The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 186

Chapter 186 - Casino

How to earn points quickly?

There's no need to complete many missions or kill as if you were crazy.

"The fastest way is to have a big win at the casino," said Ryu Min.

And here is where Ryu Min accumulated points for 23 hours: to bet all his fortune at the casino.

Ryu Min opened the progress window to check his points.

[Points obtained by the Korean team: 12,775,330]

[Points obtained by Black Scythe: 103,020]

[Time remaining until the end of the round: 00:59:39]

"100,000 points isn't bad."

Winning 100,000 points just with missions?

"It's possible for me because I know which missions have good value for money, but for most players, it's impossible without kills."

Of course, the assassins from other countries who reached the top 10 massacred their way through and easily surpassed 100,000 points.

It may not have reached 1,000 like Ma Gyeong-rok or Joo Sung-taek.

"I would have killed more than 500. Those below me had 200,000 points in the last round."

20,000 may be incredibly high, but compared to what Ryu Min does, it's like a drop in the ocean.

He needs to multiply that by 200 at the casino.

Only then could it be possible to be first in the ranking and have the team at the top.

"There's nothing to worry about as long as we have Clairvoyance. It's the same as already having won."

As long as he knows the location of the casino, there's no worry.

After participating in dozens of rounds, it would be impossible to forget the location.

"I have to go before it's too late."

Ryu Min took a step forward.

Towards the casino for one last spin.


When the message appeared that the casino was open, people tried to find the location with shining eyes.

But to find the casino on this vast continent with only one hour left?

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"It was wise not to reveal the location. If thousands of people gathered at the only casino, it would be a problem."

Although everyone had to find it on their own, the location of the casino turned out to be surprisingly easy.


An inn in the Sacred Empire, which could be considered the center of the continent.

Ryu Min, who entered it, headed to the kitchen warehouse.

"Hey, mister. What are you doing in the kitchen?"

When the NPC who seemed to be the owner asked, Ryu Min honestly replied.

"I'm looking for the casino."

"Hmm. Now that I look at you, you're a warrior from another world."

The owner, who was looking around, pushed aside the rice counter and opened the trapdoor.


Looking down, there was an underground staircase.

"Please come in."

Descending the stairs, a dark secret passage appeared.

It's the path that leads to the casino.

Walking down the hallway, a message appeared along with a vast hall.

<Secondary mission - Discover the casino>

[You have completed the secondary mission!]

[Points +1,000]

Even if you have no points, you'll receive 1,000 points just for discovering it.

"I'll give it to you once, try it."

It may feel like free money, but it's a trap to get you involved in the game.

By starting for fun, there's the possibility of losing all your fortune.

"If you're happy to receive free money, you should turn around and leave right now."

Just stepping into the casino is a fast track to the downfall of all your money.

If it weren't for Clairvoyance, Ryu Min wouldn't be in this place.

[Welcome to the casino!]

[PK is prohibited in the casino. Even if you inflict damage on your opponent, no damage is recorded.]

[You will be automatically expelled if you perform actions that interfere with the game.]

[Once the time comes, the doors will close and the game will begin. Please wait patiently until then.]

[Time remaining until the start of the event: 00:13:49]

While Ryu Min read the message, he surveyed his surroundings.

There were already several people in the casino.

They were all lucky players who had found the casino.

"It can't be said that luck is always on our side. If you lose everything, there's nothing worse than that."

He looked around and saw both Easterners and Westerners.

Everyone was waiting for the game to start.

"Isn't that...?"

"That's Black Scythe, right?"

Before entering here, Ryu Min took off the Doppelganger's duplication ring and revealed the appearance of Lost Yak.

As a result, some Koreans recognized Black Scythe.

"There's not much time left, no need to hide my identity."

After all, if you won a lot of money at the casino, your identity would be revealed when the results were calculated.

In that case, announcing that you can change your appearance is like advertising.

There's no benefit in hiding your identity.

"Everyone is silently watching each other."

As explained earlier, PK is prohibited here.

They can't inflict harm on each other.

"If they were to become PK, they would surely use violence from the start to get funds for the game."

But that doesn't mean they can't use skills.

They just can't interfere with each other's game.

"Fortunately, I can use Clairvoyance."

Fortunately, Clairvoyance doesn't interfere with the game.

I can use it to guess the answer without any problems.

[Time remaining until the start of the event: 00:00:00]

When the time passed and reached zero exactly.

Kurururuk- Thud!

The common entrance was closed by an iron door.

Now, they can't enter or leave.

Finally, a bright light descended from the common entrance.

People's attention focused on the newly appeared angel.

"Hello! Welcome, gambling enthusiasts! I'm 'Gavi,' in charge of guiding at the casino. Nice to meet you!"

Unlike the smiling angel, people's expressions weren't joyful.

They were anxious and nervous, as most of them were desperate for points for the game.

"Do you see these penetrating looks? Do you already look like veteran gamblers? Well, that's okay. 59 people, more than I thought. So, let me explain the rules of the game right away."

The angel flapped her wings and two giant cards, one red and one black, appeared in the air.

"The rules of the game are simple. Here you have red and black cards. After shuffling them, I'll draw one, and you must guess what color it is. Easy, right?"

"Do we just have to guess the color?"

"It's really simple."

"Something like odd or even?"

As he watched those who quickly understood the game, the angel continued speaking.

In the human world, are there similar games? Odds and evens, casino roulette, etc. Like those, the probability is 50-50. You can bet as much as you want, and if you guess right, it doubles. However, if you fail, you'll lose everything without mercy.

