LWTG (Novel) Chapter 127



The long hall was covered by a red carpet.

A man dressed in red dragon robes walked through the spacious golden royal palace.

Step, step—

The man was being guided by two knights onto the throne, which was hard but wide, an extravagant seat.


The man took off the long dragon robes.

He had green hair, a small mole under his eye, and a sharp, smooth jawline.

Lancelot sat on his throne for the first time in a while.

Only after this did the Knights of the Round Table speak up.

“Has your work been done?”


“It’s a relief that you are safe and sound.”

“It’s thanks to you all.”

Lancelot took time to take a deep breath after sitting on the throne.

A spacious and beautiful castle. The heart of Britain and the center of Camelot. And the most noble seat inside.


The seat of the king was always sweet to sit on, no matter the occasion. It was natural since he was given everyone’s respect, and they all looked up at him. The seat that was more addictive than any drug—that was the seat of the king.

“Has anything happened while I was gone?”

“Nothing of note has happened.”

Receiving the report of the two knights, Lancelot nodded in satisfaction.

He replied with something befitting a king of a nation, “Put the wellbeing of the citizens as the top priority. That is the will of the King of Knights.”

“Your will is our command.”

The two knights knelt in front of Lancelot.

They were the Knights of the Round Table, Thal and Lollit. These two were loyal subjects to the King of Knights that had sat at the Round Table since long ago.

Using the phrase “the will of the King of Knights” was the easiest way to make them move.

Lancelot asked a question of the knights that took the 31st and 42nd seats of the Round Table, “What happened with that man?”

“Are you talking about the new player that came up?”

“Yes. That Kim YuWon.”

“Yes. He has currently been invited to the castle under the command of Your Majesty. But… how did you know him?”

Lancelot had presided on this seat for a long time. As the king of Britain, there was only one scenario where he would need to leave the king’s seat.

“I was able to acquire information about him through Asgard.”

That was to meet the major guild Asgard that was above The Round Table.

“From Asgard?”

“Does that mean Asgard is also looking out for that player?”

There were quite a lot of rumors about Kim YuWon. A lot of major guilds had already contacted him, and it was a well-known fact that many had scouted him to join their guild.

On top of that, the thing that made Kim YuWon even more famous was the fact that even after all that, he wasn’t part of a single guild.

The strongest player without allegiance.

It was obvious that he would be tasty prey for many major guilds.

“That’s not it.”

Lancelot’s expression changed.

“…I heard terrifying news.”

“What is it?”

“Asgard was researching his supporter. It was strange no matter how much they thought about it. For a player with unknown origins and backgrounds to be able to become this strong this fast…”

It was quite odd. How was a player who wasn’t even a pureblood able to sweep through every record and climb the Tower this quickly? And how was he able to become that strong as well? It was something that was impossible unless he was receiving support from someone.

“While doing that, they discovered a terrifying truth.” Lancelot wore a saddened expression. “It was… that YuWon’s supporter had something to do with the death of the King of Knights.”


“Is that… true?”

One must never raise their voice in the presence of the king. That was the law of Britain and the code of chivalry followed by the knights that protected the king.

Even so, Thal and Lollit forgot about it for an instance and half-stood from where they were sitting.

It was natural. For the first time in a thousand years, a clue about King Arthur’s death was found.

“We’re not fully certain. Asgard is still slowly and quietly digging into his background. So this fact must only be known by you two. If something happens, the efforts we’ve put in until now may be in vain.”

“Are you telling us to keep this a secret?”

“Yes. But…”


In his rage, Lancelot had broken an armrest by crushing it with his hand.

“ I can’t just let him be like this.”

Hearing this, Thal and Lollit both looked at each other. Only then did the two of them understand why Lancelot called them in privately.


The two knights knelt on one knee.

“Please give us your order, my lord.”

They awaited Lancelot’s command.

* * *

Thal and Lollit left the castle.

Lancelot stayed seated on his throne.

“Hmm~ haah.” Lancelot took another deep breath.

Just by sitting on this seat, he felt ecstasy enough to melt his mind.

“As I thought, this seat is the best.”

He sat there for a while and satisfied his ego.

Although he was only king for a short time, Lancelot felt that that time was far too long.

“Stupid fools. Not even able to differentiate between friend and foe.” The corner of Lancelot’s mouth tipped up in a smirk.

When he was talking about Arthur’s death, the expressions on Thal and Lollit’s faces were quite entertaining. They seemed to still hold a grudge against something that had happened over a thousand years ago, and vengeance had clouded their minds.

After checking the two had left the castle, Lancelot pulled out his own player kit from his inventory.

He called someone.

“It’s Lancelot.”


A low baritone voice.

Even though it was over the player kit, Lancelot was still very nervous.

“Just as you said, I sent two of them.”

Who did you send?

“Thal and Lollit. The 31st and 42nd on the Round Table.”

And their motive?

“I’ve planted a seed of vengeance about Arthur’s death. They’ll probably not care about the penalty and just charge in.”

Rankers shouldn’t attack players. And if they did, they would receive a penalty per the will of the Tower.

But that was a problem afterwards.

