The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 188

Chapter 188 - End of Round 11

"Oh, is South Korea in first place?"

Jo Yong-ho opened his mouth, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing, as he looked at the results screen.

Although he blinked and rubbed his eyes, there was no mistake.

South Korea was in first place with 34 million points.

But the most surprising thing wasn't that, but the individual results.

"Black Scythe is in first place?!"

"Did he accumulate 20 million points by himself? Is that possible?"

"What is this? Isn't it a program error?"

It was a series of astonishment and confusion, but something was clear.

"The fact that South Korea is in first place is thanks to Black Scythe."

Jo Yong-ho's words, which couldn't be denied, were followed by nods from the mercenaries.

Originally, South Korea should have been in 90th place with 13 million, but Black Scythe raised it to the number one position with 20 million points in one go.

There wouldn't be special rewards for reaching first place, but it was clear they had elevated the country's position.

"This is incredible. Accumulating 20 million by himself."

"Is Black Scythe a Korean player?"

"He really is an amazing player."

"I want to visit Korea after seeing this."

Even players from other countries watching were stunned by Black Scythe.

It was astonishing even to the angels, there was nothing more to say.

[Wow... How did he accumulate 20 million points by himself? It's the first time I've seen something like this. Did he really win 200 times in the last bet? Black Scythe?]

In response to the angel's question, Ryu Min didn't deny it.

"That's right."

[Jee, it can't be easy to bet your entire fortune with a 1.5% chance. Is this the skill of a high-risk player? You're truly impressive.]

Even the angel was impressed by Black Scythe.

Some muttered angrily as they sent glares of anger at Black Scythe.

"So, as agreed, Black Scythe will take on the role of representative of the unified area in first place. Note that the powers of the other representatives will be revoked!"

"The player 'Black Scythe' has become the new representative of the CA-EA001 area."

With a fleeting smile, Ryu Min contemplated the message that appeared.

"I finally became the sole representative of the area."

Although the areas were being unified and representatives changed frequently due to the large number of areas, not anymore.

Being the sole representative in a unified area, he was also the only one with dominion rights.

"Now, if I wish, I can lead the players my way. Well, I plan to retain that as much as possible, at least until the end."

Since opportunities were limited, it was better to retain dominion rights as much as possible.

"Now that the results are out, let's take the time to eliminate all teams below rank 95 with low points."

"Oh, no! Angel!"

"Please, no..."

When the angel signaled, the elimination began.

Screams echoed as half of the teams turned to dust.

"Now there are exactly 40,021 people left. More than you thought, right?"

'It's not much compared to the beginning...'

Although only 30% remained compared to the beginning, saying that was surely a joke.

"Congratulations to the 95 teams that survived. And rewards will be given to the top three in individual performance."

As soon as the angel's words ended, messages of congratulations appeared.

"Congratulations. You have achieved first place in this area."

"Currently, 'Black Scythe' holds the first place in this area."

"A 'material package' will be awarded as a reward for first place in this area."

"A 'rune package' will be awarded as a reward for first place in this area."

"A 'special rewards selection box' will be awarded as a reward for first place in this area."

In this round, the rewards turned out to be generous, with three distinct items.

Ryu Min smiled and decided to use the rune package first.

"He has used the rune package."

"Congratulations! You have obtained the 'Expansion Rune'."

"The acquired rune will be automatically recorded in the player's body."

"Expansion Rune:

Effect: Allows carrying an additional ring."
"Oh! A good choice, right?"

Normally, only one ring could be worn, but thanks to the Expansion Rune, he could now wear two.

"The weight of the items is considerable, so carrying an additional one is a great benefit."

Satisfied with the arrival of a quite useful rune, Ryu Min continued to capitalize on the momentum and used the material package.

"He has used the material package."

"Congratulations! You have obtained Black Iron Dust."

"Congratulations! You have obtained a bubbling magic solution."

"Congratulations! You have obtained a shiny horsehair."

"Congratulations! You have obtained Raw Material Leather."

"Congratulations! You have obtained the pattern: God Rank Gloves."

As a result, various materials of God Rank arrived in Ryu Min's inventory.

They even provided him with the pattern to craft a God Rank item.

"I don't need the pattern. I remember all the combinations, after all."

He could gain huge benefits by selling the pattern on the market later.

Especially since it was a pattern to make a God Rank item.

"Except for the concentrated ether, which is quite a difficult material to obtain, everything is here."

He didn't mind, as he had obtained concentrated ether by killing Archangel Remiel.

"With this, I can craft my third God Rank item."

The crafting speed was faster than expected.

Not that he knew killing the Archangel would provide concentrated ether.

"For now, I'll make the God Rank gloves after returning..."

Ryu Min decided to use the last special rewards selection box.

"You can select one of the following special rewards."

"Touch the reward you desire."

└ 1. x2 Experience Boost Bonus (Valid for round 12)

└ 2. 50% Stat Boost Bonus (Valid for round 12)

└ 3. Information about round 12

After reviewing the list, Ryu Min chose option 2 without hesitation.

"From now on, stat boost is more important than experience. I can level up later."

The angels who suspected him as the culprit wouldn't stay quiet forever.

If he wanted to prepare for possible attacks, it would be better to boost his stats.

