The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 201

Chapter 201 - The Fifth Trial

[Hidden Side Mission]

<Side Mission>
Overcome three or more solo challenges.

Success: A package of runes will be awarded.

[You have completed the side mission!]

[The package of runes has been transferred to the inventory.]

Ryu Min smiled satisfactorily upon seeing the rewards.

"There it is. The reward from the side mission."

Until now, he hadn't taken on solo challenges without reason.

He needed to obtain the side mission reward.

"It seems the first challenge didn't count because I didn't directly face it."

From the second to the fourth challenge, he was completely alone.

So, he was able to claim the rewards, but this time, the side mission for this round has one more.

"That's why I brought a necromancer to the battle."

In the last, the fifth challenge, he plans to use the necromancer to also obtain the reward from the second side mission.

"Not just me, but all the group members."

Of course, excluding the necromancer among the group members.

"So, should we try our luck?"

Ryu Min immediately manipulated the system and used the package of runes.

[You have used the package of runes.]

[Congratulations. The 'Rune of Reputation' has appeared.]

[The acquired rune is automatically marked on the player's body.]

[Rune of Reputation]

-Effect: Reputation gained in other worlds increases by one level. There is no neutrality, and friendly treatment can be received anywhere.

Ryu Min didn't know which rune would come out of the package.

Although he didn't know if the outcome was decided at the moment of obtaining the item, as a new rune appeared each time in each attempt, he had no special expectations.

"So, I wasn't expecting much..."

But it turned out to be quite a good rune.

"Reputation in other worlds goes up one more level."

It meant he could be friendly everywhere, without neutrality.

And, as expected, after obtaining the rune, his reputation changed.

[Human reputation about the time traveler has risen from 'Neutral' to 'Friendly'.]

[Devil's reputation about Black Scythe has risen from 'Friendly' to 'Very Friendly'.]

[Human reputation about Black Scythe has risen from 'Friendly' to 'Very Friendly'.]

[Elf's reputation about Black Scythe has risen from 'Very Friendly' to 'Eternal Alliance'.]

[Dwarf's reputation about those who lead the way has risen from 'Friendly' to 'Very Friendly'.]




All reputations rose one level.

And, of course, so did all his titles.

"Except for the time traveler, I can receive friendly treatment from all races."

All neutral reputations turned friendly, and those that were already good became even better.

Especially the reputations of devils, dwarves, and elves.

As there was something to gain from them, the corners of Ryu Min's lips naturally went up.

"So, the time has been greatly reduced."

He no longer had to work so hard to gain reputation, making it easier to get what he wanted.

"This round of round 13 was like conquering it effortlessly."

He planned to visit only the elf race in round 13, but now he would also have to go through the dwarf race.

After finishing his business, Ryu Min looked at his waiting companions and nodded.

"Let's go."

Thanks to Ryu Min, the group's companions easily overcame the challenges and reached the location of the final challenge.

"Is this it?"

Before their eyes, stretched a path with nothing visible, like an endless hallway.

They couldn't stop walking, as they didn't know what was at the end of the path, but at that moment a message appeared.

<<Fifth Trial>>

Within an hour, all group members must overcome the trap and reach the end of the hallway.

Success ▶ Registration as a survival team and allocation of experience according to performance.

Failure ▶ Total elimination of the group.

'Total elimination in case of failure?'

Leaving behind a surprised John, an explanation message appeared.

[Before you lies a hallway shrouded in unfathomable darkness that no light can illuminate.]

[In the darkness are traps, and those who touch the traps will be immediately eliminated.]

[However, once a target is eliminated, the trap also deactivates and does not regenerate.]

[If all group members avoid the traps and reach the end of the hallway within the time limit, the trial will be concluded.]

[On the other hand, if they do not reach the end of the hallway before the time limit expires, it will be considered a failure.]

[By the way, all skills except summoning are prohibited here due to the narrowness of vision. Trust each other's backs and proceed calmly.]

Perhaps because it was the last trial, total merciless elimination in case of failure was inevitable.

Furthermore, touching a trap meant disappearing immediately.

Although the trial was tense just to hear about, surprisingly, John was smiling maliciously.

It wasn't for any other reason than he had already figured out the strategy.

"So, to pass through that hallway without being able to see, do we have to eliminate the traps using my summons?"

When he realized this trial was essential, John's expression subtly changed.

His malicious smile widened.

"It seems you can't pass this trial without summons, can you?"

"It seems so. What are we going to do?"

"You guys are lucky."

"Eh? What do you mean...?"

At Min Juri's words, John arrogantly lifted his chin.

"It turns out my profession is creature summoning."

His tone and expression suddenly changed.

It was understandable.

At this moment, he could consider himself the leader.

So, without hesitation, he had the courage to speak openly in front of Black Scythe.

"Hey, Black Scythe."

Since they were teammates, he feared no direct harm.

