Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 122



'Huhu, is this boy making my daughter nervous? My Amy of all people.'

Although the Carmis Family tends to be open-minded, Amy's personality is particularly bold. The reason why he was able to control the gangsters from a young age was not just because he was a noble.

The brothers stared at Shirone as if they were of the same opinion. They were even jealous to think that their sister, who wouldn't listen to their words, was mindful of an outsider.

“This is my second brother, Ares. And his work is...."

Amy asked, as if she was curious.

"What do you really do, brother?"

"Hahaha! I am an explorer. I excavate ruins or travel through uncharted lands to make maps. The dragon's nest in the Alphonsus Mountain Range and the Crystal Cave at the northern limit of the Corona Kingdom are some of my notable works."

"Ah, I see. I know the Alphonsus Mountain Range."

Known as the habitat of various dragons, the Alphonsus Mountains Range were a place full of danger and adventure enough to appear in literature.

Rian had once mentioned wanting to visit the Alphonsus Mountain Range while reading a novel called 'The Knight of the Dragon'.

"That's really amazing. I've heard it's a very dangerous place."

"Risk is part and parcel of romance. I am satisfied with my work. The compensation is good when I succeed in making a map. Although Amy seems to dislike it."

“Please, at least shave that beard. You're not unemployed, but you don't think about going out for months when you're stuck at home."

"Don't be too harsh. Anyway, since the expedition was organized this time, I won't be able to return for two years. I've been waiting to see my beloved sister's face."


Amy turned her head as if it was ridiculous. At that sight, Shirone chuckled. Despite calling him unemployed, in reality, she was worried about her brother who was an explorer.

From the perspective of a family who can't even confirm whether he's alive or dead because it takes over a year for him to return from an adventure, they had to worry.

“Still, I think it's cool. I'd like to have such an adventure someday."

“Once you fall in, you won’t be able to come out. Because you can’t get tired of things that normal people can't experience in their lifetime. Come visit us anytime after graduation. I will specially include you in the expedition team."

"Ugh, enough! Stop blowing smoke and go out if the introductions are over."

As soon as Amy ordered the guests out, the family members started throwing questions. It was the most fun part, but they couldn't leave before it even started, right?

"So, what do you like about Amy? ISurely you haven't crossed the adult line?"

"Excuse me? No, that's...."

"How did you approach Amy, who is not ordinary? Did you melt her with words? Or did you manly kiss her in the dark....."

Amy's eyes burned red.

"Didn't I tell you to leave?"

There was a whoosh, and suddenly only Amy was left in the room. The door was still rattling because of how hastily they fled.

'It's worth knowing what kind of personality she has at home.'

As the bustling room became empty, the contrast of silence increased.

Missing the opportunity to speak, Shirone looked around the room shyly.

Amy also hid her face pretending to sip tea and got lost in her thoughts. She was so awkward that she was sweating cold.

'Why did you come here, you bastard?'

There's no way she could say anything. Even if there was an important matter, it was really unexpected that Shirone would come to her house.

"What? Speak if you came! I don't think you came here to play because you were bored."

Shirone took his gaze off the scenery and looked at Amy.

"Ah, actually, I have a favor to ask of you. But now that I'm here, I feel like it's rude to visit without any gift. I apologize to your family."

"Enough. What's wrong with visiting a friend's house. But what's the favor you're talking about?"

"Do you... have time to hang out with me? To Galliant Island."

Amy froze while holding her teacup. She hadn't expected it, not even in her wildest dreams. Shirone was suggesting to hang out first. That too with a girl. And that too on an island.

"So, you mean, you want to go to the island with me?"

“Actually, I have a friend named Rian. My friend suggested it first. But Rian says he’s bringing his friend, so I need a friend to go with me too. So, it's a group of four."

“Hoo? The friend that Rian is bringing... Is it a girl?"

"I think so. Huh? How did you know?"

Amy swallowed the tea without answering. She was rapidly organizing the situation in her head.

'In a word, this is a couple's trip. That bastard named Rian, he’s so sneaky. Huh? Wait, a couple trip?'

Cold sweat ran down Amy's spine.

'And they're taking me there? Why on earth?'

It was disconcerting that Shirone, who had been as immovable as a log during their pretend relationship, was suddenly suggesting a couples trip. It wasn't like him to ask her just to make the numbers match.

The graduation class required intense study even during vacations, as it was the final competition of the magic school.

Knowing this better than anyone else, if Shirone had come to her house to ask for this favor, there had to be some special circumstance.

"Why do you want to take me? You have friends in the advanced class, don't you? You know I'm in the graduation class, right? You know how much special training the other graduation students do during vacations. But why does it have to be me?"

Amy asked the question, but she was afraid of the answer. Surely it wasn't what she was thinking.

However, there was a chance that it could be. Her hand, bringing the teacup to her lips, started to tremble slightly.

"Amy, no matter how much I think about it, it has to be you."


Amy spewed out the tea she was drinking without leaving a single drop. Shirone, who was hit by the spray of tea, wore a blank expression as if he had been caught in a shower.

"What the hell are you talking about all of a sudden! You stupid idiot!"

Amy shouted, wiping her mouth with her sleeve. Her face turning red as a beetroot, she left her seat as if running away and returned with a towel.