It was a fairly fair game.

Since casinos on Earth install devices for the house to have an advantage.

"However, you can't try infinitely. You have six chances to participate in the game. If you win all six times, wouldn't you get an impressive amount of points?"

Suppose every time we bet all our fortune, it doubles. 2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64.

That is, we could multiply our points by 64.

However, the probability of winning six times in a row is only 1.5%.

Have you done the calculations already?

A player raised his hand and said, "Mr. Angel! If we can only try six times, even if we get it right every time, we'll only win 64 times? In the message, you clearly said it would be up to 200 times."

"I didn't exactly say that. You're impatient!"

The angel spoke disdainfully.

"What I just said is the 'standard' method of betting commonly, but for those seeking higher gains, they can choose the 'high-risk' method."

"High risk?"

"What's that?"

"Unlike betting the desired amount in a common bet, it's a method where you bet all the points you have. This means you only have one chance, and you'll only receive the prize if you guess right in all six rounds of the game. If you don't guess once, you'll lose all your fortune and receive a permanent 50% decrease in stats penalty."

"A permanent decrease in stats?"

"And there's only one chance...?"

"Is it falling into the abyss if we fail?"

"The risk is too high, isn't it?"

"On the contrary, if you win all six times in a row, you'll receive a prize not of 64, but of 200 times the bet. It's a premium service for those who want to change their lives once and for all."

"200 times..."

"Does this make you want to...?"

Although the prize seemed tempting, most just listened with one ear and let it go through the other.

There's only a 1.5% chance.

As great as the reward may be, no one would be foolish enough to risk their only chance with a 1.5% chance.

In other words, the probability of failure was 98.5%.

"Alright, so what method do you want to try? If anyone wants to try the high-risk method, raise your hand now."

At the angel's words, the players showed no reaction.

They just internally mocked the angel making absurd proposals.

"Heh, this crazy angel. Who in their right mind would choose the high-risk method?"

"It's more efficient to win and lose with a 50% chance than with a 1.5% chance."

"Even if my points are scarce, I don't have the confidence to overcome that 1.5%."

Given the abysmal probability, no one volunteered.

Or, rather, two people raised their hands.

They were the players in the lowest ranking zone, where disappearance was almost certain anyway.

"I'll try it."

"I'll try it too."

"Just two? No one else?"

At that moment, another person raised their hand.

And it was none other than Ryu Min.

"Isn't that person Black Scythe?"

"Is Black Scythe really risking so much?"

"What a pity to provoke dangers?"

"Are you out of your mind?"

"I hear it all, guys."

Although he spoke quietly so they wouldn't hear him, Ryu Min's sensitive ears picked up every word thanks to his sharp sense runes.

"I understand. I must seem like a madman. I don't need to take unnecessary risks."

But if they knew the power of Clairvoyance, they couldn't say those words.

Indeed, he could get 200 times more without risking.

After all, he could see the reverse of the cards thanks to his Clairvoyance skill.

"Guessing six times in a row is not a problem."

He was betting because he was sure he would never be wrong.

No, for Ryu Min, it couldn't even be called a bet.

It was a game of making money without risk, with a 100% chance of success.

[Three high-risk challengers! The other 56 will follow the standard method automatically. The decision is made. Shall we start the game right away?]

When the angel flapped his wings, a transparent shield appeared for each player.

"This will prevent interference between you. You never know, someone might attack at a crucial moment or use a skill to bother others."

As they couldn't move, they couldn't see the color of the cards' backs.

[Let's start with those who chose the standard method. High-risk players, please wait a moment. It won't take long. Alright, let's start the first game!]

Two giant cards shuffled in the air, and one of them came out in front.

"What color will the next card be? After writing your betting points, choose between red and black."

The players pondered as they saw the selection screen that appeared before them.

No matter how much they stared at the cards, they couldn't see the color of the back.

It was a game where they had to rely completely on luck.

[Choose in less than a minute. Everyone ready? Very well, shall we reveal?]

The angel opened the card.


"All right! It's red!"

"Ah, darn!"

"Ah, I lost..."

Amidst joy and lamentations, the second game began.

The game was quite fair.

The cards shuffled in the air in plain view, and they opened without tricks or deceit.

Since the view was from an angle where the reverse was not visible, players could only choose blindly.

"Ah, darn!"

"Wow, that's unfair! Damn it!"

Even players who were initially happy with their choices ended up cursed like the others.

In the end, the game ended not long after what the angel said.

All 56 players exhausted their points after the fifth game.

[There's no need to reach the sixth game. It's a pity, but there are no more opportunities for you.]

"Angel... please give me one more chance..."

"Please give me some points, Angel..."

By continuing to bet in hopes of recovering their losses, they reached this desperate situation.

"Angel. I have a question."

[What's up?]

There are still opportunities, right? Can't points be transferred to another person?"

"Yes, we still have the sixth chance."

"Allow points transfer!"

[It's embarrassing. Points cannot be transferred. Give up.]

The players bowed deeply.

"Ah... it's over."

"We should have bet high if we knew this was going to happen..."

Among those whose points reached zero, there were also Koreans.

"Our team score is in an uncertain place, what should we do?"

"If this continues, we might disappear..."

Though they were nervous, none of them thought Black Scythe would choose them.

[Alright, get ready, high-risk players, it's your turn.]

Finally, Ryu Min's turn came.


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