SYS (Novel) Chapter 130


C130 - Taimyun Marius (3)

“Alright, so Taimyun got rid of those two.”

“Yes, My Lord. I confirmed it myself. What should I do?”

“Take care of them.”


* * *


Taimyun still remained in her summer house in the central region of Huphester. She dismissed all of the servants taking care of the summer house, leaving her alone in the massive mansion.

On the table in front of her was the red tea that Luna regularly enjoyed. Taimyun held the teacup with delicate hands as her mind wandered into deep thought.


‘Beris and Kuzan… They won’t stay alive for long. Since their identities were made known to Young Master Jin.’


The best hunting dogs that she trained in Lunar Sacrifice.

An 8-star magician and an 8-star knight. It was a great, painstaking loss, but Taimyun decided she could just train new dogs for herself.


‘All I need is time. With indoctrination and training, I can make hunting dogs whenever I want. Those kids will be dealt with by the assassination team. For now, I need to figure out how Young Master Jin is uncovering facts about me.’


From investigating the Marius name to meeting Beris and Kuzan.

Taimyun couldn’t deduce what happened between those two events.

Fifteen years ago, she received an order from ‘that person’ and cursed Jin when he was only one year old.

For some reason, the curse failed. However, she still thought her tail was safe. She was certain that there wasn’t a single witness or evidence left behind on the crime scene.


‘Did the curse caster’s information get revealed? Either way, I’ll find out when I meet Lady Luna and Young Master Jin. The weak-hearted Luna cannot kill me.’


Thinking about the absolute postulate, Taimyun lifted her teacup.


As soon as she began to organize her thoughts, the house’s doors opened.

And approaching her were the said two Runcandels.


“Welcome, Milady. Young Master Jin.”



Tap, tap, tap…

The two slowly walked towards Taimyun.


‘It’s as if she knew we were coming. She probably has something up her sleeve.’


Jin felt a little uneasy.

Taimyun stared directly at Luna. On the other hand, Luna looked elsewhere, trying to hide her reddened eyes.

Then, she looked into her nanny’s eyes.


“I will just ask this directly. Do you know Beris Marius and Kuzan Marius?”

“I do, Milady.”

“What is the reason for keeping underlings behind my back? And why did your underlings clash with the youngest? Before Tagan Marius died to Jin, he said some weird things. What the hell is going on…?”


Luna reminded herself multiple times to ask calmly.

However, her shocked voice shook.


“...What weird words did he leave behind? My underlings clashing with Young Master Jin was not on my orders. Milady, did you come here thinking that I intended to kill Young Master Jin in the first place?”

“Even if you didn’t order them, your underlings attacked a pureblood Runcandel—the youngest son! And what is with your attitude towards me?”

“If you will punish me for that crime, I will take it sweetly, Milady. I was very concerned after hearing the news from Kuzan and Beris, so I had been awaiting your arrival.”

“Answer this first. Why the hell were you raising assassins behind my back?”

“Please forward me to the clan’s court. Then I will testify in depth.”


Jin shook his head.


“Hold on, Taimyun. I know that you have something up your sleeve, but I can’t let you act so disrespectfully towards my sister. And you said you had nothing to do with the incident? You started killing the Lunar Sacrifice survivors as soon as I began to investigate the Marius name.”

“There seems to be a misunderstanding, Young Master Jin.”

“Yeah? I wish there were. With consideration of my sister, I hope you’re not related to Bladed Illusion. Before Tagan Marius died, he gave away a lot of clues, you know? The same with Dan Marius, who survived.”


He mentioned the curse’s name, Bladed Illusion, on purpose. It was a name that Luna, Gilly, Murakan—everyone and their mother—knew about.

Taimyun paused before looking at Jin.


“Why? Do you think it's weird that I have memories of my first year of life? I am a contractor. I don’t remember it, but my god seemed to remember what happened at the cradle in the Storm Castle.”


It was a lie. Jin hadn’t heard Solderet’s voice ever since he regressed.

However, Taimyun couldn’t think of it as a lie.


‘So that’s why… Young Master Jin was already chosen by Solderet by then. A magician didn’t reveal the information. The god told him himself. Then, after he met Lady Luna at the Storm Castle, he began to search for the culprit.

‘Young Master Jin’s presence is not a coincidence. Searching for Tagan Marius in Akin… He put me as a suspect from the beginning.’