"Wipe yourself quickly with this! You're so dirty, really!"

".....You're the one who spewed on my face. Anyway, continuing the conversation, do you remember Miro, the person I told you about before?"

"Huh? Miro? The former president of the Supernatural Psychic Science Reserach Group? You said you met her while the Immortal Function was in full swing."

"Right. This is a recent hypothesis, but I think the Immortal Function is related to faster-than-light speed. So I wanted to learn about her. Principal said it's okay to investigate the Kerugo Ruin, so I thought I'd go there since Rian suggested it."

Only then did Amy regain peace of mind. If it's Kerugo Ruin, isn't it a famous ruin and tourist attraction on Galliant Island?

"Aha, so you're saying let's investigate it together?"

"Of course, I don’t think it won’t be dangerous. However, when I listened to Principal's words, I also thought that it was not just a simple tourist destination. If you go with me, I think I can be more at ease."

Given Rian's suggestion of a couples trip, the partner had to be a girl. But even without that condition, Amy was the strongest person among Shirone's friends that he knew and hung out with.

Red Eyes's uniqueness is also a great strength, but considering Amy's ability to establish herself in the middle ranks of the graduating class through daily competition with the strong, they would be able to overcome danger together in any situation.

"Heh! Of course! I'm on a different level from those supernatural whatever kids."

"No, I didn't mean it that way, but anyway."

Sirone smiled awkwardly and hesitated. In fact, even Amy knew. That she wasn't the type to attract her friends just because she was strong.

Shirone had saved Amy from falling off a cliff. The special incident that happened in a short moment had reinforced the trust between them.

That's why he could ask. He could ask her to accompany him, knowing the dangers, because they had shared a life-threatening experience.

"I see, that's it....."

Amy walked to the window and got lost in her thoughts. The trip wouldn't be just the two of them, so there was no pressure. No, she actually wanted to go because of that.

She might gain a lot from this trip, but more than that, she thought it would be fun to do something with Shirone.

'Damn, he's got a good eye. Okay, since I owe him anyway, I'll help you a little this time.'

Amy slowly turned around. Seeing Shirone, who was anxiously waiting for an answer, she couldn't help but chuckle.

Regardless of the purpose of the trip, superficially, it was a matter of spending a night away with a girl. Even if he sugarcoated it, if he looked so tense as if he were about to do something, no girl would follow him.

'Nothing has changed between when I was 12 and now.'

When would this kid grow up? Perhaps all his growth energy had been focused on magic.

Amy readily nodded her head.

"Okay, let's go to the island."


"Hello! I'm Rian's friend, Elzaine Tess!”

Tess, who visited the Ogent Family, was courageous and polite. Next to her, Rian was standing with an anxious look.

The reason Rian had been glued to Shirone's house until now was because she had a strategy to break into her family's home using Tess as a shield.

Parents would certainly not allow their son, who had returned home as the last place in the swordsmanship academy, to rest easy.

However, if he brought a friend along, it would be a different story. Especially if that friend was the model student who ranked first in the swordsmanship school, it was calculated that she could be an effective shield.

"Ah, I've heard a lot about Tess. Is your father in good health?”

"Yes. Even while staying in the occupied area, he is sharpening his sword every day without fail."

In truth, Tess didn't know how her father was doing. She also had no desire to know.

But Rian's father, Bischoff, nodded as if he deserved it.

"Indeed, those who have established their family through the sword are different. If I get the chance, I'll visit him once."

Tess's father, Elzaine Veron, was a Sword Mater nicknamed the Flash.

If Ogent's swordsmanship was ferocious, Elsaine's swordsmanship was terrifying and sharp.

Who is the better sword wielder depends on the swordsman, but the pride in preserving the authenticity of the sword was indisputable.

“Rian, it's not like you to date a good woman."

"I'm not dating her. She's just a friend."

Tess glanced at Rian with a prickly stare. But what could she do? Just as a thirsty man digs a well, in order to go on a trip with Rian, she had no choice but to tolerate it.

"So, you want to go on vacation to Galliant Island?"

"Yes. I thought I was going to die from the hardships at the swordsmanship academy. I need time to recover my mental and physical health. Oh, Shirone is coming later too. We plan to depart straight from here. Is it okay to go?"

"I don't mind you going, but have you really worked hard? I didn’t believe a boy who didn't listen to a private tutor would say that."

"Haha! I knew you'd say that, so I brought this. Finally, I've opened Schema!"

Rian took out his triumphant piece. His report card was taken by Reina, but he had a certificate for passing the physical strength enhancement test.

Although it was a worthless piece of paper once the placebo effect was revealed, but Bischoff, who did not know the whole story, had no choice but to believe.

"Hmm, you really passed. Congratulations."

Bischoff did not show his emotions according to his personality. But his voice was trembling slightly.

If you are a parent, it is natural to notice the flaws of your own child more. Since he had successfully completed Shema he hadn't been able to succeed with, he must have clenched his fists in his heart.

"Now, keep your promise. The sword that grandfather said I could take when I gain Schema, I can take it, right?"

"Of course. Now that you've gained schema, you should learn Ogent's swordsmanship from now on. By the way, where are the report cards? Considering how confident you are, it seems pretty good."

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