The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 225

Chapter 225 - One More Reward

Ryu Min killed the fourth and fifth Archangels.

Ryu Min realized this fact after checking the message.

["You have defeated the Archangel 'Raguel'!"]

[Stat Points +14,536]

[Gold +145,366,800]

[As a reward for killing Archangel Raguel, 'Condensed Ether' has been obtained.]

[As a reward for killing Archangel Raguel, 'Rune of Judgment' has been obtained.]

[The acquired rune is automatically imprinted on the player's body.]

[The reputation of the devil's camp has significantly increased.]

["You have defeated the Archangel 'Uriel'!"]

[Stat Points +18,170]

[Gold +181,708,500]

[As a reward for killing Archangel Uriel, 'Condensed Ether' has been obtained.]

[As a reward for killing Archangel Uriel, 'Rune of Light' has been obtained.]

[The acquired rune is automatically imprinted on the player's body.]

[The reputation of the devil's camp has significantly increased.]

[The reputation of the devil with Black Scythe has increased from 'Very Friendly' to 'Eternal Ally'.]

As expected, two Ethers were obtained.

"Now I can make God-ranked weapons."

Stat points also increased enormously.

"With 100 rank 5 angels being 7,200 and the 2 Archangels being 32,706...."

A total of almost 40,000 stats were obtained.

An astonishing figure.

Gold had also inflated to 4 billion.

Additionally, the reputation of the devil's camp reached its peak.

From the demonic point of view, it was natural for Ryu Min, the hero who had defeated the enemy leader, to be so respected.

But more than anything, Ryu Min's attention was focused on the rune information window.

[Rune of Judgment]

-Effect: Accumulates 1 stack of Judgment each time you kill an enemy. (Maximum 100).

'Celestial Judgment' can be used by consuming 100 stacks of Judgment.

Celestial Judgment ▶ Deals magical damage equal to 2,400% of intelligence in an X-shaped area forward.

[Rune of Light]

-Effect: Allows movement using light.

Speed of Light ▶ You can move swiftly like light in a straight line up to a maximum distance of 1,000 meters. Stops if it collides with an object.

Transfer ▶ Sends light (up to 100 meters) to move your body to the place reached by light.

Call ▶ Sends light (up to 100 meters) to move the opponent reached by light in front of you.

"One is the attack Raguel used, and the other is the movement means Uriel used."

According to the description, both were efficient.

Especially, the skills of the sacred line were more satisfying.

Ryu Min had the Rune of Light, which amplified the effects of sacred line skills according to its level.

"Both seem good, but the Rune of Light seems quite useful. I can summon enemies from a long distance."

It would be useful when he wanted to bring closer allies or enemies attempting to escape.

"If the effect is amplified according to the level up to 92%, can I bring an enemy from 192 meters away?"

The speed of light effect also seemed good.

If there were no obstacles, he could cover up to 1,920 meters in one pull.

"I'll have to check how long the cooldown is."

But that's something I'll check later. Now is the time to confirm other things.

"Now you can leave. It's safe."

Whispers - whispers -

Upon hearing Ryu Min's call, murmurs were heard from behind.

Turning his head, it turned out to be John Delgado.

It was the last thing Ryu Min looked for before encountering the angels.

"Is this what the owner did?"

John Delgado couldn't close his mouth seeing the place devastated by the passage of a bomber.

"Well, it wasn't an intense fight despite appearances."

Rather, it was trivial.

If ranks 4 and 5 had that level of skill, John felt confident to face the first anytime.

"No. Is the first place too difficult?"

Although he didn't know in which position the archangel he met in tournament 68 was, he supposed it probably wasn't the first place.

The strength he felt at that moment was on a completely different level from the archangel he was dealing with now.

"What am I supposed to do?"

Ryu Min recovered from John's question and pointed to a soldier lying to the side.

"First, try turning an angel into an undead. There's something I want to test. There shouldn't be any problems turning him into undead, right?"

