I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 66



Diana was very curious about my "best friend." I only vaguely mentioned having such a friend, and then I heard the details from the tailor Miranda.

"She was definitely a good woman... Oh, here she comes."

"Is Vinetta Ethel's best friend?"

Vinetta, who had just entered the room, naturally responded to Diana's question.

"Yes, that's me."

"Since when?!"

"Since the first time we met."

No, that's a bit odd. Are there people who become best friends from the moment they meet, instead of falling in love at first sight?

"Oh! Miranda, you must be the one who runs a shop on Velux Street, right?"

To divert Diana's attention, I randomly chose things.

"I saw it several times while passing by, and the dresses on display were so beautiful! I've wanted to get one for a long time!"

Miranda seemed moved.

"Yes! Oh, my God. It's not a very famous store, but you remember it..."

It wasn't really a lie. Although I had never seen her in person, I had wanted to try on one of her dresses for quite some time.

"Because it's a dress that received very favorable reviews in the novel."

Miranda was a tailor discovered by Liena in "Return and Walk on a Path of Flowers." Although it happened a bit later.

That's how it's described in the novel. Miranda's dress was unique and beautiful in Liena's eyes, who, as a returner, knew everything about future clothing trends.

"Did Terence unearth it first this time?"

Vinetta said she asked Miranda to do it, but it was very likely that Terence did it instead of her. In other words, this was his gift to congratulate me on my divorce.

"He said he was passing by Velux Street when a dress from that shop caught his eye."

While Miranda talked with Diana, Vinetta approached me and turned the speculation into reality.

"He thought it would look good on Ethel-nim."

"I guess Tay has a very good sense of vision."

"If it were him before, he wouldn't have even paid attention to the clothing store."


Before I could ask more about what she had just said, Miranda got straight to the point.

"I will do my best to make Ethel-nim's dress meet your expectations. There are several designs besides the ones on the mannequins, so please check the catalog."

Then I had to wade through the waves of my dress.

"How about this? Oh, no. I think that suits Ethel better..."

Diana, who like me decided to wear Miranda's dress, thought for a while about my dress after choosing hers.

"I like this one."

"No, dear. Miss Ethel has fair skin, so I think this one would suit her better."

The ambassador and his wife, who had been enthusiastically choosing a dress for their daughter, now expressed their opinion for me.

"I saw in a magazine that the trend these days is a lot of lace."

"The key is whether it suits you more than what's in fashion."

Even Laura and Vinetta, who stay with me at the ambassador's residence.

"I'll try them on one by one..."

I had a blast trying on different dresses. Then suddenly, it occurred to me that I am happy now.

Yes, I feel happy. It's a similar situation but different from trying on a wedding dress. I laughed among good people.


Ten days later, the emperor's birthday banquet was held. In the evening, the official start of the banquet was still far away, but the banquet hall of the imperial palace was already crowded.

"Duke Edman Cassius, Young Duke Leandro Cassius, Prince Leheim Cassius, and Princess Liena Cassius are entering."

At the announcement by the servant, the attention of people chatting turned towards the door. Finally, the door opened, and a family appeared.

"Look at that beauty. Indeed, it's Cassius."

"Is Duke Cassius the father of the three brothers? How does he always look like a young man? I would believe it if he said his two sons are his brothers."

"Miss Liena's cuteness is also through the roof today. No matter how much I think about it, isn't it possible that a baby angel from heaven accidentally fell to the ground?"

"Hey! Our Liena is a thousand or ten thousand times cuter than the baby angel!"

However, there was not only a favorable response towards them.

"Oh my God, Young Duke Leandro Cassius has arrived."

"I thought he would be silent because something like this happened."

"Anyway, is it true?"

"That's what the young duchess claimed at that time."

"Anyway, it's not a topic worth discussing here. But I'm worried. There shouldn't be any problem with Cassius's heir."

Leandro's shoulders shrugged as he heard mocking voices pretending to be concerned and showing interest.

