LWTG (Novel) Chapter 137



Crack, crunch—

The sound of crunching bones was not nice to hear at any time. It was a sound that was produced when a monster ate another monster or a human.

However, the scene in front of YuWon was much weirder than that.

‘It feels different than before, when he ate Orochi.’

This wasn’t a feeling he simply got from watching it.

It took a lot longer to eat Lancelot than it did for Orochi, which was comparatively more massive.

It looked like it was taking more time to eat as if there was a lot more food, so it was chewing thoroughly and trying to digest it properly.

“Is it savoring the food?”

It wasn’t a good sight to see.

Of course, contrary to that, it did feel like Lancelot deserved it.

But soon after…


With the crunch of one last bone, Lancelot’s body was completely consumed by the Egg. At that moment…

[?’s Egg’s incubation rate increases.]

[Incubation Rate: 68.29%]

Maybe the increase in its incubation rate was because it took a long time to eat?

The Egg sounded satisfied and full as it sent messages to YuWon.

[?’s Egg pats its stomach.]

[?’s Egg sings.]

[?’s Egg…]

The thing looked to be in high spirits.

The incubation rate of the Egg was approaching 70% now. The rate of increase was definitely higher than when it ate the single head of Orochi.

‘Looks like I’ll be able to hatch it soon.’

This egg with an unknown name was definitely connected to the Outer Gods. It also increased its incubation rate and grew as it ate them.

At first, YuWon had wondered where he could increase the Egg’s incubation rate, but now he could think of a few methods.

Completing it wasn’t too far off.

Then, among the messages of the joyful egg, another message appeared.

[You have dealt with ‘Lancelot of Betrayal and Greed.’]

[The seat of Britain’s King is now vacant.]

[10 days remaining until the New King Election.]

[If you receive the majority vote, you may obtain the title ‘King of Britain.’]

[Your level has increased.]

[Your Dexterity has increased by 2.]

[Your Constitution has increased by 1.]

[You have obtained 200,000 points.]


Having read the sudden message, YuWon was dumbfounded. It wasn’t like he completed a test or hunted a monster. But his level had increased and he had obtained points.

‘Was he registered as a boss like Orochi’s head? This is my first time seeing this.’

His name also wasn’t just ‘Lancelot’ but ‘Betrayal and Greed’ was also attached to it.

The Outer Gods all had names that signified their specialties. The ones who wished for the chaos and destruction of the Tower. 《Foolish Chaos,》 《Despair that Reaches the Skies,》 《Gloom Trapped in a Swamp,》 《One who Couldn’t be Born.》

The name “Betrayal and Greed” was definitely a title that fit Lancelot. He definitely had a seed spread by 《Foolish Chaos》 embedded in him. It was probably a seed that was related to greed.

‘The system had prepared for the Outers that had already entered the Tower.’

It wasn't bad news. He planned to clash against the Outer Gods a few times in the future. Including 《Foolish Chaos.》

If he could level up and receive rewards every time he defeated them, his growth rate would be accelerated tremendously.

[Name: Kim YuWon.]

[Level: 97]

[Strength: 99]

[Dexterity: 95]

[Constitution: 99]

[Perception: 99]

[Arcane Power: 102]

[Unspent Points: 1,547,600]

With the points he had received this time, his points had exceeded 1.5 million. It was quite high.

On top of that, it was only three more levels before he would reach Level 100, and excluding Dexterity, all other stats were at least 99.

‘This outcome isn’t bad at all.’

He would start spending points soon. More than anything else, he needed the ingredients to make the item that would be created using the 「Divine Sea Crystal.」

“What was that?”

YuWon turned his head and looked at Merlin.

Merlin had only remained a spectator after he arrived. He acted like he would help at first, but the moment YuWon had cut Lancelot’s arm, he stopped moving. It was from that point that Merlin's eyes changed as they watched YuWon.

“I knew you weren’t some average bloke, but just like that guy…”

Merlin’s gaze turned to where Lancelot had been.

Blood stains painted the ground.

Merlin shook his head and corrected his words, “No, not at all. You had a much stronger monster than that guy.”

“Did it seem like that?”

“That’s right. Talk to me. Lancelot, what was he, and what was that after that as well?”

“An existence that came from outside the Tower.”


“An Outer.”


Without using this one short word, there wasn’t a way to properly describe them.

“You just need to know it’s something like that. I don't even know the exact details.”

If Merlin asked what an Outer was specifically, not even YuWon would be able to give an answer.

The ones that entered the Tower after its walls had crumbled.

The ones who broke the boundary, putting the worlds into destruction.

YuWon didn’t know how to explain them.

“More than that…”


YuWon lifted his chin and looked to the sky.

“It’s too early to let our guard down.”

* * *

* * *

“What are you saying?”

Merlin followed YuWon’s gaze and looked up.

A thick layer of rain clouds that had nothing to do with the skill that Merlin had used.

Was it going to rain soon? But it didn’t seem like it, and the movement of the clouds looked peculiar.

“…One strike.”

Rain clouds filled the sky. Pricks of electricity and mana filled the air.

It was a familiar phenomena.

“There will be one strike.”

“One strike?”

Merlin seemed to still not have understood the situation. He only seemed to have noticed that something was off.

