SYS (Novel) Chapter 131


C131 - Taimyun Marius (4)

Thirty-five years ago.

The day she became a nanny of Runcandel, Taimyun felt ‘true power’ for the first time.

The powerful people of the Delki Kingdom—who treated her and her siblings like dogs or lower entities—worshiped her. Taimyun felt like throwing up at the amusing sight.

She experienced a completely different life than back at Lunar Sacrifice, where she had lived below livable conditions.


‘Life’s nice. I had to live a horrible life as a child, but as soon as I started flying, I found myself taking care of the Runcandel Clan’s firstborn.’


Taimyun thought as she looked at Luna, who had just been born.

It was neither with envy or jealousy. Her world was now too great, and she was thankful that she became Luna’s nanny.

Above all, she was surprised that a child could be so warm and caring.

When she embraced the children at Lunar Sacrifice, they were all cold and hard corpses.

Contrariwise, Luna’s inconceivable warmth stole her heart. She couldn’t believe how fast she was swayed by it.

And soon, Taimyun poured all of her genuine love to Luna.


‘Well… She’s kinda cute.’


One year old, two years old, three years old… five.

Taimyun was very proud as she watched Luna grow every day.

However, another pureblood Runcandel was born each year.

Luna’s contenders.

Cyron and Rosa hoped for them to compete against one another.

That made Taimyun desperate.


‘There won’t be any problems. As the patriarch said that Lady Luna was the only one who fully inherited his power, Milady will ultimately be the one succeeding him.’


As Taimyun hoped, Luna gained attention even before she left for the Storm Castle and entered training when she returned to the main house. All of the expectations and anticipation went to her.

—Today, I fought with the entirety of the beginner class and won, Nanny. Luntia and Joshua don’t stand a chance against me even if they attack together.

—Congratulations, Milady. Do you have to keep—

—But I don’t feel good. I just like the sword. No, the competition. When they fight me, they all get depressed, so I feel like intentionally losing to them.

At the time, Taimyun thought those words were due to a child’s pure-heartedness. Although it would be a crime in Runcandel, she wanted to take Luna away from the cruel training methods of the Runcandels. However, she didn’t want to educate her like the children of Lunar Sacrifice either. 

Yet Taimyun confirmed Luna’s personality when she turned 13.

—Don’t even dare to get in my sight, Joshua. It won’t end here next time.

—Luntia, don’t sit at the same table as me. Before I kill you.

—You’re attacking with that skill? You won’t even scratch my shadow.

Her warmth disappeared, and she began to dominate the Runcandel Clan.

Still, that was merely her adolescence showing.

Tired of the provocations of the clan, Luna fell into a dark time of adolescence. Yet Cyron, Rosa, and Taimyun all thought that it was her real self and felt satisfied.

Taimyun especially pushed Luna to become the ruler of Runcandel and wanted to erase all of her caring memories. Seeing the possibility of her being the nanny of the future matriarch, Taimyun wanted to wield that power to have vengeance on the world.

Taimyun never forgot the abuse that she went through for over twenty years while in the Delki Kingdom.


‘When the lady becomes the matriarch, I will erase the Delki royalty off the face of the planet…’


If Luna grew at that rate, it was easily possible. 

—She destroyed the high-ranked Zipfel magicians in Bayles this time? Congratulations, Milady! After becoming a flag-bearer, it’s your 37th consecutive successful mission. You have created quite the gap between you and your siblings. The patriarch is very pleased.

—Nanny, it might seem weird, but… I’m very tired. I… I-I just want to be left alone. Away from my father, mother, and siblings.

—Pardon? What do you mean? Milady, is there something wrong?

—You’re on my side, right? Whatever path I choose, whatever position I am in.

—Of course, I will always be on your—

—I’m not going to become the ruler of this stupid clan.


At the age of 19, her adolescence ended.

And not once did Taimyun see Luna go back on her word.

—Are you serious, Milady? Please think this through. Milady, you have the greatest talent after the patriarch. Are you going to let that go to waste? If it isn’t you, who else would lead the clan?

—One of the other siblings will take my place. I think Dipus and Mary are nice. Father, Mother, and the elders will get upset. I just need you to be on my side. Oh, but my siblings will love it.


—And I don’t plan on wasting my talent. I will get stronger. While my siblings fight and bleed, I will become the strongest blade that guards the clan, and show them that I am on a different level.


—More than that, I need to feel better. Wanna go see my youngest brother? Strangely, I just feel better whenever I go see him. Maybe because he’s a baby?

—H-Haha. Even if we go, we can only watch him sleep from afar. Do you really like him?

—Yes. I feel comforted. I’m a little sensitive, you know. I can feel the sound of someone sleeping traveling through the air. Oh, and it would be nice if I could hold him.

That day, Luna had a new dream, and Taimyun's dream had been shattered.

Luna immediately gave up her chance for the throne. And as she traveled and devastated the world, she earned the name ‘White Whale’.

The legendary creature in myths.


‘In that case, am I the angler that lurks near the grand whale?’


Dejection, disappointment.

She felt that she should feel such emotions towards the lady. Taimyun spent her days in an internal conflict.

Concurrently, after realizing Luna’s resignation, the siblings began their ‘hunt’.

