LWTG (Novel) Chapter 126



Merlin had a troubled expression. He looked like he was angry, and he also just looked surprised as well.

Although YuWon couldn’t tell for sure what emotions Merlin was feeling, it was certain that his gaze was wavering.

The bait had been hooked.

Well, he had no choice but to bite because the sword YuWon had pulled out was originally Arthur’s.

“Didn’t you just tell me to go back?”

“Do you think I’m playing with you right now?”

Merlin’s eyes went white. A frighteningly tranquil mana swirled around him.


Rumble, rumble—

Light winds blew, and in an instant, a rain cloud formed in the sky.

Merlin’s Arcane Power was strong enough to alter even the weather. This wasn’t even a skill but the result of the flow of mana that changed with his emotions.

Seeing this spectacle, YuWon remembered Merlin’s title.

It was “Great Magician,” the title that Merlin alone possessed in the Tower.

“It’s a little awkward here, so let’s talk inside.”

YuWon sheathed 「Excalibur.」

Step, step—

He turned around and walked into the castle like nothing happened.

The rain clouds that had gathered overhead turned white again.

Merlin stared at YuWon’s back for a bit and then followed after him.

But then, YuWon turned around.

“What now?”

“I don’t know the way.”

Although he had been to Britain before, today was the first time that YuWon was entering the castle.

“Let’s have some tea.”

* * *

Merlin took YuWon and went to the castle’s reception room.

A large 60 pyeong* room. It was the place where most knights and nobles had meetings over tea. As a place that could accommodate dozens of people in it, it was far too spacious for just two people.

*TL/N: Korean measurement, about 200m2**

**PR/N: About 2153ft2


Merlin put down his cup after taking a sip of his tea.

The maid that brought the tea stepped outside, and now it was just the two of them in the room.

“Explain now.” Merlin said out loud the thoughts he had been holding back, expressing that he had waited long enough. “How did you get that sword?”

“I found this relic by chance.”

“A relic…”

Merlin’s expression was conflicted. But unlike the first time, he didn’t get too worked up. Seeing that YuWon was holding Arthur’s sword, he could guess up to a certain point.

“It’s honestly more refreshing now that I know for sure.”

Sadness, longing, relief, and other such expressions appeared on Merlin’s face.

YuWon gave him some time to sort out his emotions, which would take quite a bit to do. Even more so since the news was something he had been waiting for for over a thousand years. Even a few days or weeks wouldn’t be enough.

It was just because YuWon was in front of him right now that Merlin quickly got through them and asked, “Do you know that friend? How did you know to come find me?”

Hearing Merlin’s question, YuWon shook his head. “I only got to know him a few months ago.”

“…Is that so.” After answering without thinking, Merlin felt something was odd. “‘Only got to know him a few months ago’? The King of Knights?”

“King of Knights” Arthur. Just looking at his rank when he was alive, he was just a knight that couldn’t even become a High-Ranker. However, his talent and the feats he had achieved were above what most High-Rankers had done. Arthur was the Ranker who constructed The Round Table on the 25th Floor within the vicinity of the big guilds and became the first king of Britain.

More than anything else…

“You didn’t know the King of Knights but knew his sword…” Merlin narrowed his eyes. “Something is off.”

If YuWon hadn’t known Arthur, he wouldn’t have been able to recognize the sword and came to find Merlin. On top of that, this was the first time Merlin and YuWon were meeting.

The story didn’t match up. It was a situation where doubt would naturally arise.


“I feel like you’re misunderstanding something.”


Black smoke flowed out of 「Kyneē」 from the back of YuWon’s hand.

Merlin didn’t see the smoke because he was still staring at YuWon’s eyes.

“When I said I got to know him, I didn't mean I learned what kind of person he was.”

“Then what do you mean?”

“I meant I conversed with him for the first time.”

Merlin’s gaze shook minutely.

“No, wait. Was that friend alive then?”

“Not that…”

As expected, rather than words, showing Merlin would be more direct.

“But something like this.”

YuWon nodded his head, looking behind Merlin.

And simultaneously, Merlin felt the minute flow of mana behind him.


The black smoke gathered.

Now, not just YuWon but Merlin could see it too.


The smoke settled into its color and form.

Nose, mouth, and empty eye sockets formed the small skull.

The undead Orc showed itself.

[You have summoned ‘Arthur.’]

It was a hideous form. Not a human but the body of an Orc. It was honestly a relief that he at least had clothes on. If not, this would have looked a dozen times worse.

“You are a necromancer? You have a valuable skill set.”


Unusual mana flowed out from Merlin’s body. From his perspective, he felt YuWon’s action to summon the Undead was a threatening move.

But of course…

“So what are you going to do? Are you going to bully me?”

Even then, Merlin didn’t think that YuWon could harm him.

He had heard multiple times that YuWon was incredible. There were even rumors that he was the strongest player ever.

But from Merlin’s position, YuWon wasn’t the ‘strongest,’ but just another player.

“Of course not.” YuWon smirked.

Seeing that he wasn’t being hostile, Merlin made a curious face at what YuWon was trying to do.

“Let’s converse now.”


Merlin’s eyes went wide. There was a thought that flew through his mind for an instant.

