The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 220

Chapter 220 - Newly Graduated Shoes

"The magic flow of Mandragora stem, adamantium plate, new material leather, wind spirit feathers, magic core, and two black iron powders?"

Ryu Min nodded as he checked the materials Heimer had brought.

"Yes, that's correct. How much is it in total?"

"Uh, wait a moment, let me calculate..."

Heimer, calculating on a slate, hesitated as he saw a higher amount than expected.

"No, don't be surprised! The total value of the seven materials is 5,932,900 gold, but..."

Russell, who was not directly part of the transaction, showed a shocked expression as he saw the figure close to six million.

"Why are these materials so expensive?"

"They are hard-to-obtain ingredients. It took us a lot to get them."

"Still, over 800,000 gold each..."

Russell, incredulous, looked at Heimer as if he were a swindler.

Ryu Min, however, trusted Heimer and didn't consider the price excessive.

"It's a reasonable price. After all, these are materials that even fall into the God-rank category."

Less than a million gold per material wasn't a bad deal, especially considering Ryu Min had around 65 million gold accumulated since capturing the angel.

"It's an absurd amount, isn't it? You should think it over more..."

"I'll buy it."

"Good choice. So, what about...?"

"I'll buy it. The materials."

Heimer's surprised eyes widened as Ryu Min confirmed his decision.

"This amount is something even the Hormos Merchant Union couldn't easily afford..."

"Since there's plenty of gold, let's make the deal."

Finally, the trading window appeared before them.

[Offer items or gold to the other trader.]

<Trader: Black Scythe>

Items to trade: None

Gold to trade: 5,932,900 G

Perform trade

<Trader: Heimer>

Items to trade: Mandragora stem magic flow, adamantium plate, new material leather, wind spirit feathers, magic core, 2 black iron powders

Gold to trade: 0 G

Perform trade

[Place items and click the 'Perform trade' button afterwards.]

[Transaction will only be completed if both parties agree.]

Upon pressing the trade button, the gold disappeared with a soft sound, and the materials were delivered into the inventory.

The corner of Ryu Min's mouth lifted.

"With this, I've obtained all the necessary materials to craft shoes and weapons of God-rank. Ah, except one."

The condensed ether, the core material, wasn't on Heimer's list for sale, so Ryu Min would have to obtain it through other means.

"For now, I can make God-rank shoes with the ether I obtained from killing Sariel."

Though he wanted to make God-rank weapons, two condensed ethers were needed for the weapons.

"Maybe I can get two if I kill two archangels in Round 17."

He wasn't sure if archangels would appear in this round, but it was a possibility.

"Hehe, you're really buying stuff. How come you have so much purchasing power...?"

"It was luck."

In response to Heimer's brief farewell, Ryu Min shook his hand, ignoring the smile on his face.

"Now that I've finished my business, I'll take my leave."

"It was nice meeting you. Have a safe journey."

"It was nice meeting you too, blacksmith Heimer. Russell is also diligently learning by your side. See you in three hours, after his training."

"You'll come back again? Why?"

"I want to see Russell's improved skills."

"I understand. I'll work hard while waiting."

"That's right. See you later."

"Take care on your way out."

Nodding, Ryu Min left the blacksmith's shop and struck the ground.


The dark wings that rose behind him carried him into the sky.


While Russell was carrying out the mission, Ryu Min pondered where to spend his time.

"I've already passed all the rounds and completed all the tasks."

However, he couldn't just remain idle, so he thought about undertaking some side quests.

"For the future, it would be good to join a mercenary company."

Currently, Ryu Min's company rank was Veteran. Once he reached the next rank, Master, he would have the ability to defeat dragons.

"I definitely have to defeat a dragon. Considering the items, titles, and runes obtained from there."

Killing a dragon rewards with God-rank accessories.

One of the 18 essential types of runes and a title are also obtained, so there's no reason not to do it.

"I can't do it right now, though. The impregnable barrier blocks access."

Just as one can't break into Elsorium's treasure vault by force, access to the dragon's lair is impossible.

The only way in is to raise the mercenary company's rank to Master.

"No need to worry. I just have to level up once more."

Completing some extermination missions in the mercenary company should allow him to level up quickly, considering the generous rewards of the Veteran rank.

"I've arrived."


Landing on the ground after flying for about 10 minutes, Ryu Min arrived at the Albitz Kingdom .

The Golden Eagle Mercenaries had branches in all cities, so he didn't need to travel far.

"Well, before undertaking the mercenary company mission..."

Ryu Min opened the combination window.

[Main Materials]

-Good quality leather boots

[Secondary Materials]

-Condensed ether

-Black iron powder

-Mandragora magic stem

-New leather material

-Wind spirit feather

"What if I try making a God-rank item?"

Since he couldn't immediately manufacture weapons, he decided to start with making shoes.

[You are combining God-rank items.]

[They will transform into items suitable for your current profession.]

[Combination successful.]

[You have created the 'Boots of Thanatos'.]

