The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 218

Chapter 218 - The Treasure of Elsorium

Did you wait for about 3 minutes?

From afar, a flickering light can be seen at the warp gate.

Finally, someone hurriedly ran over.

It was the five elders, the real leaders of Elsorium.

"Oh, oh. Is that really Black Scythe?"

"Lord Black Scythe is visiting our elven village."

The funny thing is, even though it's the first time they've seen each other, these NPCs recognize their faces.

It's not an act, but a response that indicates they truly know, reading their thoughts.

"Sorry for making you wait so long. Come this way quickly! We'll take you to the palace."

"Very well."

Ryu Min followed behind as if he had truly become a hero who saved his country.

If the elves want a hero, he will act as one.

"Come up this way."

Upon stepping onto the warp gate, they instantly moved inside the palace.

"This way."

As they followed the elders into the guest room, the surprised maidens resting there suddenly stood up.

"What are you doing? Our guest has arrived, so bring some tea at least!"

"Yes, yes! I'm very sorry, elder!"

After hastily dismissing the scattered maidens, the elder smiled faintly.

"Feel at home here, as if it were your own. We'll soon bring you hot tea and snacks."

"Very well."

Ryu Min, who did not refuse, sat comfortably on the chair.

There was no reason to reject the treatment of guests.

He had already completed the mission and had plenty of time.

"Although I have come to Elsorium several times, it is truly amazing. Elves live very similarly to humans."

Even changing races would make this place seem like a common kingdom.

"They probably have a lot in common with humans. These items must also have been acquired in human society rather than being manufactured here."

However, superficially, elves and humans did not seem to have a good relationship.

Elves who love nature would not appreciate the destruction of nature caused by humans.

The reception at the entrance was also due to that reason.

"However, it is convenient to have human things, to build and live in such comfortable buildings."

There were probably those who chose Elsorium for reputation work.

But developing a relationship with elves was not easy.

"It's probably the hardest of all types of races."

Unless someone like Ryu Min saves their lives in specific situations, they won't receive this kind of treatment anywhere.

"Here is tea and snacks for you."

Ryu Min, who received the tea from the maiden, first smelled the fragrance.

The scent of pine needles filled the air, calming his mind.

"Sometimes, this kind of break is not bad."


Ryu Min took a sip of tea with a relaxed mind.

He didn't suspect it was poisoned.

There was no reason to target someone who was practically a national hero, and he trusted the reputation system.

Had he taken about three sips?

The elders who had left the audience hall were returning with someone.

It was Princess Eufinelcia and Commander Yugrito of the order.

"It seems they went to fetch the princess, wherever she went."

They were probably exchanging various conversations among themselves.

What to give to the distinguished visitor who suddenly appeared.

The result was the princess they were now seeing.

"They might think that if they hand over the princess and maintain a close relationship with me, they won't lose out."

And they weren't wrong.

Reading the thoughts of the elder approaching with a smile, it was exactly that.

"Black Scythe, how is it? Do you like the tea?"

"Hmm, it has a nice aroma."

"It's tea made from Tiberi leaves, bought at a high price recently in the Kingdom of Brahm. It has the effect of refreshing the mind when you drink it."

"It really seems so. But elves who venerate nature seem quite active in their interaction with humans."

"We can't live isolated from the world forever, can we? If there's something better, we should accept it. It doesn't mean we're getting along with humans. We still remain neutral, but..."

The elder looked at Ryu Min attentively.

"Unlike other humans, we would prefer to maintain a good relationship with you, Black Scythe. Like now."

"I want that too."

Had he accepted that with the possibility that the relationship could break at any moment?

The elder, slightly puzzled by Ryu Min's words, introduced the princess with a smile.

"Oh, I've delayed the introductions. Have you met her before? She is Princess Eufinelcia."

"Pleasure to meet you, Black Scythe. It's an honor to see you again."

Eufinelcia made a small curtsy, lifting her dress.

Compared to before, the princess, who seemed younger, now appeared to have matured.

-Haha, it seems even Black Scythe can't take his eyes off the princess.

-They said humans couldn't resist the beauty of our people, and it seems it was true.

Meanwhile, the thoughts of the elders were transmitted.

It seems they're misunderstanding something just by looking at the princess.

"Well, then, we have urgent matters to attend to, so we will take our leave."

"I wish you a pleasant time."

Although the elders discreetly withdrew, they couldn't let them go like that.

"Wait a moment. Aren't you going to ask me why I came here?"

"Why? Is there a reason?"

"Weren't you here to see the princess?"

They really expected that response as the elders waited with surprised faces.

Eufinelcia also looked at him expectantly.

"Not just for that, of course. I came worried about the princess's safety. Where would the gallant knight be who doesn't worry when a lady is in danger?"


Eufinelcia blushed.

The witty comment directed at the princess, who liked spicy remarks, was well received.

"Well, that and also to confirm a piece of information."


