Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 216

Chapter 216

"Announcing His Grace, the young lord Felix Esperanza!"

- Let them in.

Following the knight's proclamation, the answer prompted the Sword Sage to open the door and enter the office.

He then carefully selected his words as he had been doing for the past half year.

'I must convince His Majesty to reconcile with Logan.'

That was what the King and the Kingdom needed.

He reaffirmed this commitment as he gazed solemnly at the King.

Of course, the King, seemingly not too fond of Sword Sage’s presence, continued to attend to the documents on his desk, indifferently responding without even lifting his eyes.

"Ah, you've come again, young lord."

A cold voice emanated from an expressionless face.

Expecting such a response, the Sword Sage merely sighed inwardly.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I come to greet you after a week."

"Why such frequent visits, young lord, at such a young age? Your attentions are quite burdensome."

Essentially, the King was telling him to visit less often.

While the Sword Sage knew the implication, he merely bowed lightly with the same smile as ever.

"How can a subject not worry about his sovereign? Please consider it a concern of an old servant and be lenient."


After a soft sigh, the King finally put aside his paperwork and turned to face the Sword Sage.

"What is it that you wish to say this time? If it's the same subject, I would advise you to leave early."

"It is the same, Your Majesty."

"young lord!"

"But this time, there is a suitable pretext."

"...A pretext, you say?"

"Your Majesty's birthday is approaching soon. Why not invite Logan to the palace that day?"

"How would that serve as an appropriate pretext? I have already said no!"

"The important point is that it doesn't look as if Your Majesty is bowing down to Logan."

"Ha! What does that even..."

The King scoffed, but the Sword Sage could clearly see the uncertainty in the King's eyes.

After half a year of persistent persuasion, he had come to understand a bit about what the King truly desired.

It was a notion so childish he had almost missed it: pride.

"Even that act alone will show the gesture of reconciliation between Your Majesty and Logan to the outside world, and also have Logan bow his head in celebration of Your Majesty's birthday."

As the King's eyes wavered further at this observation, the Sword Sage slowly knelt before him.

The sight firmly shook the King's gaze.

"Your Majesty. I earnestly beg you. If you reconcile with Logan and grant him your trust, he will become the sword of Your Majesty and lead this country to a hundred years of prosperity. Please consider it the last request of this old servant."

As the Duke’s voice resonated in the office, the King thought for a moment before letting out a deep sigh, and then said something unexpected.

"Ha, haha. It seems that I have indeed been a poor king."


"To think that I made the young lord kneel for such an obvious duty of reconciling with a subject."

"No, Your Majesty, you needn’t say..."

Surprised by the King’s sudden apology, the Sword Sage hurriedly bowed his head.

"Since you insisted so, young lord, I will do it. But I am somewhat concerned if young lord Logan shares your sentiments."

"Logan has always been a loyal subject concerned about the future of this nation. If Your Majesty extends your hand, he will surely take it. Even if not, I will make it so."

"...Is that so. Then I will trust only the young lord. Please proceed."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. I will contact Logan immediately."

The young lord's face bloomed like a flower at the rare gentle smile from the King.

* * *

Before entering the royal palace, Logan became an adopted son of the Count Teman family, but nothing was known about his past actions.

"Not showing up? What does that mean he just sprang out of nowhere?"

"Yes. The deceased Count Teman Lieberman had recorded that he brought in a clever child from the slums, but there are many attestations that the count was not the kind of person to even mistakenly visit the slums."

"Is that so?"

Over the communicator, Logan’s thoughts grew complicated at Damian's report.

"The problem is that it's hard to further confirm since all related parties are already dead."

"All of them?"

"The direct line of the Lieberman family has died out, and Cleo has taken over the family."

"Things are getting more suspicious. Find out more, especially anything peculiar about the current movements and especially if related to the King."

"Yes, I understand."

Although Damian nodded impassively, Logan received a summons to the capital before he could obtain any additional information.


[His Majesty wishes to meet you for his birthday. He intends to apologize for everything that has happened.]

"Is that possible?"

[Yes. His Majesty's expression seems sincere. It seems my efforts visiting the palace were not in vain. You should come and see it for yourself in the capital.]

'It can’t be.'

'If it were as simple as changing his heart with advice, he wouldn’t have resorted to such an underhanded tactic, Master.'

If Cleo was still influencing the King, it would be even more important.

"I am sorry, Master. I'm a bit busy..."

As Logan showed reluctance, his master was not easily swayed.

[Logan. This is my request. Come for me, at least. His Majesty seems truly changed.]


'If the Master wishes so...'

And if the King's change of heart proved to be real, it could be the last opportunity to mend the distasteful relationship with the King.

With that in mind, Logan's stance gradually shifted.

[Logan. His Majesty has acknowledged his mistakes with difficulty. If you reject him now, you'll be planting the seeds of strife again.]

Unable to refuse his sincerely concerned master, Logan acquiesced.

"Yes, I understand. I will visit soon."

