The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 209

Chapter 209 - Parking Lot

Ryu Min decided to meet Russell while taking advantage of his trip abroad.

He wanted to talk in person and was also curious about Russell's financial situation.

"Mr. Ryu Min! Long time no see!"

Russell approached friendly, shaking hands with Ryu Min at New York's JFK International Airport.

Ryu Min also smiled and approached to greet.

"Did it take you long to get here?"

"Oh, no. I watched a movie and fell asleep, so it was quick."

The flight from England to the United States took 7 hours.

Although Ryu Min thought about visiting due to the considerable distance, Russell stopped him and came directly.

"What about going to the market? We can chat while having lunch."

"Oh, how did you know I was hungry? Sure, let's go!"

Ryu Min took Russell to a grill restaurant at the airport and ordered several dishes.

"I think you're hungry. Can you eat everything?"

"Oh, yes. To get strong, you have to eat like this."

"If you ever worry about money, don't worry. I can cover it all."

"Oh, what are you saying? Of course, I should pay. I can't just take advantage of free prophecies. Do you have a lot of money?"

When the topic of money came up, he remembered advice Ryu Min gave him earlier.

"By the way, did you sell the stocks?"

"Oh, yes. I sold them as soon as I heard. Thanks to that, I made some money. It's the first time in my life that so much money has entered my account."

"How much did you make?"

"40,000 pounds."

Russell invested 14,000 pounds in Ma Gyeong-rok's company.

Now, with an increase of almost three times, the sum became 40,000 pounds.

In Korean won, it would be around 65 million.

Now he could go several years without worrying about rent.

"You made quite a bit."

"For someone without capital, touching so much money is amazing... All thanks to the Prophet. So, about the bill..."

Before he could finish speaking, Ryu raised his head.

As if he knew what to say.

"That money is all yours, Russell."

"What? But you, Prophet, were the one who provided the initial capital, right? I borrowed money, so naturally I should pay it back..."

"Do you remember what I said when we first met?"

Russell nodded thoughtfully.

"I said I was investing in your potential."

"Yes, you said you were depositing funds for me, Prophet. I have no intention of withdrawing it until I reach the top of the blacksmith. I don't need it now."


"The money should be in the hands of those who need it. So use it, Russell. If you feel it's too much to use borrowed money, just leave me the capital. Spend the rest as you like. After all, you can consider it as the money you earned by investing directly."

In reality, since Ryu Min provided the initial capital and investment information, Russell's money could not be considered.

But, as a symbol of investment, Russell gratefully accepted it.

"I understand the Prophet's intention. Although it's embarrassing, I'll use this money for my daily life. Really, thank you very much."

"That amount of money doesn't deserve so much thanks. But more importantly, Russell, there's something important I want to talk about..."

"Ah, is that why you came here? Go ahead, tell me."

Preparing to listen, Russell tilted his head as Ryu, with a serious expression, began to speak.

"Have you ever heard the nickname 'Black Scythe'?"

"Black Scythe? Of course."

Russell was also aware of his number 1 position in the ranking.

"Black Scythe will come looking for me in the next Round 13."

"What? Eh, Black Scythe?"

It's not only surprising that the number 1 in the ranking is coming, but also how a person with no facial expression can find you.

"How do you know who I am?"

"I don't know, but you'll find out soon. Because I'll tell Black Scythe to meet Russell."


The meaning of those words was clear.

"So, are you related to Black Scythe in real life too?"

"Yes, somehow we're connected."

Russell, who had an expression of amazement, finally nodded.

If you're a prophet who can see the future, you probably also know Black Scythe's true appearance. It wouldn't be strange if both of them knew each other.

"It's not so strange that we get along with Black Scythe, right? Oh, Prophet, are you not a common person either?"

"Are you afraid of Black Scythe?"

"Yes. While others just go around the circuit, isn't he going around alone for 10 rounds? He managed to stay in the number 1 position as if it were a piece of cake. In many ways, he's a terrifying person."

From others' perspectives, he might feel that way.

"But what should I do when I meet Black Scythe?"

"For Russell to grow in Round 13, he'll need Black Scythe's help. To be more precise..."

