The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 207

Chapter 207 - Next Target

Before speaking with Christine, Ryu Min first called Jeffrey.

"Really? Is she on her way?" The news that Christine was coming to Korea was already in the air.

"What's the reason?"

-It seems she wants to hear the next prediction from the Prophet.

"Even if she asked for it over the phone, coming in person..." It's not right to hear life-saving predictions over the phone.

"Jeffrey, follow Christine. When the time comes, I'll get in touch. Bring her to wherever she desires."


"I originally thought of calling her under the pretext of the next prediction, but if Christine comes by herself, there's no need to talk over the phone."

"It's better not to let her know that I'm intervening as much as possible."

What if word gets out that he called her to Ma Gyeong-rok's ears? A careless arrow could point towards him. Then, the target could naturally become his younger brother, Ryu Won.

"That's why I'm also keeping my investments cautious. I have to cosplay as a victim too."

Although it sounds absurd for a prophet to fail in investments, it's sufficient if he claims he can't see the future.

"When the time comes, I'll also have to call Seo Arin. Of course, with Black Scythe's number."

That's how he intends to lure both to the same place and make them see Ma Gyeong-rok's true face. As long as it's spoken under the assumption that Ma Gyeong-rok is committing the crime.

"First, I'll leave it to Joo Sung-taek to follow Ma Gyeong-rok. I have separate matters to attend to."

Ryu Min didn't have time to chase Ma Gyeong-rok immediately. He needed to figure out the Messiah's movements right away.

"And I also met John Delgado."

When he meets him, he has something to prove. Whether he can use Sariel, created as his summon.

"This time, we will surely meet in that hut."

It's interesting to see what kind of conversation will happen within it. There will probably be all kinds of words about him, the Swingman.

"But I can't go with the appearance of Swingman. I can't let them know what kind of conversation they're having."

Since he needed to hear what they were discussing, he planned to use invisibility to monitor.

"Brother, where are you going again?"

"Yes, I'm going for a stroll abroad."

"Isn't it to meet your Japanese girlfriend, by any chance?"

"Japanese girlfriend?"

Apparently, misunderstandings like this arose after a hot spring trip to Japan.

"Yeah, something like that."

"Haha, so you admit it. Come back safe, brother."

"Yes, I will return."

Although he suddenly had a girlfriend, Ryu Min thought it wasn't bad to use her as an excuse.



The cabin table broke with a single punch.

"Is this something reasonable? Our organization members are being attacked!"

The angry person was none other than Yang Qiwen.

He confirmed the result of round 12 through the summary window and found out that Black Scythe's assassination plan had failed.

Since Black Scythe's name occupied the top spot, he wasn't too disappointed.

But he wasn't disillusioned by the plan's failure.

All the other apostles here thought the same.

Since the plan proposed by Swingman was an alternative.


"Damn, who the hell is attacking our organization members...?"

When he snapped back to reality, he realized something startling.

The 28 organization members who worked directly under Yang Qiwen were all dead.

Yang Qiwen, who used to be a player, was inside a bunker house with extreme security, so he could avoid pursuit, but...


"Damn! Damn it!"

Now, he had no common subordinates left.

The only one left was Jang, as his right-hand man and player.

"Calm down. Or else, the table will break."

When the founder of the Messiah Guild, the Spaniard, told him that, Yang Qiwen opened his eyes with anger.

"Is this stupid table the problem? All my subordinates died!"

"If you organize again, you'll be able to regain your subordinates. Under Yang Qiwen's leadership, the number one in the Chinese ranking, surely there will be many seeking to join."

"Damn, are you implying that my subordinates betrayed us? Is that what you're saying now?"

"That's the only explanation. Or was it betrayal from within your own organization? Maybe your subordinates went crazy and betrayed you."

"Have you said everything?"

Although Yang Qiwen glared at him with a murderous look, Dark Soul remained unruffled.

"Well, let's ask ourselves this. Before Black Scythe was attacked, you said you found bodies in front of the villa, right? Was there any guild member missing among them?"

"...There was one. His name was Jang Chen."

"Ah, then he must be the culprit. Before completing his mission, he stabbed his companions and returned home to kill the rest of the guild members in an orderly manner."

"But Jang Chen was found dead along with other guild members in the organization."

"Then someone silenced him or he committed suicide after doing the job."

"Damn, it's not so easy to say. Jang Chen was a traitor..."

"Do you think a traitor walks around with a label saying 'traitor' on his face? Or leaves clues beforehand that he's going to betray?"


"Those who are good at killing are also good at acting. They usually wear masks and reveal their true nature when the time is right."


"What the hell do you know!"

Although Yang Qiwen denied it, Dark Soul looked at his companions as if to say his words were correct.

"Do any of you think I'm wrong?"

There was no response to Dark Soul's question.

The silence was an affirmation in itself.

Dark Soul grinned maliciously.

"In my opinion, that Jang Chen fellow is a traitor planted by a rival organization. He patiently waited for his opportunity and finally began to move."

"No, thinking about it, it doesn't seem related to the rival organization... maybe it's related to Black Scythe..."

"Black Scythe?"

Yang Qiwen, who had calmed his emotion, spoke calmly.

"I went to Korea to confirm after hearing what happened to a guild member. At that time, I also entered Black Scythe's villa, but there was no one."

"Where else could he have gone...?"

"There was no human trace at all. As if, knowing this would happen, the house was empty like that of someone who abandoned their home."

"Eh? So you're saying Black Scythe discovered our operation beforehand?"

"It seems so. Before carrying out the operation, it was clearly reported that he would be inside that villa."

At that moment, Dark Soul tapped his finger.