After looking at the angel's corpse, John nodded.

"Of course. You've killed him quite cleanly. At this level, it should be possible to turn him into undead without any problems."

A necromancer's reanimation magic had two types: spirit reanimation to enslave the soul and body reanimation to raise a corpse.

Only one of the two could be used on a single corpse, and unlike spirit reanimation, body reanimation required the corpse to be relatively intact.

"Moreover, unlike spirits that can be summoned repeatedly, this undead is single-use."

However, in exchange, they were stronger than summoned spirits and had immunity to magical damage.

"Furthermore, if you kill it again, you'll receive a reward."

Normally, killing a minion wouldn't generate any reward, but undead were an exception.

By killing them, at least 50% of the original reward was obtained.

Ryu Min had something he wanted to test with this.

"Will I really receive the same reward for killing an angel turned into undead?"

To test it, Ryu Min killed the first 100 soldiers by breaking their necks so they would die relatively intact.

The next 100, however, had to be hurriedly disposed of.

"Revive them now."

"Yes, master."

John pointed his staff at the corpse and used the 'Corpse Resurrection' skill.

Brought back to life, the angel whose neck had been broken opened its eyes with a crack.

They were the typical white eyes of an undead.

"You have raised me according to your orders, master."

"Good. Now, kill him."

Ryu Min didn't hesitate and swung his scythe to cut the angel's neck.

But something surprising happened.

["You have defeated the grade 5 angel 'Oliver'."]

["Stat Points +36."]

["Gold +363,417."]

["Angels defeated: 103/100."]

["Judgment rune accumulation: 2/100."]

By turning the angel into undead, the count of defeated angels increased from 102 to 103.

Additionally, all expected rewards arrived.

"Though I expected it, I really received rewards."

However, the reward wasn't 100%, but half.

It seems that the strength of the undead only reaches half of its previous life.

"Though I can only revive a corpse once, isn't this quite good?"

With this, John Delgado's value skyrocketed.

It was good he didn't just kill him.

"John, resurrect all angels as undead."

"At the end of the day."

"Oh, wait a moment."

Stopping the order, Ryu Min had a fleeting thought.

'Wouldn't it be better to kill them after invoking the devil's blessing again, rather than killing them now?'

It was Ryu Min who killed the first 100 soldiers and used the devil's blessing.

Now, he had killed the other 100 soldiers and the archangel, completely filling the accumulation.

In other words, it meant he could use the devil's blessing once more.

'Since I increased the stats by killing the archangel, by applying the blessing again, I could receive even more rewards.'

Furthermore, if he killed all the bodies here, he could also fill the accumulation up to 100.

'First, I must distribute the stats.'

Ryu Min opened the status window and distributed the 39,906 stat points.

After distributing them evenly across four stats, he gave the order to John.

"Revive all the angels here."

"At the end of the day."

John proceeded to turn each angel into undead one by one.

Unlike spirits, the undead were one-time summons, so their quantity was not limited.

They couldn't be carried like normal summons.

'So I should get rid of all of them right here.'

After a while, except for one that Ryu Min left for testing, a total of 101 undead were created.

[There are 101 enemies within a 100-meter radius.]

[Thanks to the effect of the 101 runes, all stats increase by 100%.]

They were recognized as enemies, and their stats increased due to the effect of the 101 runes.

The reason Ryu Min hadn't used the blessing yet was here.

It was to maximize his stats.

Perhaps because he killed the angel before, his god status still remained.

It was the perfect time to use it.

'Devil's Blessing.'

[You have been blessed by the devil.]

[Based on the current total sum of stats (2,019,892), the following effects are applied.]

[Upon killing an angel, you will receive gold equal to the base (2,019,892). It can increase up to 1,000 times (2,019,892,000) depending on the angel's level.]

[Upon killing an angel, you will receive stat points equal to 0.01% of the base (201). It can increase up to 10% (201,989) depending on the angel's level.]

