Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 123



"Ah... Report card? My sister has it."

“Reina? Why? Go get it."

"I don't know. She took it to show it to Grandpa. How would I know what that witch is thinking? Just give me the sword quickly. I've been wanting it since I was little."

The sword that Rian desperately wanted was a straight sword specialized in the swordsmanship of the Ogent Family. It was a greatsword that was twice as heavy as a normal longsword and had a long blade that couldn't be handled unless one was considerably tall.

From the beginning of his swordsmanship training, Rian had been eying the Ogent Family's straight sword. In particular, the sword that he had claimed as his own was the sword his grandfather had used personally.

Klump had always wanted to pass on the sword to Rian. Among his grandchildren, Reina and Rian were the only ones to inherit the lineage of blue hair, and he believed that Rian was the only one who could handle his sword, excluding the female Reina.

"The sword is in Grandpa's room. But why are you suddenly looking for a sword when you said you were going out to play? Tess, you've come a long way, though.”

"I have my reasons. Anyway, I'll go get it now."

Rian ran up to his grandfather's room. It was a sword too overwhelming for him to handle without understanding Schema, but he was determined to take it with him on this trip.

Shirone was clearly intending to explore the ruins. If Shirone were to rush into dangerous places as if a thread followed a needle, wouldn't he have to protect him by his side?

'This is the great sword of the Ogent Family.'

Rian looked up in rapture at the greatsword hanging in his grandfather's room. A form containing the spirit of the Ogent Family, which is said to be difficult to wield without unlocking Schema.

Of course, Schema is still impossible for him. But Rian brought the sword in front of him with one hand.

'It's heavy. But it's not to the extent that I can't wield it.'

Rian was also hurt when he received the absurd judgment of an imaginative Schema. But true to his character, who never despaired in any situation, he thought positively.

Whether it's a Schema or not, once you pass the physical enhancement test, the strength is the same. He would have to unlock Schema someday, but for now, he thought he could endure it.

Because the sword was so heavy, it was inconvenient to carry it in a sheath made of iron. Rian wore a net-like sheath made of leather on his back and inserted the greatsword.

It would certainly attract people's attention in this outfit, but it was not illegal to carry a sword, so it didn't matter.

Anyone could carry a sword as long as they followed the rules, excluding the special zones designated by the city..

It was like the commoners were sector level C, the nobles were sector level B, and the royal family was sector level A, and so on.

Rian proudly wore the greatsword and came down the stairs. But his opportunity to attract attention did not come back.

Butler Lewis opened the door and reported.

“Gaju-nim, Young Master Shirone has arrived.”

Entering the hall with Amy, Shirone first greeted Bischoff.

On the outside, he was strict and blunt, but he was a family man to the point of taking a leave of absence and staying at home when he heard that his son was coming.

From Shirone's point of view, as a guardian who helped him attend magic school, he had heard that he had taken care of not only school life but also his parents' household so that there was no lack.

"Hello. Have you been well?"

"Yes. I've heard you're doing well."

“This time, I was promoted to Class Four. Thanks to your help. Thank you."

Recalling Rian's past, Bischoff smiled bitterly. Class Four, huh? Just how much talent does one need to make it into Class Four within half a year of entering magic school?

Of course, he wasn't a foolish of a parent, enough to compare his children. However, as a single swordsman, he was concerned that Rian, who had taken the oath to become a knight, might fall behind Shirone.

“It is because of your hard work. Anyway, it's rewarding to have supported you. I heard that Rian is going on a trip with a beautiful lady this time without knowing the subject. Are you going too?”

"Yes. We decided to go together."

“Is the lady next to you your partner?”

Bischoff turned his eyes to the red-haired girl. She looked familiar, but he couldn't remember her well.

"Hello. I'm Carmis Amy.”

Bischoff's eyes sparkled. Not only Rian and Tess, but also the butler, Lewis, looked back at Amy in amazement.

As a first-class noble, the Carmis Family does not boast the highest authority in terms of kingdom.

However, the freewheeling tendency and talent of the red eyes spread across the continent beyond the kingdom.

It could be said that the achievements that are not limited to the country reveal their identity the best.

Bischoff also didn't think that the noble hierarchy represented the power of a family. For there are many nobles in the world who rise to high ranks through all sorts of flattery and vile means.

Such people ignore legitimacy and even change their family customs to climb the social ladder. However, Elzaine and Carmis were on a different level from these people.

Legitimacy is a law established only by conviction. Since the establishment of the kingdom, their pride in choosing only one path was not something that could be bought with money or power.

"Now, nowokay. Let's talk later and get going now. We need to depart now to make it in time for the ship!"

Rian broke the mood. He had gotten permission from Bischoff, but his nervousness did not subside.

Perhaps by now, the express mail sent by Reina was flying like an arrow.

It was obvious that the moment the report card was released, heaven would recede and the gates of hell would open.

"Dad, then I'll be going. It will take about ten days."

"Alright. You've been training hard, so have fun. Oh, and use this as an addition to your travel expenses.”

Bischoff ossed a hefty bag of gold coins. Rian looked inside and was startled. It was the first time he had ever received so much money from his father.

In fact, Bischoff was in a good mood. He thought he had ruined one son when he took the knight's oath, but Lian had figured out Schema and made good friends.