"Oh, I get it now! Black Scythe investigated our operation beforehand, bribed that member named Jang Chen, and then silenced everything by hiring another assassin."

It was a plausible assumption, but one problem remained.

"The issue is how they found out about our operation..."

"Could there be a traitor among us?"

"Among us...?"

With Yang Qiwen's statement, the atmosphere suddenly shifted.

Everyone started to eye each other suspiciously.

But John Delgado raised his head as if there was no need for mutual suspicion.

"I agree with the notion that there's a traitor. It seems like someone here knows who it is."


"Of course, someone who's not present at this moment."

With those words, everyone thought of one person.

The sole absentee from the cabin meeting was Swingman.

"Why would Swingman be the traitor? John Delgado?"

Though Spain's tone was calm, he was boiling inside.

It's not like he directly recruited the members.

If one of the members he recruited turned out to be a traitor, it couldn't be avoided to assume certain responsibility.

"I'm not sure. I'm just saying there's a high possibility."

"So, what's the reasoning?"

"I actually had a run-in with Black Scythe in Round 12."

"Sure. If the operation failed, we planned to approach Black Scythe as an alternative."

"At that time, there was another player named Zephyr with Black Scythe."

"Wait a moment, isn't Zephyr the assassin who provided Black Scythe's location?"

"Yes. I was also surprised to see the nickname for the first time, but as his face was different from the reality, I thought he was someone else. He didn't recognize me, and we just assumed that the assassin we hired had lied about his nickname. But now..."

John Delgado's eyes gleamed.

"If the Zephyr we encountered was indeed the same Zephyr and was colluding with Black Scythe, then it all makes sense. He could've spread false information beforehand to deceive us and aid Black Scythe."

"But we only asked him to follow us; we didn't share specific plans, did we?"

"That's why I'm saying there's a traitor within. Who called Zephyr, the informant? None other than Swingman. It might also be thanks to Swingman that Black Scythe could block us beforehand."

Swingman, Zephyr, Black Scythe, Jang Chen.

If we assume these four were colluding, everything fits.

"Damn! I should've known! That curry bastard! I never liked him from the first time I saw him!"

Only Yang Qiwen exploded, but the others weren't far behind in terms of feelings.

They were all gritting their teeth in a feeling of betrayal.

"Where's Swingman? Why hasn't he come?"

"Communication's been cut off. He doesn't show up even when we try to track him."

"Can't be tracked?"

"He shows up as a person who doesn't exist."


The meaning of those words was simple.

"It seems he's dead. In Round 12."

"Ah, that idiot. Dying alone in Round 12."

"So, we can't seek revenge, can we?"

They had planned to eliminate the traitor, but now that he's dead, there's nothing they can do.

"Jang Chen has also died, and if avenging Black Scythe is difficult, only one person remains."

"Boss, we'll have to track down this Zephyr fellow."

"But we don't even know his real name; how do we track him?"

"There's no other choice in reality. If we want to work on this, we have to do it from the Other World. I can find him because I know his face and his nickname."

When John Delgado spoke confidently, the Spaniard made a decision.

"So let's decide to track down Zephyr along with John Delgado in Round 13. We might uncover the truth if we interrogate him. Plus, we might get information on Black Scythe."

"Damn assassin. We'll avenge our subordinates."

"I don't know what the mission in Round 13 is, but that bastard is dead after this. He knew nothing and provoked us."

Thus, the four apostles sharpened their knives as the meeting came to an end.

Their new target was Zephyr, suspected to be Black Scythe's accomplice.



John Delgado returned home after the meeting.

He had barely survived this round working with Black Scythe and his party.

"Will I be able to survive next time?"

As the rounds repeated, the fear grew.

It wasn't just about avenging Black Scythe.

"It's okay. I have an angel by my side."

He had turned the angel he fought Black Scythe with into an undead.

Though he was discovered, Black Scythe, for some reason, let him live.

With a warning not to come any closer.

"Yes. In this situation, revenge can wait. First, survival is paramount."

Just in case, John Delgado checked his status.

But, as usual, a message was written like a seal.

[The penalty is ongoing.]

[All attributes decrease permanently by 50%.]

[Attributes of summoned beings decrease permanently by 50%.]

"Damn, damn!"

Seeing all his attributes halved infuriated him.

Why did it have to end up like this, working with Black Scythe in this situation?

Though many curses came to mind, at least there was something good.

"I have a summoned angel."

Though he didn't know the angel's name, it seemed incredibly strong.

Though it was like a mouse in front of Black Scythe, what did it matter?

"There's no summon that compares to common players or monsters. It's definitely the strongest summon I've had so far."

He could use the deceased person as a summon, retaining 50% of their vital statistics.

Though it halved again due to the penalty, it still seemed strong.

"From now on, I'll only rely on this summoned angel whose name I don't know."

He should become stronger.

Put aside the revenge against Black Scythe and just survive until Round 20.

"And make the wish. To kill Black Scythe."

Of course, it was just a fantasy.

Wouldn't it be better to wish to become a thousand times stronger than just wishing for something insignificant like that, even stronger than Black Scythe?

"Then, you could rule the world and do whatever you want. Hehehe."

A laughter burst out.

He laughed like a maniac, alone in his house, like a soap opera villain.

But he didn't care.

"Anyway, who's watching? Ha, ha, ha."

"Are you sure about that here?"

A third voice startled John Delgado.

He looked seriously to where the voice came from and saw a stranger with a mask.

'A white mask?'

At that moment, he remembered the recording he had captured at the villa entrance.

The man known as Black Scythe wore the same mask.

"You, you can't be..."

"Yes, it's me. The one you're thinking of."

With those words, a huge scythe fell into the hands of the stranger.

It was the same familiar scythe he had used to sever his own limbs.


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