I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 65



When it seemed like I was taking long enough, I accepted Samuel's offer as if I had no other choice.

"All right. If that's the case, how can I pay you with all the money I have now?"

"Really? Thank you! Thanks to you, I survived!"

"Instead, write a memorandum here and now."

"Of course."

"In addition to what you said a moment ago, you will never appear before me again, and you will not mention me in any media."

"Huh, yes."

"Boasting about your relationship and obtaining goods or services from others is also prohibited."

"... Understood."

"By chance, my friend, who is a lawyer, plans to visit us, so let's complete the memorandum according to the format."

Of course, Sharon came to the embassy residence not by chance but at my request. Since I learned that the Wallace family was visiting, I had been planning for them to draft a memorandum.

"Legally, I have the advantage, but it's better to make everything clear."

I wasn't going to leave the slightest possibility of losing the Andala mine.

Samuel probably thinks it's a deal that has to be made. In exchange for paying off his considerable gambling debts, he only gave up the complex mine, which was a complicated mine that required a lot of taxes and money.

"So, who do you owe money to?"

"Is it possible for my sister to think of paying it in person?"

"If I entrusted you with my money, you'd waste it playing again."

"Oh, no."

Samuel frowned, but obediently told me who he owed money to. It seemed he was afraid of dealing with them.

"Thanks anyway."

"It's just words."

"It's embarrassing."

It really is. Because my purpose is to have his promissory note in my hands. There's nothing wrong with having one more leverage, right?

"If you violate the terms of the memorandum, you should know that people worse than those people will come looking for you."

Hiding a happy smile, I watched Samuel write a memorandum following Sharon's instructions, who had already arrived. The Countess was initially reluctant, but her son forced her to take the pen.

"I would also like to receive a memorandum from the Count."

Samuel quickly responded, fearing I might change my mind.

"I'll go right away and make sure my father signs it too."

"Good. I'll send someone to you, so complete it and hand it over. If at least one piece is missing, I have no intention of paying the money."

"Trust me. But can I also write here that it has no effect if my sister doesn't pay my debt?"

"Whatever you want."

Unless Samuel first broke his promise, I was planning to bury his promissory note.

After some time, the drafting of the memorandum was completed. After completing the notarization as last time, Countess Wallace and Samuel left the ambassador's residence.

The Countess's back looked unusually small as she walked away.

The next day, the memorandum from the Count arrived. Samuel must have convinced him well.

"Could you send this to Cassius?"

I finished responding to the letter Duke Cassius sent me, which I had been postponing. This one was also written briefly. Instead of ignoring the circumstances, collect the debt from the Wallace family.

It would be a tough test for those three people, but it wasn't something I should worry about. Moreover, you know what? Tests can become the basis for positive change.

"So, it depends on you, Countess Wallace."

* * *

Several days had passed since I met the Wallace family, and the call I was waiting for finally came. It was an invitation and a two-line message attached.

"I hope to see you today. My gift will arrive soon, so allow it to be your joy."

Not even the name or initials of the sender were written, but I noticed. This straight and elegant handwriting was Terence's.

Terence, how are you? From what I heard from Vinetta, I secretly worried that he didn't seem to have much spare time these days.

"But what is the gift?"

Terence had told me the other day that he was going to send me a gift to congratulate me on my divorce. Although I categorically rejected it, he seemed to have prepared something.

"Is it because it's a surprise gift that he doesn't tell me what it is? Does it also mean who will deliver it?"

I went down to the dining room of the ambassador's residence wondering what the gift would be. When I entered the dining room, Diana smiled cheerfully and greeted me.

"Good morning, Ethel."

"Good day. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes! Last night I had a dream..."

Diana chatted about the content of her dream. The ambassador and his wife looked at their daughter with affectionate eyes, who no longer flinched or hesitated as before. It was a very satisfying scene.

"As expected, it was good to have found her before the novel."

I can see it with my own eyes. Even if the age difference is only a few months, I wonder how long those few months must have felt like for her if I had left her alone.

Diana often had nightmares about her married life. That's why the ambassador and I asked her every day if she slept well.

"But that will end soon."

She was currently preparing for the divorce trial. When that wicked husband found out that the wife he abused turned out to be a noble girl, he resisted and said he would never divorce her.

