The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 227

Chapter 227 - Divine Rank Weapon

After the end of round 13, the first thing Ryu Min did upon opening his eyes was to go in search of his younger brother.

"Have you had breakfast yet?"

"Eh? Brother! Thankfully, you're unharmed again. What a relief. I was worried because you weren't getting up even though I waited for you."

Ryu Won, who hadn't woken up even by 10 in the morning, was preparing breakfast late due to his hunger.

"I told you there was no need to wait."

"But how can I help worrying? I wake up, and if you haven't gotten up, I constantly enter Player Place and update to see if other players have already awakened."

Player Place is an anonymous community that posts information about players.

For non-players, this is the only place to get information about players.

"So you get information from there and check if it's the right time for me to come back."

"Yes. Non-players like us don't know the end time of the round."

"Reasonable, since the end time of each round is different for non-players, there's no way to wait without assurance."

Although Ryu Min understood his concerns, he couldn't tell him when the next round would end.

It might result in the Prophet's existence being revealed to the world because of his brother.

"Do they post things related to me in the community?"

"Of course not. I haven't even written comments."

Seeing his brother speak as if it was unfair, Ryu Min was reassured.

"Well, at least that's something good. Anyway, don't worry about me. Doesn't it make sense for the Prophet to not fail the round?"

"But still, I worry because you fight a lot with monsters."

"Did you forget about me? A year ago, I took care of Bang Tae-gyu, that thug, with just my fists."

"But he's a non-player. According to what I read in the community, they say monsters are incredibly strong, beyond imagination."

"I'm pretty strong too."

"Has it really been a year since that incident?"

Ryu Won suddenly felt a strange sensation.

At that time, the whole world was in chaos with 1.8 billion people being abducted, but now it seems like he has adapted smoothly.

He did too.

At first, he stayed up all night with his eyes open due to his brother's concerns, but now he sleeps and eats normally.

Though he still worries about him getting hurt.

'Who worries about whom?'

Ryu Min smiled wryly at reading his brother's thoughts and reached out with a serious expression.

"Wait a moment. Don't get scared."

"Eh? What are you doing?"

From Ryu Min's hand, light emanated and was absorbed by his brother's body as if sucking it in.

"What are you doing?"

"It's some kind of protection device."

It's nothing less than putting hero protection on his brother.

With this, even if his brother were attacked by an enemy, a 10-second invincibility would be activated, and he would receive an alarm, so he can be at ease.

'I'll need to rebuild the hero rune batteries. It's not urgent, as there will be a chance in round 16.'

Ryu Min, smiling, sat at the table.

"Get some food for me too. Let's eat together."


After finishing the meal with his brother, Ryu Min returned to his room.

Lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, he organized his plans for the future.

'I've already raised the mercenary group's ranking to master. I'm ready to hunt the dragon.'

During the remaining time after killing the archangel, Ryu Min continued with extermination missions.

As a result, he was able to rise to the master level, but there wasn't enough time to kill the dragon, so he could only wait for the next one.

"In round 17, it seems like it's time to hunt dragons in the fantasy world."

Afterward, he thought about what to do in reality.

The first thing that came to mind was the combination of divine rank weapons.

"Now that I'm thinking about it, let's start right away."

He opened the combination window and placed the materials one by one.

[Main Materials]

-Fallen God's Rake Scythe

[Secondary Materials]

-Condensed Ether

-Condensed Ether

-Black Iron Powder

-Adamantium Plate

-Magic Core

"It was smart to buy the divine rank materials in advance from Heimer."

Just in time, an archangel appeared, providing the ether he needed.

"Can the situation be resolved like this?"

He smiled ironically and pressed the combination button.

[Combining a divine rank object.]

[It will transform into an object suitable for your current work.]

[Successful combination!]

["Black Scythe of Thanatos" has been created.]

[Black Scythe of Thanatos]

-Category: Weapon

-Rank: Divine

-Attack Power: 4,444

-Effect: The scythe's width can be increased up to 5 times and its length up to 20 times. However, the damage is dispersed according to the number of opponents within range. Additionally, additional magical damage equal to 100% of intelligence is granted to the weapon.

-Durability: 20,000/20,000

-Usage Restriction: Master rank or higher

-Description: A weapon created with the power of Thanatos, the God of Death. Grants additional effects when used as part of a set of objects.

It was a weapon that felt like an upgraded version of his previous scythe.

"Much better. The old one only had an attack power of 666 and its size increased only 5 times."

This time, the attack power was incredibly high, at 4,444.

With the ability to increase the scythe up to 20 times, he could pierce through an enemy 50 meters away, assuming the scythe's length was 2.5 meters.

It was useful both for sweeping multiple enemies and for its size.

"The damage will be dispersed, but it's actually better this way. Now I'm incredibly strong."

Ryu Min was now much stronger than in the last round; after killing the archangel Remiel, his growth curve skyrocketed.

That's why he felt a slight regret.

"If I had known, I should have killed the archangels from the beginning."

Killing an archangel was something new in this round.

He didn't know he could accumulate so many benefits thanks to the devil's blessing.

"At that time, the goal was to break the round; I didn't have time to play with archangels."

Most likely, the archangel he met for the first time was the current number one, Michael.

He didn't dare to challenge him.

Because of Remiel's appearance as a variable, he had no choice but to kill him.

"It's already done. I can't avoid fighting against the archangels. But I also can't act as if everything is going according to plan."

Since this was his last chance, every action had to be carefully considered.

