Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 211

Chapter 211

"The principle is indeed as His Majesty says. However, to truly demonstrate the virtue of a sovereign, it might be better to show mercy."

Such words were entirely unexpected, considering the original nature of the Sword Sage.

Logan's gaze, previously filled with anger, turned sharply toward the Sword Sage in an instant.

"Sword Sage, what do you mean by that?"

The king's expression hardened as if he had been betrayed by someone he trusted.

'My teacher?'

Logan was just as taken aback.

Yet, the Sword Sage continued calmly.

"We've just quelled a rebellion. I worry that harsh application of the law may lead to further chaos."

"Punishing the rebels would lead to chaos? That's preposterous."

Despite the king's expression chilling with anger, the Sword Sage remained unshaken.

"While the law is solemn, it gains its value from being applied to the right subjects. I implore your mercy."

"Ha, hahaha. Such..."

Seemingly overwhelmed with many thoughts, the king's gaze shifted back and forth between the Sword Sage and Logan, his expression growing complex.

But then, his face turned expressionless.

"Well, if you both say so, what can I, a powerless man, do but accept?"

"Your Majesty, to say such a thing..."

"Both of you may leave. I wish to be alone."

The conversation ended with an unexpected response.

And till the very end, Logan could not find the words to speak.

"Why did you do it?"

Exiting the royal palace, Logan finally broke the silence with his first question, to which the Sword Sage let out a small sigh.

"I merely said what needed to be said."

"You weren't just taking my side?"

"...They're merely the remnants of a concluded war. I thought excessively harsh punishments would be unfavorable for His Majesty as well."

"I thought you did it to restrain me."

"That too."

Surprisingly, the teacher nodded in agreement easily.

And then.

"I may have taken your side this time, but is it necessary to be at odds with His Majesty? Couldn't you humble yourself a bit more?"

"How much should I humble myself?"

"What?""I'm not sure how you would feel, Master, but I believe I have at least fulfilled my minimum duties as a subject. No, to be honest, it’s more than that. But if His Majesty finds me displeasing, what should I do? How far must I bow to accommodate him?" 

"...Still, he is the monarch we must serve. He is the king, Logan." 

"Continuing to be swayed by His Majesty’s unreasonable demands will prevent us from accomplishing our duties and ultimately lead to the empire’s downfall." 

"Here we go again with that talk." 

"We must save the nation first." 

At those words, the Sword Sage sighed deeply, looking into his disciple’s red eyes. 

Eyes that were rare to behold, carrying an ineffable talent within, the eyes of a disciple who lived as a hero in turbulent times. 

A disciple who became a benefactor and formed a teacher-student bond, overcoming the nation’s crises together. 

Now, that disciple was slowly starting to express opinions different from his own. 

He was curious about what those red eyes were looking at, but having lived with his own convictions, if he couldn't understand his disciple, then all he needed was to do his best in his own position. 

He believed his mindset was righteous, thus, eventually, they would come to see the same view again. 

"…Putting aside whether war will actually happen, it's not a subject’s duty to ignore the monarch under the pretext of what’s best for the nation." 

"As I said, offering counsel when the monarch is straying from the path is the duty of a subject. These are the words you once told me, Master." 

Yes. That was true. 

In a normal relationship between sovereign and subject. 

But as things stood, the monarch was hostile towards his disciple, and the powerful disciple had no intention of bowing his head to the monarch. 

'What is to be done... I must find the right balance.' 

As the Sword Sage's worries deepened, Logan looked at him with a somewhat pitiful gaze. 

It was said that the third prince possessed royal virtue. 

If those who assessed him weren’t all wrong, then there must be a chance for improvement in their relationship. 

But now, there was truly no time to waste. 


"Master, as you've seen today, His Majesty has no intention of easing up on keeping me in check. Even if we let it pass this time, if such incidents keep occurring, it won’t be good for the nation. What I’ve considered as a countermeasure..." 

"No, I’ll persuade His Majesty. Just like today. So, let’s just let it go this time. Logan, if you can’t trust His Majesty, trust me. If His Majesty is hostile towards you without clear reason, I will certainly stand in the way first." 

"But His Majesty might send you away on some pretext to start something again." 

"…I’ll refuse. And I’ll visit His Majesty more often to persuade him." 


Originally, the plan had been to leave a part of the McLaine Knights in the capital, possibly even at the royal palace... 

'But for Master to say he would refuse the king’s orders.' 

With such a statement from his Master, he couldn’t be more stubborn. 

"I understand. I will trust you, Master." 

"…Good."Logan let out a bow to his mentor who sighed bitterly and then turned his back.

It was time to return to his estate, regardless of what had happened.

* * * The knights and crossbow cavalry that had gathered in the capital split towards Town and Taren as they returned.

