Return of Mount Hua Sect (Novel) Chapter 1666

Episode 1666. Because There Will Be a Future. (Part One)

"Don't fall behind!"


"You too, you bastard!"


A groan of pain naturally escaped Im Sobyeong's lips. Well, given that he was already ill, it might as well have been a normal groan.




Im Sobyeong, who was about to complain, closed his mouth silently.

He wanted to shout, "Why the hell do I have to go through this hell for some Wudang bastards I don't even know well?" But he knew that pulsing veined fist would hit him without warning.

'Not even bandits would be this stupid. Damn Taoist bastard.'

After all, what's the difference between bandits and Taoist bastards? Both live in deep mountains, away from the world, following their own lives.

The only difference is that bandits get 'help' from those passing by, while Taoists receive help from those seeking them out. That's it, isn't it?

"They're falling behind over there!"

"On my way!"

Im Sobyeong quickly ran and kicked the rear of a Meng Do member who was falling behind.


"Hey, bastard! Even I, who am sick, am running, so stop complaining and run!"

Im Sobyeong, who kicked the one about to fall behind out of sheer frustration, gritted his teeth. Even so, seeing this, everyone ran as if their lives depended on it, leaving no one behind.


Was it luck or strategy?

Originally, the members of Nokrim would have fallen long ago, deciding whether to live or die as they pleased. But somehow, they kept running.

Regardless of their affiliation, everyone glanced at those running beside them, gritting their teeth. Then they drew strength from their weakness and pushed harder.

'I didn't know this would have this effect.'

Simply forming a group and dividing people did not erase their original sense of belonging. Loyalty to the group would not surpass loyalty to the sect for long.

But, this also meant that there was still latent competition among them.

If they couldn't hold on and fell behind, they would receive disdainful looks from everyone. If those running beside them were their fellow sect members, the blame would fall on themselves, but now they couldn't expect that outcome. Their failure would reflect on their sect, provoking ridicule.

'Therefore, even if they have to die, they can't fall behind.'

Seeing those running desperately, Im Sobyeong shook his head.

"Running with the honor of the sect on their shoulders..."

Meanwhile, the youths of Mount Hua Sect, running at the front, remained vigorous, leaving no room for complaints.

"What's so important about honor that makes everyone act so pathetically…?"

At that moment, something caught his attention. Im Sobyeong's eyes widened.

"Don't fall behind, you damn bandits! Do you want me to skin you alive?"


"Those who fall behind will have their tendons cut and be sent to the Beggar’s Union, so try not to fall behind!"

Im Sobyeong, practically spitting fire, kicked the backs of the exhausted Nokrim members and encouraged them. Chung Myung observed the scene and clicked his tongue.

"You said it was pathetic."

"Ah, Nokrim is a different story. I can't allow them to make us look bad. Tsk tsk."

…Chung Myung looked at him with an impassive expression, but Im Sobyeong discreetly avoided his gaze. And he grimaced.

"Well, it's not like I care about worthless honor. In Nokrim, if you’re looked down upon, it’s better to close up shop. You don't understand."

"Sure, whatever. You must have your reasons."

Im Sobyeong opened his fan and fanned himself for no apparent reason. Well, actually, he did have a reason, as he was sweating profusely.

After a long sigh, Im Sobyeong, in a more serious voice, spoke softly.

"But surprisingly..."

"There haven't been any attacks."


Chung Myung's gaze also calmed.

"That means they are really targeting Wudang."

"We haven't arrived yet."

"Of course."

Im Sobyeong's eyes, half-covered by the fan, shone with a cold light.

Until they reach Mount Wudang, no conclusions can be drawn. They must consider that anything can happen.

But the fact that they haven't encountered any traps so far means the Evil Tyrant Alliance's target is not this place.

Im Sobyeong murmured softly, so no one else could hear.

"Should we speed up a bit?"

"No. If we rush, there will be stragglers."

"I know, but if they are really targeting Wudang, they probably have already launched a full-scale attack."


"Wudang can't hold out."

Chung Myung's face hardened a bit. But after a moment of silence, he shook his head.

"Still, it's Wudang."

"I know. But it's still just Wudang. You know in war it's not just about individual strength. In Wudang, there's no one who can face Jang Ilso or Ho Gakmyung."

For a moment, the image of Heo Dojin crossed his mind, but Im Sobyeong quickly shook his head.

Heo Dojin would not be enough.

It's not that he lacked skill. But Heo Dojin had already shown his weaknesses to the enemy. Jang Ilso and Ho Gakmyung would surely exploit those weaknesses ruthlessly, forcing him to make difficult decisions.

If it were a war with comparable forces, they might somehow hold out, but now, the Evil Tyrant Alliance overwhelmingly outmatched them.

It's not about whether they can fight, but how long they can endure.

