The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 229

Chapter 229 - Mission

[CPF Leader, Black Scythe, warns players worldwide: Do not do bad things!]

[Black Scythe, hating criminals, declares: If you get caught, you die! Official warning!]

[In which country are player crimes rampant, as Black Scythe says?]

[President Yoon says the country harassed by players will seek help in Korea.]

[Mixed reactions from netizens after Black Scythe's speech: Arrogance or an overwhelming sense of justice? What is the response from other countries?]

After the speech at the Blue House, all sorts of articles were published.

Given the content, netizens engaged in debates.

This makes no sense. Who does he think he is to opine on whether we should help or not?

Exactly. Who does he think he is to say he will come to help other countries?

Damn it. Even though they say they will do something good, they're just a bunch of jerks.

No, setting aside whether it's good or bad, it's ridiculous. By what right does he judge other people? Is he a judge? Is this place lawless?

Hey, you jerks! Do you think you can sleep peacefully at home if it weren't for the CPF unit? They would have looted all the stores on the street if it weren't for them!

It's nonsense. Players will die anyway. They're people who die halfway through every month, so what?

So, would you let a gang of criminals come to your house and just let them because they're going to die in a day? You're talking nonsense.

Right. Thanks to Black Scythe, at least the damage is minimal. If you look at international news, many countries are still suffering because of players committing crimes.

As long as we live well, why should we help other countries? Why bother with someone else's country?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

We hate criminals who only live for a day.

In my opinion, they do it because they want to satisfy their desire to kill.

Hey. They say they'll do something good, why not support them a little? Instead of praising them, they just mercilessly criticize them.

That's right. There are many people who speak ill of others just because it's something foreign. From the victims' point of view, Black Scythe's words must be a beacon of hope...

No, is there really a country asking to be saved? Is there a country where players take power and bother citizens? Isn't it just a complete conspiracy theory?

That'll be seen if reports come in.

Sure there is. Even I, if I get supernatural skills and powers, will murder the leaders and take control of the government. And then I'll rule and live like a king.

The above comment sounds like a potential criminal. We should be careful with that guy.

My opinion is the same as Black Scythe's. Although we live peacefully, there may be countries suffering because of players. From the perspective of those countries, Black Scythe's proposal is nothing short of a saving grace.

So all this is just speculation without evidence. This guy is a bigmouth.

Why are you fighting, common people, among yourselves here? Go out and fight.

Hey, I really don't know, who is Black Scythe? Is it a new scythe?

The comment section was almost a battlefield.

Given the delicate topic, people's opinions were divided.

"It doesn't matter. If it's proven with results, that's enough."

Indeed, the hotter the controversy, the better.

When people's attention is focused, it's better to seize the opportunity, as the side effects will be even greater.

"It seems it's time to go."

Ryu Min tucked his phone away and boarded the plane.

"Black Scythe-nim? Nice to meet you. I'm the guild leader, Seo Tae-seok. We met last time I went to Nigeria..."

"Yes, I remember."

At that time, when he was getting off the plane, he had advised him to be careful as Nigeria was dangerous.

"Now that I think about it, I regret talking so off-topic at that time. I didn't even know you were the famous Black Scythe..."

"No problem. Thanks to that, I was able to be on guard."

"Are you going to do something good this time too?"

Ryu Min smiled slightly, though it couldn't be seen as he was wearing a mask.

"Yes, more or less. I'm counting on you this time too."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I'll take you comfortably to your destination."

After shaking hands with Seo Tae-seok, he took his seat in first class.

But soon enough, someone else sat next to him.

Slave number 1, Yamti.

"And the others?"

"The other six are seated behind."

It wasn't just the two of them on the plane.

From slave number 2, Joo Sung-taek, to Heo Tae-seok, Eom Jun-seok, Min Juri, Seo Arin, Jo Yong-ho, all the key members of the Church of the Four Gods were together.

In summary, it was some sort of delegation that Ryu Min had convened to promote the Church overseas.

"Now that we've recruited all the national players, it's time to expand overseas."

To control players worldwide, the most effective way is to join an organization.

"Although we've framed this as a religion, the Church of the Four Gods is simply an organization of united players."

Wouldn't they feel more belonging by joining a religion like the Church of the Four Gods rather than a small cafe like Pseva?

"Although it was a sudden contact, I'm grateful that everyone came so willingly."

Although Heo Taeseok and Eom Jun-seok were the leader and sub-leader, respectively, the others had no reason to join.

Still, the fact that they accepted his request and boarded the plane to the United States was something to be grateful for.

"Should I tell the crew we can take off?"

"No, wait a moment. Before I leave, I have to talk to someone."

Ryu Min directly called Christine.

-Is this you, Black Scythe?

Christine, who had received his number through Jeffrey last time, greeted him warmly.

"Yes, it's me. It's nighttime there, right? Sorry for calling you so late."

No problem. It's not that late at this hour. You can call me anytime. But, what's up?

"It's not that something's wrong, I'm just about to board a plane to the United States."


"I want to promote the Church of the Four Gods, to which I belong. Since I'm going to the United States, I thought it would be helpful if you came too."

That's a great idea. I'll guide you. I know well where there are many players.

"Thanks for accepting so kindly. Then, see you at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in 14 hours. Come with Jeffrey."

-Jeffrey... too.

There was a tone of disappointment in her voice, as if she had been expecting to go alone.

"The more people come, the better."

-Oh, I see. See you at the airport.

With this, he also convinced Christine.

"It's time to depart."

"Yes, Black Scythe."

The plane began to take off slowly.


A silent, empty sanctuary.

Christine hung up the phone after finishing the call.

What a coincidence that the call from the benefactor of her life came while she was praying.

"Did the Lord hear the prayer?"

I smile softly as I hear a voice behind me.