Arthur’s sword.



“Old man.”

Hearing the Undead’s first few words—

“It’s been a while.”

—Merlin broke down sobbing.

* * *

* * *

YuWon left the area to let Merlin and Arthur have their reunion.

He could just see and hear whatever Arthur was seeing and hearing, so he would know what the two were talking about, but YuWon didn’t do that. He didn’t want to disturb their reunion.

And after sufficient time passed, YuWon went back into the reception hall.

“You terrible child… This…”

Merlin was still crying.

He was always kind and mature, and sometimes showed an eccentric side, but this was the first time YuWon had seen Merlin like this.

‘Looks like he was pretty torn up.’

Arthur called Merlin ‘old man’ only when they were alone. Only Merlin knew this fact. Publicly, Arthur called Merlin ‘Sir Magician’ and showed him respect.

Although he was an Undead that looked like an Orc made of bones right now, Merlin didn’t seem to care about that at all.

“Old man, calm down. It’s not like a dead person has come back to life, so why are you like this?”

“Then how do you explain your form right now?”

“Now you’re talking properly.”

Merlin wiped away the tear tracks on his face with one hand. He glanced sideways and saw that YuWon had entered the reception hall again.


“Ah, don’t mind me.”

“…Please forget that.”

His shame finally caught up to him.

YuWon nodded and replied understandingly. Of course, they were only words, but this scene was something that could never be forgotten.

“More than that, old man.” Arthur’s voice became serious. “I have something to say.”


“What is it?”

Merlin looked at Arthur’s form awkwardly.

“It’s quite weird seeing you try to be serious with that body.”

“That’s because that guy…!”

Arthur ground his teeth and turned his gaze to YuWon. Although he didn’t have eyes, Arthur was probably staring at YuWon with eyes full of anger.

The Orc made of bones was angry.

It was quite a funny scene.

“So? What’s the thing you have to say? Who’s the guy that killed you?”

Merlin looked ready to go out and fight right that moment if he was asked to.

Arthur shook his head. On top of that being unnecessary, the target of revenge was also dead now. If he had to, he could take vengeance against the Three Precious Children, but even for Merlin, they were too powerful.

“No. I don’t need something like revenge now.”

“I beg to differ.”

“Then do it later. The person we need to take vengeance on is not on that side.”




The Orc bared its fangs.

“That bastard killed my son.”


Merlin’s eyes went wide, and mana started to flow unnaturally around him.


But then YuWon grabbed Merlin’s shoulder from behind.

Merlin turned his head.

“Please calm down. If you make a commotion here, this will just become known to unnecessary people.”

“Then are you telling me to stay still after hearing something like this?”

“You still need to stay calm. For now.”

“For now…”

Maybe it was because he had been surprised quite a few times in a short period of time, but unlike his normal temperament, Merlin was quite fidgety right now.

Well, the incident of the son of the King of Knights disappearing was one of the biggest incidents in Britain. Arthur had been enraged because of this, and Britain fell into sorrow for a while.

And not long after that, Arthur disappeared as well.

‘Unfortunate that the King of Knights' other nickname was the “Knight of Tragedy.”’

The unexplained disappearances of both the father and son. Tragedy didn’t even begin to describe it.

At least it looked like Arthur knew of Lancelot’s betrayal in the end.

But that end came when he died at the hands of Susanoo without being able to tell anyone.

“Then is Lancelot the one who killed you as well?”

“There’s no way. Do you think I would get done in by someone like that?”

“That’s true. You were stronger back then.”

“‘Back then’?”

“That guy, Lancelot. He’s a High-Ranker now. He climbed up the ranks pretty quickly.”

He had become one of the two High-Rankers of Britain. Lancelot wasn’t the same as when Arthur knew him from before. No matter how quickly Arthur became famous as the King of Knights, it was impossible for him to defeat Lancelot in his current state.

Above all…

“And he’s the current king of Britain.”

Hearing YuWon’s words, Merlin nodded. “Yes. That is the biggest problem. If you just kill him without a plan, Britain and The Round Table might collapse.”

Merlin had the power to fight The Round Table by himself. But even though that was possible, it wasn’t reasonable to go to war against The Round Table just because of Lancelot.

In the end, they needed a way to drag Lancelot out.

“Arthur, how about you going out and facing him?”

“Then he’ll say that I’m being controlled to slander him. Undeads need to follow the commands of their master.”

“Hmm… That is true.”

From what Arthur had said about Lancelot, he was someone who was unworthy of sitting on the throne.

The reason Lancelot killed Arthur’s son was definitely in preparation to overthrow Arthur and become the king of Britain. On top of that, it was becoming pretty hard to deny that Lancelot was unrelated to Arthur’s death.

The worries began to pile up.

Then YuWon spoke up. “There is a way.”

“A way? What is it?”

“When is the Round Table Conference happening?”

Merlin spoke after thinking of the time it would happen, “About… ten days.”

“Could a person not part of The Round Table also attend?”

“It’s usually impossible, but if I help you, nothing is impossible.”

“Then that’s good.”

The biggest problem was being able to attend the Round Table Conference. But if he could get in, then there was indeed a way.

“On that day, let’s flip the Round Table.”

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