The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 183

Chapter 183 - Justification

John Delgado was a dissatisfied man with the world.

Though he had a healthy age in his late twenties and was in peak physical condition, he had failed to find a job or marry.

"All of this is the world's fault. The world must collapse," he used to wish as a habit, and that wish came true like a lie when the year 2022 arrived.

The survival game of the angels.

Within it, John obtained the powerful profession of necromancer.

"Can I control the souls of the corpses?"

A profession that gathers souls to reincarnate them as undead.

The incarnated undead only suffer damage from magic, making them hard to kill.

In short, it was a trick.

Since it was originally difficult to see monsters that used magic.

"And besides, not only monsters but also players can be controlled as servants."

Although upon becoming undead, he could only exert half of his original abilities, wasn't that enough?

"I can control dozens of them."

The number of undead that can be controlled is equal to the level of the strategy master.

That is, if you are level 40, you can summon 40, and if you are level 99, you can summon 99.

"This is insane. Am I like a total thug, right?"

Though he was unsure about using his body himself, John, who had confidence in leading from behind, quickly managed to reach the first place in the area ranking.

Although he couldn't reach the overall ranking of the area.

"Curse, I'm number one in the ranking of this area, why have I never been able to place my name in the general ranking?"

John always ranked fourth in the general ranking.

That was incomprehensible.

How could there be people stronger than him, who had become a powerful player that swept the battlefield with dozens of summons?

Especially incomprehensible was the existence of Black Scythe, who always occupied the first place in the general ranking.

"What the hell is that guy doing to have such a high level? What kind of job is the Reaper?"

His own profession was rare too, but he had never seen a nickname and a profession that fit so well.

"I have to become stronger. I need stronger followers."

He shouldn't fill the numbers with monsters, but form followers only with players.

Though he would like to form only with monster bosses, he couldn't help it since he couldn't control the bosses.

"Let's create a religion. I will create a religion called 'Church of Despair' to attract players."

Thus, John founded the Church of Despair and sought members.

Though he was able to recruit some people in the same area, it wasn't enough.

"We must not only look in this alternate world but also in the real world."

Now that players were the elite, he spread the ideology of plunging the previous world into despair and creating a new one.

As a result, he was treated as a false prophet and pursued as a mad charlatan.

Sometimes, he was even forced to commit murders amidst confrontations.

But John didn't give up.

When he heard the story of a being called Santa in another area.

In our area, there's a priestess named Christine, known as Santa. Do you know how many followers she has? More than 50.
A being called Santa.

John was perplexed.

"You're creating a religion and gaining influence like me, aren't you?"

Discovering it wasn't a religion was something he learned later, but anyway, it was fine. The presence of competitors remained an immutable reality.

"I have to undermine that power from the other side. I also want to get a priestess as a summoner."

John granted a rank close to that of a high priest of the Church of Despair to the man who provided him with information.

And assigned him a specific task.

He should infiltrate, pretending to be a follower of the saint, and act as a secret agent.

"Understood. I'll follow your orders."

Berber was a competent secret agent.

Deploying his skills without being discovered, he brought information about the saint after each round.

In some days, he even asked for high-level information.

"There's a paladin named Douglas inside. It seems he used to admire the saint, but lately he's been accumulating resentment. If we manipulate him properly, we could turn him into our ally."

"It wouldn't be bad to have a traitor. Make sure to lure him to our side by skillfully manipulating him."

So, he waited patiently, gathering 200 followers and finally the 11th round arrived.

And the areas merged.

The seven separate areas of the United States merged into one.

"Finally, the time has come."

John decided to weaken the power by killing the saint.

There was no need to leave the followers alive, as each of them was a valuable point.

"Though they are compatriots, they are from different areas. They are simply competitors who must be eliminated as we move up in the team battles by regions."

So, he executed his plan, even betraying the paladin...

"Damn paladin, even betraying our church and cutting down the saint."

Fortunately, he was able to find the traitor in time, but another obstacle stood in his way.

"Who the hell is that guy?"

A man with a large scythe over his shoulder.


Mentioning the scythe, a specific nickname came to mind.

"Surely it's not him. That guy."

Right at the crucial moment, what's the probability of encountering the number one ranked?

Although he didn't know, the possibility of it not being Black Scythe was higher.

After all, scythes weren't something exclusive to gods and could be bought at any store, plus, it wasn't mandatory to use a god scythe.

"Still, he's not a common guy. He killed my undead in one blow."

Even if he was vulnerable to magic, he wasn't an easy opponent.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm just a passerby."

Though he looked Asian, he spoke in English.

When I closed my eyes and listened to his voice, his pronunciation was so good that it wouldn't be strange if he were American.

"Was Black Scythe Asian?"

Though he wasn't sure, he couldn't allow this guy to interfere.

"If you're just passing by, then move along and don't meddle in other people's affairs."

John gave the supposed Asian Black Scythe a chance.

He didn't want to unnecessarily fight with a third party.

"Honestly, he seems strong. I'd prefer not to fight if possible."

But the guy didn't seem to intend to move on.

"This woman seems to be in danger. Or not?"

"Stop meddling," he said.

"How can you stand by watching someone in trouble?"

"I won't ask for the sin of killing my own family members. So, leave. It's the final warning."

He prepared to summon his creature as if he were about to kill.

"He's someone unusual. I can't let myself be carried away by impulse."

