Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 209


"The fortress designed to defend against enemy invasion had long lost its function. Now it was simply a battlefield where dozens of Masters and hundreds of heroes crowded and fought.

"At last, the atmosphere comes alive."

Belkist knocked down an enemy leaping from the wall stairs.

Underneath his feet, bodies of unknown identity were piled, and Belkist's leather armor was already dyed red with blood.

Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!

Arrows were shot from Jenna's short bow.

The arrows hit four bandits who were climbing the wall with a ladder.

"Ha, ha, ha! Kill them! Kill them!"

"Head inside the fortress! We can't let them take the goddess statue from us!"

"Do you think that's possible?"

Inside the fortress, it was confusing even to distinguish between friends and enemies; heroes wielded their weapons against each other.

It didn't matter if they struck an enemy or a friend.

Hot smoke and flames rose from every building in the fortress.

The sound of clashing spears and swords, desperate shouts, explosions, and mad laughter echoed throughout the site like an orchestra.

"How many are these?"

Jenna whistled.

Without stopping her hand that fired the bow.


I threw my sword without looking back.

Blood spurted from the cut torsos of two people.

"There are quite a few."

We, having taken one side of the wall, observed the situation.

Because it's not just about blindly fighting.

To enjoy a delicious meal, it takes time to prepare.

There wasn't much advantage in increasing the number of deaths in a battle for occupation.

Whether you killed a hundred or one, the winner is the one who occupies the central target of the fortress.

Once a place is successfully occupied, other forces cannot enter the ruin for a certain period.

"The Self-Defense Squad must be there."

If there's a mage, they can move quickly through a portal.

They would be blocking the enemies in front of the target, forming the last line of defense.


An aircraft exploded in flames before crashing into the fortress.

When the bow hit the wall, debris flew in all directions.


Several heroes fighting nearby turned into minced meat.


I looked up.

An aerial battle was unfolding in the sky.

Just in time, three aircraft with different emblems chased the Lucette.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A barrier of red fire spread through the air.

The Lucette maneuvered back and forth to evade the bombardment.

"Take care of it. If the new airship explodes, there will be nothing to eat or drink."

<Help me!>

We're down here and you're up there, how are we supposed to help you?

'Handle it yourself.'

With just one ruin, we can mass-produce those cheap aircraft.

Just bring out another one, that's all.

"Crazy Dog...!"

I buried my blade in the solar plexus of a staggering man.

Crazy Dog. Who came up with that nickname?

If we ever meet, I'll crush him.

I squinted my eyes.

On the fortress walls, pathways and alleys, heroes from each faction fought frantically, but the main forces were not here. They had entered the interior, where the target was.

"It's time for us to go too."

There's no intention of dragging this out any longer.

I looked alternately at Jenna and Belkist.

Both seemed to realize what I was thinking and nodded silently.

"Let's go."

I jumped from the about 8 meters high wall without hesitation.

I landed on the roof of a building inside the fortress and quickly jumped to the next building 2 meters away.

The two followed me quickly.


While cutting down an assassin on the roof, my vision blurred.

[Pick me Up! - Crazy Dog reappears in the ruins?!]

[BJ - Sigyn]

[Viewers: 511]

It seemed like someone had started a broadcast.

A confrontation of this size is not common on the 40th floor.

'Get that out of here.'

I moved the broadcast window aside.

The viewers were talking, but I decided to ignore them.

Let them watch if they want.

After all, my skills were already revealed during the event.

From roof to roof.

From wall to wall.

We were eliminating the intrusive bastards as we advanced into the fortress.

'As expected.'

Things started to differentiate a bit here.

In the center of the interior, a crystal symbolizing the ruin stood tall like a great building, and around the crystal were barricades of the Silver Star squadron.

"Ha ha ha! Kill them!"

"What do they intend with the ruin, being just 'herbivore' players!"

And like ants, the looters threw themselves against the barricades.


I noticed narrow stairs leading underground, near the crystal.

Probably, the statue controlling the entire ruin would be down there.

"What are we going to do? Sneak in?"

I shook my head.

A transparent barrier covered the entire barricade.

It was a magical barrier made by a mage.

'That's why mages are a nuisance.'

Infiltration is the most effective.

The underground passage of the ruin was very narrow, three people could block it completely.

Initially, we planned to deal with Adilang before starting, but a madman interrupted us and complicated things.

'They will surely warmly welcome us once they realize we have arrived.'

After all, I was the one who caused this disaster.

"Defend it at all costs! Contact the other Masters! Bring everyone, whether they are available or not!"

At the forefront of the barricade, Sijal cut down enemies while shouting.

Somehow, the wind blew in their favor, and the Silver Star forces continued to reinforce the barricade.

The cannons inside the barricade kept firing, defending the sky from the aircraft.

There were 24 affiliated Masters.

Moreover, they all belonged to the same sector.

They were not few at all.

"It seems we have no choice but a frontal assault."

Belkist raised his sword.

He had cut so much that the sword's edge was worn out.

"I will lead."


If we intervene, the Silver Star and the bandits could join forces against us.

If they know, even a little, about me, they won't hesitate to collaborate to attack me.

I looked back.

It seemed like the Masters from the neighboring sector had also smelled blood.