There was no clear indication as to what impelled them to do so. It was possible that they were either driven by their zealous hate towards Luna—the wall they couldn’t overcome—or simply taking advantage of the fact that she would never kill them.

Or maybe because the Runcandel rank wars were just like that. 

They struck, pushed, and killed the eldest’s servants. The siblings’ will on the people was worse than Taimyun’s experience with the Lunar Sacrifice night fights.


‘Let’s not tell Milady. She will not be able to bear it. I am her nanny…

‘How in the world does she not know this is going on? Is she just ignoring it?

‘Had she not forfeited the throne, would this have happened?’


To survive, Taimyun raised hunting dogs. In her mind, there wasn’t enough room to think about her revenge against the Delki royalty. The situation was too crazy.


‘Should I tell her now? These hunting dogs are too slow. At this rate, I won’t survive. Lady Luna will not take my death well.’


As expected, it didn’t take long before Taimyun got captured. 

While Luna left the main house to train, the guardian knights of Runcandel dragged Taimyun into the underground prison and held her there.

—Taimyun Marius, the greatest assassin and chief of Lunar Sacrifice. How would you like to share that skill with me? I will give you anything you want.

—I have no thoughts of betraying Milady. Please kill me instead.

—Saying such heartless words while suppressing a smile. I can see anger and happiness within you.

At that place, Taimyun could hear the voice of rescue. 


* * *

* * *


Commemorating that time, Taimyun’s eyes narrowed.


‘Even so, I still love you, Milady. Even though I hurt you, you were able to stay alive and well because I stood with you that day.’



She exhaled deeply and stood to walk as she spoke. 


“...I’m sure it’s a shock. Before I die… Even after I die, I wish you would never find out any more of such horrifying truths.”


“And whatever the reason, it is true that I have been raising underlings behind your back and that some of them clashed with Young Master Jin. Even if it weren’t on my orders, my servants attacking a pureblood Runcandel is the worst crime of them all.”


“I have no thoughts of not paying the price. Hence, I already reported my crime to the main house.”


Clunk, clunk, clunk…

A group of footsteps echoed behind the doors.

Enforcement Knights. The ones who punished those who broke the laws of the Runcandel Clan. They came after receiving the report from Taimyun. 


‘She planned it out before Eldest Sister and I came. She’s saying some bullshit, but she’s certain that she’ll survive the trial. If we had arrived a little later, then we would’ve had no chance to question her.’


While Jin calculated how to react, Luna struggled to even stand with her shaking legs.

Taimyun stopped in front of Luna before speaking.


“If possible, instead of them, I would like you to take me to the main house, Milady. Even if I die, I would like it to be in your hands.”

“Nanny, don’t leave. Don’t leave me. Let’s talk a little more, yeah?”

“I have already committed a crime. If I retaliate against my self-report, then I would be committing another unwashable crime.”

“Don’t leave. Please. Just stop. I’ll turn them away.”

“I must leave, Milady.”


Taimyun then continued walking and passed by Luna. Luna didn’t turn to look at her and held in her tears. 

Jin placed his hand on Taimyun’s shoulder.


“Taimyun Marius.”

“Yes, Young Master?”

“I don’t know who is supporting you from behind, but there aren’t many who will spare you in the clan court.”

“It seems you still suspect me.”

“No, it’s no longer a mere speculation. It’s already confirmed. Seeing your actions, you are deeply related to that cursing attempt.”

“Whatever the Young Master thinks, that is something the clan has to decide…”

“I’ll give you some words of wisdom. You think your higher-up will save you after you exposed so much to me and my sister? If you follow them, you’ll die. No matter what.”

“You speak odd words. Excluding Lady Luna, there is no one behind me. Death or torture—do you think I am scared of such things?”

“Yeah, you do look like it. You talk too much for someone who’s ‘prepared to die’.”


Taimyun simply stared at Jin for two seconds before shaking her head.


“I will not say anything that will harm you while in court, Young Master Jin. I think that would be best for Milady.”


Clunk, creaaaaak.

The house’s doors opened, and five enforcement knights emerged. At the same time, Jin activated Myulta’s Rune and covered his face.

While they approached Taimyun. Jin and Taimyun fell into thought. 


‘If Taimyun dies, investigating my curse will get harder. Before she gets to the main house, I need to convince my sister to get Taimyun back, even if it requires attacking the knights.’

‘Fufu, such a witty one. Yes, they can throw me out. However, even if they do, I’ll be saved by the fact that the young master can wield magic and has communicated with Solderet.’


Taimyun gave her hands to the enforcement knights to show that she submitted to their capture. 

And Jin didn’t miss the knight on his left revealing a dagger hidden in his gauntlet.

They never came to escort Taimyun to the main house.


‘They were going to kill her without taking her to trial! No, they weren’t enforcement knights in the first place, but disguised assassins!’


They came to get rid of her.


“Eldest Sister!”


The moment Jin bolted like a bullet and shouted, the assassins went for Taimyun’s throat.

He also whipped out his dagger, aiming to deflect the assassins’ dagger with his throwing dagger.



Moving at the speed of light, Luna was already beheading the other assassins who barely started unsheathing their swords.

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