Ryu Min explained in detail what Russell should do, along with the strategy for Round 13.

"Oh, so I'll need Black Scythe's help... Understood."

"I'll talk to Black Scythe later. Go help Russell when you meet him."

"Will Black Scythe really agree to help so easily?"

"Probably yes, because I'll ask him to. But just in case, show Russell's worth when you meet him."

"My worth?"

"If you apply the blacksmith class buffs to him, he'll surely feel the need to help you."

"Ah, I understand."

Ryu Min discreetly smiled as he watched Russell nod.

"With this, I've established the relationship between Russell and Black Scythe."

Acting as an intermediary, he created a bond with Black Scythe.

"The blacksmith is a class specialized in support, similar to a buffer. If they work together until Round 20, it'll be of great use."

While Ryu Min smiled, his phone rang.

The sender was Joo Sung-taek.

"It seems it has begun."

He couldn't stay seated.

"Allow me to step out for a moment."

"Oh, yes, take your time for the call."

After getting Russell's approval, Ryu Min stepped aside to answer the phone.

"What's up?"

-Ma Gyeong-rok has just arrived at a secluded warehouse. He's standing outside, smoking a cigarette and waiting for something.

"He's waiting for the offering, isn't he? Where's the location?"

-Gyeonggi-do, Bongbaesan Mountain, in Gwangju.

When he heard the location, he remembered it was Ma Gyeong-rok's favorite workshop.

"Good job. Send me the exact location via phone. And keep watch, join Jeffrey when the time comes and act according to instructions."

"I'll carry it out with my unit."

After hanging up, Ryu Min immediately called Jeffrey.

"Jeffrey, where's Christine?"

"She arrived in Korea a moment ago."

"Perfect. Make sure to lure her to the place I'm sending her. Remember how to say it?"

"Of course."

"Then do it as soon as you hang up."

"I will."

After sending a location message to Jeffrey, Ryu Min also called Seo Arin.

Nothing less than with Black Scythe's voice.


Ma Gyeong-sang and Ma Gyeong-su were never really close.

They grew up under their father's strict tutelage while studying management, considering each other as rivals.

Friction between them was normal, but it all stemmed from the competition for succession.

For them, who had understood that only money ruled the world, the brother was just an obstacle to eliminate.

However, mutual distrust and hostility reached a peak last year.

As the elder son's company, Ma Gyeong-rok, began to grow, both felt insecure.

When it finally seemed they would meet their father's conditions, they temporarily joined forces to deal with a common enemy.

"Elder brother, have you thought of a plan?"

"Oh, yes, I have. Ma Gyeong-su, I think it's best to follow the plan you mentioned."

"Really? It seems like the plan I proposed is the most realistic and feasible."

"Yes, that seems to be the case."

The plan presented by the younger brother, Ma Gyeong-su, was actually simple.

While Ma Gyeong-rok returned from the company, they would wear masks and kidnap him, proposing a challenge in a duel.

In this challenge, they would set conditions to ensure they were advantageous for them.

It should be a sure victory for them.

Although he would probably reject unfavorable conditions, Ma Gyeong-rok would have no choice but to accept.

If they threatened to kill him immediately, what other option would he have?

He could do nothing but accept with tears in his eyes.

"Brother, if we follow my plan, we can cleanly get rid of Ma Gyeong-rok. The winner of the duel will withdraw from the successor position. And, of course, if we add the condition of not disclosing it anywhere, we can completely exclude Ma Gyeong-rok from the succession."

"So everything ends when we accept the duel?"

"Yes, that's correct. It will be almost like a victory for us. Also, if we add the condition of not revealing anything anywhere, we can completely exclude Ma Gyeong-rok from the succession."

"So, will we compete fairly between us after that?"

"Yes, exactly. Until then, we must never stab each other in the back. Do you understand, brother?"

"Hey! Do you see me as that kind of person? Don't stab me in the back either."

"Understood, understood. Don't take what I say in jest seriously."

Although Ma Gyeong-su tried to comfort him by saying not to take it seriously, inside, he was smirking.

"Once we've dealt with Ma Gyeong-rok, next will be you, right?"

Having joined forces to deal with the enemy named Ma Gyeong-rok, the successor position was now destined to be occupied by the third son, himself.