"Brother, straighten your shoulders."

At that moment, Liena, who was escorted by Leandro, spoke in a low voice.

"Nothing's happening, brother. The more you do that, the more confidence you'll have to build. All these are nonsense that will disappear soon anyway.

"I'll definitely make it happen.

"... That's how it should be. You're right."

Leandro straightened his shoulders following his sister's instructions and scrutinized the banquet hall with penetrating eyes.

Then, the people talking behind him timidly avoided his gaze.

"Liena, it's been a while!"

"Have you been well, young duke?"

People who were normally friendly with each other rushed towards the two. As always, they were busy pouring out their sincerity as if it were compliments.

"I heard about the divorce. It must be very distressing."

"Oh, Lord Leandro, is divorce a defect? It's a new beginning, so forget the past!"

The words that initially consoled or congratulated Leandro began to deteriorate gradually over time.

"I think the former young duchess went too far. I can't believe she brought up such a ridiculous story."

When one person spoke, everyone watching began to talk about Ethel.

"That's right. I read an article, and it said there was no problem with the young duke's health."

"The public also seems foolish. It's like picking up an old rumor and talking about it."

"She must be held accountable for daring to defame the young Duke. She can't afford it."

"That's right. Why did she do that?"

"Let's talk about something else."

When Leandro showed his discomfort, people quickly changed the subject.

"Wow, we didn't even notice."

"Anyway, your little sister gets prettier every day."

But those at a distance continued talking about the former young duchess Cassius.

"It's very kind of him to protect a woman like that who was once his wife."

"That's right. I heard that the family is full of debts and has no value."

"The Count Wallace? Our maid saw the family the other day arguing about lodging costs in a run-down inn, shouting that they were the Counts of Wallace."

"No, isn't he ashamed to be a noble? For a woman from a family like that, it would be obvious not to have to witness a wedding."

"Isn't it for nothing that she hasn't appeared in social circles?"

"Is that so? If you look at the portrait in the newspaper, she looks fine."

"My friend who went to see the trial said she was neat! It must have been fixed as much as possible, but if she's simple, it's obvious even without looking at her."

"Now that I think about it, even at the wedding two years ago, she never took off the veil."

"Well, even the most beautiful women would look pitiful in front of the young duke's beauty, so it must have been terrible for an ordinary person to be by his side."

For those who were among Cassius's most enthusiastic supporters, the former young duchess was a public enemy.

As they chatted for a while, the announcer announced the entrance of a new guest.

"Ambassador Leok and his group are entering."

The Leok ambassador's family and Ethel entered together.

"Isn't that person Ethel Cassius?"

"I never thought they would invite her too."

"Is this the ambassador Leok's connection?"

Anyway, it was a very interesting incident. It's the first time that the protagonists of the topic meet after their divorce.

Almost everyone present in the banquet hall paid attention to Ambassador Leok and his group. The ambassador and his wife entered first, followed by two young women. One was the ambassador's daughter, who was said to have been lost because she looked exactly like the ambassador, and the other was…

Many people looked in shock at the woman who was supposed to be Lady Ethel. This was because her appearance was different from what the public knew.

First, they were drawn to the jade-like white skin reflected in the light. Then, the dress with a sophisticated yet fresh design that fluttered every time its owner moved, and finally, the delicate features boasted an elegant beauty.

Is that person really the former young duchess Cassius? Due to her ordinary appearance, did she not appear in front of people under the pretext of staying in the territory?


"Does it seem to be working…?"

Feeling the attention centered on me, I sighed in relief. Regardless of how you look at it, people's opinions were positive.

It almost felt unfair. After going through such a difficult process, I dressed up, but I didn't look any different than before.

Shouldn't I entrust my body to the skin therapist that the ambassador brought from Leok a few days ago? Miranda said she had a new inspiration and continued reviewing the dress design before bringing it. In reality… Many things happened.

"Even if I had to do it again, I could never do it!"

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