Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 222


The field type was Darkness.

In the Pick Me Up scenario, it was set in an unknown place called an ultradimensional space.


I looked around.

In the sky, which had changed to a violet color, flickers like auroras rippled.

And beneath the sky stretched a vast forest. So far, it didn't seem different from the previous field, but the forest, which had turned black, writhed as if it were alive.

And then.


[The Chaos Egg has started to move!]

The center of the forest harbored a huge egg whose eyes opened.

"Big brother, look there…!"

"I know."

The Chaos Egg emitted a scream that resonated throughout the field.

Tentacles emerged from the grayish shell, writhing.


The tentacles ensnared a flock of Wyverns floating nearby, like whips.

And then, it brought its prey to a mouth that formed in the center of the shell.


Countless teeth began to chew on the Wyverns.

At the same time, dozens of tentacles extended in all directions, sweeping monsters indiscriminately.

"…This is not a pleasant sight."

Jenna smiled bitterly.

Well, it was never pleasant to see that egg.


[Master, the Chaos Egg is hunting nearby monsters. If the evolution level reaches 100, the Chaos Egg will evolve into Chaos Fluid. Complete the mission conditions on time!]

[Current evolution level: 001 / 100]


The egg, the size of a building, engulfed a large monster from head to toe and roared.

'The target is clear.'

Swift attack.

We must deal with the egg or delay its evolution before the evolution level reaches 100.

There was no time to hesitate.

I surveyed the field again.

More than ten thousand monsters swarmed beneath the airship.

If that's all, it would be enough for each hero to handle about 30 monsters, but the monsters kept emerging from somewhere, faster than the tentacles could devour them.

'Is this an impossible difficulty level?'

Beginner Masters often look at the beginning of a mission and think… there's no way I can overcome this.

But… experts are different.

They know well the higher laws of Pick Me Up.

'No matter the mission, even if gods and demons emerged, there's always a way to overcome it.'

<Han, what should we do?>

Edith's voice echoed quietly.

It was a private communication audible only to me.

I brought my hand to my ear.

"First, we must slowly inspect the surroundings of the egg and the field. Somewhere there will be the key to overcoming this."

I inspected the upper right corner of the notification screen.

[Current evolution level: 001 / 100]

The evolution level wasn't increasing rapidly.

There was enough time to inspect the field and prepare the attacking force.

"Probably, in this kind of mission, there will be a hidden goddess statue somewhere in the forest. It's dangerous to approach the egg, so let's search for objects around the forest. Ask someone with a good eye to look carefully."

<Sure, understood.>

After finishing the communication with me, Edith began to spread what I said through the command channel.

'It seems like there aren't too many frightened.'

Some heroes showed signs of fear or panic, but they were quickly recovering.

We could fight properly.


The airship Lucette turned its bow.

Following Edith's instructions, it attempted to explore the field near the egg.

"Now they'll come."

Belkist murmured, crossing his arms.

And he was right.


Monsters hidden in the darkness of the forest suddenly rose.

It seemed like a part of the sky darkened. Judging by the quantity, there were hundreds of them.

Obviously, their target was Taonier's fleet of airships.

<Prepare the artillery!>

Radi, Taonier's chief mechanic and now fleet captain, shouted through the command channel.

Clack, grirr.

Mechanical sounds followed, and four airships following the Lucette deployed their weapons.

From the large ballista to the rapid-fire catapults and magic cannons, they were creations of the craftsmen of Taonier's equipment workshop, who had invested day and night in their fabrication.

<The Siodio Crew.>
<The Undien Ne.>
<The Bru Sewum.>
On the other hand, magical chants were heard.

In addition to the twin mages of Group 2, Anything had obtained some more mages through paid summonings.

Flashes of magical energy gleamed on each airship.

"Kiiiaaack! Kiaaaa!"

[Corrupt Harpy Lv.48] X 321

[Corrupt Wyvern Lv.51] X 32

[Corrupt Chimera Lv.53] X 11

<All fleet, fire!>

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A synchronized bombardment erupted from the side of the airship.

A Harpy was torn apart by a bolt from the ballista, and the wings of a Wyvern were torn by the bombardment.

Ice spears several meters long and lightning bolts pierced through a Chimera from head to tail.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like a fireworks display, the sky was filled with flames, blood, and monster screams.

<Archers, take care of the ones nearby!>

The monsters that penetrated the airship's bombardment and the mages' attacks were met with a rain of arrows from the archers.


Paf! Paf! Paf!

A leading Chimera turned into a porcupine as it was pierced by arrows and plummeted.

<We don't have weapons, how dull.>

Unfortunately, the Lucette was a speed-focused airship, so it had no weapons.

"It's the first time I've shot a bow without worrying about arrows."

Jenna leaned against a pillar on the deck.

Beneath her, there was a container with dozens of steel arrows.

Jenna smiled and drew her longbow.

[Unique skill, Steel Storm, activated.]


A burst of light followed, and the monsters caught in the path of the arrows were annihilated.

"Don't exert yourself too much. We're not here to deal with those pawns."

"I know, I know. I'll only help when it seems dangerous."


Jenna killed a chimera with a single shot and prepared for the next one.

"We don't have weapons, but there's a human ballista here."

"It's not like a ballista."