No matter what despicable tactics he had to use.

"But what if the elder brother Gyeong-rok rebels? Will we really have to fight as brothers?"

"That pathetic guy. It seems like the head of a younger son is filled with flowers. Just that."

Although Ma Gyeong-su heard the question and thought about how pathetic the younger son was, he didn't show it openly.

With the elder brother Ma Gyeong-sang being so easily manipulated, everything was in his favor.

"We will. It would be better not to kill him if possible, but if he rebels so much that he's hard to control..."

Ma Gyeong-su's gaze dripped with determination.

"Kill him. Even if he's the elder brother."

"Hey, isn't that too extreme? No matter what, killing is..."

"Then is kidnapping acceptable?"

"It would be better than murder, don't you think?"

"Brother, do you think you could take over Ohsung Corporation leadership without being prepared for it? Or are you planning to undermine my foundations later? Have you already set foot in that?"

"Oh, no, it's not like that. I'm just looking for ways better than just killing..."

"So you're giving him the chance to live. If you present a challenge and he accepts, you might save Ma Gyeong-rok's life too."

"But, you know, can we really beat Ma Gyeong-rok between the two of us?"

"Why couldn't we? We have similar levels, right? I don't think we'll lose to that guy with more experience."

"Still, there's a feeling, haven't you felt it?"


"Ma Gyeong-rok's words, sometimes his gaze sends chills. In those moments, it seems like he's saying 'go away, serial killer'."

"What are you talking about, brother? Why would Ma Gyeong-rok be scary? Are you trying to intimidate me and keep undermining?"

"Oh, no, no one's scared. It's just that sometimes that happens."

"There's nothing to be afraid of, brother. Neither Ma Gyeong-rok nor the two of us can be defeated by that guy."

"Yeah, I suppose."

Unlike the confident Ma Gyeong-su, Ma Gyeong-sang seemed a little worried.

'Ah, the second brother is like a fool. How scary to take root in this. It seems there really is no other heir than me.'

With those thoughts, Ma Gyeong-su soon arrived at the underground parking lot of Ma Gyeong-sang's apartment.

"Brother, should we discuss further tomorrow?"

"Yes, there's plenty of time. Let me know by text what time it'll be tomorrow."

As he nodded, Ma Gyeong-su got into the car, and Ma Gyeong-sang shook his hand.

"Take care."

"Understood, brother. Huh? Damn it!"

Ma Gyeong-su, who was starting the Porsche, got out of the car upon seeing the warning light.


"It seems a tire is flat."


"I don't know. Ah, here it is. Here's the hole, damn it."

"Exactly, you should drive more carefully. Don't you go out every morning to race with club members?"

"Oh, yeah, I quit that a long time ago."

"Then why did a healthy tire suddenly go flat?"

"Good question."

"Was it done intentionally by someone?"

"It seems so. Damn it, who could it be?"

Ma Gyeong-su, who was sighing, looked at his brother.

"No choice. Do I even have to borrow my brother's car?"

"Oh, what a bother... Alright, wait a moment. I'll get the car keys."

While Ma Gyeong-sang went up to the apartment, Ma Gyeong-su waited, smoking a cigarette.


"Ah, shit. Why doesn't this adhere so well...?"

The moment he felt someone was nearby, Ma Gyeong-su lifted his head.

"Brother, I'm already here..."


Struck in the face with a shield, Ma Gyeong-su passed out, and three minutes later, Ma Gyeong-sang appeared.

"Where's Ma Gyeong-su? I brought the car keys. Hello?"

Ma Gyeong-sang, who was looking around, found a lighter and a pack of cigarettes where his brother had been.

"What's this? This is Ma Gyeong-su's..."

The moment he grabbed the item, he felt the sensation of someone approaching quickly from behind.

"It seems there's someone."

Thinking it was his brother, Ma Gyeong-sang turned his head, but, in the same way, the shield struck his face hard.


An Sang-cheol, who had knocked out the brothers, loaded them into the van and answered the phone.

"I'm ready, representative. Yes, I'll take them now."

With that, the vehicle driven by An Sang-cheol quickly left the parking lot.


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