Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 196

Chapter 196: A Towering Wall, Seemingly Over 30m High, Impossibly Tall.

A massive wall towering unbelievably high, seemingly well over 30 meters. The seven distinct colors of energy flowing on the surface of the wall would appear only beautiful to those unaware of its danger.


Even someone from the party watching from afar couldn't help but exclaim at the sight.

However, unlike the rest of the group, who could hardly contain their admiration, Logan's complexion was as hard as stone.


The heart of the hated enemies that filled him with endless loathing.

A fortress of iron walls that, since being established three centuries ago, has never once fallen.

The continent's largest city, Aserian.

Even the crowd entering and exiting through the city gates to the north, south, east, and west made the city feel more imposing than Grand, the largest city in the eastern part of the continent.

Oblivious to Logan's complicated feelings, Blake spoke up with a smile.

"It's a problem if you're this impressed here, Lord Logan. Aserian has much more to offer within."

"I am aware..."


"Ah...haha. I've heard a lot, but seeing it in person is certainly different."

Logan awkwardly laughed, changing the subject.

After a long journey where they grew slightly closer, instead of requesting duels, Blake would often make conversation.

Under the guise of teaching Logan about the empire's culture and artifacts.

However, the problem was...

"Of course. As you'll see, Aserian is truly like a different world. All thanks to the grace of our illustrious emperor."

Almost every conversation ended with praise for the emperor.

'Could the emperor have a means of brainwashing superhumans?'

The thought was ridiculous enough to consider.

"I'm looking forward to it."

"I shall accompany you to the end. Shall we move on?"

"You really plan to escort me to the imperial capital?"

"I have some greetings to make myself since I'm here. Haha."

"Then I'll gratefully accept your kindness."

"Don't mention it."

How should this relationship that developed over a month-long journey be defined?

Or rather, how should he interpret the actions of the imperial legion commander treating him with extreme courtesy simply because he was a guest of the emperor?

It may be too early to define it, but at least thus far, he had been exceedingly helpful.

Except for the immense discomfort Luther Kyle felt in the rear.

"Do you still not know why His Majesty has summoned you?"

And he was subtly persistent.

"Yes. As I have said many times, I have only been diligently working to overcome the kingdom's crisis. Maybe my efforts were impressive?"

The question had been repeated countless times, as was the answer.

But what followed from Blake this time was a little different.

"Strange. No matter how much I consider it, you don't seem like the person. Hmm... Do you have any other guess?"

"That I don't seem like the person?"

"His Majesty is not greatly concerned with the affairs of minor states... Ah, my intention was not to belittle Grandia. Just..."

Logan's lips curled into a bitter smile at Blake's underlying imperial superiority.

"Ah, haha. It's fine. If it is the emperor of the empire who thinks so."

"Thank you for understanding. Anyway, he's only interested in superhumans, which is odd to me."


"Ah, you'll find out when you meet him. It's not something I can easily tell you..."

Observing Blake taper off, Logan began to ponder internally.

Wasn't the emperor interested in his achievements during the civil war?

Interested only in superhumans?

'Hmm. Could it be because of my weapon?'

Currently, in the Third Legion, there was no sign of the rapid-fire crossbow, and if the imperial war broke out in five years, he figured the crossbow would be developed further into the future than this moment from his past life.

'No. I can't be sure. The claim that he's uninterested in the affairs of the kingdom is likely an exaggeration. If he truly had no interest, then it's even stranger that he'd invite me alone...'

As his thoughts became more tangled, Blake shifted the topic with an apologetic expression.

"Do you know what the seven colors you see on the wall signify?"

"I seem to have heard it, but I don't remember well."

"I'm pleased to explain. These seven hues are the manifestations of the seven Grand Magics that protect Aserian. They relate to the magics symbolized by the seven towers within Aserian..."

Strengthening the walls, automatically repairing them was basic.

Emergency magics activated in a crisis, life magic to invigorate the citizens.

"Only these four effects are well-known. The remaining three magics are kept in absolute secrecy, so much so that only His Majesty himself would be aware of one."

Blake proudly rattled off a story well-known to the learned and to those curious about such matters.

Walking and keeping pace with his voice, they soon reached the eastern city gate.

"What's that giant?"

"A monster?"

"Looks like knights?"

A scene now familiar.

When soldiers managing the long line approached the group, drawing all eyes with Luther Kyle's giant presence, Blake pulled out a golden token from his coat.

"I am Blake Ivandor, commander of the Western Third Legion. Open the way, I've brought a guest of His Majesty!"

The soldiers, shocked at the sight of the golden token, stepped aside with commanding shouts from Blake.

Shortly after.

Logan and his party were able to enter Aserian amidst the throng of day-time crowds.

"Please wait just a moment, people from the palace will come to meet you. Just a very short wait, I implore you."

A paladin who seemed to be performing only the role of a gatekeeper at the city gate bowed his head repeatedly, pitiful in appearance, but the focus of the party, apart from Logan, was on the street visible through the door.


Even Victor, who was not easily impressed, let out a soft voice that made its way to Logan's ears, prompting him to sigh and take in the 'unwanted' grand avenue once again.

Not a city of uniform buildings like Ruthpelheim, but a hodgepodge of structures, at least five-stories high, each of a different color and shape, lined the streets.

In the center of the street, well over 50 meters wide, was a beautifully kept garden and fountains that delighted the eyes.

People, wearing attire of such variety you wouldn't see the same outfit twice, went about their business.

Shellfish lovers in fine silk normally reserved for nobles or wealthy merchants in Grandia were buying fresh fish in the middle of this inland metropolis.

Just this one scene was enough to starkly depict the might of the empire and Aserian's affluence.

However, Logan's brows furrowed at the sight, contrary to the others' amazement.

