Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 219

Chapter 219

In truth, there might have been another way. If things hadn’t developed so quickly, Logan might have waited patiently for the king to relay his intent to surrender and recognize his own mistake. Sword Sage Felix Esperanza’s stubbornness was not only exerted toward his own disciple. The king’s arrogance was bound to crumble eventually, in front of a master who still took Logan’s side and who possessed unyielding conviction.

'Of course, even if that were so, there’s no guarantee that I could afford to wait that long.' Logan mused. But now, there wasn’t even the time to test that patience. The king’s determination not to give in had been indirectly confirmed. Therefore, he had no choice but to confront it head-on.

"There is an urgent matter in the fief. Your Majesty, the McLaine is being shaken! I must go. Now!" 

"...I shall resolve it."

"If you leave your post, Master, His Majesty will surely try to kill me. Then I shall no longer stay my hand either."

"Then I shall send the Esperanza elite if I must..."

"This is not a problem that can be solved so simply!"

Their red and blue gazes clashed in the air for a long while. Finally, Sword Sage Felik took a step back and sighed deeply.



A moment of red light flashed, and the cell door opened. The aura had sliced through the iron bars.

"Are you sending me off?"

"...No, I’m not sending you off." 

Logan flinched at the answer that contradicted the action.

"I am giving you a chance to choose."

"A choice?"

"I admit there is merit in your argument. However, I cannot forgo my position that a retainer must fulfill his duty."

Logan's gaze drifted to the open door.

"I'm making every effort to get you out. If you still have to go now, then leave. But if you leave as things stand, you'll indeed become a traitor, Logan."

The master turned away with an indifferent yet pained expression. His final word echoed in the prison long after he left Logan alone.

Even though the burden on Logan’s mind grew heavier, he had no other choice.

'I have no choice, Master.'

A flash of golden light sparked from Logan’s hands, and the shackles on his limbs snapped off powerlessly.


- Logan McLaine has escaped from prison!

This news spread tense panic throughout the kingdom, as people sensed that the worst-case scenario was about to unfold. 

Sure enough.

"Declare Logan McLaine a traitor and order his subjugation! All nobles are to gather their forces in front of the capital!"

The king's furious shout reverberated through the royal hall.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" 

The newly appointed ministers, forced into service by the king, responded in unison, seeming to fuel the heated atmosphere, but a silence soon enveloped the royal hall due to one person who remained silent. From the moment the word "traitor" was uttered, all eyes turned to Sword Sage Felix, who had his eyes tightly shut.

The king too, looked at him with a cool smile.

"young lord. The loyal subjects await. Will you just stand by and watch the traitor cause chaos in our nation?"

The Sword Sage slowly opened his eyes at the king's words.

"There are still many unresolved doubts about this unsavory incident. If Your Majesty shows leniency toward Logan, I’m certain a rebellion won’t occur."

A small sigh followed his hesitant words laced with complex emotions. The king just looked at the Sword Sage with a calm gaze.

"Logan McLaine has defied the royal command by escaping from prison, thus forfeiting any opportunity to allay your doubts. Isn't that correct?"


The Sword Sage reluctantly nodded under the intense gaze of the king, which seemed to pierce through him.

"Even so, will you still defend Logan McLaine? Do you value personal bonds over the authority of the royal family?"

"...How could that be, Your Majesty."

As the Sword Sage spoke solemnly, the king’s face brightened with a pleased smile.

“It is time to reestablish the authority of the royal family, young lord. Please consider the future of the kingdom over personal relations. Should you turn your back on me, what meaning would there be in the Grandia bloodline that fills this throne room?"

"Your Majesty is the legitimate sovereign of Grandia's true line. Such words are difficult to


"No, that’s not it. You are the only one I can trust."

The king said, stepping down from the throne while approaching the Sword Sage.

After looking into the Sword Sage's eyes for a long while, the king grasped his hand and bowed his head.

"Your, Your Majesty?"


Amidst the flustered murmurs of the ministers, the king kept his head bowed, not releasing the grasp on his hand.

"I implore you, young lord. Please show all the citizens that the authority of this royal family still endures."

The king continued to bow before his retainers, holding the hand firmly.

"Your Majesty. Please raise your head."

With that, the Sword Sage knelt on one knee and spoke as if severing something with each declaration.

"I shall obey the royal command and personally subjugate the traitor."

As the nobles held their breath,

a smile spread across the firm face of the king.

The Songmaster's unbelievable decision spread across the nation faster than the wind.


- Sword Sage Esperanza decides to personally subdue McLaine.

"What nonsense!"

"Ridiculous! What gibberish!"

"It’s true!"

This was an unbelievable tale for all who heard the rumor, questioning it more than once.

It had been barely two years since the civil war ended, and now, the very heroes who had brought it to a close were instigating another conflict.

"Is this really heading to disaster?"

"Could it be?!"

"Why does it feel like we're at war every year...?"

Everyone who heard the news was preoccupied with the future of the country while the shock of those directly involved was inevitably greater.

As such turmoil unfolded in the Sword Sage’s residence,

Logan was already making his way into McLaine Town.


"The Lord has returned!!"

"Our young lord has returned!"

"What? Really!?"

"Open the gates!!"

The commotion started with the knights and soldiers guarding McLaine Town’s East Gate.

And, Logan, amidst a much larger guard presence than usual, confirmed the gravity of the situation once again.

"Your Lordship, it's a relief to see you safe..."

"Where is father?"

"He... He's at the family estate. I've already sent word..."

"No, I’ll go."

Ignoring the knight's response, Logan, who had just arrived at the family estate, saw his parents, his fiancée, servants, and various retainers rushing toward him like a human wave, and despite the dire circumstances, he couldn’t help but smile for a moment.

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