LWTG (Novel) Chapter 138



[The Twelfth Eye of ‘The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal’ gazes at you.]

The Twelfth. So it at least wasn’t his main body.

Well, it would be a huge commotion if an existence on the level of “The Great Sage” were to come down to a low level like this since he was a target even the Administrators kept special note of.

‘And about this time, his main body should be…’

“Why should I?”

A blunt tone.

It was expected. YuWon had known of the guy’s tsundere-like personality for a long time now. Just because he was a clone didn’t mean his personality would disappear.

“Then, will you leave us to die like this?”


“Then wouldn’t you be wasting all that effort of searching for me?”

“Search for you? Me?”

“Seeing as you’ve been following me around for a few days like a stalker, you probably have a reason for it.”

[Cinder Eyes] and [Golden Cinder Eyes] were skills that had similar characteristics to each other. No, not just similar. These two skills were in the same category, where one was an advanced version of the other.

Son OhGong would definitely be curious as to how YuWon was able to acquire this skill. Since he was someone who couldn’t hold back his curiosity, he definitely would’ve spent some time looking for YuWon, and he wouldn’t be able to leave the current situation as is.

“Who are you talking to?”

In Merlin’s perspective, since he couldn’t see Son OhGong, YuWon would’ve looked like he had lost his mind and was talking into empty space.

YuWon didn’t reply to Merlin. He was too pressed for time right now to pay it any mind.

“But you look like you have the capacity to escape though?”

Since he had been observing YuWon for a few days now, Son OhGong had a decent grasp of the extent of YuWon’s skills. And he also knew that it wasn’t impossible for YuWon to run away from the affected area of a single [Lightning Bolt.]


“Even then…”

YuWon looked at the castle of Camelot, the place that until today had belonged to Lancelot. The thing that Olympus wanted to erase was that castle right there.

“I can’t bear to see this place be destroyed.”

[In 1 minute, Lightning Bolt will fall on Camelot.]


The clouds fiercely roared and signaled the coming of [Lightning Bolt.] Destruction was nearly here.

“So help us just this once,” YuWon said while looking at the white-haired man in the clouds, “Then I’ll help you as well.”

“Sure, well…”

“If it’s just this once.”


Shattering thunder was heard from among the clouds. The sky was filled with yellow light, and the [Lightning Bolt] inside the clouds roared like an enraged beast.

However, more than that, Merlin noticed an even stronger presence.


The young man with different colored eyes and pale hair.

With a jesting smile, he introduced himself, seeing Merlin’s shocked expression, “‘The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal,’ appears before you.”

“Huhu…” Merlin could only stand there laughing in shock.

The news of Camelot’s destruction by Zeus’s [Lightning Bolt] was sudden, but now “The Great Sage” had appeared as well.

It was enough that his jaw dropped.

“That’s enough of being surprised.” Son OhGong raised his head and looked at the sky.


Fiery light filled the scene.

“Let’s deal with that first.” He raised the long staff in his hand up to the sky. “Expand—”

At that moment…

[The destruction of Camelot is starting.]

[Lightning Bolt falls on Camelot.]




Two loud booms were heard in the sky as they collided.


Between the magic circle created by Merlin, the huge staff and the [Lightning Bolt] crashed.

As if buried by the thunder, the magic circle instantly shattered with the sound.


Merlin threw up blood from his mouth. His body had received feedback from the sudden shock applied to the skill he was pouring mana into.

Son OhGong’s 「Ruyi Jingu」 and [Lightning Bolt] shook as they collided.

It was an incredible power.

YuWon looked at the two forces coming into contact with each other in the sky.

‘Its power has decreased.’

[Lightning Bolt] seemed to have enough power to destroy everything on the ground just a moment ago. However, with the clash against 「Ruyi Jingu,」 its power had significantly decreased. It looked as if a fast-moving car had its breaks pressed after crashing.



Even though he had thrown 「Ruyi Jingu」 with confidence, a sense of confusion appeared on Son OhGong’s face.

“This… is a bit strong?”


Cracks started to form on 「Ruyi Jingu.」

Although it was a replica created with the clone, it was still a 「Ruyi Jingu.」 [Lightning Bolt] shouldn’t have been strong enough to crack it.

‘Is it too much…?’

Even if Zeus was being suppressed by the penalty, Son OhGong was still facing his main body. Opposite that, the clone here was just the twelfth one.

Even if he was able to decrease the impact to a certain degree, it was difficult to completely nullify the strike.



YuWon’s right hand.

The item made from the 「Divine Dark Crystal,」 「Kyneē,」 reacted. It was a similar reaction to what it did when he came close to the 「Divine Sea Crystal」 inside the Big Turtle. Yet…

‘It’s a little different.’

Bzzt, bzzzzt—

The eye of 「Kyneē」opened.

After looking at the eye, YuWon began to move.


“Hold on for a little longer.”

“What did you say? ‘Hold on’… Hey, where are you going! Hey!”

Tap, tap, tap, tap—

YuWon ran up the side of 「Ruyi Jingu.」 Son OhGong, who had many questions for YuWon, shouted in surprise at his unexpected action.

If he continued to climb 「Ruyi Jingu」 like this, he would reach the place of contact with the [Lightning Bolt.]

“Fuck, dammit.”

Son OhGong put power into 「Ruyi Jingu」 with annoyance.

If YuWon continued to climb like that, he would definitely die from electrocution.

At least, that was the case if YuWon’s skills were only that of what Son OhGong had seen until now.

There was only one exception.

‘Is he trusting that guy?’

The monster that ate up the High-Ranker Lancelot, whatever it was.