"What should we do in this situation? Right now, we are facing an impossible trial to overcome without my cooperation, right?"

"So, what's your point?"

John's lips curled as if twisted.

"You still have points, right? Just give me ten million points. And get on your knees and beg for your life. Then, perhaps, I'll show you mercy?"

"Look, John Delgado, what are you doing...?"

"Damn it, shut up, support idiot! I'm talking to Black Scythe right now!"

Angered by Min Juri's clumsiness, John turned his gaze back to Black Scythe.

"Well? Can't you do it? If you can't, then we'll die right here."

"Does that mean you're willing to die too?"

"Yes. I would prefer to lead and strategize on my own, but that would only make you, like chicks, obediently follow me. In that case, it's better for us all to die together."

"Are you willing to sacrifice your life for such a petty grudge?"

"Petty grudge?"

John's eyebrows furrowed.

"Cutting off others' limbs and holding grudges for it? Does this bastard still not feel the urgency? Does he really need to be destroyed to regain sanity? Hmm?"

John spoke with determination, as if venting built-up anger.

"Ten million points and a sincere apology. If you don't do these two things immediately, I won't cooperate. Then, both you and all the group members will perish. Me? I don't mind dying, as long as I can kill you."

Although he spoke like this, it was actually just a threat without feeling behind it.

Who in the world would sacrifice their own life to kill others?

Though he felt a burning desire for revenge, John didn't go to that extreme.

"But, do I need to demean myself so much to accept this deal?"

To make Black Scythe kneel, he had to act firmly.

Anyway, this guy's life depended on him, so he didn't have to be afraid.

"With ten million points, I'll buy experience packs and reach maximum level in one go. Then, I'll be able to match the current Black Scythe."

He already had a plan for when the strategy ended and the group disbanded.

He hadn't offered the ten million points without thought.

"You have to accept. Why? Because, of course, the lives of other group members are at stake. Hehehe."

He had no regrets because he knew that even this guy couldn't avoid feeling guilty.

He would even bow to him and step in to save his group members.

At least, that's what he thought.

"Get going."

"Understood. I accept the deal... What?"

John's mind went blank at the unexpected response.

"What did you say?"

"I said to leave. We'll manage on our own."

"This bastard has finally lost his mind. Didn't you hear the explanation? If you fall into the trap, you'll be destroyed immediately. Do you think you'll be able to avoid the trap and move forward no matter what? Rely on my summons?"

"We'll see."

Faced with baseless confidence, John chuckled.

"Bastard, alright, give it a try. Is it really a good idea to blindly trust your intuition and move forward without caution?"

Black Scythe ignored John's advice and stood in front of the hallway.

A hallway of darkness where darkness was all that could be seen in every direction.

Although even stepping into that space was terrifying, Black Scythe took the first step without hesitation.

"Huh? Is it okay?"

As if standing over darkness, Black Scythe, in perfect condition, looked back at his companions.

"What are you waiting for? Follow me."

"Oh, okay."

"Line up and follow me. Don't stray more than three steps from the one in front of you. If you hesitate and take the wrong path, you'll be doomed to disappear on the spot."

With that said, Black Scythe led the way.

Walking in darkness was no issue for him.


"He's confused."

Ryu Min smiled as he looked at the necromancer standing there.

"It's understandable. Who else would venture through this hell passage without summonings?"

According to the original plan, this was a trial that required summoning.

Advance with summoning, fall into a trap, and then advance with summoning again.

That way, finding the way was the key strategy to overcoming the trial this time.

But for Ryu Min, the returner, summoners were unnecessary.

"Because I've already memorized the entire path."

He knows where to go to be safe, even if he can't see where the traps are.

He's learned and memorized everything through experience.

"If you take five more steps, a trap will appear."

Ryu Min avoided the trap and walked to the side, skillfully dodging it.

Then, the group members followed him like in a train game.

"So there's no danger of being eliminated. We don't need a summoner."

In reality, the trial cave was something Ryu Min could handle alone.

The group members only gathered to advance in the trial.

In fact, it didn't matter who the group member was; the trial was already decided.

"Some might ask: If you can handle it alone, why include a summoner in the group?"

The reason was simple.

They had to activate the second side mission of the quest.

"The condition of the second side mission is [Overcome the trial without the summoner's help]."

In other words, leaving the summoner in last place, if the others reached the end of the hallway first, the second side mission was completed.

"And the rest of the group, excluding the summoner, receives the side mission reward."

So what happens to the summoner who arrives later?

Not only will they not receive the reward, but they'll also receive a permanent debuff.

That was why they introduced John Delgado to the group.

To achieve the second side mission and give him a permanent debuff.

"If you try to kill me, you'll have to pay the price."

Ryu Min chuckled as he stepped on the last tile.


After Ryu Min, Min Juri, Jeffrey, and Joo Sung-taek safely reached the end of the hallway, a message appeared.

[You have completed the side mission!]


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