"It's said that in Elsorium, there's an elf treasure trove that has been passed down from generation to generation, right?"

The elders trembled and rolled their eyes as if expecting a compromising response.

Obviously, they knew what he was referring to.

"Where did you get that information?"

"The source of the information isn't really important. What's really crucial is why, despite having a treasure trove, you've hidden it without saying a word about it."

"I haven't hidden it! It wasn't my intention at all. I haven't even had that thought!"

"Well, can you guide me to where the treasure is? To where the trove is."

The elders glanced at each other before reluctantly nodding.

-Where the hell did you hear about the treasure...?

-Was only the princess unaware of this?

-Seems like these humans only highlight greed. Their nature is truly different.

Reading their thoughts, caution was evident in handing over the treasure.

"Perhaps it's understandable. After all, this is the elf treasure trove, which has accumulated centuries of inheritance."

Even for a hero, it would be a pity to hand over the trove's treasures.

Despite any alliance, they remained outsiders.

When Ryu Min gave them a slightly resentful look, the elders moved as if pushed.

"Oh, I'll show you. This way..."

If the reputation wasn't good, merely mentioning it wouldn't be enough to guide him.

They would have dismissed the rumor as senseless nonsense.

"It's not like I can personally go and knock down the door. After all, the system is set up that way."

The trove was protected by a barrier that couldn't be broken by any attack, no matter how strong Ryu Min was.

He had already tried it in previous chapters.

"We're here."

The place they arrived at following the elders was a large underground chamber in the palace.

"Here lies the history of Elsorium accumulated over hundreds of years."

"I'd like to see it."

"Please wait a moment."

The five elders gathered in front of the door and recited a spell.

Then, a ring of light composed of grotesque characters slammed into the door and spun in circles.

The barrier would only dissipate when the spells of the five elders combined.


The door opened on its own, and at the same time, a message appeared.

<Side Quest - Elsorium's Treasure Trove>

Condition ▶ Open the treasure trove door with the five elders.

[You have completed the side quest!]

[You may choose 3 treasures as a reward.]

"Please come in."

Following the elders, they entered the trove.

Dazzling gems and treasures could be seen illuminating the dark underground chamber.

"Gems, magical swords, enchanted armor, magical spell books, artifacts, and so on, of all kinds."

As Ryu Min looked at the treasures with interested eyes, the elders gave him a friendly tap.

"These are treasures collected by Elsorium over the past 500 years. You can take whatever you desire."

"Any amount?"

"Well, considering they are objects with history, how about you take only about three...?"

Though the elders feared Ryu Min might ask for more, he had no intention of doing so.

"I don't need more. Three are enough."

"Thank you!"

Ryu Min, as if he were shopping, chose without hesitation.

[You've chosen a piece of Rune of One Hundred to One.]

[You've chosen a piece of Rune of Resistance.]

[You've chosen a piece of Rune of Immunity.]

[All rewards have been selected.]

When the three rewards were chosen, Ryu Min smiled at the elders and said:

"With this, I've chosen."

"Have you chosen the magic stone?"

"Oh, an excellent choice."

A relieved laughter spread across the faces of the elders, who secretly worried he might choose something more expensive.

But they didn't know.

For the player, there was nothing as valuable as a rune fragment.

Ryu Min used all the rune fragments to inscribe runes on his body.

[Rune of One Hundred to One]

-Effect: Attributes increase by percentage according to the number of enemies within a radius of 100 meters. It applies to a maximum of 100 enemies and increases up to 100%.

[Rune of Resistance]

-Effect: Resistance to status ailments increases by 50%.

[Rune of Immunity]

-Effect: Resistance to elemental damage increases by 50%.

After obtaining the three runes, Ryu Min smiled widely.

They were all mandatory elements on the list of runes he needed to obtain.

"I've become even stronger with this."

Though he was already strong enough, he couldn't rest easy here without knowing what enemy might appear in the future.

"They say the more money you have, the better. Likewise, it's not bad to become stronger."

The task with the elves was over.

"I've seen everything, so I'm leaving."


Exiting the room and returning to the surface, Ryu Min used the tracking skill while remembering a particular person.

[Face and name match. Tracking target's location.]

[Target 'Russell Daniel' identified.]

[It's currently at a distance of 4,395 meters.]

[To track the target, follow the arrow appearing in front of you.]

"Should I go now to the dwarf village with Russell?"

There, he could also obtain God-grade materials and help Russell grow.

"I'm leaving for now. I have things to do."

"Oh? Leaving so soon?"

"Yes, I've already drunk enough."

Leaving behind the disappointed Eufinelcia, Ryu Min exited the palace.



When the dark wings, which stretched over 10 meters behind him, unfurled, the princess and the elders who bid him farewell were surprised.

"Well, see you next time. May Eufinelcia stay healthy until then."

"...Yes, you too, Black Scythe."

Though Eufinelcia said it shyly, Ryu Min was already flying away.


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