SYS (Novel) Chapter 138


C138 - The Big Picture (3)

July 20th, 1796.

Three months had passed since Jin became Kidard’s apprentice. Even after forming the teacher-apprentice relationship, Kidard continued to look into Jin’s past, and he confirmed that the Grey Owl Mercenaries were eliminated by the Zipfel Clan.

However, he couldn’t dig any further. There was a possibility that he would get caught by the Zipfels while investigating and lose his sole apprentice and successor.

To Kidard, Jin was a bag of luck that just rolled in.


“This kid… He talked smack about killing him after becoming his apprentice. But he’s still cruising. Sometimes I feel like he has snakes in his stomach.”

“We can’t check on him because of the risk of exposure. But according to the Seven-Colored Peacock, their time spent together is gradually increasing, Sir Murakan.”


Jin and Kidard were currently being routinely monitored by an agent who was disguised as a merchant that imported supplies.

However, since the enemy was a 9-star, he couldn’t approach too close. Just enough to check on Jin's livelihood whenever he passed by.

The agent joined in on the gossip of the people in Romp. In such a small city, an old freak took in a magic student. So, naturally, it became the talk of the town.


“Phew, I’m going to die from anxiety. It might seem that Kidard is taking care of the young master, but it’s possible that he would start abusing him on a whim.”

“Don’t worry, Strawberry Pie. That bum Jet said that Kidard’s eyes dripped honey all over whenever he looked at Jin. I think the kid got him good.”

“Err… It sounds kinda weird if you say it like that, Murakan. I can imagine it.”

“That’s right! You make it sound as if Lord Jin is wagging his tail for that bad man! At the end of the day, it’s just part of the plan. A plan.”


Quikantel and Enya shook their heads as they spoke, and the little children of Tikan chattered.


“Jin has a tail?”

“No, Pinte. Only Nabi Runcandel has a tail.”

“I wanna see Jin…”

“Me too.”


Enya’s little brother, Pinte, and Euria. The children bit at their ice cream as their eyes watered. Alisa swooped in, took them both, and left.


“Since you ate your snacks, you have to exercise, right? Please don’t talk about Young Master Jin in front of the children. If he’s mentioned once, they’ll want to see him forever. Oh, yeah, yeah. Jin will come back soon.”


Everyone scratched their heads as Alisa left the room.


“Ta-da~ Lathry’s apple cookies are here. Since it’s too good for the kids, I was looking to give it to you guys.”


Lathry brought in a mound of cookies, and the conversations about Jin continued.


“This is probably the only place where a dragon bakes cookies. The world is doomed. The apocalypse is upon us. …Hm, it tastes magnificent. I’ll be enjoying this. Anyways… Strawberry Pie, don’t think about the kid too much.”

“I still worry often. If the young master faces a problem, we can’t really do anything.”

“I agree, Sir Kashimir. I’m most scared of that as well… I should trust the young master, but Kidard Hall is a 9-star. Would he really fall for the young master’s plan?”

“It’d be great if he just falls for his tricks and dies.”


Murakan grinned, as if he already knew how the situation would unfold.


‘Man, you were the one who vented at me and disapproved of the plan…’


Kashimir could only swallow those words.


* * *

* * *




Kidard called for Jin in the warmest voice. 


“For the past three months, you have mastered the basics of overload-inducing magic. In other words, you learned a new interpretation of ‘overload’ that other magicians didn’t know about.”

“Yes, Master. I am very thankful. Once I started mastering your overload magic, I felt like my understanding of magic expanded…”


It was true. 

The man he wanted to kill was still a genius magician who became a 9-star by himself. Kidard was more talented than Jin had expected.

Mana overload, the most lethal phenomenon that could befall a magician.

Because of mana overload, it was easier to compare the levels of two magicians than knights. The side with greater mana could just induce the deadly phenomenon upon the other.

Usually, magicians would gather mana into ‘one spot’ when inducing an overload. After condensing mana at the tip of a finger, wand, or staff, they would press the mana into the opponent and cause a shock in their system.

However, Kidard’s overload induced an overflow occurrence by ‘sucking in’ the opponent’s mana.

It was the best way to respond to the opponent’s magic with the entire body. One would absorb the magic and return it as ‘overload’.


“Try unleashing the 3-star overload inducer.”



From Jin’s palm, a small mana spiral formed. It was much weaker than what Kidard conjured at the restaurant, but Kidard smiled in satisfaction.


“That’s enough to overload the mana of third-rates without their knowing. You’re not far from killing second-rates. But to take down first-rates, you have to master Extreme Overload.”