Another fleet of aircraft was approaching.

'We should finish this quickly.'

We could call in more forces from the Lobby, but it would be a waste to use them here.

I thought for a moment and then turned to the two.

"It will be a frontal assault."

"That's right, but I'll go alone."

I continued.

"If I draw their attention there, you two enter through the underground entrance. Block the path and take control."

"Is that possible?"

"What else can we do? We have to try."

"The brother will cause a commotion, and we will sneak in!"

Jenna smiled subtly.

I nodded.

"Then, I'm counting on you. Let's go, Brother Bel."


Belkist had a slightly dissatisfied expression, but it quickly hardened, and he followed Jenna.

After making sure the two had disappeared, I jumped from the wall.

'It seems like the strategies are becoming repetitive.'

But still, this was the most efficient way.

I smiled as I spun my sword and walked slowly towards the barricade.

"Halgion Syraos."

<I'm here.>

"It's your turn to act."

<Hmph, I thought I would die of boredom waiting!>


A spark of crimson lightning began to emanate from my left hand.

"By the way, your talent is truly exceptional. The synchronization rate is very high, what the hell are you?"

"What do you gain by knowing?"

I smiled slightly.

Now I could merge even without being close to the Sparrow.

I didn't need to hear his constant chatter.


Sijal and I made eye contact.

Sijal's blue eyes distorted, and flames surged from within.

"I'll kill you."

Sigyn, after cutting down two as if they were butter, advanced towards me.

She was already completely covered in blood.


When Sigyn blew the whistle hanging from her neck, all the guards' attention focused on me.

"Oh, look who it is."

On the outskirts of the crystal.

A man with skulls hanging from his waist looked at me.

He spun his saber and twisted his mouth.

"If it isn't the famous Mad Dog. How convenient. I have another neck to offer to the Master."

The man approached me, stepping on the bodies scattered around like trash.

"Guys, let's kill that one first! It will be troublesome if we let him live."

"That sounds good to me."

Sharp gazes turned towards me.

They moved.

The real elites that the Masters had nurtured with effort.

They were on a completely different level from mere thugs, having devoured tens and hundreds, trained in blood and in numerous real battles.

[http://go.onewinch.tv/ – OneWinch TV]

[Pick me Up! – Mad Dog reappears in the ruins?!]

[BJ – Sigyn]

[Viewers: 5412]

Suddenly, the viewers had multiplied by ten.

How annoying.


I took a deep breath.

Somewhere here, Jenna and Belkist would be looking for an opportunity.

There was no need to conserve strength.

"Now you're dead."

Sijal spat blood-stained saliva.

A purple pattern appeared on his cheek.

It was a branding mark.

"Don't think it's impolite, brother."

"If you wanted to live, you shouldn't have interfered."


The others also activated their brands simultaneously.

And then...


With a tearing sound, spears, swords, arrows, and magical bullets pierced tens of meters towards me.

I activated the switch in my mind.

[Han (★★★★) has activated the Exceed ability.]


It was as if a bomb exploded inside my head.

Blood ran furiously through my body.

<Hahaha! The insects are going crazy!>


Crimson lightning burst all over my body.

[Unique ability, Black Dragon Scale, activated!]

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

[This hero is immune to magical damage]

[This hero is immune to magical damage]

[This hero is immune to physical damage]

[This hero is immune to physical damage]

[This hero is immune to magical damage]

[This hero is immune to physical damage...]

'Phase 3.'

The Black Dragon Blood ability was at level 3.

I firmly grasped my sword.



The Black Dragon scales spread to my left shoulder, instantly covering my entire body.


[Han (★★★★) has begun to contaminate.]

A strange energy was invading my body.

Probably, this was the Black Dragon's blood that Gugukon talked about.

It felt like needles were sprouting all over my circulatory system.

'This is... what's needed...'

No matter what, I don't like things without risk.

Chis, chis, chis.

The crimson lightning danced, forming dragon wings on my back.

My vision turned red.

<Aren't you going to tell me you're going to give up here?>

"I couldn't."

I smirked.

"What is that?!"

"A monster?"

I firmly planted my feet.

Just with that, the ground sank and cracks spread in all directions.

In the reflection of my sword, I no longer looked human.

'This is something.'


My body shot up dozens of meters in the air.

Not just a jump.

I flew.

<Let's easily increase it by about a thousand times.>

If it's a thousand times...

'That would be about 80 tons, I suppose.'

Not bad for a demonstration.

I looked down.

Dozens of heroes stared at me in awe.


The crimson lightning playing around my body began to calm down.

From the third phase of the Black Dragon Blood, I could manipulate gravity for real.

Although, it wasn't that impressive.

At best, I could increase my own weight.

"If you want to live, dodge." From afar, Jenna ran towards the barricade shouting.

How unnecessary.

I twisted in the air.

My body started to fall.


The descent speed, which was smooth at first, increased tens of times.


After several more accelerations, I broke the sound barrier.

I stretched my sword in my right hand to the limit.

Blue flames sprouted from the blade.

[Skill, Conqueror's Sword Spirit, Activated!]

Just before touching the ground, I swung my sword.

And then...

'This is an act of supremacy.'

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