The flying monsters continued to emerge from within the forest, but they were overwhelmed by the bombardment and arrows, unable to touch the aircraft. So far, none had managed to cling to the aircraft's hull.

"It seems like it's time."

I looked beyond the sky.

The prince who had transformed the field into Darkness had disappeared.

He's probably watching us and murmuring with his subordinates.

"This won't end here."

I placed my hand on the hilt of the Bifröst sword.


[A dark portal is forming!]

Over the deck of the aircraft advancing through the sky, a twisted black hole opened.


[Corrupt Goblin Lv.38] X 315

[Corrupt Lizardman Lv.41] X 85

[Corrupt Human Soldier Lv.45] X 76


Monsters of all kinds began to emerge from the hole and fell onto the aircraft's deck.

A goblin clung to the side of the Lucette.

"Activate the electric barrier!"

"Here we go! One million volts!"



A roasted goblin fell hundreds of meters down.

The aircraft was protected by a high-voltage current on all its parts except the deck and interior, a system designed to repel intruders.

"Close combatants, approach the railing! Prepare for combat!"

"It's time."

Belkist drew his sword silently.

Dozens of monsters were falling near him.


Kishasha clashed her fists, showing her fangs.

[Unique Ability, Transformation (Transcendental Type), activated]

[Kishasha (★★★★) transforms.]


Kishasha roared.

Transcendental Transformation granted her the physical strength of a beast without losing her human form.

It was a higher stage of Transformation.

Soft tiger ears emerged on her head as she wagged her tail and clenched her fists.

"Tiger Punch!"

Kishasha threw an uppercut.


With an explosive sound, the flesh and blood of the monsters splattered all over the deck.

"Don't overdo it from the start."

"I know, Han. I'm just warming up."

A soldier fell on the edge of the deck.

He wore steel armor and a helmet. Behind the visor, his eyes showed no trace of reason.


A human soldier screamed and stabbed in my direction with his spear.

Crack! I drew the Bifröst sword and cut him down instantly.

The severed torso of the soldier fell off the aircraft.

I wiped the blood off my cheek and said:

"Define your assigned areas and handle those guys. As I said before, we're not here to deal with the pawns. Don't waste energy and finish them off with minimal effort. I'll take care of the rear deck. Kishasha from the center, Belkist from the front. Jenna, keep providing cover fire, and Katio, rest and don't waste your magic."

Although they didn't respond, everyone moved according to my instructions.

I walked towards the rear of the deck with my sword drawn. Just then, a Lizardman fell.



With a light slap of my left hand, the headless Lizardman staggered and fell.

'There aren't many monsters around here.'

The monsters that emerged from the cracks of darkness concentrated on the main force of the attack fleet.

In particular, hundreds of monsters had clung to the flagship of the fleet, the Capitalism Ho.

On the deck, the heroes fought fiercely against the monsters.

"I could create a passage to Unit 1."

Katio, who was dodging inside the aircraft, said.

I shook my head. It wouldn't make sense to overcome this attack.

[Current Evolution Level: 004 / 100]

The evolution level had increased by three points.

The egg was still consuming monsters with its tentacles.

"Form a circle with the basic formation! Group by team! The injured must be immediately taken inside for treatment!"

Messages about the heroes' injuries began to appear one after another.

Almost a thousand monsters had invaded the aircraft.

However, the heroes' side still had no casualties.

'It can be done.'

The casualty ratio between heroes and monsters was over 100 to 1.

With these numbers, we could withstand even if tens of thousands of monsters attacked us.

It would be difficult if we were surrounded on land, but this was our territory in the sky.

[Opening the warehouse!]

[Balista Arrows X 13235]

[Magic Explosives X 9831]

[Health Recovery Potions (medium) X 511]

[Magic Recovery Potions (medium) X 364]

[Transport Summoning Stones X 318]


[Master, do you wish to initiate remote replenishment for the aircraft? 'Transport Summoning Stone' required.]

[Yes (Select) / No]

There was an abundance of ammunition and potions.

Anything had opened the tactical menu and was constantly replenishing supplies on the aircraft.

It didn't matter if everything was used up.

Taonier's equipment manufacturing workshop, which was like a large factory, was producing more.

"Second line, change!"

There was a change of members on the deck.

Those conserving their energy inside took the place of those who had been fighting.

Given the limited space on the aircraft, the rotation system was the most efficient tactic in this situation.

"These guys are nothing! We can do it!"

Edith shouted.

[Edith (★★★★) comforts her teammates.]

[Team morale increases!]

"It's still child's play."

Belkist cut down three soldiers in one stroke.

The number of monster bodies piled up on the Lucette's deck. Most of the creatures were neutralized by the electric barrier. There weren't many that managed to land on the deck.

"It seems there's nothing on the forest's borders."

Edith sent a private message.

The first Taonier fleet had circled the field's edge fighting monsters, but they hadn't found any peculiar object like a goddess statue.

"It must be inside."

I looked into the forest where the egg was wriggling.

Sinister-colored clouds covered the area.

'We have to go through those clouds.'

After all, it would be too easy if the object were outside.

"I'm going in there."


Edith ended the communication.

A moment later.

"Instruction delivered! We're going into the forest! It's a bit scary, but…"

The Lucette began to change direction.

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