While emphasizing ‘Extreme Overload’, Kidard cleared his throat and glanced at Jin.


“Yes, that’s something you emphasized until now. One of the Extreme Overload spells doesn’t necessarily require returning the mana to induce overload. When are you thinking of teaching me that?”

“Hm-hm… With your level of comprehension, we can start now.”


“Yes. However, Huell. Before that, your teacher… wants to ask you a favor.”

“Please tell me, Master.”


Jin already knew what he wanted.


“Schugiel Hister’s tome. WIll you show it to me?”

“No, Master.”


Jin immediately declined.

Kidard glared at him. 


“I understand that the tome is more important than your life. However, it has been three months since I became your teacher. Do you still not trust me?”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s merely my vow. I’m sorry. Last time, I said that was the one thing I couldn’t do for you.”

“Huh! A vow! Huell. Honestly, taking the tome from you is such an easy task. Despite this, I’m kindly asking for such an acquisition from my one and only apprentice.



Jin opened his eyes wide and stared at Kidard. His intended surprise forced Kidard to cough and look away.


“Oh my. I have made a mistake. But I can only feel a little disappointed. I’m trying to give you everything I have, but you’re staying distant from me.”

“Not at all. I’m just a lacking student who is acting selfish.”

“Then does that mean you will show me…?”


Kidard’s old, dark eyes filled to the brim with greed. In the past, he had used the Histers’ magic tomes to achieve higher levels of overload. He was a man intoxicated by the Hister Clan’s mysteries.

After taking in Jin as an apprentice, he was eager to decipher the magic tome.

Instead of a scoff, Jin fake-pondered for a bit.


“Ha. In that case, Master, how about we do this?”

“Go on.”

“I will let you borrow my ancestor’s magic tome.”


“However, there is a catch. I don’t think there’s a point in telling you this, but please offer me a way to stand by my vow.”

“Alright, that’s fine. I’ll do anything that I can. What is it?”

“I want you to also give me something that is worth your life.”


Kidard’s eyebrows twitched, and silence ensued.

Usually, to a magician, there was only one thing that was as important as their life. Moreso for a high-achieving magician.


“...The Tome of Overload. You’re telling me to give it to you?”


The magic tome that recorded the grand magician’s greatest achievements.

Jin only kept him alive because of this.

There were many opportunities to kill him. However, Jin kept himself in check and waited for the day to obtain the Tome of Overload.

Just killing him wouldn’t exact his revenge.


‘In my past life, I waited a long time just to find you and kill you. But waiting for a small reward wasn’t too hard…’


Will he give it to him?

Jin maintained an expressionless face, and Kidard thought to himself.


‘The Tome of Overload… Huell can’t just have it. He would have to inherit it when I’m on my deathbed. Hm, this is a dilemma… Either way, he can’t understand the texts, nor could he extract the runes in the tome. Even though he’s a genius, he’s still a child. And since he can’t even run away with it, there won’t be a problem.’


He nodded after making his decision.


“...Alright. While I borrow Schugiel Hister’s magic tome, you can keep the Tome of Overload. It’s not a problematic request.”

“Thank you for understanding, Master.”

“I will need some time. The Tome of Overload isn’t here, but in the eternal storage room of the Holy Kingdom of Vankella. Until I retrieve it, master the art of Extreme Overload.”


Thud, thud.

Kidard left two books on Extreme Overload on the desk and spoke.


“I’ll be back.”


He returned after ten days. It was a complicated process to get something from the eternal storage of Vankella. 


“Welcome back, Master.”

“Did you read the magic tomes regarding Extreme Overload?”

“Indeed, I have.”


Kidard handed the magic tome to him, and Jin handed Schugiel Hister’s magic tome. Kidard’s face immediately lit up when he got his hands on it.


“Oh, ohhhhh…!”

“Do you like it that much?”

“I knew it as soon as I saw it. This must be about archival magic! This will need time to decipher… Fufu. Thank you, my apprentice. You are welcome to scour the Tome of Overload as much as you please.”

“I don’t possess the ability to understand the complexity of your magic, so I’m satisfied by merely holding onto it.”

“Do whatever you want, haha. Besides, you already started to master Extreme Overload… You should start with applied practice. Starting tomorrow, you should get the feel of overload magic on some bugs.”

“Bugs? Can you also induce mana overload on a bug? It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a thing.”


Kidard shook his head.


“Not that bug. I meant those humans who do nothing but breathe and die. On that note, the people of this village are the perfect test subject.”

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