[Upon killing an angel, the reputation of the devil's camp will increase slightly.]

[The buff will last until the end of this round.]

With the devil's blessing, the rewards were much greater than before.

'It increased more than five times.'

Ryu Min proceeded to kill the resurrected angels in the same spot.

Though he was killing the dead for the second time, he didn't mind, as long as he got rewards.

Crack, crack.

By killing the undead that remained silent, his stats quickly increased.

[Angels defeated: 99/100]

[Judgment rune accumulation: 100/100]

[You can use 'Heavenly Judgment' by spending 100 accumulations.]

After dealing with 99 undead soldiers, he obtained stats close to 20,000 and 2 billion gold.

Now, only the archangel remained.

Ryu Min faced Raguel and Uriel again, who had been resurrected.

These soulless beings showed no hostility toward Ryu Min.

They didn't even acknowledge him.


[You have defeated the archangel 'Raguel'.]

[Stat points +40,397]

[Gold +403,978,400]

[Angels defeated: 100/100]

[Conditions for using the Devil's Blessing have been met.]

[You can activate 'Devil's Blessing' by memorizing the command whenever you wish.]

Even at only 50%, a considerable reward was granted.

The reference increased, receiving much more than before.

'But it seems items or runes haven't been granted again.'

Duplicates weren't given after obtaining it once.

The soul bond mission was the same.

<Soul Bond Mission>
Defeat 7 Archangels

Current number of Archangels defeated (4/7)

Success ▶ ?????

It seemed like the number of Archangels was going to increase, but it didn't increase at all.

'Maybe it doesn't count if I kill the same one again.'

In the end, it seemed he had to kill the 7 unique Archangels.

'Yes, let's go all the way. Anyway, the angels owe us a debt. I'm also curious about the bond mission reward.'

No matter how strong the first one is, I must become even stronger to kill even that kind.

[We have defeated Archangel Uriel!]

[Stat points +50,497]

[Gold +504,973,000]

[Angels defeated: 101/100]

After killing all the angels, Ryu Min checked his status.

-Name: Ryu Min

-Nickname: Black Scythe

-Rank: Master

-Level: 92

-Occupation: Grim Reaper

-Strength: 501,935, Intelligence: 505,751

-Agility: 501,935, Luck: 510,271

-Gold possessed: 1,568,887,025

-Remaining stat points: 110,793

'With 15 billion gold and 110,000 stat points to distribute.'

It's truly overwhelming.

The reward has tripled compared to the first time.

'I can become so strong thanks to the necromancer's help.'

Ryu Min, thinking of taking him along due to the rewards, asked John, who was standing in front of him.

"How far did you get with the side quests?"

"I've completed all the quests, even the errands."

"It's been delayed because of me. I'll take you to the Sacred Empire, so finish up as soon as possible."

"At the end of the day."

'You need to survive until the last round.'

Ryu Min, hiding his true intentions, used the erasure of traces skill to remove the angel corpses along with John.

"Let's go. I'll carry you."

Ryu Min lifted John and left at the speed of light using the Rune of Light.


[Time remaining until the end of the round: 00:00:00]

After 10 hours passed, the players scattered throughout the fantasy world gathered.

The starting point was a colorless space.

"Has it already been 10 hours?"

"Oh, damn! I was in the middle of a mission!"

"Crazy! We just needed to kill one more!"

"What do I do? I'm screwed."

The players who hadn't gained much reputation yet knelt as they groaned.

On the other hand, even the players who arrived late were fervently praying to at least get into the middle of the ranking.

Although it wouldn't change the results that had already been announced.

[Hehe, well done for 10 hours, humans. Wasn't raising reputation harder than you thought?]


[Seeing no response, was it easy, huh? I'm eager to know how many passed. Let's hope they don't come out as unfavorably as last time. Haha.]

When the angel openly mocking sent a signal, the results of the count were presented.


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