Logan joined the troops heading to Taren.

The workshop that would sustain the wealth of his family and produce weapons for the future.

He intended to check on the progress of its construction.

Arriving near Taren, at a place that 'used to be' a wasteland, Logan gaped at the expansive 'plain' that unfolded before him, utterly transfixed.

The upcoming midsummer saw bits of green sprouts across the endless fields, where people were tending to the crops here and there.

""Is this… already finished?""

Muttering to himself, Henderson, who followed closely behind, responded with a smile,

""Yes, my lord. Even when I was leaving Taren, preparations for farming had already begun.""



""I hadn't even expected this to be done by this summer.""

Logan's astonishment was understandable.

The land was several times larger than the McLaine wasteland.

Moreover, with the river being further away, supplying water through canals to the fields was exponentially more challenging.

Logan had heard reports to this effect before.

He thought starting farming would, at best, be next year...

""When nearly a thousand dwarves gathered, the construction speed noticeably increased, just like that."" Henderson pointed.

Following his gesture, Logan saw in the distance a horse carrying a dwarf, pulling equipment that seemed to have dozens of hoes connected, tilling the field.

""It's some kind of alloy, I didn't quite catch it, but it's only a tenth the weight of iron yet much sharper, making it easier to penetrate the soil. It's only natural for the work speed to increase now that such equipment is being produced in the workshop.""

""Ah…! So, the workshop is already operating properly?""

""Yes. It's already becoming famous as the city of artisans in the central regions. With such good treatment, many human artisans are gathering as well. Lord Hammer's name is also becoming well-known.""

Seeing Henderson beam with pride gave Logan a sudden sense of reality.

'Right. Hammer... well, that makes sense.'

Strictly speaking, Hammer was Logan's slave, but everyone in McLaine had been showing respect to Hammer for some time.

It was the proper courtesy for the developer of the weapons that brought prosperity to McLaine.

It was perhaps somewhat belated that his reputation began to spread externally.

""Plus, the apprentice magicians from the magic tower were a great help in clearing the lands.""

""The apprentice magicians? How?""

""Though they can't use golems, even simple Dig spells were a great aid in the construction. Master Clayton had suggested they help with the construction as part of their training…….""

""Hmm?"""Construction itself is training. That's even inscribed at the entrance of the newly built magic tower. Honestly, I still don't understand what that means."

"Ah, hahaha..."

Logan couldn't help but let out a hollow laugh, wondering if he had somehow ruined not only Clayton's personality but the very ethos of the golem sect. Shaking off such thoughts, he quickly changed the subject.

"Hmm, well, if it was developed quickly, that's a good thing, right?"

With the grain yield from the newly flattened Sin McLaine Plains, Bifrostth Plains, and now this area, it was possible to feed half the kingdom's population. 

Which meant,

"We won't have to worry about military provisions at all, no matter the amount."

"Excuse me?"

"No, never mind. Let's head into the city. If this place is like this..."

"Perhaps the mines are also completed?"

As those words were spoken, the horse carrying Logan picked up speed.

"The Grand Duke himself!"

"Verify his identity! Open the gates!"

Despite a previous instance of excessive troop mobilization, Taren's defensive stance remained as robust as ever. The sight awaiting Logan beyond was vastly different from the one he had left before heading to the empire.

"Wow... This is impressive."

He couldn't help but exclaim in amazement. Everywhere he looked was lined with stone buildings of at least three stories, yet their uniform standards and the light yet elegant texture and design gave off a remarkably fresh and clean vibe. The neatly paved roads, laid out at regular intervals like a chessboard among the buildings, only amplified this feeling.

Amidst the bustling of artisans and workers carrying or hauling equipment along those roads, stood an impressively high building with a particularly large roof that made one wonder how it was constructed.

"In just 7-8 months..."

The giant building, now devoid of any signs of the incomplete workshops Logan had seen before leaving, clearly indicated the newly completed golem magic tower with its extra stories towering in the center.

'Have they decided to move the center of McLaine here? Father might have his sentimental attachments to Bifrostth Castle or town, but it's clear that this place will become more important.'

Logan had never seen the fortress city Taren in his previous life, but he felt certain that it couldn't be better than this. Especially since the newly cultivated wastelands were starting to yield crops, eliminating the typical food issues of a mining city.

'It would definitely be better to build a new town for the farmers in the middle of the developed farmlands and manage Taren separately.'

As Logan was envisioning future plans upon seeing the completed city, a familiar voice reached his ears.

"Hey! The master has arrived! I meant to greet you before you entered, but I was late. My legs are short, haha."

A welcome voice. Logan turned his head with a bright smile at the mention of a being he dearly wanted to praise.


However, faced with an unfamiliar appearance of Hammer, he could only be stunned.

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