“The power of lightning.”


YuWon’s eyes turned red and blazed.

“One of the ‘Big Three’ gods will be here.”

“The ‘Big Three’…”

Clouds and electricity. There was only one god among the three that those represented.

Merlin’s eyes opened wide.

It was a surprised expression similar to how he reacted when he first saw Arthur return as an Undead.

“Are you talking about Zeus?”

Sure enough…

[The Fall of Camelot begins.]

[In 10 minutes, the ‘Lightning Bolt’ will fall on Camelot.]

[Block the Lightning Bolt.]

An unexpected test.

Although it was quite sudden, the problem was that the difficulty of the test was unbelievably high.

“…So it’s like this in the end.”

YuWon was wondering what their reaction would be after Lancelot’s failure. However, not even he could have easily guessed that they would react this quickly and this extremely. To try and blow up the entirety of Camelot…

‘Seeing that this is registered as a test, it probably means that he already finished talking with the Administrator a long time ago. Looks like he did everything he could to reduce his penalty.’

Not even Zeus would be able to enact this much power on the 25th Floor this easily. He was aiming to blow up not just one person but an entire city that had thousands of people living in it. The reason that he registered blocking [Lightning Bolt] as a test was probably because he was wary of the penalty.

“Is it really Zeus?”

“Probably. Only he is able to control lightning of that degree in the Tower.”

Hearing this, Merlin no longer doubted the connection between Zeus and the test.

An incredible level of Arcane Power could be felt from below the clouds. It was enough to even give Merlin, who had achieved quite a high rank among the High-Rankers, the goosebumps.

A lightning-attribute High-Ranker that held this much power, and a level of power to blow away an entire city with only one lightning bolt at that. In this Tower, there was only one person.

“But… why?”

“Didn’t I tell you? The ones backing Lancelot were Olympus.”

“Just for that reason?”

“If Britain was the goal, he wouldn’t need to do all this.”

“That doesn’t make sense. If Camelot is destroyed, the level of penalty that Olympus would have to take would be enormous. And if this incident is made known, they may have to go against Asgard.”

“Yes, that’s exactly it.” YuWon nodded. “Asgard.”

One of the most powerful forces in the Tower, in rank with Olympus, and the guild that held the most Rankers. Also, the High-Ranker said to be the strongest in the Tower, Odin, was also in that guild.

“Even the mighty Olympus fears Asgard. Since they have Odin.”

“…What are you trying to say?”

Destroying Camelot because they feared Asgard. If the previous statements were true, that meant that Olympus should never even have touched Camelot.


Time was running out.

10 minutes. No, in this short moment, another minute had passed.

The moment [Lightning Bolt] fell to the ground, Camelot would disappear without a trace.

“We don’t have the time to leisurely talk about this.”


Merlin raised his hand skyward.

Vwong, woong, woooong—

A circular magic array floated into the air. The array that was a few meters wide instantly duplicated into hundreds and thousands of copies. The magic circles started to fill the sky.

YuWon exclaimed in his heart as he saw this happening.

‘I haven’t seen this in a while.’

Merlin was someone who understood magic better than anyone else in the Tower, and the number of skills he possessed was greater than any other Ranker. He learned and memorized ten thousand skills, and he created ten thousand skills himself.

The “Great Magician.” Merlin hadn’t earned that title for nothing.

‘But…’ he thought.

“This much… isn’t enough.”

Zeus’s [Lightning Bolt] was one of the strongest of all the skills that existed in the Tower. It was a skill that one could barely block if they focused all the Arcane Power into one point, so it couldn’t be blocked by spreading mana out like this.

[In 5 minutes, Lightning Bolt will fall on Camelot.]

Time passed by quickly.

Merlin clenched his teeth.

“Do you have something you can do?”


Bzzt, bzzt—

YuWon looked up at the sky again.

[Lightning Bolt] flashed around inside the clouds and was getting bigger and bigger by the moment.

After thinking for a second, YuWon nodded. “It’s not like I don’t have one.”

“If you have anything, do it now! Quickly!”

“But it’s not on me.”

“What are you talking about?”


The clouds flashed.

YuWon was still looking in there.

“Are you saying you’ll get an answer if you keep looking at it? That damned lightning…”

“That’s not it.”


YuWon’s eyes searched through the clouds.

“I’m not looking at the Lightning Bolt.”

[Cinder Eyes resonates.]

It had already been a few days since he heard the message. At that time, he really felt like his heart was going to drop. That’s why he wondered if it would be fine right now.

“The thing I’m looking at…”

After contemplating for a while, he steeled himself to ignore it. He didn’t want to face it now.

The reason was simple.

[In 4 minutes, Lightning Bolt will fall on Camelot.]

He didn’t have the confidence to act and feign ignorance against that guy.

[In 3 minutes, Lightning Bolt will fall on Camelot.]

But at this point, he couldn’t just do that either.

After having stopped talking for a while, YuWon breathed a deep sigh.

[In 2 minutes, Lightning Bolt will fall on Camelot.]

After the test started, it had already taken him seven minutes to solidify his determination.

“You’re looking, right? Could you…” YuWon’s eyes looked through the clouds at the guy inside it. “Help us?”

[The Twelfth Eye of ‘The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal’ gazes at you.]

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