vision?'

A torrent of self-doubt assailed him.

After much turmoil, Logan managed to compose himself and looked again at his brother.

Half his face scarred with turmoil, Ronian had made his decision.

Even after a long silence, his gaze upon Logan remained unchanged.


He thought he had settled his mind, but the words didn't come easily.

"…I believe you're indeed a talent who can surpass me. Yet I won't remain idle, so wandering the world instead of diligently training at home might suit you better."

Perhaps sensing the hidden consent in his words, Ronian’s expression brightened, and he quickly responded.

"I swear, I will not neglect my training during my knight errantry."

"The world at times can be more dangerous than the battlefields. Distrust or dislike of humanity may lead you to your own desolation."

"I'll remember the kindness of those who believe in me. Should I feel that I’m failing myself, I'll return home immediately. Above all, I'll strive to conquer any challenge I face."

"I... *cough* The mercenaries had stories about roaming the world... I'll teach you each and every one. Don't forget them; write them down and memorize them. Then I'll send you off."

"Thank you! Brother!!"

Logan sighed, watching his brother's face filled with exhilaration.

'He's grown so much.'

Though his stature nearly matched Logan's, there was still an innocent look in his face that lingered.

In his previous life, Logan only remembered two faces of his brother: the wounded child and the superhuman slicing through enemies. Neither could touch the young man standing between those points, whose current visage now seemed foreign.


"I believe in you, Ronian Maclaine. You will keep your word."

He was filled with pride.

He resolved to work just as hard, ensuring the reality he reshaped would become a foundation for his brother's greater leaps.

"Of course, brother!"

"Good. Now, as for the arrangements..."

"Ah, another thing, brother."


Overflowing with eagerness, Ronian suddenly hesitated, cautiously speaking up.

"Since you've given permission, could you also persuade mother on my behalf?"

At that moment, Logan's sense of satisfaction was halved.

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