SYS (Novel) Chapter 136


C136 - The Big Picture (1)
With the time to pathfind and use transfer gates, getting to the Meltador Empire took about a week.


‘I could think about it again, and I would still be baffled. I would’ve never known that the one who gave me the curse was Kidard.’


Jin stared at the report on Kidard that Kashimir gave him and kept thinking about the grand magician.

A 9-star non-Zipfel grand magician. 

In his past life, Jin had heard a lot about him. His name came up often in the Magical Research Association’s scholarly articles and press releases.

A self-centered, bad-tempered grand magician thrown away by the Zipfel Clan.

Despite this, Kidard stayed at the Vermont Magic Academy Educational Center and led the Zipfel Advanced Magic Academy’s Administrative Council. All thanks to his deep understanding and natural prowess of magic.

He was a great man.

But to Jin, he was just Joshua’s accomplice; the one who tried to curse him when he was young.


‘I remember the things Master told me about Kidard. An old monster that doesn’t give basic respect to those who aren’t a genius. And constantly scared that his own magical achievements will be stolen by the Zipfels.’


He didn’t care about non-geniuses.

In other words, he sought for the geniuses. In Jin’s past life, Kidard had shown great interest in Jin’s magic teacher.


“We’re here.”


The ferryman took off his straw hat.

The small boat arrived in Romp City, the coastal city of the Meltador Empire. The empty dock presented the entire city in one view.

Jin paid his fare and stepped onto the land with run-down clothes. A cheap robe, an old oak wand, dust-filled glasses, and worn-down boots.

The appearance of a poor magic student in training.

However, compared to his evident poverty, his eyes glowed with confidence and gumption.

In order to trick Kidard, cowardice wasn’t included.


‘First, let’s prepare a residence and go to the restaurant he likes.’


Romp City. When Jin first received the report, he liked the fact that Kidard resided in a small city. There was no need to pathfind, which also meant that finding him wouldn’t be hard.

Jin asked around and walked for about an hour before finding a shopping district. He burned Kashimir’s report with a flame spell and spread the ashes in the grass.

The sun was bright, and the wind blew nicely. The roads were peaceful. The children playing in the streets stared at Jin and whispered to one another. They were a little scared.

The restaurant that Kidard visited often was the Full Ship. It was a common name that could be found in a city with fisheries as its main industry. On the establishment’s opposite side was a small inn.

First, Jin went to the inn.


“Welcome—Huh? A magician?”


As soon as he saw Jin, the inn owner frowned.


‘Probably because of Kidard. According to the report, he treated other people like servants as he hid here.’


There was no way Kidard even respected the Meltador residents when he treated anyone below his ‘genius’ standard as an insect.


“I would like a room.”

“We have many empty rooms. Hm… You… Are you related to Mr. Amel?”


Amel Ord. Kidard’s alias.

The citizens of Romp only knew Kidard as a bad-tempered, dirty magician. They didn’t know that he was a 9-star.


“Who is Amel?”

“Ah, I asked because you’re both magicians. He came to our town about five years ago, and he’s not a nice fellow.”

“He seems to be famous.”

“There’s no one here who doesn’t know about him. He seems to be some hotshot in the past, but I wish he would leave. He’s just been ruining the mood the past few years… Anyways, here’s the key. Five bronze coins per day.”


Jin passed the bronze coins and showed curiosity.


“That Amel fellow… I’d like to meet him. I’m no magician but an aspiring student. I’m going to the magic academy in the capital of Meltador.”

“Ah, you seem to lack the funds for another transfer gate. If you want to meet Mr. Amel, I suggest you wait in the restaurant across from here for dinner. He’ll probably come out to eat.”

“Thank you.”

“But I think you should ignore him and just get on your way. You seem to want to learn from him, but he’s just… not the nicest.”

“Is his personality horrible?”

“Very. Last time, some kids went up to him out of curiosity, and he kicked them away! And that wasn’t the only time.”

“That’s a little far.”

“He’s probably a failure in his hometown, which is why he’s being a dick in this small town. When you get to the capital’s magic school, please ask them to take him away.”


* * *

* * *


After resting until dinner, Jin went to Full Ship.


‘It’s been a week since I touched a sword. It feels super weird.”


It was the first time since he left the Storm Castle. Still, he couldn’t hide the traces of a warrior; he looked at the calluses on his hands and felt that his disguise was too shoddy.


“A cooked fish and beer please.”


About two beers in, Kidard appeared.

As soon as he entered, he stared at Jin for a moment, then went to sit in a corner.

