Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 83



"That's why I'm telling you. Don't you know, Master?"
Even if he regains his memories, there is no guarantee that he will return to the old Alpheas. This is because living the same life twice does not always lead to the same destination.

"No. My judgment is always right. Therefore, no matter how I change, I will only be myself. This is the last chance. Cast the Photonization Magic."

Thad sighed and nodded. Now, he had no choice but to hope that Alpheas' natural character would regain his original personality.

"Understood. Then, please sit here."

Thad brought a chair in the corner and sat Alpheas down.

"I will start. I will cast the Photonization magic, but from then on, it's your part, Master."

"Haha! Are you in a position to worry about my part? Stop worrying about useless things and just do it. When I regain my memories, I'll give you a scolding."

Thad cast the magic with earnest desire. As light seeped into the Abyss Nova, a slight drowsiness washed over him. Alpheas slowly closed his eyes and lost himself in thought. Time, which had stopped at the age of 18, began to flow again.


Light and Darkness, Good and Evil (1)

Canis, buried in the bushes, couldn't move a finger while the shockwave that spread to his abdomen remained.

Since realizing Arin's talent in mental magic, he had been intensively training in dark physical magic. 

Absorbing power was also a physical strength, and the amount of shock absorbed by the Dark Skin he cast was quite high. In front of Dark Skin, an adult's hammer swing was nothing more than a child's punch.

However, the power of the Photon Cannon that hit him by surprise far exceeded his expectations. Above all, it was impossible to analyze how physical power could be contained in light.

"Kekeke. You got it right, Canis."

A dull voice stimulated his ears. There was no one else in the mountains besides Canis, but the voice was real.

"Harvey... What did I get hit by?"

"I don't know. But from what I feel, it's mass. A massive mass flew at incredible speed and hit your abdomen."

"Mass? Light has no mass.”

Since studying the properties of opposites is the basis of a battle mage, Canis also knew about the theory of photonization.

"Of course, light has no mass. But it has energy."

In fact, moving photons have an extremely small amount of mass. This is called kinetic mass, a representative example of which is solar wind.

"But that's just a mathematical reduction. It's like feeling like you're being hit by a club when a strong wind blows."

“What you said makes sense. But in theory it's possible. Then it is not impossible at all.”

"No, something is missing. To have this much power, there must be something connecting mass and energy. But there is no such thing in the world.”

Harvey's voice said plaintively.

"You seem to have found him.”

Canis didn't respond. He and Harvey were separate entities but also one that shared thoughts. Harvey reluctantly admitted, as if reading Canis's unpleasant feelings.

"It's a great guy. A unique guy. There was such talent in the magic school."

Finally satisfied, Canis got up. Accurately assessing the enemy's skills was the first step to victory. The first nemesis he met. His body felt like it was getting hotter.

"Can we win, Harvey?"

“Kukuku. Canis, if you wish....”

A gloomy voice seeped into the darkness.

"There is no enemy we cannot defeat."

Canis cast an unusually long shadow and returned to the top of the mountain where Shirone was. 


Shirone stared into the darkness of the forest for a long time. He couldn't be sure that Canis had cast a Dark Skin magic, but the information imprinted only on his retina, which did not reach his brain, was sending a warning signal.

Canis parted through the woods and walked out. Nade frowned as Shirone's prediction proved correct.

"Damn it. He’s really fine, aren't you?"

“Nade. The sun has set.”

At night, the power of dark magic would be maximized, so Iruki cast lighting magic. It was far less bright than Fire Sun, so Nade helped. Two glowing objects shone 10 meters above the ground. However, considering the speed at which mage moved, it was still difficult to engage in a full-scale battle.. 

"Damn, it's still dark."

At that moment, Canis cast a light magic spell. The light magic cast by the dark magician made the two feel uncomfortable.

“What is he thinking? Light magic?"

“What is it? In any rank, photonization theory is a must. It’s the basic principle of teleportation.”

“It's not like that! Light must be a weakness for a dark mage, right? Why would he does something that could hurt himself?"

"Hahaha! Hahahaha!"

Canis burst into laughter.

"Sure enough, magic school graduates are stupid and stubborn. There is no magic without weaknesses in any rank. The important thing is how to compensate for the weaknesses. Light magic is for proving that. Arin, shoot one more."

As if it wasn't groundless confidence, Arin, who had a prudent personality, obediently cast lighting magic.

When four glowing objects gathered, it was quite bright like daytime. However, Canis was not satisfied and looked back at Shirone. A magician of light who uses unique powers. With his Photon magic, he could create the desired stage.

"Hey, can you shoot one too? I'm looking forward to it."

Shirone didn't know how to cast light magic. He didn't have time to invest in other magic while achieving technological evolution from Teleportation to Rainbow Drop, from Photon Output to Photon Cannon.

"What? Can't you do it? It's unbelievable. A light magician who can't even cast light magic."

Sometimes that happens. Cases where one with a short magic circuit obtains a chance and excels in one magic. It could be quite famous in something like a circus, but magic is not a trick but a killing technique. On a battlefield where all kinds of psychology and tactics are rampant, types like Sirona who can only do one thing are perfect for dying.