"Who are you to answer the phone so cheerfully?"

I turn my head and see my father.

"What... what's up? Did He really hear?"

"If you speak so loudly, I can't help but hear. Who are you talking to?"

"... With Black Scythe."

Nathan's indifferent expression lit up upon hearing those words.

He knew perfectly well who Black Scythe was.

The benefactor who saved his daughter in Round 11.

As a father, he couldn't see that in a negative light.

"You talked to him in the middle of the night?"


"Didn't you say you weren't dating?"

"What? Dating?"

Christine's face turned as red as a radish.

"They're not going out, are they? I wish they were."

"Ah, not long ago... we started dating."

"You didn't get along with that waste named Ma Gyeong-rok?"

"Dad, that was something you forced."

"Hmm, I'm sorry about that. I really don't have a good eye for people."

The case of the heir to the Ohsung Corporation was a global topic, even in a country on the other side of the world.

Nathan, who was involved in the investigation, couldn't help but become aware.

"I thought he was a normal person, but he turned out to be a psychopathic killer with a dark past. I would have regretted getting involved with that son of a... if I had connected with him."

"Yeah, I understand."

"So, people are like that, just judging them by their appearance. Tsk, tsk."

Nathan clicked his tongue, not even wanting to mention Ma Gyeong-rok's name.

Instead, how was Black Scythe?

The benefactor who saved his daughter without asking for anything in return.

Moreover, according to the latest news, he declared his willingness to help needy countries in the game.

If there's a saint, it must be Black Scythe.

"Heh heh, two months ago I went to Korea to investigate Black Scythe's location and came back with nothing. And now they're in contact? If you handle this well, there's a chance..."

"What are you saying now?"

"Make an offer to Black Scythe. Opportunities don't always come. Be proactive and make it yours!"


"Why? Don't you like it? How about the Prophet then? Not bad either..."


"Haha, I'm just kidding. But seriously, what did Black Scythe want with the call?"

Christine, who calmed her anger, explained the content of the conversation with Black Scythe.

"He's founded a religion called 'Church of the Four Gods' and came to the United States to promote it. He asked for help, so..."

Christine observed Nathan's reaction.

Although it wasn't a formal religion, the request was clearly asking for help for another belief, and that weighed on her heart.

However, Nathan turned out to be a more tolerant clergyman than expected.

"Helping with the promotion isn't bad. Even if it were another religion."


"Yes. I only allowed it because it was Black Scythe. If it were another religion, I wouldn't have allowed it so easily."

"Can you say that?"

"Hmm, looking for the words young people use these days..."

"Even young people don't use those words very well..."

Christine didn't know, but Nathan was making an effort to change in some way.

To bridge the gap with his daughter with whom the conversation was uncomfortable.

"We can't afford to waste precious time when we don't know how much time we'll spend together."

Was it the fact of almost losing his only daughter about to get engaged that became the trigger?

In front of Christine, Nathan showed a gentle smile that wasn't usually seen.

"Why, why are you smiling like that?"

"Well, anyway, helping Black Scythe is a good thing. Maybe Jeffrey should go with you, just in case it's dangerous."

"I was already thinking about it."

"Yes. It's late, you should go to bed."

"Yes, father."

Christine smiled seeing the change in Nathan's atmosphere.

It seems that it wasn't just her who changed her mindset after overcoming the near-death experience.


"This is Seo Taeseok speaking. In a moment, our plane will arrive at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, United States."

After a long 14-hour flight, the Sin Church delegation, including Ryu Min, set foot on American soil.

"You must show your faces to pass."

An immigration officer blocked Ryu Min's path, who was wearing a mask.

Although the companions who passed the inspection turned to look, there were no problems.


If he only showed his face to the immigration officer, there were no concerns, even if other people saw it.

Well, there wasn't even a need to worry if he showed his face.

He was maintaining the appearance of Lost Yak instead of Ryu Min, just in case.

"Something like double security, you could say?"

After confirmation from the immigration officer, he was able to pass through immigration control.

"Ready. Let's go."

When Ryu Min, who put his mask back on, exited the immigration area with his waiting companions, someone called out to him.

"Mr. Black Scythe!"

Christine, who had come to receive them in advance, waved happily from afar.

Jeffrey, who became Yamti's subordinate, simply nodded silently.

"You didn't arrive late."

"Yeah. I said I would guide you."

Christine thought to repay a little of the favor on this occasion.

Of course, it wasn't without personal motive.

"I thought you would come alone... Do I see some familiar faces?"

"Well, I'm not confident in promoting myself alone."

Christine sighed with regret seeing the crowd of people.

"I didn't know there would be so many people."

Ryu Min, who didn't know there would be so many people, sighed with regret.

"They're supposed to be recruiting players for the Church of the Four Gods, right? Come on, I know a good place."

"I'm sorry, but what do I do with this?"


"In fact, I came to the United States for personal reasons besides promotion. I'm sorry, but can I join later after finishing my business here with the present members?"

"Ah... I see."

Christine was disappointed they couldn't be together, but it wasn't just her who was disappointed.

"Mr. Black Scythe, where are you going?"

Seo Arin, who understood English, asked, and Min Juri's eyes and the members of the Church of the Four Gods focused on him.

"I have something urgent to attend to."

"Well, let's go. Yamti."

"Mr. Black Scythe, why...?"

"I need this guy for something."

Ryu Min smiled behind the mask as he hid his true intentions.

"Well, then I'll leave. Yamti, let's go."

"Mr. Black Scythe, where...?"

"There's something that needs to be done."

Leaving those words behind, sparks flew from Christine's eyes.

Seo Arin and Min Juri felt the same.

"Why do I feel such an uncomfortable sensation on my neck...?"

Feeling the uneasy energy, Yamti quickly followed Black Scythe.


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