Thal and Lollit were loyal followers of King Arthur who would give up their lives for him if given the chance. Since these two had been implanted with the idea of ‘revenge,’ the result was already decided.

“For the crime of harming a player, the two will be personally sent away to deal with that. A dog that can no longer hunt will be disposed of.” Lancelot smirked. “When that happens, The Round Table won’t be put under restraints from the Administrator.”

Well done.

“Thank you.” Lancelot answered while bowing his head as if he was honored.

And before the call ended, he said the same thing he always did.

“For the Sea of Olympus.”

* * *

* * *

Late at night…

It was a time where everyone had fallen asleep. The lights in the city had gone out, and the sounds had died down as well.

But YuWon was awake. He was only laying down on his bed with his eyes closed.

“It’s starting from the first day.”

YuWon opened his eyes.

A guest had come to him.

Knock, knock—

Someone knocked on the door. They didn’t just barge in and even knocked. How kind.

But unlike the gesture, YuWon could feel strong bloodlust from the person on the other side of the door.

‘I guessed it would happen within a few days of me coming here…’


[Cinder Eyes reveals the unseen.]

YuWon stood up from his spot and looked at the guest outside.

‘But they’re faster than I thought.’

The person had enough strength in their hand to burst through the door at any time. Mana was being suppressed and distributed to all the muscles in their arm, and the bloodlust aimed at him was simmering inside them like a volcano.

It was different from just readying their strength. It was rage and bloodlust and other extreme emotions that were boiling from their heart.

‘They’re not moving because of a simple command. Their actions have a definite goal and motive.’

An enemy like this was tricky. However…

‘I need to go through it once anyways.’

After listening to what Hargaan said and after deciding to come to Britain, YuWon had thought of situations like this.

No, compared to the situations he was preparing for, this was much tamer because at least he wasn’t being ambushed late at night while he was asleep.

YuWon opened the door and stepped outside.

There were two people that had knocked on the door and were waiting for YuWon.

“Are you Sir Kim YuWon?”

Knights in heavy armor.

This late at night when the sun had disappeared, armor wasn’t something to be wearing right about now.

“That’s right.”

“Follow us for a bit,” Thal and Lollit said and glared at YuWon. “We don’t want to make a scene here.”

Their will to drag him if he declined was obvious.

He was opposing two Rankers, and Knights of the Round Table at that. They looked to be in high seats as well. And he wasn’t just facing one but two of them, so they seemed pretty determined for this.


YuWon’s words were short. There was no need to be courteous to people who came and found him first with hostile intent.

Thal and Lollit walked to a training ground far from the castle. This was originally a place used for knights and soldiers for training. That was why it was enough for three people to fight to their hearts’ content.

“Thank you for obediently following us.”

“It’s better for me to dance with my sword here as well.”

If a fight had occurred inside the castle, no matter the reason, a problem was bound to happen. If the problem grew bigger, it was possible that he wouldn’t be able to attend the Round Table Conference that would happen in ten days.

That was an outcome that must be avoided at all costs.

“Now, I’ll ask you a few questions.”


Thal pulled out his longsword from his hip.

“And, in the case that you do not answer or tell me a lie, I’ll cut off a limb.”

“What is it?”

“Which group killed the King of Knights?”

It was an unexpected question.

“Why do you ask me that?”



Thal’s sword scraped by and cut YuWon’s shoulder.

“…So be it.”

He didn’t seem to cut with intent as it wasn’t that hard to dodge. The penalty didn’t even activate. That was how lightly and weakly he swung it.

‘A simple threat.’

The attack just then was only to warn him that this wasn’t a joke. The real attack would probably come next.

“I’ll ask again. Who is the one that killed the King of Knights?”

YuWon looked at Thal and Lollit’s eyes.

Rage and resentment.

Their eyes had completely blanked. There was no talking with people whose rationality had snapped.

YuWon thought for a second.

Just how was this situation concocted?

The answer wasn’t too difficult.

“Did Lancelot send you?”

“You dare…”

Hearing YuWon say the name of the king without respect enraged Thal and Lollit once again.

From their perspective, YuWon was the enemy of the King of Knights, and he had just disrespected the current king of Britain as well.

‘Not coming here himself but rather igniting vengeance among his subordinates… He’s quite tricky.’

A short contemplation.

‘To resolve this misunderstanding, I only have the choice of showing Arthur to them like I did with Merlin. But…”

YuWon looked at Thal and Lollit’s eyes again.

Right now, that method wouldn’t work either.

‘If I showed them the undead Arthur now, they would only become sure of their delusions.’

The missing Arthur had returned as an Undead.

Lancelot had told them about an outside culprit that was connected to YuWon, and then YuWon controlled Arthur as an Undead. Rather than remove the misunderstanding, this would only deepen it.

For now, before the conversation even started, he needed to hide Arthur’s existence. Even if he thought using Arthur would solve the misunderstanding, he couldn’t right now.

And so, the only thing YuWon could do right now was one thing.

YuWon’s hands reached in and pulled out the two swords he had inside his inventory.

‘I’ll suppress them.’

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