Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 84



Clearing his distracting  thoughts, Canis glared at Shirone. His smooth appearance, seemed like he had never experienced hardships, made his stomach twist.

'Hng. You'll think I'm a villain but….'

The Power of Darkness rose from the shadow of Canis. Despite being cut by the Light Magic, its regeneration speed was tremendous.

'To me, all of you are evil!'

As the Power of Darkness charged, Shirone cleared the ground with Photon Output. Then he threw the Photon Cannon mounted on his right hand. Harvest intercepted and received it with his body. As the Photon Cannon penetrated its body, Harvest's body was pushed back into the forest with a hollow sound. However, far from being shocked, he provoked Shirone by flicking his long fingers. 

"Hehehe. Come on in, come on in."

Although the forest was like home ground for the dark mage, Shirone charged into the forest without hesitation. He swung dozens of photons from left to right, right to left above his head.

Dudududu! Dudududududu!

Over a hundred Light Magic pierced the ceiling of the forest and rose up. Nade and Iruki stared at the sky, which had brightened like daylight, in dismay.

"That bastard, he’s really triggered."

“I guess he understand the situation. If Shirone can't stop him, it's a losing battle in the end.”

Iruki slowly looked away. Lucas was following Shirone into the forest. He spotted the rising gray smoke in front of him and quickly jumped. The Atomic Bomb exploded with a bang, and in an instant, Lucas retreated 10 meters, glaring at Iruki with a fearsome look

“You brat….”

"Don't waste your time. We're thinking about what you're thinking too. Just stay still there."

"That's ridiculous."

No matter how absurd it is, to think that a mage trainee or something like that would deal with a B-class criminal. When Lucas drew his twin swords, a gurgling water sound was heard. The temperament transmitted through the Spirit Zone was like a burning firewood, with a rising haze.

The range of bodies that can be strengthened with a Schema is infinite, but if the balance is not maintained, it can cause serious side effects, so most people use a verified build.

A build that leans to one side will ruin the body. For example, if you strengthen the nervous system too much, the muscles cannot keep up with the speed of the nerves and rupture.

The build Lucas is currently using is a Mitochondrial Build, which enhances the mitochondria, the energy factory of living organisms, to increase energy efficiency momentarily.  (AHEM. Did you know? Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell.)

Although it has the disadvantage of quickly consuming stamina, the overall effect of increasing the physical aspects simultaneously was attractive, and thus, it was the default build for most users.

'It could be dangerous...'

Iruki checked Nade's condition. Looking at Lucas cold eyes reminded him of the summer five years ago. On a day when the rain poured down, the two had collided. It was close to a miracle that Nade could laugh now. Perhaps he would never show his old face again. He hated the face that resembled the person he loved most in the world.

"Be careful, Nade. That guy is a Schema user."

"I know. Let's increase firepower and suppress them early."

Lucas was dumbfounded. The word "careful" was used when avoiding a puddle or crossing a precarious bridge, not when one's neck was about to be cut off by a blade.

"Haa. Kids these days....”

Lucas's figure scratching his head became blurry. At the same time, a golden flash appeared between Nade and Iruki. The teleportation light flashed and two people appeared ten meters away from Lucas. Iruki grasped his chest. His clothes were sharply cut and blood leaked from the line drawn on his chest.

"Are you okay?"

“It is not fatal. But it's really fast.”

Even though magic was a transcendent power, a mage's body was still human. Without the effect of magic, their ability to react and respond to Schema's movement inevitably fell short.

However, if you think about it backwards, it was the same for the swordsman. The power of magic was not something Schema could withstand. Even a student-level magic could be lethal if a direct hit was allowed.

Nade and Iruki concentrated their firepower. Atomic Bomb chain explosions followed like a snake, and Nade calculated Lucas's trajectory and fired predictive shots. However, they couldn't land a hit due to the completely different movement from the mechanical patterns they trained at school.

'Damn it! How are these youngsters so good?'

The situation was not easy for Lucas. Due to the characteristics of his Mitochondria Vuild, his stamina was dropping by the second. Raising his energy metabolism to the maximum, his speed increased dramatically. Circling the wide radius in an instant, he jumped up from Iruki's side and brandished his twin swords. Nade, who had run from the opposite side, held out both hands. An electric shock spell hit his abdomen, and an alternating vibration shook his body at 60 times per second.

“Iruki! Now!”

Iruki was already prepared. Gray smoke rose from the stunned Lucas' face. Lucas, who watched the explosion reaction right in front of him, tried his best to move his body. His muscles felt as if they had turned to charcoal and wouldn't respond.

'Damn! Damn!'

He was on the verge of death facing mere youngsters. No, was he really going to die? He felt as if he was losing touch with reality as he faced this unexpected situation.

Iruki was sure it was over. It wasn't a hasty judgment, as an explosion reaction had occurred. However, the Spirit Zone suddenly disappeared. Before he could figure out the cause, his legs began to go numb. At some point, another person's shadow was connected to his feet. He could tell it was Arin's handiwork without even looking.

'Damn it!'

Lucas mustered all his strength to escape the alternating vibration and rushed towards Nade, who had humiliated him. His anger, which went to the threshold of death, reached an all-time high, and an emotion-filled opportunity flashed.

