SYS (Novel) Chapter 135


C135 - A Plan That Isn’t Reckless… To Jin


April 20th, 1796, two weeks after Taimyun’s death.

Jin had explained the situation to his allies.

Only excluding the fact that he already knew about the curse since he was a 1-year-old, he framed the story as if he found out everything from Taimyun.

Kashimir didn’t report this information to Cyron.

He really wanted to share that Jin fought an 8-star knight and magician pair, but the intertwining problems were a little too sensitive to share.


“My shock isn’t receding, Young Master. Why would Joshua, that stupid bast—Ah, my apologies for cursing in front of the young master. Anyways, why would the second flag-bearer try to harm you…?”

“Strawberry Pie, feel free to swear. This would have been unacceptable had Temar been alive! Whoever this Joshua is, I will swallow that cockroach whole!”

“Ha! It’s so infuriating!”

“Oi, I said you could just swear. Come on, just shout it out loud! If you keep it in, you’ll get sick. Yeah? Alright, repeat after me. Bas…”


Glancing at the surroundings, Gilly slowly began to speak undesirable words, and Murakan cheered her on.

It didn’t take long for the room to fill with curses and swears.


‘They’re a match made in heaven…’


Jin smirked while watching the two.


“That feels pretty refreshing. You feel better, Gilly?”

“Huah! Feels a bit better. Still, I don’t understand why he did such a thing. He was basically the prospective successor, so why did he have resentment with the Young Master?!”

“Maybe because I selected Barisada. Or maybe he already determined I was competition and tried to cut me off early. But the reason isn’t too important.”


“The bigger question is: why did he stay still for a long while after the cursing attempt failed?”

“Ah, that’s true. Fifteen years ago, he broke the taboo of the Storm Castle and tried to curse you, but didn’t attack you in the main house.”

“I agree. Myu and Anne—who are far off from Joshua—ordered a mission to kill the kid! Joshua could’ve done more.”

“On top of that, whenever the young master entered the main house, he turned his horns towards him. Since the second flag-bearer knew that the young master was a contractor, he had a reason to pressure you.”

“Yeah, and I’m theorizing a lot based upon that fact. He couldn’t touch me before because he was scared of Eldest Sister Luna. This is the first one.”

“Lady Luna does seem to care a lot about you.”

“There’s a lead to the mystery. Your sister’s power is something that dragons fear as well. But there’s too much that is left unexplained.”

“Correct. And if I stretch it a little further, there’s the second theory. After hearing from Kidard Hall that the curse failed because of Solderet’s power, he decided to keep me alive.”

“Since you were Solderet’s chosen one from the day you were born, maybe he changed course to make you his ally?”

“Hm… He neglected you too much to earn your favor.”

“Then why keep the kid alive?”

“You remember when we fought Andrei Zipfel?”

“Of course.”

“Andrei said something like this…”


—I applaud your ambush. However, you and your god will become ingredients for the Demon God’s Orb, Jin Runcandel.

—The twelve gods right now, they are inside me! Luna Runcandel, and what do you have? Even if your father was here, you wouldn’t be able to defeat me.

At the time, Andrei described it as if contractors were ingredients for the Demon God’s Orb.


“At first, he aimed for Enya and Euria. And he definitely wanted to feed them to the orb since they were contractors.”


“I’m thinking it’s like this. The Zipfels used the orb to eat up the contractors and forcefully undo their contracts. Then, they would contract with whoever they want.”


He said it as if it were only a stretched theory, but he was already certain of it.

After all, the Zipfel Clan had already broken Enya’s contract in his past life.


“Oh, I remember those words from the island. Then what you’re saying is that Joshua already knew of this fifteen years ago and was thinking of taking your contract.”

“Almost. But at the time, we didn’t know that the orb existed, and I don’t think Joshua would communicate so secretly with the Zipfels. However…”


Tap, tap.

Jin lightly tapped the table and continued.


“...He may have known that transferring a contract is possible. A method to take away a contract… Would the Demon God’s Orb be the only one that could do that?”


Gilly and Murakan’s eyes widened. 


“Oh! So the second flag-bearer left you alone so that he could steal your contract?”

“It’s quite a stretch, but it’s likely. After Eldest Sister Luna withdrew from the Battle for Hegemony, Joshua received upfront assistance from Mother to strengthen his position in the clan.”

“But the patriarch still doesn’t give the second flag-bearer his respect.”