If they end up fighting, he will do everything possible to kill him.

With those thoughts, he awaited the man's response.

The response was predictable, but nevertheless.

"I don't care. It seems I meddled without reason. Go on the path you were taking."

The man who seemed to be Black Scythe simply stated he would continue forward.

At this unexpected declaration, even Christine, who was watching, couldn't help but be surprised.

"Weren't you going to save me?"

It didn't seem like a joke; the man turned indifferently.

At the same time, she became desperate and shouted after him.

"Please, help me! This man is trying to kill me!"

"Shut up, woman."

Before the man's heart changed, John gave the order to the remaining undead.

Seize this opportunity to kill the saint.



The undead's attack was suspended.

Ryu Min unleashed another electric current and eliminated the undead.

"What are you doing? I clearly said I wouldn't interfere."

"No matter how many times you say it, I don't want to see someone die in front of my eyes. If you want to do it, do it after I leave."


Would you continue with the intention of killing after your departure?

Damn brat!

It was a statement that hurt his pride, but John restrained himself.

He had just clearly confirmed his ability with the previous attack.

'This guy is a magical class with quite high magical damage. "It's noticeable just by looking at how he kills my family in one blow."

I don't know if it was a black scythe or not, but it was clear that he was strong.

Moreover, the speed of the current was so fast that it was difficult to react with the eyes.

If the direction had been towards him, he wouldn't have survived.

"Now let's go."

Ryu Min, who turned his indifferent back, was actually observing the whole situation with Clairvoyance.

He had to protect Christine.

"But I can't intervene openly."

The reason Ryu Min didn't offer to help was simple.


There was no reason to save Christine.

"It might have been a coincidence that she appeared at a dangerous moment. But to save a woman I don't know and who has no connection? Knowing him, he can't resist injustice."

However, in this current situation, Ryu Min as a third party had no way of knowing if Christine deserved to die or not.

Whether she had committed the crime deserving of death or not, Ryu Min didn't know as an external observer.

Helping her without justification would rather be grounds for suspicion.

Since this was his first meeting with Christine, helping her untimely could ruin their relationship.

"Help me! That person is trying to kill me for no reason."

Although Christine pleaded desperately, Ryu Min didn't react at all.

"It's not like that. I won't be stopped so easily if you try to grab me."

When someone saves you, a reason to help arises if they offer an object or present some compensation. However, Christine seemed so bewildered that she didn't seem to consider that.

"Just keep walking. Don't worry about the words of that crazy woman."

When the war necromancer insisted, Ryu Min had no choice but to take a few steps.

"That's right."

"Wait, just a moment. Please, just a..."

"I told you to get lost, damn it. I'll kill you!"

The war necromancer shouted, but then noticed Ryu Min's gaze.

He couldn't utter the killing phrase because of Ryu Min.

"It seems he wants me to leave soon."

Only then could he kill Christine as he wanted.

"Hmm, without a reason to help, it'll be difficult..."

As Ryu Min pondered, he came up with a good idea.

He stopped his steps and looked at the necromancer.

He frowned at the guy who widened his eyes as if asking what was going on.

"I'm talking to you."


"Now that I think about it, your tone is quite rude, isn't it?"

There's no concept of courtesy in English, only respectful ways of speaking and others that are not.

According to the conversation with the necromancer, he clearly belonged to the second category.

"Who do you think you are to tell me to go, stay, or order me like that? Are you my boss at work or something?"


With an authoritative tone like a neighborhood bully, he challenged the necromancer.

Although it was a somewhat crude method, it had a sure effect.

The necromancer was noticeably bewildered.

"Eh? Why aren't you saying anything? Do you want to die?"

"If you found it disrespectful, I apologize."

Did he understand Ryu Min's intention?

The necromancer lowered his head and accepted being told off.

When I read his thoughts, apparently, he wanted to get away and then kill Christine.

"I can't leave it like this."

Ryu Min brazenly extended his hand.

"What's this...?"

"Isn't it enough if I apologize to you? You should show a little courtesy."

Although it was almost like a robbery, the necromancer took out an item without showing disgust.

"Is this okay with you?"

"Are you kidding me? Do you want me to accept this? An item made of material I don't even know what it's for? Should I eat and throw away garbage? What's gotten into you all of a sudden? I feel sick all of a sudden."

"Damn it!"

"What's wrong? What are you saying?"

Unable to bear Ryu Min's provocations, the necromancer finally made a mistake.



Thirty undead suddenly appeared and attacked Ryu Min at the same time.

A perfectly coordinated surprise attack from all directions.

But Ryu Min, who could read thoughts and had runes of future sight, couldn't help but notice the surprise attack.

"Area explosion."


The current spread in the form of a hemisphere and everything within a 30-meter radius disappeared instantly.


John Delgado, who lost thirty of his summons in an instant, stared blankly at Ryu Min with stunned eyes.

"Who are you?"


"Did you just attack me?"

Although Ryu Min approached and asked, John Delgado was too bewildered to respond.

He had no time to regain his judgment due to the terrifying presence that prevented him from concentrating.

"I tried to overlook this as much as possible, but it seems I can't just let it go. Are you trying to kill an innocent person passing by here so determinedly?"

Ryu Min, standing nearby, smiled with twisted lips.

"Do you want to die?"

Now he had a good reason to kill him, even if he decided to do it now.


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