Confirming Jin’s current knowledge, Taimyun suppressed her laughter. 

Coming all the way here was impressive, but Jin had no tangible ‘convincing evidence’.


‘Tagan and Dan do not know any specifics about the curse. Jin is telling a shallow lie. As of now, he can’t do anything to me.’


On the other hand, Jin had many weaknesses: using magic and being Solderet’s contractor as well as breaking many rules as a provisional flag-bearer. 

Taimyun knew all of that.


“I see, Young Master Jin. Being a contractor is an amazing thing. Even as a Runcandel… But why does that relate to me? Are you perhaps saying that I cast the curse upon you? That’s the first time I heard that today.”

“Don’t know. We’ll find out soon enough.”

“I will testify truthfully at the clan court.”


While Luna remained speechless, Jin stepped forward.


“Clan court? It seems you are mistaken, Taimyun. Seeing that you’re constantly referring to the clan court, it seems you have a lot of underlings in the main house as well. You will be investigated under my private order.”


Taimyun furrowed her eyebrows.


“Does the young master truly have that power as a provisional flag-bearer? Milady, this is beyond his jurisdiction. If you are going to punish me, the lady should execute such an action. When the hearing begins, I will also mention the Young Master’s meeting with—”



Luna bit her lips and glared at Taimyun.


“Yes, Milady?”

“I… don’t know who you are anymore. And your behavior right now… I don’t understand it at all.”

“I, too, can’t understand you, Milady. It is true that my underlings coincidentally encountered Young Master Jin, but how could you doubt me, the one who has served you for all your life?”

“Since you raised and trained those assassins…”

“I apologize for hiding that fact from you, Milady. However, raising them was to defend myself.”


“Do you know how many enemies you have in the clan, Milady? Because of that, I was threatened with death every day. I’m sure you wouldn’t know.”

“What the hell do you mean? How dare they, in the Runcandel Clan, when the first flag-bearer has her eyes wide open? How dare they try to kill you?”

“...You really don’t know anything, Milady.”

“Don’t play with me, and tell me truthfully. My heart is about to break.”

“Milady, please look back at our past. The servants outside your room had always changed every year. Aside from me, everyone who took care of you changed annually.”


It was true. 

Servants serving pureblood Runcandels were often changed. Normally, a butler would either be promoted to a guard or be transferred to another job.

However, in Luna’s case, her servants changed more frequently.


“Why would that be?”

“Th-That would be…”

“Did you ever show any interest in them, Milady? Probably thinking that they just get replaced anyway, you never asked me about it. All the way until you were all grown up.”

“What are you trying to say…?”


Luna shook her head in confusion. Jin held her quivering hand quietly.

He knew what Taimyun was going to say.


“They were all killed, Milady. By your siblings. While you gave them no attention! That was why they changed so often.”


Luna’s eyes widened.


“Milady, you were blessed with the most omnipotent power, yet you lived so carelessly. You failed to realize what the people under you were going through. Everyone around you, even just from being next to you, bore the threat of death.”

“Why… Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“Because you would be sad and depressed. Your siblings harmed the people around you instead of harming you directly. After all, wouldn’t it be impossible for them to lay a single finger on you?”

“Don’t say shit that doesn’t make any sense. If you told me ahead of time, would I just do nothing? Do you know nothing of me? Even if I knew these things, you think I would do nothing?”

“...I didn’t tell you because I knew you the best out of everyone else.”



The house shook as Luna shouted. The teacup in front of Taimyun clattered on the table, its contents forming a whirlpool.


“Milady, would you… be able to slash your siblings who killed your servants? Knowing that you had the power to easily kill or dominate your siblings to take the throne—yet was too scared to do so—would you?”


Luna stopped in her tracks.


“Please answer me, Milady. How would you have your revenge? Would you kill your siblings for the sake of your people? Wouldn’t you just throw a tantrum in pain and agony?”


“Maybe your heart would’ve broken. Oh, how delicate your heart is. I would know best. Would you be able to take the grief of the dying servants from me?”


Taimyun held her clattering teacup and made a bitter smile.


“Fighting for the Runcandel throne is a disgusting war. And the moment you stepped out of it, all of your people were targeted as prey. Milady, you shouldn’t have given up the throne.”

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