If the ambassador and his wife weren't honest, they would have wanted to bury him quietly right away, but I heard that Diana insisted on a formal trial. It must be her own way of facing the fears of the past.

I sincerely hoped that her future path would be filled only with happiness. Ah, and of course, after the trial ended with a resounding victory, the ambassador and his wife would bury him very cruelly.



"Did you not hear what I just said?"

Oh. I was so lost in my thoughts that I missed Diana's words.

"I'm sorry. Can you say it again?"

"As much as you want. If it's okay with you, would you like to go out together this afternoon? I was invited to the Emperor's birthday party, which will be held in ten days."

Diana's cheeks blushed in a charming color.

"I'm thinking of getting a dress to wear then. Can Ethel come with me and give me some advice?"

Wow, she's so cute. Perhaps thanks to continuing to live in a good environment, Diana's cheeks quickly gained weight, and her rough skin became softer.

"Do you think it's okay to go with me? I haven't bought much, so my taste might..."

"It's totally fine! Just going with Ethel is meaningful."

"Then I'm willing. Actually, I also needed a dress for the banquet."

"Oh, is Ethel also attending His Majesty's birthday party?"

"Yes, the invitation arrived today."

That was the invitation that Vinetta delivered along with Terence's message. It seemed that Terence had secretly added my name to the guest list.

"Great! Actually, I was worried that it might be uncomfortable in the banquet hall because I don't know anyone my age."

"I'm not close to many people either."

"You can stay with me!"

Diana's expression blurred momentarily when she said, "Oh."

"If it's His Majesty's birthday party, I think he'll come too. Is that okay?"

It was obvious who that person was. It was Leandro Cassius, now officially my ex-husband.

"It's fine. If he has to come, let him come. I'll never be the first to avoid it because I'm scared."

My pride couldn't tolerate it. And above all, the reason I must attend the banquet is...

"This birthday party is the day when it will be announced that Terence will become a prince!"

For example, it was his debut. This was the wish Terence made on a moonlit night. My attendance at a monumental event for him.

Of course, I said that I would definitely attend. Is it okay not to be able to do much among comrades and friends?

Meeting Leandro or presenting myself in front of many people when attention is focused on the divorce. I wasn't very excited about either, but that wasn't a reason to avoid attending.

Do I have to stay locked up because I did something wrong? In the meantime, there was no need to take a step forward, but now this has happened. I'll be able to celebrate the anniversary of my friend's existence being recognized by his parents for the first time.

"And it's not a bad idea to show myself to people from time to time."

The situation outside has been a bit strange lately. Should I say that my reputation is being undermined knowingly or unknowingly?

Since Duke Cassius personally finalized the divorce, the ducal family did not encourage public opinion in a way that was unfavorable to me, as they did in the past. They were only trying to restore Leandro's image.

However, while we fought to the point of bloodshed during the trial, the more I let Leandro float, the more I naturally sank. Additionally, people who were friendly with Cassius, such as Liena's fan club, voluntarily approached to slander me.

"For some reason, since I offended Liena's precious brother, I am her enemy."

To them, I was a wicked woman who insulted her husband with non-existent facts. They say I am hiding or something because I am not proud of myself.

I tightened my intertwined hands.

Come, I will appear before you with pride. Sometimes a frontal approach is necessary.

Before leaving the empire, I can grant Terence's wish and then leave with dignity.

"I will make sure to find a beautiful dress for Ethel!"

Diana also showed great determination. It was like a general going to war.

"I will look forward to it."

I said it with a smile, but unfortunately, our outing that day did not happen. This was because the dress appeared on its own without me having to look for it.

"I'm glad to see you! My name is Miranda. My job is to make dresses."

That's how the woman introduced herself, appearing with numerous mannequins adorned with dresses.

"I came here to make a dress for Ethel Wallace for His Majesty's birthday."

I asked Diana beside me.

"Did Diana happen to call her?"

"I don't know. Not even my parents know."

Miranda cupped her cheek with her hand.

"Is that so? This was requested by Ethel's best friend."

Diana asked a question in a strangely competitive tone.

"Who is it? Ethel's best friend?"

... yes, he exists. It's a man named Terence Freeheiden.

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