"Still, we can't."

Knowing all this, Chung Myung remained firm. A faint blue light shone in his eyes.

"The moment we rush, we don't know when and how they will attack."

Im Sobyeong looked ahead.

Certainly, Chung Myung was right. In fact, they were moving much faster than Im Sobyeong had anticipated.

If they increased their speed, not only would there be stragglers, but the entire formation would collapse. Then, the effort of forming the group would have been in vain, and there would be more weaknesses.

With distrust still latent, he couldn't allow this mission to leave a negative impression on their first outing.

"Then, Wudang..."

"Will endure."

Chung Myung responded as if he didn’t need to think any further.

However, that wasn’t a sufficient answer for Im Sobyeong. Endure? Wudang? Against the Evil Tyrant Alliance?

He still remembered clearly. It was Wudang who was destroyed without being able to do anything, falling victim to the Evil Tyrant Alliance's schemes at the Yangtze River.

Even if Wudang had not prematurely declared their defeat, the current situation in Kangho might have been different.

And now Wudang could face the Evil Tyrant Alliance alone and endure?

"Do you trust Heo Dojin?"


Chung Myung was firm in this response as well. Instead, he looked towards Mount Wudang, which was not yet visible but definitely in that direction.

"Children grow naturally, even if the adults don't try to raise them. And someday, even if the adults try to stop them, they will surpass those who were watching them."


"Especially if they have scars."

"What do you mean?"

Chung Myung's gaze became more intense.

"Because there… there will be a future."



Once again, a cut rock fell off the cliff.


The rumble echoed as if the sky was collapsing.

"Throw it!"


The dug-up rocks and surrounding stone fragments rolled and fell down the cliff's surface. Although they were no longer effective on their own, they were different when combined with a huge rock.


The members of the Evil Tyrant Alliance, who rushed upon seeing the massive rock fall from the center, couldn't react properly to the stone rain. Those already in the air couldn't handle the falling rocks as effectively as before.

Thud! Thud!

The rocks, falling at a terrible speed, shattered the bodies of the Evil Tyrant Alliance members in the air. Even those who managed to block them were pushed back or down.


Falling or sliding down. What could be more fatal on a cliff as smooth as a polished blade?

"Those damn bastards!"

The members of the Evil Tyrant Alliance, enraged, glared furiously upwards. At the Yangtze River, it was Wudang who looked up with that same glare. Back then, those on top of the cliff won.

Will it be the same this time?


With a single attack, dozens of Evil Tyrant Alliance members fell off the cliff. More than half died instantly, and many didn't leave even a whole body.

The bigger problem was that as more people climbed the cliff, the damage from a single attack would increase.

"Good sword technique."

But Ho Gakmyung watched indifferently.

"What are you doing? Keep encouraging the others. Tell them the first to reach the top of the cliff will be rewarded with eternal riches."

"Yes, Commander!"

The officers nodded with pale faces.

Ho Gakmyung calmly looked upwards. He didn't seem to have any emotions, not even while watching.

"Wudang had someone like this. But… it's foolish."

"Huff! Huff!"

Thick sweat ran down Heo Gong's forehead.

Emitting a sword aura strong enough to cut the cliff was extremely exhausting for Heo Gong. Every time he launched an attack, he felt as if his soul was tearing apart.

But he couldn't stop now. He had to do it.


The sword emitted a white light once more.


The sword aura, launched with all its might, once again cut through the cliff's surface. The cut rock began to fall with a rumble.

The sword technique that could change the geography of Mount Wudang was not just an attack; it was repeated consecutively.


"Are you alright, Sajae?"

The Swordsmen of Wudang knew how impressive Heo Gong's sword technique was and how much internal power and mental energy it was consuming.

"Sajae. Instead of this, we should first..."

"I will protect this place!"

Those who tried to stop Heo Gong shuddered at his firm determination.

"I won't let a single enemy climb this cliff!"

Feeling the chilling determination, they couldn't stop Heo Gong and just nodded.

"We trust you, Sasuk!"

There was no one there who could oppose Heo Gong at that moment.

Regardless of ranks or positions, Heo Gong was undoubtedly the center of Wudang at that moment. Even with Heo Sanja, the temporary sect leader, present.

With Heo Gong taking this stance, the message for the other disciples of Wudang was not small.



Those who tried to stop Heo Gong quickly turned around. They looked down and saw enemies trying to take positions through side paths, instead of the white cliff wall.


They drew their swords without hesitation.

"We can't leave everything to Sajae."

Even if the strength of each sword might differ, the meaning was the same.

"Help Heo Gong! Don't let a single enemy approach his back!"


The disciples of Wudang, with swords drawn, rushed towards the enemies.

The sun was already setting in the west, dyeing the white cliff wall red. It was as if it was showing the future of this mountain.

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