[Boots of Thanatos]

-Category: Footwear

-Rank: God

-Defense: 1,200

-Effects: All attributes +50, movement speed +100%, ability to walk through the air in darkness.

-Durability: 20,000/20,000

-Usage restriction: Master or above

-Description: Shoes created using the divinity of Thanatos, the god of death. When worn as part of a set, they grant additional effects.

-Thanatos Set (4/5)

-2-piece set effect: +20% resistance

-3-piece set effect: +10% skill damage

-4-piece set effect: 30% reduction in damage received.

-5-piece set effect: ?????

The Boots of Thanatos not only boasted excellent stats but were also outstanding because they allowed walking through void.

"If it's dark enough, I can traverse the void without restrictions."

One could perform moves like leaping into the air and then descending using the void as a platform.

One could move in the sky in zigzag as desired.

Truly, it was like another field had been created, efficient in many ways.

The additional set effect also reduced damage received by 30%, which was quite good.

"With this, it's already four. Now, I just need to find a weapon to complete the God-rank set."

Other God-rank accessories could be obtained by hunting boss monsters.

For example, like dragons.

"I need to quickly upgrade the rank of my mercenary troop."

Ryu Min hastened his steps toward the Golden Eagle mercenary troop.



"Relax a bit, Raguel."

Raguel, fifth in the hierarchy, is an archangel of justice, fairness, and harmony.

But at this moment, his expression didn't match his title.

"No, Lord Uriel. Isn't this a bit excessive? We need to work together to hunt down a human. There's no need for two of us to move to catch that insignificant, disgusting creature!"

The reason Raguel was so upset was simple.

When they tried to hunt a human together in this world, their self-esteem was wounded.

It was a reality check to see that they needed to work together to catch a simple human.

"It also feels strange to me. How strong can a human be, even if he tries?"

"That's true. It wasn't necessary for even Lord Gabriel and Lord Raphael to agree on something like this."

"But, what else could we do? We can't oppose the decision of the higher-ups."

"What were they thinking to make us walk in vain like this...?"

"In the eyes of the higher-ups, it probably seemed safer for you two to go."

"I can't deny that."

"Ugh, don't they know about my outstanding performance in the last celestial war?..."

Though currently in a lower position, Raguel's fighting ability did not compare to the sixth or seventh in the hierarchy.

Two hundred years ago, in the Fifth Celestial War, Raguel massacred countless demons with his distinctive sense of justice.

Uriel nodded, acknowledging this as the truth.

"I know. Me and the others know it too. You gained recognition in that battle and ascended to first-class archangel."

"But, why...!"

"You just wanted to make sure to finish them off definitively. Isn't there something called being prepared for the unexpected?"

"Are you questioning my abilities? This insignificant insect could easily be handled by me alone!"

"You might have a 99% success rate if you do it alone, but if we both go, we can get the job done 100%. That's why, even if the superiors hadn't insisted, they still asked you to go with him."


"Haven't you sent someone alone before and things got complicated? In anticipation of unexpected situations, making a wise decision is important."

Despite Uriel's logical and calm persuasions, Raguel still had a stubborn expression.

"But this insect could easily be handled alone..."

It wasn't hard to understand Raguel's murmuring expression, so Uriel proposed something.

[How about this? I'll give you the chance to fight first. I'll be watching from behind.]

Raguel's face, which was wrinkled by those words, relaxed for a moment.


[If you feel it's dangerous, I'll intervene immediately. Do you object if I participate in the battle?]

[Hey! Don't worry, there won't be such a situation where Uriel has to intervene. I can handle it perfectly fine from my position. Thanks for conceding! Hee hee!]

[Don't thank me.]

While watching Raguel shout confidently, Uriel gave him a compassionate smile.

But despite his calm appearance, he harbored a mocking laugh inside.

‘Let's see how skilled this human called Black Scythe is by letting Raguel fight first.’

Seeing what happened to Ramiel and Sariel, it was clear that Black Scythe wasn't just an ordinary human.

Even checking the accumulated results of previous rounds in the Record Hall, he was consistently ranked number one.

It would be a mistake to underestimate him as a simple nuisance.

'The fortunate thing is that this guy hasn't reached the maximum level yet.'

The combat power of a maximum-level player equaled that of a Grade 6 Battle Angel.

Still, Black Scythe killed an Archangel.

And not just one, but two.

‘I know level doesn't mean much, but at least Raguel should be able to handle him alone. If things get complicated, I can intervene.’

Facing a simple human against two Archangels was humiliating, but what else could he do?

The situation was urgent and needed to be resolved quickly.

‘I must not let my guard down. First, let's let Raguel fight, and then we'll act.’

Although it was unlikely to happen, what if it was too much for him?

‘Then, I'll retreat without hesitation.’

He didn't care if Raguel lived or died.

An Archangel's life was precious too.

[Shall we go now, Lord Uriel?]

[Yes. Track down Black Scythe's location. Let's catch him little by little.]

The two angels began to flap their wings with a malicious smile.


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