Jin trotted towards him, and the other customers glanced.


“Are you Mr. Amel?”


The other customers were locals, and they had never seen anyone end up well after approaching Kidard.

Whether they be a child, an adult, elder—even animals. Kidard didn’t allow anyone to approach him after coming to Meltador.


“...And you, my fellow, are?”


Kidard looked up and spoke. The other customers watched intently.

In fact, he said ‘fellow’. It was the first time Kidard used words that weren’t contemptuous.


“I am Huell, an aspiring magic student. I stopped in this city on the way to the Meltador Magic Academy, and I heard that you may be an old alumnus, so I wanted to meet you.”


Jin spoke while staring into Kidard’s eyes. The other customers watched the exchange nervously.


“An alumnus… How laughable. Meltador Magic Academy, huh. I have never associated myself with that trash hole. Very unpleasant. I’ll forgive you since you don’t know me so well.”

“Ah, I have disrespected you. I apolo—”

“What’re you looking at, you shit bastards? Leave before I toast all of you.”



Kidard began to unleash his mana, and the other customers frantically left the establishment. Even the restaurant owner threw away the fish and ran away. Jin was flabbergasted.


‘He’s over the top. He knows that the commoners can’t do anything even if they report it.’



Cracks began to form on everything that Kidard’s mana touched.

Plates shattered and fishes exploded while a weird sound echoed throughout. Jin stared at Kidard without changing his expression.


“It seems that you and I have disturbed the people’s dinner here.”


At that moment, Jin didn’t miss Kidard’s eyes shaking.


“You aren’t surprised by my mana release.”

“It’s just massive power that I’ve never experienced, so it’s nothing too fun. How could you do this? This is embarrassing.”

“A massive power that you’ve never experienced… My mana release is about 6-star. A 7-star like you shouldn’t feel any threat from it.”


Kidard knew the level of Jin’s mana at first sight. Well, Jin didn’t hide it anyway.


“I said it like that because I felt the concealed mana. I thought I’d be talking to some retired magician, but I didn’t think that Mister Amel would be a grand magician in hiding.”

“Hoho, I was surprised when I first met you. But you’re becoming more enjoyable. Meltador Magic Academy? Aspiring student? You’re not good at lying. Why would a talented fellow like you go to a third-rate—I mean, fifth-rate school?”


Jin acted surprised on purpose and widened his eyes.


“It’s no lie. I really am going to the Meltador Magic Academy.”

“If you are a 7-star at that age, you would already be a great teacher. And your meeting with me must be your teacher’s doing. Since you are not a Zipfel, who is it? Is it Cold Joe?”

“No, sir.”

“And explain that body that those cheap-ass robes are covering. You have a body that deals with weapons.”


Jin didn’t answer, and Kidard continued.


“Do everything truthfully. If you don’t, then you will become a useless husk that can’t use magic.”



Jin took a breath and recollected his thoughts.


‘I made backup plans just in case he attacks, but I’m still nervous. But Kidard, I already caught your interest, so you will only want me now. Today won’t be the day you die.’


Jin shrugged as if nothing could be done.


“My trained body is from my time spent as a mercenary until last year. When I first started, I held the sword. But with no talent for it, I remained a 2-star.”

“I’m getting very annoyed. I don’t have any patience. How can a 2-star warrior from last year suddenly attain 7-star mana?”


Jin nodded and frowned.


“I wonder the same thing. If I knew the secret of my birth, I wouldn’t have become a soldier. My name is Huell… Huell Hister. I am the last descendant of the Hister Clan.”



Kidard stood and stumbled backwards.

Not because he was scared, but because the ‘Hister’ name was that shocking.


“You seem to know about my clan. Do you understand why I couldn’t register as an official magician and why I seek the Meltador Magic Academy out of other great institutions despite having 7-star mana?”

“Are you… serious? You are the last descendant of the Hister Clan?”


The Hister Clan.

Jin’s magic teacher’s clan. The one that officially dissolved centuries ago.


“...Yes. One year ago, the mercenaries confessed the truth to me. Of me being a Hister… and that everyone in the clan is gone. So, as the group leader ordered, I went to the clan’s succession house, and easily attained 7-star.”



Kidard immediately dispersed the mana around him and blinked.


“Am I going to die now? Or are you going to hand me over to the Zipfels? I think this is a little unfair. I just wanted to be a normal magician living a quiet life. I didn’t want to find a grand magician that I don’t even know.”

“F-First. Let’s relocate. I think we need to have a talk.”


Jin smiled.

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