-Effects of Thanatos's clothing set (5/5)

-2-piece set effect: +20% Resistance

-3-piece set effect: +10% Skill Damage

-4-piece set effect: -30% Damage Reduction received

-5-piece set effect: All set equipment options +10%

Ryu Min showed a satisfied smile as he checked the effect of the 5-piece set options.

It seemed like the options had improved by 10%, similar to the equipment provided by Russell.

"What if I also receive the refinement from Russell's equipment?"

The improvement in options would be 32% in multiplication alone.

With these numbers, it should be of great help.

"With this, I have obtained all the equipment of God Rank. Regarding the accessories of God Rank, I only need to defeat some bosses to get them... Should I deal with the runes in reality now?"

There are a total of 5 runes that can be obtained in reality.

I have already obtained 3 of them; I only lack the other 2.

"This is the task for Round 16, right? Or should I prioritize gathering players immediately?"

Even if the number of players has decreased, there are still around 5,000 players worldwide.

And among them, there are still human scum oppressing civilians.

"Surely there are countries where they militarily control ordinary people as if they were slaves, acting as if they were kings."

If I could suppress that scum from the countries and restore freedom to the nation, wouldn't I gain international recognition in addition to raising the prestige of the Black Scythe?

"So I could subdue uncontrollable players under my command. If they are under control, I can save as many people as possible in Round 15."

Furthermore, if he acts under the name of the Church of the Four Gods, he could also increase his influence.

"This time, I won't move quietly like last time at the Immortality Service. I will publicly declare that I will help countries in need and act after receiving reports."

This has been built on the foundation he has established.

As the leader of the CPF and as the judge of justice who eliminated the EI.

Now is the time to act from the shadows.

"I will need the president's help."

Ryu Min smiled as he scrolled through Lost Yak's mobile phone to find the phone number.

He had recently rejected the presidential decoration, so it was the Blue House's number.


"Where is Michael?"

"I have entered the Akashic Records to get news. He said to wait a little."

Gabriel nodded at Raphael's words.

A moment later, Michael appeared in the meeting room with a serious expression.

"Have you arrived, Michael?"

"Have you waited long?"

"No, but regarding the news..."

Michael made a grim expression and lowered his head.

Just with that gesture, Gabriel and Raphael couldn't help but be surprised.

Since they didn't have the assumption that the assassination attempt would fail.

"Even Raguel and Uriel have failed..."

"Are you sure about that, Michael? Is there any mistake...?"

"As sure as can be. I'm on my way from here after checking directly how Raguel and Uriel died in the Akashic Records. Although they had a fierce battle, in the end, they lost."

The term 'fierce' was an understatement.

"They were overwhelmingly overwhelmed. Even I didn't expect such high combat capability."

Black Scythe was stronger than they thought.

Although he concealed the fact that he was overwhelmingly overwhelmed.

He shouldn't say it lightly; after all, he himself would have to kill Black Scythe if he went out.

Michael spoke with a grim expression.

"Furthermore, 200 fifth-rank angels also died."

"Fifth-rank angels? Were our soldiers also taken by Raguel and Uriel?"

"They probably decided to handle it themselves without us knowing. In the end, they were completely annihilated."

"They were stronger than expected. The Black Scythe."

Gabriel sank deep into thought.

He was probably thinking of strategies to find a solution.

"This is serious. No one can match Gabriel's strategies," he thought.

Even Black Scythe, who had overwhelmingly defeated the Archangels, might be in danger if Gabriel acted sincerely.

The victory in the Fifth Great Celestial War 200 years ago was attributed to Gabriel's strategies.

"Although I have had many feats, somehow I can consider Gabriel as the hero of the last war."

The higher-ups were watching Gabriel's involvement in the upcoming Great Celestial War with great interest.

They were aware of the expectations placed on him and knew that if Gabriel acted truly, Black Scythe could no longer be defended.

"Will Gabriel really take the initiative? It was surprising that Black Scythe eliminated the Archangels so quickly."

A solution needed to be found, a way to prevent Gabriel from taking action.

At that moment, Raphael broke the silence and said, "[Lord Michael, this won't work. I believe it's our turn to intervene now]".

"[That seems so]".

"[What if we all descend together to the human world and kill Black Scythe at once?]".

"[Even me?]".


Michael frowned at Raphael's proposal.

"[Should I intervene just for a insignificant insect? I, who am the sky above the sky?]".

"[But perhaps, with just Gabriel and me, we might have difficulties...]".

"[Incredible, even the second and third Archangels are afraid of a simple human]".

"[It's not fear, it's just a suggestion to effectively tie up loose ends]".

"[Although my pride would not allow me to intervene]".


"[Stop, Raphael]".

Gabriel interrupted Raphael's speech.

"[It is not necessary for you to intervene, Lord Michael. And it is not necessary for both of us to intervene]".

"[What are you saying, Gabriel? You won't intervene?]".

When Michael asked with surprise, Gabriel explained the strategy that came to mind.

Upon hearing the strategy, Michael had to carefully hide his surprised emotions.

It was an effective and deadly tactic against Black Scythe.

"This is serious. If we really implement this operation, Black Scythe..."

His end could come after Round 14.

"[What do you think, Michael? Should we set the operation in motion immediately?]".

"[Hmm, it seems like a good strategy]".

"[I agree and will proceed]".

"[Alright. Make sure to inform Nemesis about it]".

"[Thank you]".

"[Hmm... This is getting complicated. This time it could be really dangerous, Black Scythe]".

The other Archangels couldn't see Michael's worried expression.


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