"Has everyone received their rewards? Then, I will open the special store now!"

Just as the angel finished speaking, a terrifying message appeared.

"The special shop has opened in the store window!"

"The special shop allows you to purchase more exclusive items with points. The shop will remain open even after the round ends, so take your time to explore and buy. Oh, and points will not be granted in the future, so use them carefully!"

Despite the angel's additional explanations, people seemed more occupied exploring the shop than paying attention.

Ryu Min also managed to check the special shop but decided to hold off.

After returning, it's not too late to comfortably explore.

[Congratulations, everyone. See you in the next round!]

◀ Round 11 Ends ▶

[Corresponding AREA CA-EA001]

└ Survivors: 40,021

[Soon, the soul will transfer back to the body in the original dimension.]

[Round 12 will start on December 1, 2022, at midnight. Congratulations on surviving!]


After Round 11 ended.

Millen, the angel in charge of notifications, sighed and returned to heaven.

"You are certainly an extraordinary human. Surviving in that high-risk method is not easy," Millen remembered the human known as Black Scythe.

He was an individual who exuded a fierce atmosphere in the avatar theme created in the Other World.

"Did that Black Scythe really kill the Archangel as the rumors say?"

Remiel's death was not officially confirmed yet, but well-informed angels knew.

That he went to confront the humans and died in the process.

"Until now, the Archangel has not returned, so it's quite safe."

Did the Archangel die at the hands of a human?

Although still a hard story to believe, if he really died, the only plausible suspect narrowed down to one.

"Black Scythe, who stands out at level 90. One cannot see beyond his actions."

Though the suspect was identified, no actions were taken at the top yet.

He didn't understand why they hadn't eliminated him immediately.

"Hmm, anyway, those above are hard to understand... Huh?"

At that moment, a bright angel appeared in front of Millen.

Millen, upon seeing the majestic and beautiful wings and the charming appearance with deep eyes, was paralyzed as if frozen.

She was overwhelmed by the imposing presence.

"Ah, the sky above the sky. I meet the Archangel of Archangels, Michael."

Even trembling a little, she greeted with fear, worried he might have heard her previous words.

Michael, looking down at Millen, asked with a deep voice.

"I heard you were the angel in charge of guiding in this Round 11."

"Yes, yes. Uh, yes, that's right. I was on my way to record the results."

"Good. How were the results of Round 11?"

"Here's the results screen I recorded. Take a look."

Michael examined the results window Millen presented with a serious gaze.

"Once again, Black Scythe came in first. And by a overwhelming margin."

"It seems he gained considerably at the high-risk casino in the second half."

"I understand. Take him as he is to the registration room."

"Yes, then, I'll be going..."

As Millen withdrew hesitantly, Michael was lost in thought.

"At a time when others barely gain 200,000 points, he alone manages to get 20 million."

Since this round was crucial for earning the necessary points for the special shop.

After this, gaining points will become impossible.

"As if he knew that fact, he accumulated an incredible amount of points, creating an insurmountable gap for others."

Truly a monopoly.


This is how Black Scythe must be watched, otherwise, the balance of the game and even the angels themselves will be in danger.

"However... should I remain just a spectator?"

Michael recalled the conversation he had with Rubuahi not long ago.

-When Round 11 starts, you should aim for that guy.

-I would advise not Round 11, but wait a little longer. That would be much more helpful in achieving Michael's justice.

-What did you say? Repeat that again.

-If you spare Black Scythe's life, it will help achieve Michael's justice.

-You, a mere observer locked in a room, know even my sense of justice?

-Of course. Wouldn't the observer who observes all knowledge in the world know the deepest feelings of an archangel?


-Let's speak plainly. Does Michael wish to become a god? You know what objects are necessary for that.

-Use Black Scythe?

-Yes. If you observe Black Scythe's movements, you'll see he's the only being who's walked a path no one else has. He's the only one who can achieve Michael's justice, who wishes to become a god.

-Go on.

-At this moment, the person closest to the desire of Round 20 is Black Scythe. If used wisely, Michael could become a God. On the other hand, if Black Scythe is killed according to the rules of Heaven, Michael's justice will again be pushed away.


-What will you decide to do? Delay Black Scythe's death for justice, or kill him now for celestial order and wait for the next opportunity?

-...Well, this is not a decision I will make now. I'll have to think about it.

Michael, after pondering, sighed internally.

Though he said he'd think about it at that moment, he hadn't reached a conclusion yet.

"Damn bastard. What do you expect of me to nod along with those words?"

He was probably hoping I wouldn't kill Black Scythe. No, rather, it seemed he was hoping he himself would become a god.

"Why the hell would I want to do that if I become a God?"

Though he thought diligently, he couldn't understand the inner workings of the celestial body.

Rather, his head was becoming more complicated.

"Should I save the daring pup who challenged the angels for justice? For justice, should I allow Black Scythe's crime to go unpunished?"

Though it didn't make sense, Rubuahi's words also had logic.

To achieve justice, sometimes sacrifices are necessary.

Opportunities like this may not come twice.

Justice or law?

Celestial order or personal desire?

After much thought, Michael finally made a decision.

"...Angels are by nature a selfish race."

He decided to tolerate Black Scythe's crime.


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