"Nade! Run!"

Nade developed electricity in both hands even when he was in trouble. Lucas spread his twin swords and tried a double strike. As the blade cut through the wind, unexpectedly thick pillars of ice surged on either side of Nade. 

With a clang, the twin swords were stuck in the ice. Lucas's eyes shook with shock. His swordsmanship could split rocks, but he couldn't cut through a mere ice pillar and was stopped.

A familiar face was reflected in Lucas' eyes as he slowly turned around. It was the female teacher he had thrown off the cliff just a while ago.

“Teacher Sienna!”

Nade exclaimed, his face lighting up. But Sienna remained silent. With emotionless, dry eyes, she only stared at Lucas.


"Haa. Haa."

Leaning against the trunk of the tree, Ethella’s knee were bent as if they were about to collapse at any moment. She had been in a chase for 30 minutes. Yet, she couldn't shake off Arcane completely.

'The poison is spreading. I can't delay treatment any longer.'

Seated in her spot, Ethella tore the waist of her robe. Dark blood flowed from the scar that crossed above her navel. It was a wound from Poison Cutter. She was using a breathing technique to prevent the poison from spreading, but it was only a temporary measure. She needed to suck the poison out of the wound, but it was a difficult area for her lips to reach.

Ethella put her hands behind her hips, grabbed the trunk of the tree, and put on the grip. As she bent her head down and bent her waist, there was a sound of her spine bending. When she extended her spine with her spinal erectors, her buttocks rose off the ground and her waist bent sharply. When she twisted her body into a spiral shape, her lips finally reached below her navel.

Ethella pushed all the toxins that had seeped into her body to the wound. Then she filled her lungs with air and sucked the wound. The moment the poison drained from her, an intense pain like burning invaded her. She furrowed her brow and raised her head forcefully. As she spat the poison out, black blood dropped onto the grass, and the grass withered instantly.

Ethella's face began to come alive again. She took off her crooked glasses, threw them on the ground, and clenched the torn robe in her fist.

"Phew, I think I can survive now."

As the shaking Spirit Zone regained its durability, the energy around it was conveyed through the Synesthesia. With wide-open eyes, she leaped into the air. Dozens of dark hands, like ink squeezed out, sprouted from the ground.

'It's already here....'

The fact that the Dark Archmage could relentlessly chase after Jona, the expert in exploration, proved how agile they could be when faced with darknes. (I really don’t know this Jona. I will read the Manhwa again, I guess.)

"You seem to have removed the poison. I'm liking you more and more."

Arcane appeared after breaking the eil of darkness. However, Ethella did not have to run away any longer.

"It won't be easy from now on."

"Are you finally serious? Then I won't decline and enjoy it."

Ethella put power into her fist, and the energy of the Yin-Yang Wave Zone swelled up. Arcane quickly noticed her change. She had completely given up on the Spirit Zone.

Mages handle the Spirit Zone, knights handle the Schema. However, monks train in both simultaneously. This is because the significance of a monk's existence is not to ascend to a high place, but to embrace the world with the broadest heart. 

Arcane didn't like that. If she had focused on one field from the beginning, there would be no one on the continent who wouldn't know her name.

'It's a shame. How did such talent, capable of reaching the top of the world, choose this path? However, it would be absurd to say that to someone who doesn't even think of climbing.'

Arcane reached out and cast a spell. He had a separate countermeasure for opponents who used Schema.

"Shackles of Darkness."

Countless spiders crawled out of the shadows of the forest. The sight of spiders the size of a human head squirming give goosebumps. 


But the true value of the Shackles of Darkness began now. A Dark Golem over three meters tall stood beside Arcane.

Its face was buried in its shoulders, and its torso and limbs were swollen as if wrapped in fur. Its arms were long, and its legs were short.

The Shackles of Darkness is a magic that controls shadow minions, converting 100% of mental power into physical power. It was qualitatively different from the Power of Darkness that absorbs energy from the outside. It is not immune to light like magical creatures, but at night when the sun has fallen, there was no fighting weapon that would exert more power than this. 

"Go, my minions."

The Dark Spiders opened the attack. With so many tangled together, it was impossible to even determine how many were moving.

Ethella swung her jab and bounced the spiders in all directions. Then, she sent a straight punch to where the spiders were clustered, and with a bang, the shadows scattered.


Breaking through the dispersing spiders, the Dark Golem charged in. The moment Ethella leaped like a flying squirrel, the Golem's thick arm struck the ground. The ground rippled like waves, eventually exploding due to the impact. The power rivaling that of Earth magic eruption made Ethella's face pale. Since all of the Archmage's mental power was converted into physical power, so the physical strength was beyond imagination.

The Golem, with both hands planted on the ground, turned its head. Then, swinging its arms like hammers, it attacked again in a circular arc.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

Ethella was forced to retreat against the Golem's windmill-like combination attack. The Dark Golem was the ultimate weapon with speed, flexibility, and destructive power. 

Knowing she couldn't retreat forever, Ethella stepped on the ground and confronted the Dark Golem after escaping. 


Etella jumped into the embrace of the towering Dark Golem like a wall and drove her fist into its side.


The giant Golem staggered. As the equivalent exchange occurred, the shock pushed into Arcane's mind.

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