[Good. That’s wise. I'll see you in the capital.]

'This is the last chance. If it turns out to be the King's ploy again...'

With a mindset different from the Sword Sage’s expectations, Logan made his decision to travel to the capital.

And merely a week later...

"Is the Master inside?"

"Yes. He is waiting for you."

Upon arriving in the capital, Logan immediately sought his master instead of his manor or the royal palace.

While the birthday of the King wasn’t usually celebrated with grand festivities in Grandia, it was customary for the royal household to gather intimately at the palace.

However, since most of the direct royal lineage had been massacred by Logan, the current King had been spending his birthdays in light banquets with close subjects.

But those subjects were...

'Just that Cleo and some royal guards, that's what.'

Effectively, apart from that one man, the King had been with no other nobles.

That alone should imply that the man wasn't just an Inner Palace Administrator but the present King’s closest confidant.

And if Cleo was involved in the King’s change...

'I must eliminate him.'

As Logan organized his thoughts, he found himself in front of his master’s office.

"Master. It's Logan."

- Come in.


Entering the door, Logan saw his master smiling warmly, a stark contrast from before.

However, that smile evaporated as soon as Logan expressed his concerns.

"Cleo is suspicious?"

"Yes. There’s no record of his past. And everyone who could know of it is dead."

"Are you making too hasty of a conjecture based on unclear past?"

"Being wary when nothing comes of it is a relief. But Master, hasn't His Majesty changed too quickly in a short period? I can't think of any other explanation for that change."

"Why did you take interest in this man?"

"I’m sorry, but he is the only person beyond my reach by His Majesty’s side."


The Sword Sage was momentarily at a loss for words at his disciple's directness.

However, seeing reason in his disciple's words, he soon nodded.

"Alright. If we investigate and find nothing, that’s indeed good news. I'll pay attention and look into it too."

"Thank you, Master."

"No need. You have complied with my request, so this much is fine. It’s also for the sake of His Majesty."

Logan bitterly smiled and nodded at that remark.

"Then, will you go directly to the royal palace tomorrow?"

"Yes. Can I spend some time with Stella today, since it’s been a while?"

"Hahaha. Yes, Stella has been talking a lot more. She sometimes asks for you."


"Just kidding."


Logan’s rare expression evoked laughter from the Sword Sage.

"Puahaha. It's true, you fool. I told her you might come today, so she’s likely excited."

"Ah, there was something I had forgotten. I heard something strange from a bishop when I was in the empire."


Compared to the issue of conflict with the King, these were still minor matters.

Setting aside their deepest concerns for a while, master and apprentice chatted away the day with light-hearted conversation.

* * *

"Count Logan McLaine and His Grace, young lord Felix Esperanza, are here."

- Let them in!

As the rare bright voice of the King commanded, the doors to the office opened, revealing a lavish banquet set for a royal reception. The extravagant spread seemed fit for thirty guests, not just three.

Behind it, the King welcomed them with a smile.

"Welcome, young lord Logan. It has been too long."

Rising and approaching him with a smile, Logan hesitantly reached out and shook the King's hand in return.

"It's an honor to be invited, Your Majesty. It's been a while."

"Oh, there’s no need for such formality, young lord. Just take your seat. I don't want to be bothered with excessive etiquette on such a fine day."

"...Yes, Your Majesty."

So began the occasion.

Not preparing gifts because of the Grandian tradition of not emphasizing birthdays, but the atmosphere remained warm and lively.

"Have a drink, young lord Logan. You suffered much because of this unworthy man."

"Oh, no, Your Majesty. How can you say such a thing..."


The wine filled the raised cup to its brim.

The concern that it might be poisoned seemed unfounded as the exceptionally tasty wine went down smoothly.

'Could he truly be sincere?'

Contrary to Logan's conflicting feelings, the King immediately smiled and offered his cup after Logan drained his own.

"Come, pour me one as well. I accept three penalty drinks as a gesture of my apology."

"Haha. Why speak in such a manner? I will serve you a drink."

Natural laughter mingled in Logan's response as the King issued an unexpected remark.

"If it weren't for you, how could someone as inadequate as myself become King? I must accept the penalty drinks. More, please."

True feelings began to seep into Logan’s previously formal laughter.

As time passed and they exchanged toasts amidst friendly banter, the King's complexion suddenly changed for the worse after gulping down the cup Logan offered.

"young lord Logan? What's...?"

"...Your Majesty?!"

Alerted by the Duke's sudden shout, everyone turned to see the King's face flushing unnaturally, his nose beginning to bleed.


"What's going on? young lord Logan, you don't think...?!"

The pale-faced King glared at Logan with fright in his eyes.

"Grrr. How could you do such a thing..."

The King pointed accusingly at Logan before collapsing.

And then.

"Your Majesty!"

"His Majesty has fallen!"

"Call the priest!"

"young lord Logan, you must accompany us for a moment!"

As the startled guards drew their swords and moved in, Logan stood motionless, witnessing the fall of the King with a frozen demeanor.

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