"I must have been mistaken. I thought it would be a good match, but it turns out you're just a half-baked youngster."

As soon as Canis finished speaking, a glowing object popped up above Shirone's head. It was a bright light that overshadowed others' light magic.

Nade and Iruki stared blankly at it. He immediately cast light magic he had never learned before. His boundless insight was felt, but his anger was felt first.

Shirone strode into Canis' spirit zone. He couldn't forgive him for holding the entire school hostage and talking about a good match.

“Are you done now? I did what you wanted, so do whatever you want.”

Canis withdrew his earlier thoughts. He is not just a mage who is good at circus. But does it matter? No matter how strong the opponent is, he is stronger. The current situation was perfect for proving that.

"Anything? You'll regret saying that."

As he cast Power of Darkness, the shadow under his feet rushed towards Shirone like a torrent. Shirone, who flew into the sky, held photons in his palm. He thought Shirone would do something great, but it was the same attack as the pattern so far.

'Did he just try to provoke me with his bluff?'

As Shirone cast the Photon Cannon, Canis' body shuddered and disappeared under the shadows. This one was a bit new, but it was just a movement magic learned from a book anyway. As Shirone bombarded Canis, who appeared from all sides like a mole, the top of the mountain was razed to the ground.

'Got him!'

After strategically analyzing Canis' movement, Shirone fired a predictive shot in a place where he could never avoid. Canis appeared belatedly where the Photon Cannon was falling. It was impossible to avoid, and it was a powerful force that couldn't be blocked even with Dark Skin.

When everyone thought it was over, a shadow rose from beneath Canis's feet. It looked like a human shadow stretched out, and it took the Photon Cannon with both hands and its stomach. The photons trapped between the palms were absorbed into the shadow with a loud bang.

Flustered, Shirone landed on the ground. The shadow destroyed his Photon Cannon. It meant that darkness had overwhelmed the light.

“Kikiki, a splendid appearance. How was I?”

"How can that be possible? Darkness swallowing light..."

Nade couldn't believe it. No matter how strong the dark power was, it could not subdue the light. How would it feel if the surroundings didn't get any brighter even after lighting a torch?

The monster connected to Canis's shadow was unaffected by the Light magic illuminating the ground.

Its face was small while its shoulders and chest were massive. Its waist was slender like a leopard, and its arms were long like a monkey. Its palms were wide like a shield, and its fingers were thin and long like blades. The beautiful body balance was evidence of an artificial creation.

"Hehe, didn't I say I was nothing special? Hey, kiddo, the photons you shot were really delicious."

As the shadow spoke, Sirene was dumbfounded. Moreover, the fact that it used the expression "Photons" instead of "Light" meant that it also possessed intellectual abilities. (I feel like have been dissed here.)

Canis introduced his own shadow.

“Essence of Dark Magic. The strongest magical creature, Harvest."

“A magical creature?”

The essence of magical biology, a combination of alchemy and magical engineering. It felt bizarre to actually see something they had only seen in books. Moreover, it was an intellectual creature that had never been introduced in any book.

“Kikiki! That guy looks completely flabbergasted! Why is that? It's like he's never seen a magical creature before, like a country bumpkin."

Harvest, who flaunted his rough-tongued manner, laughed while shrugging his shoulders. Was it a reckless and eccentric monster? No, it was an extremely human yet transcendent creature.

"Harvest is immune to light. Also, he is connected to my life. As long as I don't die, Harvest won't vanish either."

"Indeed, indeed! We are both one and two! Two and one! Of course, my face is better looking, but I don't have a way to show it. Really! I'm incredibly handsome, but there's no way to show it. Kehehehe!"

Harvest joked, but Shirone had no time to pay attention to it. If it was immune to light, then the only disadvantage of dark mage has disappeared.

'I… Can I win?'

So far, the location of Alpheas was not clear, let alone help from outsiders. In the end, hundreds of lives were in the hands of those present here.

Canis was satisfied with Shirone's flustered appearance. The effect of introducing Harvest after light magic was outstanding. This was also Harvest's strategy. The frivolous tone and attitude are perfect acting. In fact, Harvest was more intelligent than Canis. This is because he transferred all of Arcane's knowledge. Even at this moment, Harvest was constantly exchanging telepathy with Canis.

- Canis. Let's go into the forest. We are at a disadvantage here.

- Will they follow us easily?

- They're the ones in a hurry. Besides, Lucas is quite strong. If we make him move, our side's power will rise.

- I don't like it. I don't want to receive help from such a child. If you hadn't stopped me earlier, I would have fought.

- It's for you, Canis. He's strong and not stupid. If you only look at our number, you are pushed behind. I can't let you get caught up in a draining emotional battle.

Lucas was another face of the villains who had tormented Canis in Radum. It was boiling inside to think that he had to rely on such a person for help.

- Canis. Your heart rate has increased by 1.7 times. Increased adrenaline levels impair your judgment. I apologize if I offended you for what I said.

The consideration of the magic creature to prevent combat power loss calmed Canis' heart. As long as there was a cold and sober Harvest, he was confident that he would not lose to anyone.

- No, Harvey. I'm sorry. Your judgment is right. Let's begin.

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