'Prospering like this, yet you wage a conquest war for greater greed.'

And it was the empire that had pillaged the wealth and resources of nations like Grandia, funneling them into the imperial heartland.

As memories of his previous life made his face stiffen,

"Is there something troubling you, Lord Logan?"

"No, there are just so many curious things I am trying to understand with my limited knowledge."

"What you are looking at... Oh, the fountain. It's a decorative feature of the streets using waterworks. It's even drinkable."

"Ah! I see. Indeed, the empire."

Feigning surprise and giving a thumbs-up, Blake returned the gesture with his usual smile.

"I do not know how long you'll stay in the imperial city, but if you get the chance, do visit Aserian's central market. There is a saying that if it isn't there, it doesn't exist in the world. You'll be quite satisfied."

"I've heard rumors, but thanks for letting me know."

"Well, you'll be even more surprised once you get to the palace. Brace yourself."

Blending in with their surroundings, bustling to avoid appearing like mere country folk, they were looked upon by passersby with hidden scorn.

Amidst all this, as Logan chatted placidly with Blake, a procession with an ornate carriage and a group of knights approached.

"Oh, they have arrived."

"William, commander of the 5th Division of the Imperial Guards, at your service, Commander Blake."

In shining silver armor with golden dragons emblazoned, the knight name William greeted Blake, clearly a top-tier paladin.

Following him were about thirty or so paladins, at least mid-tier, perhaps high-tier experts.

'The Imperial Guards. As formidable as ever.'

Externally known as the strongest force under the emperor, the Royal Guards comprised only knights of medium-tier and above.

Unlike the Esperanza Knight Order, not only were they of such quality, but they also numbered over a thousand.

A force that seemed the best of both Esperanza and the Baldwin Knight Orders truly the most powerful knights in the truest sense.

And their commander, in the future...

'Ah, it's not Jerome now, is it? Who was the commander then?'

As Logan rechecked his knowledge,

Blake stepped forward to greet him.

"William, it's been a while. But it seems I must take precedence today. I've been escorting His Majesty's guest."

"Yes, I am aware. You are Logan MacLaine and his party, right? Please get in the carriage. We will take you to the palace."

The knight named William backed away with a bow.

Lost in thought until then, Logan only now felt a sense of strangeness.

"How large."

He had failed to notice the extravagant carriage size, which was far from standard.

Only now did he realize the size, with eight horses at the front.

"The carriage includes members of the Grandia party, including the Aura user Luther Kyle. We prepared it accordingly."


"An artifact carriage reinforced with strength magic, and we have selected only the best horses to pull it. Even Mr. Kyle should find it sufficient."


The superhuman, who had traveled the entire way to the empire in silence, running on his own two feet, was awestruck.

Then, his eyes widened as if remembering something.

"Then this magnificent carriage... was recently made just for me?"

"His Majesty not only cares for you, Lord Logan, but also for all the members of your party. We will ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your stay."

The highest-ranking knight bent gracefully, as if a merchant serving his customers, an unusual sight for Luther, overwhelmed by the street and carriage, as he gaped, unable to speak for a moment.

Seeing this, Logan nudged Luther and stepped forward.

"Aren't we going, Sir Luther?"

"Ah, yes. Of course."

The giant, likely having never had the experience of riding in a proper carriage, finally moved.

"Commander Blake, you have been most helpful. I will not forget your kindness."

"It is nothing. I am just a loyal servant of His Majesty. I hope to meet again under favorable circumstances."


Thus it seemed the month-long association would lightly conclude.

After the grand carriage carried the party away for quite a while,

'The emperor...'

Logan mused over the rumors of his past and present life, Blake's reactions, and sketched out the images of the archenemy he had thus far pondered in his mind when Luther Kyle suddenly spoke up.

"Are you not nervous?"

"Excuse me?"

"We are en route to meet the ruler of the continent's strongest nation. It would be normal to feel tense, but you look like you could close your eyes and fall asleep without a care."

Logan had been actively contemplating but stammered speechlessly at this surprising misunderstanding.

"Your courage is admirable, but it's wise to take some caution. The current emperor of the empire is reputed to have constructed a form of authority that is historic. It's not just a matter of behavior."

"His behavior alone would suggest that, yes."

Indeed, it was a bit excessive.

"It's not just that. A sovereign praised for rejuvenating not only the military but also the cultural and economic aspects of the country. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to have ambitions for conquest."

A grave misunderstanding, yet Logan's eyes twitched with amusement, no need to correct him just yet.

"He's just as harsh on any threat to his authority, too. There are rumors that an entire noble family was exterminated because they gave policy advice that irritated him."

Logan chuckled incredulously.

"Nonsense. A wise emperor wouldn't commit such follies, would he?"

A great nation requires many talents.

If a noble house had been destroyed just for being slightly annoying, the empire could not have grown to its present greatness.

"I also don't take rumors at face value. But if there's talk like that, we must see him as a ruler who punishes challenges to his authority severely. I advise you to maintain respect and avoid inciting displeasure."

The concern in the face of Luther Kyle, a superhuman once an enemy, was palpable.

"Haha. Are you worried for me? Me, who is virtually your enemy? You, Luther Kyle, of all people?"

"You are now virtually a pillar of the kingdom. It would be disastrous if something happened to you. I speak out of concern."

Sincerity tinged Luther's words, a former adversary's concern lightening Logan's heart, previously burdened by thoughts of the emperor.

"I'll keep it in mind, Sir Luther. Don't worry too much. As the emperor himself has invited us, we should not expect any misfortune for the sake of his stature."

"...I hope so."

Despite Logan's words, the worried look did not leave Luther's face.

As their conversation came to a close,

Their carriage finally arrived at the palace.

Into the lair of the emperor, who had led the conquest war.

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