Moreover, Shirone, who was to become Rian's master, was steadily growing based on his exceptional talent.

Wouldn't it be only fair to pay half a year's salary if you consider training as an investment for actual battles?

Rian felt guilty, but now even such feelings were a luxury. The only thought that filled his mind was to escape from this house alive.

"Okay. Then I'll be going with my friends. Ah, Temuran. Please prepare a carriage to the harbor."

"Understood. Have a pleasant trip."

Temuran saw Rian off and made a pitiful expression. He could guess the situation just by seeing him sweating profusely and running away.

'I can hold on for 10 minutes. I wish you luck, Young Master.'

Temuran was focused on the envelope in his pocket. It was the express mail from Reina that had just arrived from the capital.


Perhaps it was because the butlers had a lot of work today, but there was not a single carriage available. There was a private carriage, but it took an hour to put on the saddle and do the maintenance.

Rian said he didn't need any maintenance, but he had no choice but to accept a request to at least check the tightening of the carriage wheel screws. If an accident happened, all the blame would fall on the carriage manager.

The four people waited near the stables for the carriage to arrive.

There was no particular conversation for a while. It was a situation that commonly occurs when meeting for the first time. However, numerous analyses were going on in their minds.

Tess first looked at Shirone. She knew he was an aspiring mage, but since Rian had sworn a knight's oath, he imagined a hot-blooded boy. However, when she met him, he was unexpectedly soft and calm.

Amy from the Carmis Family was also interesting. The Carmis, called the star of the continent. What kind of personality would people from that family have?

In the end, Tess spoke first. She thought that there should be no awkwardness, at least when inside the carriage.

"Should we start with full names? Call me Elzain Elzaine Tess.”

"I'm Carmis Amy. Nice to meet you."

“Ah, I am Arian Shirone.”

Tess also shook hands with Shirone. But as soon as she heard his surname, she tilted her head.

Like the Elzaine Family, which specialized in diplomacy, she knew the surnames of quite a few noble families. However, she had never even heard in passing of a family named Arian.

“Aha, you are Arian. Um, there... Is your main family located in Creas?”

Tess asked in a roundabout way so as not to offend the other party. Shirone, who had picked up on her thoughts, honestly laid it out.

"Ah, I don't have a main family. I'm a commoner."

"Huh? A commoner?”

Tess' eyes widened in surprise. At first, she wondered if he was talking nonsense because shehe was nervous. Otherwise, why would Rian have a knight swear an oath to a commoner?

Tess turned to Amy. The lack of change in her emotions meant she already knew.

'What the heck is going on? What is Rian thinking? And why Amy? How could a person of the Carmis family, a noble family, accompany a commoner as a partner? Isn't this a couple trip?'

From TesS' perspective, who had no experience with Shirone, the situation was quite confusing. Also, as much as he was surprised by Shirone, Rian's decision came out even more shocking.

Even if Shirone was a child with great abilities, it was easier said than done not to discriminate against his status.

Moreover, it wasn't just a friendship, it was a knight's oath, which meant serving as his master for life.

'In some ways... it's just like Rian.'

When Tess couldn't find anything to say for a long time, Shirone spoke first.

"I'm sorry. If you feel uncomfortable, we could..."

“N- No. I was the one who was rude. I was just too shocked, that's all. But... am I the strange one? Everyone else is so calm, it makes me seem like the bad guy, hahaha!"

Tess hurriedly defused the situation. Whether he was a commoner or a noble, he was Rian's master. Thus, she should not treat him lightly.

'Tess, you're a righteous person.'

Shirone could sense what Tess was like. Should he say that she is the woman Rian chose?

The ability to make others laugh while lowering oneself was impossible without sincere consideration.

"Thank you for saying that. I've heard a lot about you, Rian's girlfriend."

"Oh my, what are you talking about? Did we really look like lovers? Do we get along that well? Hahaha!"

Tess is starting to like Shirone. On the other hand, Rian's face turned red. It was a misunderstanding that had to be corrected. But he held his tongue because he liked that Tess was being nice to Shirone.

Amy looked back at Rian as if it was unexpected. When she first heard about the plan to go to the island, she thought it was hatched by some suspicious person, but he was more honest and considerate than expected.

‘The Ogent Family, who established their family status solely with a sword. They say there's one genius among the black hairs, but this person has blue hair.'

Although their noble rank is the second rank and not the royal family, it was because of the honest character that did not know compromise.

This kind of family is called 'Pure' in the political world.

It refers to neutrality, and in peacetime, their influence on the political world is not so great.

However, it was a force that could never be taken lightly, as the political landscape changed depending on where the vote of Pure went in the event of a major upheaval in the country.

While Amy was thinking about that, Tess was looking at Shirone and Amy.

Both of them had cute appearances and their eyes sparkled with intelligence. In addition, she felt that they might have the same stubbornness, no matter what their real personalities might be.

“By the way, what is the relationship between the two of you? Now that I see it, you guys fits really well. Are you two lovers?"

Tess asked, pointing at the two of them alternately, causing Amy to blush slightly. She felt as if she was being seen as a good match for Shirone, as if they were a pair of small, unassuming kids.

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