“That’s because he lacks strength. Early 9-star at the age of 34. It’s incredible, but as long as Eldest Sister Luna exists, it’s not enough to become the patriarch. The thing he needs is a transcendent strength like Father’s or Sister Luna’s.”


A sphere of spiritual energy formed on Jin’s palm.


“Wouldn’t he want this power to death? Either he just doesn’t have a way to take it away or he’s not ready to do so.”

“Certainly… It could be true. Your mother would’ve told him about the fact that Solderet is closer to being the God of Swords than magic.”

“There’s no way to be certain, but if it’s as we theorized, after failing to curse me, Joshua’s actions would make sense. Well, we’ll only find out from Joshua and his underlings directly.”



While the three shared their conversation, Kashimir came into the room.


“Young Master Jin, we have found his residence.”



Kidard Hall, the one who rendered Jin useless in his past life. Jin’s eyes sharpened and flicked towards Kashimir.

He had already dispatched the Seven-Colored Peacock to search for Kidard as soon as he came back to Tikan.


“Where is he?”

“The eastern region of the continent. He seems to be hiding in the Meltador Empire. After being employed at Zipfel Advanced Magic Academy, he had been conducting his research.”


Kashimir lent Jin the report. On it, Kidard Hall’s personal information as well as a detailed list of all of his whereabouts for the last few years were written.


“...In February 1765, he was appointed to the Vermont Magic Academy Educational Center. In his first year, he expelled fifteen students. He faced harsh friction with the Vermont nobles… Wow, there are even records dating thirty years back! That’s incredible, Sir Kashimir.”

“It is not I, but my goons who are incredible, haha. Along with his residence, we have the name of the restaurant that he often visits.”


Jin was getting goosebumps as he read through the report. They completely decomposed this man’s identity and brought it back. 

Even though Kidard Hall was a famous 9-star magician, tracking his whereabouts from decades ago was not an easy feat.


“This will be of great help, Sir Kashimir.”



However, there would be an important fact about Kidard that wouldn’t be listed in the report. A fact that only Jin knew.

The main way to kill Kidard.


“We were able to dispatch Jet into this case as well. He isn’t even done with training, but he’s doing a great job. Thanks to you, we have a prodigy.”

“I’m very thankful that he’s doing his money’s worth. Alright, the Meltador Empire… That’s a pretty far place. Since we can’t go there directly through a transfer gate, we should prepare immediately and leave tomorrow.”

“Huh? Tomorrow?”

“Young Master, why tomorrow?”

“Kid, you’re gonna go now and kill him?”


His allies asked him with surprised voices, and Jin nodded.


“Also, I’m going alone this time.”

“Alone? Did you already forget that you almost died to an 8-star?”

“You’re kidding, right, Young Master?”

“Young Master, do you have a plan?”

“Hey, runt. You said that Kidard human was a 9-star magician?”

“Yes, Sir Murakan. Before going into hiding, he was one of the most famous magicians, excluding the Zipfels. Everyone knows about ‘Kidard of Occlusion’.”

“How can the kid kill that guy on his own? Won’t it only be possible after forming your party, strategizing, and taking the perfect opportunity? Huh? Tell me, runt. I’m getting heated right now.”

“Yes…? B-But Sir Murakan, I would like to ask why you are angry at me.”

“That crazy kid thinks he’s an indestructible mosquito! And Kidard is the flame! Plus, I’m his guardian dragon, so who would I vent to? To poor Strawberry Pie?”

“A-Ah, I understand. Yes, I must take it. But Sir Murakan, if Young Master Jin is this confident, don’t you think he is certain about something?”


The three looked at Jin simultaneously.


“Hm… First, Murakan, stop messing with Sir Kashimir. All three of you, listen without getting surprised. I have a plan, and even if it fails, there is very low risk.”


As Jin began to explain, Gilly and Murakan could only blink. 

Meanwhile, Kashimir clapped and understood the plan.


“Runt, you think this is even possible?”

“I think that Young Master Jin’s method is much cleaner and safer than creating a party, Sir Murakan. As Young Master Jin said, he’ll likely still be able to safely return even upon failure. It’s the perfect plan.”

“What do you think, Strawberry Pie?”

“As long as Young Master is safe, it’s worth a try. But I’m a little sad that I won't be able to see him for long.”

“Then I must agree. While that kid isn’t here, I’ll keep you company. So no need to be sad, Strawberry Pie.”


The three ultimately agreed.

And Kashimir felt a tingling sensation in his fingertips.


‘I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t report his fight with the two 8-stars, but I might get to report something bigger, Lord Cyron!’

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