Having lived for a long time, and as a High-Ranker at that, there was nothing that Son OhGong couldn’t know.

But Kim YuWon… He was full of secrets.

And before OhGong could satiate his curiosity, YuWon needed to stay alive.


YuWon had nearly reached the summit of 「Ruyi Jingu.」

He could see YuWon’s form being pulled into that yellow light where the [Lightning Bolt] made contact with the staff.

“That guy, he’s gonna die.”


One of Son OhGong’s eyes burned brightly. Through [Golden Cinder Eyes] he could see YuWon clearer. He could see Yuwon’s form buried within that yellow electricity.


Son OhGong blinked with confusion.

YuWon didn’t burn to death inside the electric field.

It was rather the opposite. The thing that was disappearing was the [Lightning Bolt] Zeus had thrown downwards.


“What the hell is that?”

* * *

* * *


His entire body felt numb.

Arcane Power surrounded his body, and even though its strength had been pushed back, the [Lightning Bolt] was still this fierce. If its power hadn’t been dispersed by crashing into Son OhGong’s 「Ruyi Jingu,」 he would have needed to handle a much higher magnitude of danger.

[Elemental Worshipper’s Garment resists the electricity.]

The clothes YuWon was wearing were helping quite a bit as well. If it were any old item, it wouldn’t have even been able to withstand the power of the [Lightning Bolt,] and its effect would’ve been suppressed.

However, the 「Elemental Worshipper’s Garment」 was different. It was an item that if you were to exchange it for points, it would easily cost more than a million.

As he put more mana into it, it even became possible to resist a bit of the power of the [Lightning Bolt.]

‘Fortunately, it’s bearable.’


It wasn’t impossible to withstand it. The problem came after.

The power of the [Lightning Bolt] wasn’t something YuWon could resist indefinitely right now. Even though he had become much stronger than planned, there was no preparation for Zeus using his [Lightning Bolt] at this time either.

But it didn’t matter.

YuWon stretched out his hand toward the enormous amount of electricity flowing before him.

The one fighting wasn’t him.

[Kyneē reacts to Lightning Bolt.]

[Pure Divine Dark Crystal reacts to Lightning Bolt.]

[Pure Divine Sea Crystal reacts to Lightning Bolt.]

The two sleeping fragments inside 「Kyneē」 started to move.

The 「Lightning Bolt」 was an item that Hephaestus forged using an item called the 「Divine Sky Crystal.」

That was the item in front of him right now.

And if YuWon’s guess was right, the two stones were fragments of a singular item at the start.


The eye of 「Kyneē」 fully opened wide. It stared at the [Lightning Bolt.]

Dark Arcane Power flowed out of it, and it instantly consumed the yellow electric light.

[Kyneē consumes the power of Lightning Bolt.]

[Lightning Bolt’s power settles within Kyneē.]

“ᐷ M…ine…”

A voice slowly spoke through the eye.

It was the same voice heard when 「Kyneē」 was first completed.

It greedily ate up the power of the [Lightning Bolt.]

The overwhelming electric energy flowed into YuWon through his hand, and his body quickly went stiff from it.

Bzzt, bzzzzzt—!


The current flowed through the wide-open eye. It felt as if he was accepting the power of the [Lightning Bolt] thrown by Zeus with one hand. Even if it was 「Kyneē」 that was absorbing its power, it was unavoidable that he would be affected by the electricity.

‘So the power that was decreased by Ruyi Jingu was still this much.’

It was an attack that was originally thrown to destroy Britain. Thanks to the unseen variable of Son OhGong, its strength had decreased by more than half, but that was still strong enough to easily flatten a castle.

[Under the effects of Status Condition: Electric Shock.]

[Elemental Worshipper’s Garment resists the electricity.]

[Failed to resist the Status Condition: Electric Shock.]

Afflicting of the status condition.

It signalled that his body was reaching the limit.

“I’m… going to die…”


YuWon grinded his teeth.

It wasn’t simply because of the pain.

Zeus. The existence at the pinnacle of Olympus.

He didn’t like the fact that the difference between him, who had fallen all the way to the bottom, and Zeus was still this large.

‘I’ll catch up to you in no time.’

Blood vessels popped around his eyes, and his body started to burn black. He felt that he would lose consciousness if he lost focus for even a second.

[Status Condition: Electric Shock advances to level 2.]

[Elemental Worshipper’s Garment resists the electricity.]

[Failed to resist Status Condition: Electric Shock.]

[Status Condition: Electric Shock advances to level 3.]

[Status Condition: Electric Shock…]


The eye on the back of 「Kyneē」 became larger and larger.

As the level of electric shock and the strength of [Kyneē’s」 consumption increased, the [Lightning Bolt’s] power decreased as well. The light filling the sky started to dim down.

How much time had passed?

YuWon suddenly realized that the strength he was feeling after having plunged into the raging storm of the [Lightning Bolt] was no longer there.

And at that moment…

[Status Condition: Electric Shock advances to level 5.]

[You have absorbed the power of the Lightning Bolt.]

[You have stopped the Destruction of Camelot.]

[Contribution: 38.7%.]

[Excluding the interference of the unapproved existence.]

[Contribution: 97.12%]

[You have shown great influence in stopping the destruction of Camelot.]

[You have obtained 10,000,000 points.]

[You Arcane Power increases by 1.]

[You have obtained ‘Fragment of Lightning Bolt.’]

[You have obtained a strong tolerance to electricity.]


With the arrival of the expected message, YuWon’s body collapsed on top of 「Ruyi Jingu.」

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